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: The first reply you'll receive regarding bans are almost always a generic message, just like the one you showed me. That's because the 1st generic reply usually contains all the necessary information required to provide a complete an adequate response. You should reopen the ticket, and speak to an employee about it. Due to the nature of your ban, being affiliated with Linux there's a different spin on this which I can't (or shouldn't) get myself involved in :(
i see , and im very thankful for your help. really appreciated {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Greetings TNT BOM BOM, By commenting I'm opening up a huge can of worms, but I do believe you deserve an answer. There are a lot of safeguards in place which flags unauthorized use, or tampering with the files, as a result even using 3rd party programs can be very dangerous if they should suddenly make the changes in a way which they aren't supposed to. For Riot to unban you, I can imagine there must be quite a few criteria your situation would have to fulfill. Fortunately for you, the answer you've shown us is a generic message, so I suggest [submitting a ticket]( in order to plead your case. Due to the sensitive nature of what a public statement from me could do to affect your case, I cannot even offer you any further advice :/ ######Disclaimer: Please notice I'm a Volunteer so I do not have access to your case, nor should my opinion be considered an official policy by neither Riot nor the Volunteer program.
did that already mate , thanks . but no reply until now , horrible support ...
: 99% of people claiming they did not modify their client but got banned for that reason are liars. You should probably just make a support ticket and explain whats your problem there.
well how about if what i have claimed is right which is there is an idiot guy working in Riot which he didnt checked what i was doing properly and he gave me this banned? so listen smarty , if i wanted to lie i wouldnt went to support asking them to activate my account. i would just spend the time opening new account and keep the hacking.
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