: Firstly: I didn't say I had premade. 2 players in my team were premade. >I see that Jayce and Kata are a premade with a really good winrate together Secondly: Matchmaking has everything to do with the outcome. Do you think that when 5 Dia players get matched with 5 Bronze players it will be a balanced game? Cmon now.
but this is not 5 dia vs 5 bronze... this is plat 4 vs gold 2... the mmr difference is not that big... even premades can have a wider mmr difference...
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: I am not getting anything mr white knight. Because this random trash boxes will never give you what you want. Everything I got was for MY MONEY so yeah... Its unrewarding as %%%%.
i have 72 unlocked skins and paid for like 10 of them (maybe even less), i have elementalist lux and gun goddess miss fortune from those "random trash boxes"...
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Skins for Orange Essence
>This system is so boring and unrewarding so getting every paid content for free is unrewarding? what do you want from riot? a monthly salary just because you clicked on the website once 8 years ago?
: Enchanter players should get maximum 10lp after winning a game
seeing the topics you make your name fits perfectly, i just dont know what you are fighting for...
: neither i know how my bot gone 0/8 and 0/7 at 12 vs a Kalista she was so mad on end of game she was 11/1 at 12 and lost {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
not only kalista but vs a red braum without the fine mustache
: Why does riot rematch people that youve muted and reported in the previous game?
and how often do this really happens? and in which queue? because it happened to me like 3 times in 4 years and i think 2 times it was aram and once on sr (i did not count coop vs ai games because it happens more there, usually when there are missions to do) unless you are talking about high elo where the playerbase is smaller, in that case it just wouldnt work
ipv (EUW)
: Level 63, over 300k points with Zed
uhm what do you want with that? a few weeks ago i saw a lvl 32 guy with 1M mastery on dunno which champ, mastery is older than 30+ leveling so nothing strange here
: So, how exactly is this matchmaking balanced?
as you said you had a premade, just that alone screws up the matchmaking because the community thoughts its an advantage to go as a duo so the matchmaker matches them with higher opponents, then add that 63% winrate on jayce into the mix and its kind of a balanced matchmaking and matchmaking have nothing to do with the outcome, you are making decisions ingame...
: Do not try to compare the God who played in the diamond for 2 seasons, 2 in platinum, and never descended to silver like one monkey. Which has never been higher than silver. A completely different level. It's just that God is tired of this wretched game, and he no longer tries to play on the rating. Unlike a monkey, which does not even shine gold.
you have serious issues above your shoulder, but whatever floats your boat, good day...
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: So funny...
you are just a brick wall... they are talking to a brick wall... dunno what more do you want.... your situation is something like this: you asked them what is water, they told you its an odorless, colorless, tasteless stuff that you can drink, then you asked them what is water, they told you its 2 H atom and an O atom forming a bond, then you asked them what is water, so they now just ban you for harassing them, since there isnt anything more that they could tell you about water... what is it so hard to grasp on this? you are HARASSING them for months now...
: A person who did not rise above silver is not entitled to his own opinion about this game. He generally has no right to anything, and cannot be considered a person.
oh, so a feeding noob in gold with the average stats of: 8.9 / 14.5 / 16 is somehow considered a person but me in silver 1 with 3.5 / 8.3 / 13.5 is not? good for you buddy... https://i.imgur.com/Nfgwxb7.png
: > [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=4gsj6Ae0,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2019-08-24T09:21:43.335+0000) > > yea, because apparently 4-5 years of playing LoL is not enough experience... season 6 silver season 7 silver. ok. 100000 years experience of monkey games.
matchmaking is the same from the last place in iron 4 to the first place on the ladder... its the same in normals just as in ranked/aram/tt/tft but whatever, once again i replied to a guy who can reply only with my rank because he dont have any counterargument... just go and cry about matchmaking...
: > [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=4gsj6Ae0,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-08-23T21:42:11.786+0000) > > so where are those proofs? > > whats the problem with divisions? You will understand these issues yourself when you become a more experienced player. Maybe you can even distinguish an ass from a finger.
yea, because apparently 4-5 years of playing LoL is not enough experience...
: Restrict premades vs randoms
>and this is a proven fact. so where are those proofs? >Also It would be nice to balance the divisions whats the problem with divisions?
