DrussIV (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BranzyCronus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AUMZTAWZ,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2015-07-10T06:36:15.185+0000) > > Guys Azir fans/mains like me ,we should not let this happen im sure after this patch he will be unused like kassadin ... idk why they are keeping nerfing champions instead buffing the others that are not used ... like wow they happily nerfed kassadin and they leave him out the important thing is that they see him in lcs sometimes ... (cough mostly the mages get heavy nerfed) If you really were a fan you wouldn't care. But you are not a fan are you, you are a fan of the brokenness. No mechanics have changed for you.
jarvan,gragas main inc. saying about brokenness :D
: What about bard Ult? That's the same. Ult your adc, he has to flash to get the kill or he turns golden and has to watch you steal it. What riot was thinking? "let's implement intelligent gameplay which can either ruin the enemies or your own team like we did with several other champion" (Anivia Wall, Kalista Ult, Bard Ult) and btw: you cannot devour a recalling champion thus cancelling it. Anivia can cancel a recall. Kalista can. So what now? Delete these both as well?
so let people decide if they want to be devoured.
: I'm happy :) I'm sick of bad Azir players stalling games for days because of his overloaded kit. It's not nerfing, it's bringing him into line, and IF they do overnerf him, they'll just buff him back up. It's just another Yasuo situation; release a champ that's so overloaded that he will never be balanced as long as his kit remains the same. At least they seem to be avoiding this with outright removing his passive and knockup.
They nerfed kassadin to the ground and didnt buff a crap. You exactly know azir will be gutted but since you got owned by azir you cant think straight. There are tons of counterplay if you use your brain. unliek your broken main katarina azir doesnt kill whole team in less than a second nor is resourceless. Guy maining katarina talking about some champ being OP. I laughed my butt of in the morning
Nobugana (EUW)
: actually you decide where to go
even if there is a bug and we will be able to decide it doesnt matter. There are trolls who will devour you when you are just about to kill someone and they will ks the kill. Before you get to use to get spit out the kill will be stolen already. This champion must be gone. Riot shouldnt even implement something like that. This champion is a cancer. I dont know what was riot thinking. They know that their game is full of trolling kids who like to ruin the game but still create champ that is the best to help these kids troll more and more. Before these trolls could only feed and that was already too hard, but still sometimes you could win such match now these trolls will not only feed but prevent you from getting kills so you wont even have gold to carry your team 4v5.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You know i could just lolking you too and argue that you don't know what you're talking about too.
Let me quote the guy above you "obviously you think this is the only i account i play on. whahahah i pity you". Ty bye. :)
: Anyone who lets Vayne get in range to smite them without instagibbing her has bigger problems I think.
invisibility, passive, 2 sec cd dash. Tell me more.
Emillie (EUW)
: What
That's why Im afraid to play rankeds now. Someone will pick tham kench and not only fail and feed with it but will be trolling all the way. New champions should be disabled from ranked games for few weeks.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That's a horrible way to prove you're right.
thats horrible for someone to talk about champion just because you fail to play it while others own you with it.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It's not finished, there will be more, don't jump to conclusions too soon. Btw i think they're going the right way.
guy who went 1/5 and 3/11 with azir in normals is talking
BoggLorD (EUNE)
: well needed changes, anyone thinking otherwise clearly only play him because of being borderline broken
oh an unranked guy playing arams where ranged champions are op is talking about azir yeaaaaaha.
saveguc69 (EUW)
: he's the most overloaded mage in game. Should be nerfed more.
last time you played azir is on normal probably only one time in whole life and you went 7/10 getting carried by your team. Yeah azir so overloaded
: And our Emperor falls once again...
where the hell did you read that change its not on pbe edit: it is. Yeah GG. So what does E actually. To hit E offensively you need to get past the enemy with Q(with soldiers) which since they nerfed range is not easy. You cant use it defensively either since it doesnt knock up or shield you. You just go into a death. Its a gap closer that might deal some dmg which is still null and void dmg(180 + 40% AP rofl) and its nothing else to be honest. You wont use dash unless running away from a gank or something. We were all maxing Q so we will get max AS at level 13. So Azir has close to 40% win rate which is getting dangerous already. He will fall into 30-35% probably after this change hit live.
Juharu (EUW)
: Assassins.
