: Nu bentjau dar savo acc turiu :D
: Tai tu savu neleidi, tu tevu leidi :D Nesinervuok nu, bus tu accountu.
XD pzdec koks tu bukas XD
: Bek kurtis naujo acc :D Dar skinu prisipirk iskarto is tevu saskaitos. Prizadek, kad gausi 7 is kito egzo ir duos tau tu rp tevai, nesijaudink.
nx neleidziu pinigu ant zaidimu, bet jai tu toks durnas tai nemano problemos
: ***
pisk nx duxhas
: I think there would be less toxicity if the game was good and people wouldn't get banned so easily. Like ... context matters but not for riot. You deserved a ban for 3 letter word but i honestly think this word isn't even bad and shouldn't be bannable. But rules are rules. Too bad that they are stupid. %%% has never been offensive for me, neither have I taken it seriously. If smb does then he was mentally unstable to begin with. It is not that person's fault that a mentally ill dude kills himself over some words that were written in a chat in a game. Riot should give players more freedom and teach them about morality. In real world we know what is bad to do and we just don't do it. Somebody saying to you %%% will not change that.
Thx bro
: ***
like yours
: In case you didn't have any chat restrictions ever it's because of this: >TauTvisT: %%%
:\ only for this one word.Damn :(
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