: FIddlesticks meme
and how does a skillshot fear looks like? i hope they dont touch his point and click fear, this is something that have a spot in the game
: Is using championify bannable ??
why would you risk your account with programs like this when you can import builds by hand which will surely WONT get you banned?
: Changes to Eternals
>I don't want any of that, just let me disable it and play the actual game. yet a lot of ppl shove emotes and skins into your face all the time, this is nothing different, you pay for bragging rights but yea i hope they make a button for muting it, i dont really care about it personally, but it would be nice if my teammates can mute it and wont go apeshit just because a guy killed them as the 2500th victim...
: because the game is more of a casino. if it let you climb where yu wanted to be, then there would be no grind, it wants you to keep playing to get up. the matchmaker is specifically designed to get everyone as close to 50% win rate as humanly possible. it will fk with you for 10 games or so, then let you win for a bit, then you will get dominated for a bit more after.....its built that way....dont you get it?
except it does not work like that... ppl want fair games, and the only way to get fair games is if you have a 50% winrate, so you win just as much as you lose, this is the definition of fair matchmaking... if you are over 50% winrate it means you are playing vs ppl who are less skilled than you and if you have less than 50% winrate it means you are playing vs ppl who are more skilled than you, and none of that is fair...
: What has toxicity changed
>shittalk is the only reason i play this game personally since its funny to me and entertaining but i guess some people are just %%%%%es. then you are part of the problem and you should be banned for it... shittalk is not funny and not entertaining by any means...
: this game is trash
chatlogs or it did not happen...
: Same, or people who put the ranks into chat... I don’t wanna know who’s who... if I’m interested I will look after the game after it won’t affect me, it’s just handicaps us by knowing who is who. It’s akso why a lot of very high elo players (like challenger level) turn the name tags off... it really affects how you play if you know your playing vs an actual pro player.
and its the same reason you cant see enemy ranks/everyones ping etc on the loading screen, and i absolutely agree, why would you handicap yourself by checking them...
Smerk (EUW)
: Yeah, achievements are boring in most games. But do you know many games with achievement system locked behind pay wall? And then there are enough stats that could be tracked for all champions. One meaningless slow on ability is not a good reason to add slowing time as achievement when there are many other things that are more iconic for a champion.
on a different topic i said it already, tell me a FREE TO PLAY game with achievements that is still popular after 10 years... the guy who replied to me there listed 4 games, 2 of those were not free to play the other 2 had restrictions (like it was free only until a certain level, and the other where you can not choose which champ you play) and again, tracking stats is not giving anything to you in any way, eternals are just another way of showing off how much can you sit in front of a computer... just like skins and emotes etc... they are there to show off... its like buying any apple product, everyone can see that you have nothing but money, so if ppl are upset that you cant get achievements for free then im upset that i had to pay for my skins...
: > [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=23lMMAkZ,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2019-08-22T17:35:36.094+0000) > > well so far im not conviced that i should spend money on it, but i dont think its a shit system... its just a new crap that they have to make a mute eternals button a few weeks later :D daubt they will add this. cause Eternals is a system to motivate team and enemy team, and has a snowballing effect "WOA Cool, that enemy Janna got a new world record, dammit. i want this Eternal thing too" ... **People will realise that eternals are a nice gimmic and bring Roleplay elements to the game, people will buy it more and more. it has a snowball effect like "Iphones" my friend has this cool thing, i want it too!**
>daubt they will add this. cause Eternals is a system to motivate team and enemy team just like emotes were supposed to do that, and because of the community crying and throwing tantrums we can mute emotes now :D
Smerk (EUW)
: In its current form it is a shit system. And it's not even about price. Did you even see those "achievements"? I wonder if those people that made them even play League. 850 RP for a set of 3 generic stats, stats that were openly available for free in the old client. And to get fully upgraded emote you need 2 of those sets. It's nothing more than a cash grab and you have to be either stupid, oblivious or rich enough to not care about wasting money.
thats how any achievement system works... i mean just look at wow for example: you get achievements for gaining levels, doing quests, killing mobs etc even most of the raid achievements are granted for you just for beating the boss... plust i dont see anything that could be made an achievement in LoL... because you are doing nothing important or unique
: perma banned is not balanced
so you are flaming, admitting that you are flaming then show us your logs where we see you flaming and you are surprised that you are banned? because f*ck logic :D
: Please remove Dodge punishment.
if anything they should increase dodge penalty, like the first time you dodge 30 min low priority queue/30 lp lose...