Kha rengar? comeback? what comeback? They one shotting people without counterplay in a second with 2 items. What comeback lol
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: The state of Yi with Sated Devourer.
finally yi might be viable and you want him to be gutted. yeaaah. And dont exaggerate. It's impossible to kill people with q and auto with only sated devourer.
Kolfin (EUW)
: "You are not very good at this game, get this 15 days ban". - Rito. What a nightmare. Fortunately, it's just a joke. It's sad to read players like you who think it's "forbidden" to fail in a ranked game. I hope you will "wake up" in the future.
im sure you are one of those trolls who ruin the game. since you cant read I recommend you to stop reading boards and read a dictionary, because nothing I wrote is about people being bad at the game, but simply doing things for purpose knowing it will make you lose.
Layonara (EUW)
: Good Change. Nerf to op full ap unkillable Cho'Gath.
RoA maybe but after rylai buff, even a little bit of counterplay is taken away now.
: It's a Tank nerf and a Mage buff (and a KASSADIN buff on top of that), and people complain anyway? God, none is really happy about anything these days...!
This is nerf for kassadin. He had already the worst early game in LoL. Now to be able to be more tanky he has to wait much longer and he has much less hp. That means he is even more easy to rekt.
: Well thanks. I already send a ticket to Riot Support telling them about my situation. And yea. I'm a very talk heavy person in games. The thing about being introverted IRL, is that you tend to be extroverted in the virtual world. :p
I wish you could get your ban lifted, but im almost 100% sure you will get the answer "we looked at the case and we are sure the ban is right". This system is shi-t. Dont expect being treated fair.
Kolfin (EUW)
: And this was, is, and never will bannable. If you are not agree with that, it's sad. But it will never change, or all the player base will get banned after less than 20 games. You and me, too.
No no no. You're taking to make it look like I say that newbie also have no right to existance. Sorry but if you are in gold in above(damn even silver) you know for sure how to def and that going ham on enemy will only cause you die even more times. Especially if you play rankeds this knowledge is well known to you. If not that means you either troll or you were boosted so that means you should be punished anyway(since boosting is forbidden and losing the game for purpose too).
CUS77tqtbc (EUNE)
: we are customers of service they provide(if you buy something even more) so actually if it is by their mistake it is posibble to go on court...laws are simple...it's under internet froud...they have to at least respond on mail you send them...
IM sorry but Riot said themselves they wont change the outcome and the mails you send... You will get an answer from bot even if you spam the support with 10 messages a day. They never care unless it's a bug with RP, then they will fix it ASAP plus revert anything that happened(for example you can use one skin you didnt buy, you will lose it immediately). Dont expect any customer service from them. The game might be awesome overall, but they only care for money.
Kolfin (EUW)
: > and still going ham at enemy instead of deffending should be bannable. Since when doing the wrong move in a game is bannable ? Harrassing the others is, losing a game is not. And link your last game with an ap talon mid, i would like to see that.
Guy does bad moves all the time, people ask him to defend near turret otherwise he will die even more. He naswers with "i know how to play" and proceed to feed more and more. He refuse to communicate and do things that he knows will lead to enemy being fed and losing the game.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Yes they did, they posted on here the other day, try searching before you bitch.
finally after 5 years they did post something important on eune forums. Pray the riot lord. They posted something and seems like it's just "so people will stfu about us(riot) having 0 communication with them and not caring at all"
: i'll repeat. starting the game with a precise build in mind, like the 2 you listed, is the recipe for disaster. its great that you know what you should build in an ideal perfect games. But not all are like that edit: also cassio counters kata, so that site ain't perfect
for katarina it doesnt matter. You just go full dmg and do not care(zhoynia is the only def item you take sometimes abysall). She is not a type of a champ who needs to be played around his kit carefully n stuff.
Naru1994 (EUNE)
: nerf rengar yes or no?
I'd like to see people countering rengar with pink ward. So when do you use pink ward I should ask? Because when you see ! in exactly the same moment you die. There is no counterplay to it and people who says he needs a buff, I have a bad info: even though riot dont know anything about balance, you know even less than them. Let's buff the only champ who can kill anyone in 0.01 sec. This is legit number. He is far from being balanced.
