: were you invisible before tibbers spawned or after? if you went invisible after tibbers was sent after you then maybe they can chase invisible champs. could be a bug in that case
No i always went invisible AFTER it spawned, to gain some distance from it with my Q
: are you sure it was following you? annie might've just ordered tibbers to go where you were, without knowing you were there.
Yep. Happened around 3 times in the same game, and i was making sudden turns multiple times to see if it's just ordered there, or following me. Either Tibbers can buy oracle, or Annie was a mentalist, or it was bugged.
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raps1355 (EUW)
: Game peaked at s3 and declined around s5 onward. Biggest drop of interest was around the juggernaut patch.
Yeah. Always liked that full tank Garen outdmging his whole team colletivly. Twice. With his bare hands. Drunk.
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: feeding, in ARAM? Surely you jest.
By feeding i meant he keeps waling into the enemy turret right after spawn. The problem is not with death, but with the attitude. If i had a dollar for everytime he wished cancer to us all, i would have bought Riot already.
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Shere Kan (EUW)
: Damage report bug
True damage to Champions: 401.9K . Finally something to counter Tank Ekko
be free (EUW)
: permanent ban
Riot never bans instantly for toxicity. You just can't be so toxic to get instant Perma ban. Either that wasn't the first time you "forgot to close to client", or it was you...
ghaith (EUNE)
: queue problem
A lot of people having this problem lately, it's not your fault. Try re-entering queue, that might solve it
Goremaw (EUNE)
: Ideas how to defeat Tank Ekko on top lane?
: Let's play a game - Clash of quotes
"You smell like burning!" {{champion:1}}
: I cant open the “purchase Rp" page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If a Rioter answers there now, i'm seriously never buying RP again
: 150ms constantly lately !
"Your internet is slow? You merely adopted slow internet. I was born in it, molded by it. I did not see broadband until I was already a man. "
: Would it be possible for the upcoming urf to have full champ pool for everyone?
I would like to see Shaco without the W nerf. 1:40->Whole jungle cleared.Both jungle.
: (Unranked) Important decision
You don't have to choose. You can be good everywhere.
: Ok maybe a change in the name obviously. His E is fine enough, the true damage only works out 10% of 30% of the enemies ad so its not a lot at all. His passive causes them to enter a beserk state for 3 seconds where they attack and kill anything ally/enemy plus with his w he can direct enemies afflicted and only lasts for 3 seconds before he has got to build the bar up again from the start.
I feel that 3 seconds to be a bit too much. It's like {{champion:9}} 's fear without the first nerf. You could just go to take a shower, drink a coffee, as you had no control above your champion.
Alphaknight (EUNE)
: champion skins available for purchase even with ip
Riot gets money from selling RP. If i had the chance to buy skins from IP, hell i would grind all night and day long to get the IP, and would never buy RP again. Hextech crafting is a kind of help to buy skins without actually spending money on the game.
Arihl (EUW)
: Flash D or F discussion
D, because my finger is always on it because of the WASD control. But yes, accidental flash happens
: Apart from the word idiot, I see no reason for a perma ban. I get alot worse stuff said to me, never see justice for that but oh well.
Have to agree. Permaban is too much, max a chat restrict. Except if that wasn't the first time he gets punished
: How do you win in league of legends.
Go jungler, check every enemy on lolskill or nexus, look for the one with the highest lose streak->camp him/her
: When does Aurelion Sol gain more stars to orbit him?
Buy relic shield and upgrade it to face of the mountain. now you can have 7 stars!
tredneb (EUW)
: Every week a special game mode
These modes like Ascension and URF, can become boring if you can play it too much, this is why Rito only gives us a few days in every year, so it won't get boring
: When it comes to flame I'm a simple man
Finally, someone used it properly(Loss, instead of Loose)
: Been playing since season 1, from bronze player to diamond. But now i am done. This game sucks.
: My new name
"Hugh G. Reckson" Perfectly fits for kassadin
Peansz (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting - Upgrade to Perma Skin (Question)
Oh you lucky bastard. I want all of those skins!
: Can any Riot explain this?
oh god how can you be so toxic ? seriously "gg wp" ? how dare you to show respect and friendly attitude ? thats more like a perma ban.
