Téglagyár (EUNE)
: After playing on NA, EUW, and EUNE for like 500-600 games, here's a little statistic about each:
1) Most of Challengers on Eune are Challengers on Euw as well. They like to have on both servers a Chall account. On top of it, 1 or 2 sesons in a row there were couple of Eune players that are top 10 on both Eune and Euw. The whole Challenger/Master div are better on Euw than Eune cause of the pro player base. However this doesn't change my statement/fact. 2) Most noticeable difference is in lower elos. Unlike most of Euw players, Eune lower elo either plays for fun or just are bad. Rarely you'd see a good decision making there. Euw lower elo show an attempt to improve and a desire to do so. They are driven to be in top to play against their heroes. Therefore, naturally the toxicity is more on Euw due to the clash of egos and competitiveness. Eune players go on a flame rampage due to the ignorance and usually that is short lived. 3) English language on Eune isn't a language you absolutely must learn to play this game since players here are usually playing with their own comrades, friends from the same country with the same or similar language. Eune server consists from mostly Polish,Hungarian,Russian,Serbian,Bosnian,Croatian,Bulgarian,Greek etc. Balkans speak similar languages so they don't necessarily need English. These countries also aren't visited by tourists as much as Spain,France,Germany etc. Which is why Euw where these countries players play on know English better. You spoke about Eune/English like they are neanderthals. I play on Euw and Eune and i see that Euw players have a better English than Eune just by little. Eune players speak English mostly from Gold and up and in lower elos speak English mostly when they rage only. I've seen on Euw similar cases where players don't want to speak English but would rather speak French or German. 4) The population on Eune isn't as rich as *most* of Euw, therefore Eune players play on bad Pcs with bad net. (this is in most cases) which also doesn't allow them to progress/causes them to rage etc. 5) I've seen egoistic players more on Euw than Eune that don't know how to play with terrible decision making, that just do what they want and flame. So the flaming co-op bots can be found there as well. The way you see it, both cases can tell your division. Since you say this without realizing that is the case on Euw as well, tells me you are Platinum most likely on Euw. Please provide both accounts for Eune and Euw, if you wish to compare both Euw and Eune divisions. Thank you This is my objective opinion since i do play on both servers and have no feelings for both to speak on behalf of just Eune or just Euw.
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: When you click on H it's good but the problem is the small part in the bottom left side, it still there it will never disappear...
When you just press H there are still things left on the left side. But if you go to hotkeys and bind H to "Hide hud" (its at the bottom of options) it will go away completely. Sorry for a late response.
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Disco (EUNE)
: You never know till your try it, right?
No, you know. People in lower elo are there for a reason and giving someone an advice or a proper argument on some issue they have, wouldn't do anything but turn into a verbal fight. You can't reason with those kind of people. Giving voice chat to high elos is actually a good idea since they are open minded and have similar thoughts and ideas. While those in lower elos, usually don't think overall and just play on autopilot.
Disco (EUNE)
: Voice chat in The Flex Queue, what makes players toxic
Hell no. I don't wanna hear some kid raging, putting loud music or whatever. There wouldn't be a communication. Toxicity would just increase. Its ok for high elo High Diamond, Master and Challenger, but no for lower elos. People don't know how to behave.
lolofo776 (EUW)
I had a 12000 ms and posted a video here. But then again, that's Eune.
Hangule (EUNE)
: and they wont even give us an apology gift. NA had a small little bug and they gave everyone RP...
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MicroBr3w (EUW)
: RESOLVED - [EUN] - Games not ending cleanly
Yeah every server had issues in the past, the thing is not anymore so often as Eune. I've been playing on Eune for years and issues with the server have been happening since forever. When Eune doesn't work im playing on Euw, because the obvious reasons. We understand sometimes your server has problems but not as often as ours, which is why we are complaining non stop, because its annoying. Every week something new. I just don't get it how come other servers don't have them as often as we do. Why are we so different?
: WTF Is going on with game
Everyone has this issue atm.
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Suprémacy (EUNE)
: Championship skins
29th of September i believe.
Revainez (EUW)
: Riven Q spell sound issues
Its on every skin. Boxbox complained on his stream couple of days ago when he noticed it after playing with CS Riven.
Sałtyy (EUW)
: That Combo is rly difficult..... not.
Easy to mess up, so its a difficult combo.
: the basic combo doesn't need flash. he is only doing it to close the gap faster and to cancel the E animation. normal combo would be: E -> W + tiamat + 2R. wait until the E animation ends and then triple cast. you don't have time to auto-attack. but the shy combo is: E -> cancel E animation with flash -> auto-attack before the dash ends -> triple cast after the dash. I think it was a player called "shy" who started doing it but I'm not sure. either way the combo is called "shy combo" because of the flash. people give diferent names to the combo depending on the method you use to cancel the animation but that doesn't really matter.