Emillie (EUW)
: and he actually wins l0l but he has legit builds, i guess he just got boosted?
jesus how bad he must be to play like that in silver. Even the worst bronze 5 players would be 10 times better than him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Stell,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=XQ6ZNaGv,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-07-08T11:13:13.456+0000) > > LOL. 0-5-0 , 25min match, no items bought. Level 6 fizz > > VICTORY > > Such a carry, much i don't even That's my problem you know. And people say matchmaking and placing is just fine. This is just one case of the many i have seen in which this is complete trash. Either he is intentionally trollling/feeding and ruining other people matches, or this is ultimate proof that the Placing / MMR / and Matchmaking system is complete and utter bullshit. Because this guy should not even be anywhere close to me if he is legitimately tryharding (which i don't believe but let's suppose for a moment he is.) **but he is just 2 Divisions below me**. What the unholy shit is this!?
matchmaking is stupid. it is known from years as well as it is known feeders are not punished for anything.
CUS77tqtbc (EUNE)
: What The F????
You lost LP wont be recovered. Riot doesnt give a damn. giving loss prevented is long gone plus it sometimes appears for people who lost even if they hadnt afk.
: Not quite... every second attack there is a phantom attack which deals no damage but applies on hit effects like your next auto would, so only on hit effects deal 2X damage not the whole auto.
Which means for example master yi E(true dmg). Also for his passive he will have double auto every 2nd auto and for his Q passive the cd will be reduced by 2 seconds per hit. Etc etc.
Kolfin (EUW)
: Mute the flammers, maybe ? And report them after the game ? Oh, and some trolls are just teammates who are ... "losing their lanes", nothing more.
a guy picking full AP Talon mid for sure just losing his lane cause opponent is better yeah. Please. 90% of players "who lose their lanes" are nowadays trolls who ruin the game. being 0/5 and still going ham at enemy instead of deffending should be bannable.
Xêm (EUW)
: What do you think of Gangplank rework?
That ignite on passive gonna be broken as shi-t :D
: The full items have -20 ap too ..
20 ap on katarina doesnt matter since she is broken. This is an indirect buff
tosh66No2 (EUNE)
: DFG is dead you shouldn't be saying this!
nobody miss DFG except katarina,lebroken etc. mains who enjoyed one shooting people with 2 skills.... Oh those champs still one shots you with 2 skills. RIP DFG thx god
: I do agree that the servers that Riot have are complete shit. I mean, I would be happy if they gave us at least something to compensate for all the wasted time we have from games being drophacked and shit like that. They are apparently doing their best to fix it, but they said the same about the Tribunal and look how that's gone.
They might look like they care but come on. New patch is here and ofc last minute changes to fix a little bug transformed into 10 hours of waiting already. I think patch 5.17 for example might be postponed by few weeks or months. They seem to care less about improving things and even more about money. This game is going to be ruin soon. Neither tribunal nor server issues were fixed. We have an automated bot that punishes even innocent players. Servers crash for people, trolls are encourage to troll and feed intentionally even more. Nobody is punished except those who get caught by leaver buster or by chat restrictions which as I already mentioned are often a never ending story due to system banning for no reason.
: Just think, League could have every game being like this, if people would only stop acting like assholes. I've had a few games like this and it's always so cool to see people acting nice, sadly that's not how it works, not in the real world, or in game.
Just had a game where we were near hopeless as hecarim and darius were fed as hell. KAtarina even though she was 3/10 managed to do 3k dmg to me(i was playing supp taric). We had a bad attitude guy on jungle, but we worked together hard. I was stunning priority targets(kata mostly) and we managed to win, though in the last minutes enemy graves went afk so that might be a reason we won but even when he was there we managed to come back already so I can say it is possible to win even of bad situation unless all enemies are 10/0 after 15 minutes then its rather impossible to win.
: **"...is that it is Yasuo, and not other champion which requires a lot of technique and movement in order to execute it."** that sentence right there is so wrong it gave me diarrhera
After all these nerfs you really need to know how to play yasuo. He was ahead there for sure so no wonder he did penta.
T4underbolt (EUNE)
: Patcher does not download new patch
I see that last minute issue is already last 10 hours issue and still no new patch. That was predictable
Rioter Comments
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: [EUNE/TR/EUW] Reconnect Issues over last 12 hours
This is what I was expecting. Finally a good communication and explanation of the problem including details. +1 Riot
doom bots plus this dark night map. this must be back. I loved it.
