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: League of filthy premade booster and is all allowed.
Well, actually, diamond and silver can't play together in one game, so they weren't premade, so it meand that either the silver player has a really high wr or the diamond player really low.
: ADC is funny role
I see the problem, you played a champ riot doesn't want you to play. And you probably suck at positioning
Hiyoko (EUW)
: Yes, my opinion doesn't matter. That's why I'm not giving one lol
Completely agree, if you are not atleast top 50 challanger your opinion is irrelevant
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: To me it looks like you just want to show off your OP.GG saying 'I am new to ADC, but look I'm still getting MVP or ACE most of my games'. It's not about who deals the most damage, anyway. But I am pretty sure you knew that already.
Yeah, but that is exactly what is bothering me, the fact that my score looks shiny and I get mvp doesn't matter, I watch pro adc players and they almost always have the highest damage.
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: What a surprise. In lanes, there usually are winners. Some times you can't win, no matter what you do. But no matter the elo, the more you win your lane, the higher chance you have to win. Climbing has nothing to do with your team, as in the long run, YOU are the only constant in your teams.
Except in higher elo people either farm passively or trade evenly as they know when they can and cant trade, so the only way you can win is with jungler's help.
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: Any tips for noob to climb?
When your jungler and bot lane int, unless you are significantly better than people in your elo, just accept the loss and go next, this also works in higher elo like diamond, sometimes you will just lose.
Jekkler (EUW)
: Master yi unbalanced in low elo
Have you tried rammus?
: How do inters get LP?
Well I int almost every ranked solo game and my team just carries me, I am diamond 2 btw
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