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: Mate, if you think it's so easy then make one yourself and let us be the judge.
Be my guest
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: New AD CASTER Item ( Mainly for Ad Caster - Marksman )
It's something that I've been looking for a lot, aswell. Actually, current Tear and Manamune are not that bad for the two champions you mentioned. However, regarding your item, I would change some things (regarding the passive; the stats can be altered later). Firstly, Varus and Ezreal can deal a LOT of damage with their Q's. Having even a small amount of mana leech on those spells would be enormous. For that reason, it should cap against your % mana. say, it can't restore more than 3% of your maximum mana. On a fully stacked tear that is more than 30 mana. It is a lot and it is not that much at the same time. The fair thing would be for it to regen 10% of damage dealt as mana over time, but capped per second based on your maximum mana. Say you deal 400 dmg. You will regen 40 (10% of 400) mana in total. However, you can't regen more than 1% of your maximum mana per second. So say you have 1000 mana. You will regen 1% of 1000 mana per second (10 mana per second), over the next 4 seconds (4 seconds, each second is 40 mana in total). Another example. Take Varus, dealing 555 dmg on a full channeled maxed Q. At level 10, he will have 616 base mana, + say he has a Tear, stacked up to 500 mana in total. That is 1116 mana. He get's 10 % of the damage dealt as mana. That is 55.5 mana. 1% of his maximum mana is 11.16 mana. So he will regenerate 11.16 mana per second for a total of 55.5 mana. Now, let's say he Q's a wave of minions, dealing a total of 2.4k damage, regenerating 240 mana which he would recover over the next 20 seconds!! That is actually pretty balanced. Alternatively, you could just make him regenerate 2% of damage dealt per second over a fixed period of time. That would also be pretty balanced too. I think this is Mana over time regeneration is neccessary to keep it balanced. Otherwise, say he needs mana for his ult, but is also very low health. It would be really toxic to Q for mana, regenerate more than enough for ult, and escape with 1 hp. Also, current Tear mechanic is probably more appropriate having it refund %mana spent, so ... But it is fun to thought-craft this item.


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