: "It is F2P" Be Grateful - Buy RP = Server Fix
WE buy rp from the very long time and servers are shi-t for more than 3 years.
abracadan (EUW)
: Exactly, I've been waiting literally all night (9:00 PM ---> 6:30 AM) and i've literally done everything on the support page they recommend and does anything work? Nope. Really sensing the lack of communication riot has for their players. Riot employees saying "We do everything in our power..." inc. And also players who say "RIOT IS THE BEST THEY DO EVERYTHING FOR THEIR PLAYERSDEMIDMEMD!!!!!!!211121!" Players are getting {{summoner:3}} of your shizz.
it is known from years their solutions are BS made so people who don't know crap about IT will think it's their computers fault and will desperately try to find a solution. This keeps these players quiet.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Sick of you whining little kids!! Again you think you can handle every little thing that can go wrong with a server then, make your own company get a server with millions of people playing everyday, and see if you can handle it !!! grow up !!! BTW have you ever thought that the the crazy weather might be messing with you net? and its not roits fault? no of course not you just coem on here and cry!
there is not a single free to play game with such a big server problems and such a 0 care from the owners side. even if server crashes in other games it is compansated. Here you get nothing in exchange. You lose promo cause of problem servers? Riot:we dont care it's you who lost and we can't change the outcome. Since like few months all the problems are due to riot shi-tty servers or their lack of ability to make servers safe from drop hacking and other shi-t.
: Smite Ez counter?
Every assassin counters him. Every hard engage comp counters him since he is about poke and then after poking he goes in. Banshee is enough. Fnatic proved that in LCS. They took 3 banshees in their team and even fed Ezeral was a trash. They made a really nice comeback just because they picked banshees. Last time I played shen and I had spirit visage and nothing else for MR and 16/3 ezreal was barely scratching me. This runeglaive bug has made him viable but it is fixed now so he goes back to unviability in rankeds again.
: Kassadin was OP back then because of his ult, too much mobility for the damage he could deal including the damage of his ult which was too much, he still has the damage but just takes too long to scale up since the endless nerfs to his ult, maybe the buffed RoA and Seraph's will help a bit, but I don't think it will be enough still.....
RoA might be better later but again this change is a nerf for his early game. He is already trash early and if he gets camped it's over. Unlike most of other assassins that can easily snowball of one kill and get back to the game even after heavy camp and those assassins have also mobility before 6 that allows them to avoid ganks.
: While it would be fun to have him buffed, just to watch people scream kassadin OP even more, it would really make him OP. He‘s already strong. Shure, base damage is bad, but scaling is insane. After he gets ROA and Luden‘s, he is pretty much unstopable. Ulty just gives him way too much mobility. 2 seconds CD at lvl 16. Add zhonia, and good luck killing him. Kassadin sacrafices early game damage to become one shooting, blinking killing machine late game. He just needs to survive first 5 levels
insane scalings? Did you even read his abilities? 70% AP on E and Q and 60% on W. Long cooldowns and this is all he has. His ult deals 0 dmg. Leblanc with QR deals more dmg than kassadin with using qwe twice.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Except no, his damage isn't enough to kill one
Kassadin can one combo someone after having like 4 items. RoA, rabadon, zhyonia,void staff(or lich bane). And to do that he must be ahead already otherwise enemy adc will sustain at him easily. There is not a single assassin that can kil someone with combo only after at least 4 items and being ahead. For example leblanc can 100-0 someone with combo at level 6 with dorans ring already and her mobility is even better than kassadin.
: Bullied by the rest of the team
It's sad but such behaviour is really often. I play jungle quite well and still even if I do good ganks early and im taking care of gromp suddenly bot dies and I hear"omg where the jungler was wtf. no help"
Melonizer (EUW)
: How come people see Kassadin so differently? Some say he's super OP, alot of people say he's UP. I personally think he is balanced now.
he has the lowest base damages in whole game and not a single skill with more than 70% ap scalings plus his ult deals 0 dmg. Its basically champion with half of 3 damages skills.
: Riot, smite belongs in the jungle.
Tons of mana back lol? You need to be at like 100 mana to get more mana back than you have used to cast q.verything above will just make your mana back so you dont benefit fro.m it
: Shaco is the most balanced, perfect champion in league of legends
So much balanced you get deleted in a second he appears.yeaaaah
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