billis778 (EUNE)
: Unfair Riot
>Get your sh*t together and start being smarter or you will soon die as a game.You already are. id rather play with 2 ppl than with a lot of kids who think that swearing/verbal abuse and flaming is cool in a VIDEO GAME
ˆUdyrˆ (EUNE)
: RIP LOL ..... ?
oh yea, you are so famous on the internet that some random guy from lol decided to invest into a few hundred pc (or took the time to write a virus for it) and knows your ip just to ddos you... i dont even know any case so far where a random dude got ddos-ed out of the blue, someone who have enough resources to ddos usually go for bigger targets
: Towers should deal true damage
maybe dont feed her so she cant towerdive you
: Playing alot doesnt mean playing well tho, and no actually 500k in silver means he is far worse than the average silver Player, cause he has 500k with that champ and is still in silver.
what does rank have anything to do with this? im silver 2 for a few seasons now because i cant be bothered to play enough games to rank up, i know ppl who have more games in a few days than i do the whole season
Miuri (EUW)
: The current client is already running chromium well to be precise electron. The updated client will just use a newer version
yea i know that, it was just funny :D
: Just to get this straight, mastery Points dont mean shit. Having a lot of experience with a champ is not the same as playing a champ well. I crushed multiple People with millions of mastery Points with their otp champs and aswell lost to People playing the champ for the third time. Mastery Points basically mean nothing except that you have a lot of free time
having 500k on a champ means that you played a lot with that champ and in silver that means a lot, as i said he won easily even in 1v2 as a teemo
: I need psychological help here
we are in the same boat then... going for a ranked, checking mastery on loading screen i see a player in the enemy team with 550k mastery on Teemo, i dont say a thing since in silver if you say ANYTHING in chat that says anything about gameplay or playing safe they go full troll mode, so that teemo wins his lane pretty easily even 2v1, after 5 kills i tell my team that maybe they shouldnt engage in fights with him since he played teemo tons of times and he knows how to win with him, after this you can guess what happened :D
: Harsh Punishment
>First I find this offensive. i find it offensive that you leave games so frequently that you get that message... afaik you dont get it the first time... (well i could be wrong i hardly ever left the game)
: TT Discriminated again...
because why would they waste their time making a code for it and determine how much token you should get for tt so that 6 player who still plays tt can get token there?
: it'll basically be like using google chrome (but better).
so if its like chrome then 16gb of ram wont be enough, great...
: Reggae Shark
: Fix the wheel in the loading please
that "wheel" is not an indication that you are connected or not, its an indicator to tell you that your system is still loading and not frozen
urgeN (EUW)
: Bringing democracy to LOL
99% of the players cant even tell their own mistakes and you want them to rate others gameplay?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: they actually sustain that my punishment is regarding more about my past behaviour than the current behaviour , so please correct me if i am wrong ,but for my past punishments i had a punishment , the permanent ban is a punishment who comes as last attempt if my toxicity level exceel the limits highly , but my past 2 games chat logs behaviour wasn't exceed any of that limits , at least from what i see , i haven't swear anyone or took of them build ... , i wasn't harass anyone ,just looked for informations... , you again don't even know what the support rules are , neither in ToS dosn't appear that , so i assume they can't ban my support acces for that.
the 14 day ban is your last warning, if you get it then the next slightly toxic chatlog will get you permaban, even if the chatlog itself wouldnt get you punishments otherwise >i wasn't harass anyone ,just looked for informations... asking it once and getting an answer for it is looking for information, doing it 3 times is harassing them... >you again don't even know what the support rules are , neither in ToS dosn't appear that , so i assume they can't ban my support acces for that. you got punishment for harassment, that is in the ToS, asking why did you get punished multiple times is harassment
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: About support
you again with this bullcrap... you got your reform card with the ban, they told you what you did and why did you got your ban, then you complained about it on the boards already and even here players told you why did you get your ban and they pointed out your toxic texts in your chatlog, you were clearly TOXIC and deserved the ban, then you are harassing support with questions which were answered numerous times and here we are again, reading your toxic crap how the support "doesnt respect you" you are still beating a dead horse, for months now... just move on, you were/ARE toxic, your ban wont be removed and if you keep making the same topic about this youll get banned here on the boards too (or at least i hope so)
: So you want to say that supporting the mid-laner and leaving your adc in a 2v1 situation (with the probable result of losing all 3 bot towers) is just off-meta and not trolling? I mean, you could as well state that Duo-Top is off meta too and should not be punished. Nevertheless, we both come to an agreement, that being that throwing the game is trolling and should be reported. -Thanks for replying
Nubrac had a 80% winrate afaik with teemo mid support, so yes, thats off meta, but we have taric sona botlane in pro play too, and we had ziggs adc for a while...
: Aspired players from the infamous "TEEMO MID SUPPORT"
there is a difference between trolling and going off meta... teemo mid in master with well over 50% winrate is just going off meta throwing a game with unusual picks is trolling, and you should report it
: has riot turned bronze into elo hell?