Shamose (EUW)
: Who else is hyped to not spend money on that shit system?
well so far im not conviced that i should spend money on it, but i dont think its a shit system... its just a new crap that they have to make a mute eternals button a few weeks later :D
: thats another reason to not include 0. Its just a survey for "Insiders" who want to join the hall of fame aka the Club of Eternals. **And people have to learn with their "I dont like the system" - its just bad attitude nothing will get changed anyways, the system will come, use it or not, But as said Before DONT TRY TO DESTROY THE FUN OF NEW SYSTEM FOR PEOPLE WHO ENJOY IT!!!** it just feels like thos twitch streams where people come like "this game is shit, why u play it" ... do you asume that i change my game now? no.. if u dont like the thing, your are the wrong audience, Leave. but dont try to change things... **you cant!**
that still dont answer why wouldnt you include 0... why would you make a vote on a public forum if you dont allow everyone to vote? i dont give a flying f about eternals yet, i kinda wanna see what it does to decide if i want to buy it or not, so not including 0 is just a poor choice... how would i "manipulate the survey" if you already do it? so i guess i just leave a - on your post....
: Free smurf accounts provided by riot
and what about not smurfing and playing on your main? are you afraid to lose your rank? then you dont belong there... plus why would i play on a second acc if all my earned stuff is on the main?
: How to have a good time playing league
>You are no longer faced with racism, toxicity, feed & negative attitude. oh you sweet summer child rofl if you dont want to face racism, toxicity, negative attitude just disconnect from the internet, and even then youll STILL face it :D
Sivo Nebo (EUNE)
the only thing i would like they would do with autofill is the ability to farm them like blue essence and give it away to ppl like honors, for example i always play support so i never get autofilled, and it would be awesome if i could just gift my autofill protection to ppl in my team who were good in their role, so they can get their role again in the next game anything other than that is pointless imo
: View After Starting in Turkey Server
so its like any other server? who wouldve thought?
Cypherous (EUW)
: I mean, it doesn't really matter which champion activates the hextech effect, aslong as its being activated once per match where you have 2 or more hextech champions its not a "bug"
but the thing is if both teams have hextech bombs sometimes one wont use their own, it happened to me too a few times not really sure what causes it to happen, because in the same match i had 3-4 fights where my bomb did NOT fire while the enemies did, then in the same game vs the same guy we both fired it
Zineus (EUNE)
: make autofill great again
they actually tested that on the oce server, you could pick roles where you would not want to play, the test was supposed to run for a few months but it had to be reverted after 2 days because queuetimes went to the moon and the matchmaking got so bad that ppl begged for a revert...
DagOfBickss (EUNE)
: Kai’sa thoughts
get a tanky support with some cc and she is dead meat... (or whatever she brought back from the void :D)
SinsanitY (EUW)
: Just got through Promo's to silver. If you're playing Ranked Solo Q on your own, please stop.
>This is my third post about the match maker in ranked, the frequency of players who afk , rage, or are feeding/struggling and when you get them. so this is the third time we say that those things (afk, ragequit, feeding) are NOTHING to do with matchmaking... matchmaking does NOT check ingame stats its entirely working on mmr >It took me near 230 matches to get Silver IV. then the problem is not with matchmaking, i got from silver 3 to gold promos in 80 games...
: Since Riot has recently changed their business plan that if anything, that cannot be monetise they won't simply put into game, and if they do, we'll have another bunch of "event missions" hidden behind a pay-wall, just for the sake of profits.
which event missions were hidden behind a paywall? just asking... are you talking about that 5 mission that gave you 5 prestige points each? where you got 5 points for a win and 2 for a lose and you had to get 40/80/120/160/200 points?