: Skype Call Completly dissconects me from game WTF
I just failed my exam. WTF RIOT give me 50 rp for compensation
: If You Could Play Any Game For the First Time Again What Would You Pick?
ellit (EUW)
: toxic people that make the game shit even after you won it...
That is the first time i see someone writing the words the same way as he pronounces it.
LoyalCircle (EUNE)
: That moment when you kill a Feeded Jax and you dont care if you are streaming
: They won't tell you what program you were using so they can't forward the fact it was detected to the developer and he can't patch it for harder detection.
Thats pretty sad. I mean i understand their point of view, and at the same time it gives us hard time realizing our mistake.
: The only programs other than the ones for my grahphics card, for recording or speaking to people like skype or teamspeak ,have all been given the ok by riot like lolreplay, curse I recieved no warning whatsoever My other accounts are still completely fine and the oly difference between them is ive only spent money on this banned one Also, I didnt make this discussion to find out why or bleet about it, Im wanting to know if there are people in a similar situation to see if this is a legit scam like deal (hes stopped buying rp so we will ban him and he will have to buy rp again to get the skins on another account) or if its a genuin mistake they wont admit to
Thats highly illogical, knowing the profit-orientation of Rito. Why would they ban the one that pays them ? You don't sh*t where you eat. The only time they ban you instantly without warning is the use of hacks. Write a ticket about, what program were you using that caused the ban, so you won't do it in the future.
: Riot's scam
If they ban you for using a 3rd party program, first they WARN you, and they tell you exactly what is the program. I've been using MKjogo long ago, and i got warned to disable it. I disabled it, everything is fine. It takes probably months for them the detemire what program you are using, and they are trying to be sure about it, this is why they noticed one account yet.
: First draw in LoL history? :D
: One of the biggest problems is probably that a huge chunk of the community aren´t native English speakers. Like me. Some of those words are just hard to get right, even after learning English for a long time.
I'm not a native speaker neither, so i agree with you that it's hard sometimes. The problem is that people teach these things eachother on the internet. I've been seeing this mistake for 3-4 years now, and i doubt that they teach it like that in school.
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MonstaX (EUNE)
: Right?How dare they make us think and pay attention in champ select and even worse CLICK, who wants to do that...
Yeah, now i can't facebook and other things while missing the champion pick because i wasn't paying attention. Bah...
Riryz (EUW)
: REMOVE THE NAME, THIS IS NAMING AND SHAMING AND PUNISHABLE! dont post this sh*t here. report him after the game or take a screenshot and report him to riot support. we can do nothing here, we are just players like you...
Remember the line from Life of Brian ? - "You are all unique" -*big ass crowd starts shouting* " YES, WE ARE ALL UNIQUE". Dunno why i wrote this
: Can we please remove surrender vote?
"K i go afk, i'm not playing this All chat: Push mid" This would happen even more.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: I think i am going back to League.
Welcome back my friend! Toxicity is always existed, and will exist forever. But you have to endure it. {{champion:420}} "Live your life, chase what you desire, what else matters?"
: Remove Tahm Kench from the game
Tahm is strong in the laning phase, later he becomes only annoying, but you can deal with him. In teamfights, he is not that useful. Tanky, but his kit is good against only 1 target. He has mostly no escape ability, if he overextends, with some teamwork can be brought down, just don't forget to play some kind of "Boss fight music".
: Le MMR
I like baguettes
meowsuo (EUW)
: There is a current bug that causes your client to bug when you change your summoner spells. Riot is aware of this and is already working on preparing a patch to fix it. There are also a lot of other threads already that reported the same thing. You can also find the issue noted here : http://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_GB#euw {{champion:157}} meow
Ah i see. Thank you!
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Not to mention that swain and fiddle can kill eachother with crows. And that Brand can be killed by ignite. Riot fix those bugs! They are ruining the game!
Squaid (EUW)
: I was browsing stuff and I saw ahris bewbs. that's where it all started
Ah thooose boobs. You cannot resist them.
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Spokkie (EUNE)
: Should i switch to windows 10 ?
I upgraded from win 8.1 to win 10, and having no problems at all. I don't see too much difference, maybe that the booting is a bit faster, but thats all. Everything is running perfectly, no malfunctions.
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