fawkes (EUNE)
: Platinum support champ pool
> [{quoted}](name=fawkes,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6GRaxfdr,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-23T11:19:06.069+0000) > And how do you guys even build tank supports? I did play quite a lot of games with Alistar and Leona but I kind of want to build tank items like Sunfire cape and Omen but I see most of them building Locket, Kings vow, Zeke's ect. That makes my team better but I really dont feel like a tank with those items. Well.. supports are there to .. support. If you like to play Lux bot with deathcap and Alistar with sunfirecape.. just play top and mid dude. Also enchanters can deal alot of things like peeling and engaging. Using Nami R to just hit someone is kind of ... all im trying to say is that unlike the 4 "skill"shot Lux. Most enchanters skills have more than 1 use during LP and TF.{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Eodin (EUW)
: that´s what i noticed after buying the wrong helmet. but thx for not reading. have fun in the league of legends. btw pro tip: the thing on the bottom right is a map you might want to ignore that one too.
so the problem is that u cant tell the 2 items apart or ? busy watching the mini map?
: I think it's more of thematic thing. Purple being a more mature colour and green being more, I don't know, lackadaisical?
Well tbh green fits here skin mini lore... Still Lulu is the purple champion in lol for me ... My dreams...
: Star galaxy Lulu
But there is a purple guardian... Why did they pick Janna over Lulu for the purple..? That is just mean.
Najns (EUW)
: But... But... Everything tastes purple :C
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: I'm failing to see what's all that badass about the old Bloodstone skin.
It was "bad ass" coz all of his skins looked stupid :D... Now all skins are BA AF ...
Proppa (EUNE)
: league of legends wikia has all that info?
AS i said .. there is info on the net but there should have that ingame as well.. imagine that you had to look at lol wiki for masteries info as well ...
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: Worst april's 1st ever
Urf had the same effect 2 years ago ... "Hey low cds , no mana, spam spam spam.. ... Fun for like 2-3 games" Today when i woke up i logged in saying to myself " Lets play this years urf game so im not left behind this stupid game mod" and what did i see .. DRAVENS EVERYWHERE ... it was new, it was fresh, just like urf .. for 2-3 games.. If you dont like the draven heads play Ranked or play normal draft ... its not that hard .. and ppl will now say " HEY RITO I CANT PLAY ARAM COZ OF THIS " Well you wanted urf or u want aram ? The draven heads wont last for too long enjoy the prank and dont cry bcoz you didnt get urf today, Its not the best mod its not a prank and its not the end of world .. and to all who said they would quit LoL coz of this ... Bye.. i hope you find a better game... please.
: I have a hard time controlling tilt sometimes
I love when a cupcake jumps in the middle of my team and kills us all. ( Cast polymorph on Yasuo when he uses his ult ) Watching another cupcake screaming and unleashing a giant energy missile at us ( Ezreal keeps casting his ult too, Lux too ..... ) FFs why are cupcakes so op in this game?
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