Sarokh JR (EUW)
: Where is the justice? (Nightblue and Riot games)
First thx for the Post!!! I hope Riotteam finaly doing something correktly... Nightblue is like the old Tyler1 2.0 but he don't deserve a bann why??? If I say *%%%%%* to someone ingame or I afk beceuse the New Strategy works but I'm so robot like Nightblue and don't understand that this is a New Strategy is his own Bad. So for the justice and a Real good riot game apologizing to the Teemo player and give the 2 weaks bann to this Nightmare #tyler1 was not so toxic like this dude. Now the Riot member and the friend of Nightblue you're the most brainlesss human I ever see in my 25 Years. I don't understand and no one understands your logic... You're working for Riot so you have to know what support is. Riot said that supports have to support the team not only the adc. You're lucky that you still work there and if you read this don't care I already quit the game but you and Nightblue pissed me off


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