>did they do something special??? yes they did, they are matching smurfs with other smurfs, so nothing special, you are just playing with and against smurfs, just like yourself
Silent Note (EUNE)
: The day I've been fearing has come..
this prooves that shutting your mouth (well unable to open it :D) will not get the attention, so you can stay op longer :D {{sticker:sona-playing}}
Mártir (EUW)
: Zilean can lvl up his W at lv 1
i clearly remember that you cant level it up at the start, this change is recent? didnt played him for a while
Silent Note (EUNE)
: What will happen to the leftover Prestige Points?
what happens to the points you get from buying gas on certain gas stations and you couldnt spend it? cos that will happen to prestige points they have 0 value, you literally doesnt lose anything if they vanish, its just something extra for ppl who bought the lootboxes/played the events
: disgusting report
: to all summoners, part TWO
now tinfoil hats to everyone and let me say one thing: what if its just staged and to boost publicity? i dont really care or even know those 2 ppl, but the video is spreading like wildfire and ppl are flooding the boards with it :D
: I dont know how bad the matchamaking of league is...
> Riot , fix your matchmaking , or im probably just stupid. i would go with the second, there isnt any problem with the matchmaking that im aware of
: Is there really any way of defending yourself in league anymore?
>Is there really any way of defending yourself in league anymore? ofc, you can mute them, mute their pings, mute their emotes... as for trolls noone can do anything with them instantly on the spot, but reporting them (and only trolls, not ppl who have a bad game/counterpicked etc) will help on the longer run >there'll be a time where you have to say something back, is it normal for us to just accept the fact that we're being flamed & trolled by others? nope, there WONT be any time where you HAVE to talk back or do something towards them... the only time where retaliation MIGHT be considered ok is in life threatening scenarios, but we are talking about a video game on the internet here, so nope, go mute them if they are annoying and report the trolls after the game, other than that you cant do much, noone can really
Haze97 (EUW)
: EuW has a massive problem with it's junglers.
there is a solution to that: pick jungle and climb yourself out of there
Mr Kraya3 (EUW)
: free xp boost
i want a million dollar
: the problem is that its a pvp game where the rng of your teamates matters more then your own personal skill coming from a game like csgo where you legit can 1v5 if you are good enough its really annoying to me
afaik in csgo if you kill someone he is dead until the end of the round and you win the round by either planting/defusing the bomb or killing everyone while in league you can only win if you destroy the nexus and players can respawn freely and thats a huuuuuge difference, if you can kill everyone which needs nothing but skills/reflexes yes, you CAN 1v5 because the players who got killed wont come back, so they have no influence on the game anymore, if you could respawn in csgo i bet you couldnt 1v5 that easily
: Game is too team based player skill dosent matter
sooo a team based game works better playing as a team instead of going solo? i dont see the problem here...
: Why VI is broken
>She smelt every thing uhm you are mistaking her for Ornn, he is the blacksmith :D
: What Unreal moments/mircales have happened to you?
when i bought the lunar event pass and the first orb had elementalist lux in it, then the next day from the mission i opened gun goddess mf, thats some lucky miracles there since my luck when it comes to stuff i want is terrible (for example in WoW cataclysm there was only 1 item i missed for my full gear, after 4 months of raiding every week it finally dropped, rolled 97 on it and the next guy rolled 98, next week the item dropped again, now i rolled 98 and the next guy won it with 100...)
Inixia (EUW)
: Completely missed the point of this post but sure let's just focus on me, not the state of the whole bracket
if you get smurfs in your games then it means you are smurfing too, riots system of detecting smurfs is pretty good, and duos arent that common for boosting, so if you cant climb is on you noone cares about you that much that they deliberately match you with trolls/boosters so i really dont see the point you are trying to make
Inixia (EUW)
: You're probably right but why does that make smurfing and Duo queuing a good thing for the game?
that have nothing to do with smurfing or duos... if you dont improve youll get beated by the ones who do...
: i didn't sayi they should remove it but at least nerf it or change it because it last for so long that it makes shaco and teemo useless
and why? the main dmg of teemo is not his shrooms and shaco can do a lot without his boxes too...
Crayle (EUNE)
: Then tell us the counter of nasus in early game hes beatable and in late game he fcks all bcs hes a oneshot tanky beast with lifesteal as hell just saying GG riot
anything with range and slows/roots, he is kiteable and if you are really into the game then you know, just ask for your team to help, he is not that good vs multiple ppl, unless you feed him
Hansiman (EUW)
: You should take a look at higher elo games, or pro games. Building QSS is common on high priority targets, even if they don't upgrade it. It's simply worth the cost if it counters an enemies ability to directly kill you. Build items based on the opponents you're facing, not just what gives you the highest amount of AP.
