: The only way to obtain this much salt!
Lol I've seen this episode recently. And I was like "Easy, just bath a league of legends player".
Loonsteer (EUW)
: League of who gets Vayne.
Ban vayne or first-pick her. Your team doesn't have first pick? Ban her.
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LinkAzure (EUNE)
: Smurfs (It's not just one, it's GOD DAMN DUO)
I've already proposed solution for this problem on NA boards... It ended up similarilly to your post - downvotes without explanation.
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: "Abandoning a match or being AFK results in a negative experience for your teammates...
Chaota (EUW)
: The Player Skill Matching System is kinda messed up
I already asked that on NA forum, none from Riot responded. Only a few, very dumb americans.
: > when he is not ruining it to anyone, except his dumb comments? how would u know ? since someone reported him than thats about it.. if everyone agrees not to report him and he breaks the rules than hes fine. but don't assume he isn't ruining it for others. -Flamers make teamwork very difficult. - flamers tilt other players and make them perform even worse and make even winning games more difficult. -Flamers arent focused while they do it either. -Flaming results in more games surrendered even winning ones. So not ruining for others ? persoanlly ?? i dont think so.
You didn't get the point. I am not saying leave him unpunished. I just think that permanent CHAT ban would be enough.
rèV (EUW)
: To be honest: It is not. Further down in this thread you stated, that he had been punished before already, hence he already had his 14 day ban. He had a period of time where you could rethink and reform and decide to abide by the rules of the game, He didn't do it. Riot is not a reforming company for people that can't behave in a video game and they are not inclined in any way to make personal punishments only so you get it your way. That is also the explanation why there is no individual kind of punishment. It is simply not needed, it's not like this is some kind of society where we have to look out and try to make the best out of every individual. This is a video game, made by a company. To play the game, there are very few and easy rules to follow and if you are unable to do even that, then you don't get to play the game. As simple as that. It is meant as a punishment, not as rehabilitation. He has shown that he is unwilling to change, hence they drive him out of their domain. It's the case for every private domain, even in real life. Let me make an analogy for you: There is this guy, that goes into the store and screams around like a mad man, harassing or annoying other customers. He eventually gets banned from entering and buying there after he got banned 2 times already. Following your logic, he should still be allowed to go into the store if he covers his mouth with something, so he can't talk shit at all. There is also another guy that causes havoc in the store with his baseball bat and also gets banned, again after being restricted from entering two times for a period of time. Following your example again, he should still be allowed store if he doesn't take his bat with him. Should be fine, right?
Your analogy is exact. Why would you kill a man who screams on others, when you can simply cut their tongue? Why would you kill someone, who beats other people, when you can cut their hands?
: Getting paired against Platinum when I am Silver
rèV (EUW)
: The sentence is a contradiction because you state yourself, that his behaviour is inaproriate and not in line with what should be. Yet you question why he is punished, because he is not ruining anyone's game and this is where you are, apparently, very wrong, since people wouldn't have reported him if that wouldn't be the case. There are a huge amount of ways to destroy games for players, not only feeding or griefing. And only because the comments don't bother you and you can't see how it ruins the game for someone doesn't mean, that you are right with that. Again, there have to be a huge amount of people that reported him for exactly the reason. Your solution is not the solution Riot chose. Every player agreed to the ToS and it's clearly stated, and i mean clearly in a way that every dumb idiot will understand it, that you might get banned for flaming and harassing. (Source: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse#code-conduct) I'm very certain, that you and he were well aware, that you get banned eventually for being a %%%% ingame.
1.) I am not questioning punishment itself. I am questioning the type of punishment. That's huge difference. 2.) Great. You are right. Verbal abuse is not the only way to ruin someone's game. And I clearly stated, that he is not doing any of this. Only saying shits in chat. If you disable him chat AND he starts to do those things, THAT would be a reason for a permanent account ban. 3.) Yes. It is not the solution Riot chose. That's why I created this thread. To show my point and get explained why is the way it is. 4.) I was never banned. I used to even have the teamwork or honorable opponent badge :-).
: That's less of the reason, the main reason is that the investigation over the last years from riot had the outcome that people which doesn't change after a 14 day ban of the game will never change. At least the very major part. Riot made a test about that some years ago where people which had good arguments and made an "honest" attempt to try to reform got into a project where they had to level up a new account, if this new account reached level 30 without toxic behavior then these people got their main account back. 95 % of these toxic persons failed this test, even when they knew in the beginning what it was about. Flamer won't change, if they don't get it after 3 punishments they will never get it.
Again, he is not flamer in the true sense. He is just having trash-talks. Disabling him to speak them would be enough. Let me show you an example: "Guys try to own botlane. There is s5 ez + thresh with rly rly bad stats." "Just kill him, then restart. :P dont die." "Just play care please" "u saw yi there .. but still push without vision .. bravo" "one more time 1v1 and die irelia and u are reported. :)" "feed more botlane FEED" Is it flame? Yes, it is. But telling him, that he belongs to the 0.006 % of most toxic players that get perma banned is just not true. I see these kinds of messages every day. Just make these dudes shut up, that should be all :/.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
You could ask that to 99.9% of players in this game.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: LoL players are oversensiive bunch of crybabies. What did you expect?
Sadly I can't argue with that...
: Because most people did that in the past. People learn about general behaviour and create rules with punishments based on that. That's how law works and that's how rules were set here.
Ban someone for something he is likely to do in the future... that's unfair :/.
: Feeding / Trolling. This is more about that Riot wants a community which can interact nicely with each other. If you can't they don't want you in here.
