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: Twitch prime (Fake ID)
in the game's Terms of Use it clearly states "You must always supply us with accurate and complete info, including if you provide us with your name, address, birthdate, email address or credit card info. ", and by using logic the same rule applies for Amazon so no, its not allowed.
: Need help to control my temper in league of legends / ow / any competitive game.
Are you "raging" generally in your life or only when you play this game? Seek professional help and try to mature from learning from your actions.
: Watch and earn mission -.-
I completed this mission 3 times now. Have you opted in of rewards in "rewards" tab? Are you logged in to your account during the process? All I did was to disable my AdBlock, select a game to watch from VODs and after 15-20 minutes of watching without skipping or anything it counted as a view.
lXiIuLisa (EUW)
: this game is compltely fckd up and needs a HUGE rework
This game relies on teamwork on a great extent rather than solo play. Yes there are cases where one person can win the game but we all know most of the times going 17/8/8 is just not enough. Just get over it and move on to the next one ;)
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