Arkokos (EUNE)
: Quoting swears in player support reports
reporting flaming ppl to riot support does nothing differently than ifs is doing... the only difference is this: * instead of pressing a report button you waste your time writing a ticket * instead of max 5 min (usually less than 1) of getting punished the guy can freely play and flame in games until support gets to your ticket * instead of an automated system that can handle millions of reports simultaneously you waste the time of the support, and all they would do is just feed the report to the ifs manually (basically pressing the report button like you can do after the games) so making ticket about flaming is pointless and just wastes everyones time
: Y'all sound like you are missing your ex
nah its much better %%%%%ing about it than just moving on and playing a game they like
: Eternals and the current state of League of Legends
>I guess they´re too busy giving free accounts to streamers. every account is free... >All I want is to stop losing hours in ranked games with troll team compositions and players that have 0 vision score at 35 minutes. then tell ppl to stop trolling... its not an issue created by riot, its an issue created by the community, and its very popular because they get more expsure than good plays, everyone is obsessed about trolls ingame and on the boards too and noone shares good players actions... >The matchmaking system and client are absolutely broken. matchmaking did not get any changes since its release or only minor ones, and the client works fine for me and for the majority too
: Is Honor Progress bugged?
that happens only if you are toxic, get valid reports on yourself and stuff like that
: Any idea when mm will be fixed and finally we will stop mixing premade trash with single players?
: tft lp system is unfair
WOW! who wouldve thought that a random game can take wild turns like that?
: Riot Games not balancing the game or keeping the champion concepts fresh
>yes the first one is more outdated since they removed aatrox's ultimate (basically). there is a difference between not dieing for a few seconds and reviving with 30% hp (or more, not sure never played aatrox)
: I am sorry, Riot
>P.S Just wanted to shit on the forum because of emotions, do not take it seriously. yea, for this alone you should be permabanned... i never shit where ppl find their entertainment...
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: Where are the games I mentioned restricted? They are much more competitive then league and they allow much more competitive talk, rather then this sissy community crying over everything and saying riot should ban people left and right. So this game is much more restricted in every aspect. > and if you are playing on your main you are not active on your smurf (if you are then its account sharing and bannable) Define active? I use my main and then swap over to my smurf, both are active, both are seen as individuals -> riot saying their game is 'growing'. > your mentioned games are not even free to play, or free to play with restrictions... league is free to play without any restrictions... Counterstrike is free to play bud.
>Where are the games I mentioned restricted? in fortnite you get random characters, you cant choose your own, unless you pay for a skin... in starcraft you get 3 commanders for free, the rest is only for lvl 5 halo games are not free etc >Define active? active as in online, for example if you play on your main then go to your smurfs its only 1 active account, because if you are on one then you are not on the other >both are seen as individuals -> riot saying their game is 'growing'. they are clearly not individuals and even riot knows that, when they talk about growing they mean daily active accounts
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: First off, this sore loser game doesn't actually have 10 million players, I mean... Take a look around you, every person has ATLEAST 2 accounts (if not more) and when you make a new account, you can EASILY tell this game isn't even growing, since everyone is a smurf. With tons of money as rewards? A lot of games have these. - Fortnite - Counterstrike - Halo - Starcraft Just to mention a couple :)
>First off, this sore loser game doesn't actually have 10 million players having an account and online accounts right now is different, i bet they prolly have more than a billion accounts, but the ones who are playing actively is much lower, and if you are playing on your main you are not active on your smurf (if you are then its account sharing and bannable) your mentioned games are not even free to play, or free to play with restrictions... league is free to play without any restrictions...
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: The fact they brought down the euro and are making the skins 1800 +? The fact they are giving fines to basically everyone and everything out there that does something wrong (esports)?
>The fact they brought down the euro and are making the skins 1800 +? what does that have to do with anything? server costs, staff, animators, artists etc, they are not running on thin air... >The fact they are giving fines to basically everyone and everything out there that does something wrong (esports)? if i do something wrong im fined too, so again, whats your point?
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: They could easily run with only skins for sale... Selling passes and achievements is a pure EA greed.
then pls make some math and show me how they could run with only skins for sale...
are u idot (EUNE)
: Why Does Honor Level Reset After a Transfer?
>it just explains your behavior as a player. i guess this is the key sentence, its your behavior as a player IN THAT REGION, if you live in a city and you are known by a lot and they "honor" you, you dont take that honor to a completely new place imo but maybe its just me
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