you dont get it, countering an ability wont win you the game, getting 3000 ap/ad does, why would you waste an itemslot on an useless item that removes a spell when you can just buy a lot of ap/ad? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: But still people tend to not buy them, and die to the shrooms. =(
trust me they STILL die to shrooms/jack in a boxes even with oracle AND even when there is only 1 hit left to destroy them :D
FixxeS (EUW)
: Buying accounts isn't against the rules... it's not recommended... there's a difference. according to, an article made by Riot Ezki ([Link](, it's not recommended because most of the times you get scammed by it, it says NOTHING about being illegal, it's a moral situation, nothing more. Unfortunately, Isaac, there's nothing anyone can do... buying an account isn't just getting the username and password, it needs to be provided also the ability to switch emails... I had a friend buying an account on Player auctions, and usually, from what I see, they just create a new email, link that email to the league account and when you buy that account, it's provided to you that same email and password so you can change to your own email and also the username and password. but, the thing about league is, even if you change the email and password, the previous owner can still recover it, he just needs to contact riot, say that his account was stolen, than he gets asked a bunch of questions like when was the account created, quantity of champions, skins, etc and since he is the owner he will know that stuff, so rito will give him the account back... but, forget that rito will ever ban that account... now you have some options: - give negative feedback on ebay to the seller, leave a comment about what happened, and contact ebay about your purchase, detailing the case. - if you paid through Paypal (which is always recommended), you can also contact paypal in order to open a dispute against the seller and since paypal cares more about the buyer than the seller, chances are, you'll win the dispute and paypal will deposit your money back. - send all the information about the transaction you did on ebay to riot's support and MAYBE, just MAYBE, rito will care and give you ownership of the account if the rioter cares about morals. they might not like account sharing and buying accounts it's a moral situation, but, we never know. (ebay/paypal) just provide what the person gave you to change the account ownership, explain the details and tell them exactly what happened, since you purchased till the seller got the account back, like what you did, etc... also, when buying accounts online, doesn't matter the game, there's a few things that need to be delivered to you, ALWAYS: - Username for the account - password for the account - the email that the account is linked to - password for that email (even if the email isn't needed to change email, it should be provided anyway) - security questions and answers, so you can change them than, this is what you need to do: - get into that email and check if there's any recovery email associated. change it's password. if there is a recovery email associated, take it out as the previous owner can use the recovery email to re-gain access to that email address. - login to the account using the website (not the game), change the account's password, change it's username (if possible) and it's in-game name. - change security questions and answers but even so, the previous owner still might be able to recover the account through the company's support. so buying accounts online is always a risk... Ebay just happens to be an awful place to buy game or services accounts as they don't specialize on that, after all, Ebay is the China Amazon...
first page of ToU: >1.4. Can I share or sell my account or login credentials? (No.) >When you create an account with us, we require you to select a unique username and password (collectively, your “Login Credentials”), which you’ll use each time you access the Game. You can’t share your account or Login Credentials with anyone. You can’t sell, transfer or allow any other person to access your account or Login Credentials, or offer to do so. You’re entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Login Credentials. Please notify us immediately if you become aware of any breach of security, including any loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure of your Login Credentials.
: Crazy Idea
its nothing like a black hole... its just a change of realm
: i dont have avast antvirus, but if on person use it does it effect everyone in the game?
nope, things on your computer only affects you
Sephiro (EUNE)
: Thank God : For the first time Riot made a good and balanced new reworked/released champ : Morde!
then pick him and dont stop until you reach grandmaster, but be quick cos they usually nerf op champs in the next patch
: Ulting a kah sounds like the worse idea lol, you're basically garanteing that kah gets 100% isolation on you, and even if kah loses 10% of his stats his q probably does like what, 800 dmg full build ? on a 1.2 sec cd, and kah's plenty mobile enough to dodge most of morde's dmg too
well it depends, if removing kha from the game for 7 seconds allows your team to obliterate them 4v4 then its worth it
Ιsaac (EUW)
: I bought an account and the owner took it back without refund or notice
i would ban you too, buying accounts is against the rules and gets an instant permaban
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: if she was pulling her shoulder back her whole body would follow- but still her entire torso is forward looking..
she is not pulling it back, she is pulling it up, towards her head
Backstard (EUNE)
: No you can't play vs broken champs no matter how good you are and yes i have proof.
saying you have proof doesnt mean anything... show us and we will make riot bankrupt if its true
: Why as Illaoi been turned into an ap champion ?
there are a lot of thing happening on pbe that wont get to live, so dont jump to conclusions this fast...
Roxãs (EUW)
: Prestige Arcade Caitlyn Splash Art
she is pulling up her shoulders to hold her gun, leaning back and she is looking through her scope i dont think anything is wrong with that form... i can do it too and it would look the same, its not comfortable and not stable thats for sure but its possible
: they will try it in normal so they will know how the champion works then no problem to play ranked better than trying him/her in every lane and trolling feeding our ranked games
do you think that ppl who pick a champ first time in ranked will go and play with them in normals first? their only purpose is to troll players, and they can do it with anything... the best example are yasuo players: 90% of my ranked games the yasuo with lvl 7 emote is just going 0/10+ while spamming his mastery, he clearly played with yas before, he even got s grades on him and still trolling
: new champions & reworks
yup, and after that 1 week is over they can first pick them without problems... why are ppl unable to go through a thinking process before opening their mouth?
Fhaca (EUW)
: Posting Defeat-Screen.
so kids, what did we learn today? thats right, do NOT flame in a video game or youll find yourself banned :D inters get their punishments too, its just harder to detect than flamers
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