So just because you suppose he might be trolling in the future, you give him perma ban instantly? Just because you predict that?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
How could he possibly keep expressing his negative thoughts without using chat?
: Hey, Your friend did not get punished for only one game, but for ignoring warnings that his behaviour was un acceptable several times. He didn't get permabanned for a few bad remarks in chat, but for showing the same behaviour often in many games. Trolling indeed is behaviour that should not be tolerated and therefore it's punished harsher than toxicity. However, that doesn't justify verbal misbehaviour. To you it may not feel like he is ruining the game to anyone, but he at least makes the game experience for all his teammates worse with his behaviour. The reason why permanent chat bans don't exist, is because people who get chat banned permanently tend to find other ways to express their anger, such as trolling. The easier solution for your friend would have been to refrain from writing anything that didn't support the team. That way it would have never come so far that he needed to be punished for his behaviour. The punishment won't be changed or removed. Your friend had several chances to improve his behaviour and he could have known that the next punishment after a 14 days suspension would be a permaban.
Hello, thank you for your response, you've formed it nicely. I need to admit, that maybe the most players would have found other ways to express their anger, as you've stated, but some might not. However, if they do, THEN it would be appropriate reason for a permanent account ban. Because then it would not be just a verbal problem, but they would start to do those "on purpose" things as I've stated in the main post. Which are things that ruin the actual gameplay. This way, the only problem is, that the player was using chat incorrectly (as at least 95% people in this game). So, again, why not give him permanent chat ban instead of permanent account ban? If he starts to troll when he can't use chat, then sure, make permanent account ban, because the problem won't lie in chat anymore. Btw. he was just saying bullshits like "wtf", "oh god, why it always has to be me in team with feeders", etc... He was not the "%%%" kind of flamer.
: he should post his complete chatlogs with additional information if he had cr or a 14 day ban before
I believe he had 14 days chat ban before. But why not make it permanent, instead of making his account permanently banned?
rèV (EUW)
: > Yes, his chat behaviour is very inappropriate. But why would you disable him to play this game, when he is not ruining it to anyone, except his dumb comments? This senence is a up and down ride of contradictions. Maybe you should read this part again, because you will realize that it literally contains all the answers to your questions.
I read it like 5 times now and thought over it again. I can see nothing wrong about it. The problem? Chat behaviour. Solution? Permanent chat ban.
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: Idea about blue buff.Simple and effective.
If your jungler has mana and you are playing zed, he definitely should not give you blue buff. Especially if your jungler is AP champion.
Rstonius (EUW)
: For all anyone lower than gold.
I play on diamond 2 elo...what you're saying is BS. But yes, platinum is elo with the most arrogant and stupid people in whole league.
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: Why does EUNE got flex queue limit?
Bumping up, for the explanation!
: Why does EUNE got flex queue limit?
abraklaas (EUW)
: Nice. but i play shit when drunk xD
Dude I was not even close to being drunk :D...
abraklaas (EUW)
: Whats the best to drink when playing lol?
For me it's beer... First time i tried it, something very odd happened to me. Two games in a row, some of my teammates praised me for my perfect mechanics. This has like never happened to me before :D. One liter of a bit stronger beer did the trick :D.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bondy,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Thom5lq9,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-14T19:08:25.895+0000) > >should not take more than few hours. we're talking about riot not blizzard or valve. it could take anywhere between 2 months to 2 years to finish just the design of it without actually starting to code.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: "Because Riot will have to write thousands of Code for that feature to happen" wiating for comments like these to appear...
: Fair point, but there is no way that the holy Rito can't actually prove you've done this though. So I like the idea, but it would be REALLY hard to implement...
Really hard? There could be a swap button for role. Similar to the one for swapping champions. And after swapping with autofilled person, you would be autofill protected. Quiet easy to implement, should not take more than few hours.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Autofill shouldn't activate after a remake.
: Shen Build & viability
I am not playing him much, but sunfire cape + spirit visage is core in my opinion. Other items situationally. Maxing Q. And he is the top laner obviously, but you can play him mid/supp, or even jungle sometimes, but that is not viable imho.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bondy,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nPu22Mq6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-13T17:20:41.035+0000) > > By that message I judge that you are low elo player. You should never rely on your teammates. Just pick something that you can carry with, get fed, win your lane fast and then win other lanes. Like I have stated before you can not carry if every other lane feeds!
You are wrong, you can. If you are fed and enemy is fed, then it is about which one of you is gonna carry. And it has to be you, if you want to advance in divisions.
: Thanks Riot
By that message I judge that you are low elo player. You should never rely on your teammates. Just pick something that you can carry with, get fed, win your lane fast and then win other lanes.
Arham1996 (EUW)
: Punishing Trolls and AFKers
The thing is, someone could abuse that...I mean, someone could "sacrifice" themselves and leave the game to save LP of their teammates. (I know, might sound as a joke, considered the league community). But you're right, it would be nice to have some sort of system, that saves your LP in unfair games. Also, the other thing is, that in some game it's you having an afk, in the other game it's enemy having an afk. So some LP you lose due to such players, but then, some other day, you gain these LP, from the same reason.
Ruzeska (EUNE)
: Riot Matchmaking
Is it flex queue or normal game? And btw you can carry games as support very easily, even on low elo...Pick brand, lux, zyra or something and if you dont suck, you can reach at least platinum.
batiatos1 (EUW)
: Creation of a Champion(Gwarin the Dwarf )
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: The source is experience.
Why do you even reply when you don't know the answer?
: Because no one likes to be paired up with 4 premades.
Can you post here the source where did you find that information?
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