E + F + W + Tiamat + R is a Shy combo E + F + AA + R + Q is a basic doublecast combo This was sort of a combination of it
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: I hate lee mains personally
Most lee sins don't do anything that matters. Only thing they wanna do the whole game is ward jump or R F. Thats all . They dont know how to snowball.
: Championship zed
CS Zed and Riven are in the inventory. Go to the champs and see it. Theyre unavailable for now tho
poiu857 (EUW)
: Thanks for the information {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Puckomodo (EUW)
: Riven or Vayne?
I don't know how is this even a question. Riven is absolutely always the best choice to main among all, not just Vayne. She has a great 1v5 potential, can snowball hard, split push easily etc. And you don't have to wait late,mid game for that. All you need is 45% cdr. Vayne sure is fun to play, but to climb no. Awful choice. So many counters, her short range will get you a disadvantage in every matchup. Plus Pinks and sweepers with exhaust do just a fine job. Riven - 5 target spells Vayne - 1 target If you wanna climb, Riven is your best option. But take into notice that Riven is a extremely hard to master.
poiu857 (EUW)
: Re-released Championship Riven is it in a bundle ??
From Rioters i've heard that it may be in the bundle. However, some Rioters said and surrenderat20 that the price will be 975. So, its uncleared really. I need to buy it on every account i got.
Devrigado (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=HKn Allisrem,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=vGbv90rN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-07T21:26:13.483+0000) > > I'm sorry I don't get the plot :c but the editing is nice Azir did all the work an yasuo just q'ed i guess.
It was actually meant for Volibear who just came to say hi and walked away. I guess i should have cleared that up heh
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miyutort (EUNE)
: Stuck in high gold
There is no advice that can really help you than to blame yourself. Keep a gap to improve, don't say you lost a game because of a team, but say 'i could've done something different to win' . You know. Watching streams of high elo players , help a lot. Seeing them how they play, their play style, questioning their movements, items. Once this becomes a habit, you can improve by implementing it on yourself. Time will pass, but it will be worth it. Good luck.
: Can't change names of my rune pages
Clicking 'save' doesn't work for me either. Which is why i type the name of the rune page and click on the masteries. This way it save the last thing i did
Encrux (EUW)
: Have a look at the [Wrenchmen's Toolbox](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/fY99FAMl-the-wrenchmens-toolbox-launcher-patcher-issues). You should be able to fix your problem with the information :P
Oh neat. Thanks buddy
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Doomley (EUW)
: no. Permanent bans are just that. Permanent.
: I dont't enjoy in game anymore.
Hextech was a nice surprise to this game and brought some refreshment. I enjoyed playing the game to get an S so i can rock those new skins i can't afford. After couple of games, its comming the impossible part to get any part of the chest. So you just gotta buy it. So...back to the same old same old. About new champions? idk, they aren't anything special. With every champion coming there's a hype over and over, and when its released just doesnt fulfilll anything i thought it would. Skins are meh. This new mode is waste of time for me. so yeah, losing its touch and my interest to play it more.
: so you didnt even try zed and you say its easy??????lel dude..you talk without tryng him.Play mor ethen 5 6 games reach lategame and then talk ..dont say nothing if you didnt even try it.
lvl5 zed...ok. you are too high for us. If lvl5 is your argument, im done.
: this is what you should do with any assasin,and maybe the enemy doesnt have the iq to think that fast and cc you,i saw a lot who would panicate and run by theyr feet and u are assasin,if u do ur job u instakill easy,who cares about cc,u are zed,the ult proc will kill him with ignite
oh, so you expect in high elo players will let you get near them? or separate just for you or what?
: who sayd ranked matches? i sayd just about elo,and dude,all champions can get this ;) (refference to all the champions),being assasin he needs to instakill but when vurnelable to cc he dies cuz he squishy but as assasin he instakills,if you are good enought u know how to dodge and when enter teamwork dumbass,u can go after azir ults,after annie has tibbers in cooldow,after fizz is dead,when u get close enought to lb and just ult her,wait talon ult cd,wait vlad w cd ,dodge lux q ,exhausted press w /flash to escape ;) u can have skill,u dont need to enter in every ability enemies dodge because its more fair to play
As soon as you press R, you get ccd or exhausted or the enemy just flashes and you dont kill him. You die there, and you lose your team a game. What then?
: Couldn't leave the Fountain
: yea zed is pretty easy u need to play only some matches to be good with him,u need a little brain too,or just watch some guides and first match is izi win,great moblity great damage,what u want more,zed with 3/10 can kill u with all abilities
: **Downvoted cause you called Riven {{champion:92}} easy.** and are defending Zed, he is easy cause it doesn't matter about his energy when he only needs two abilities to one shot you. Missing skills only happens if your bad, it's not exclusive to Zed. You say Veigar's {{champion:45}} ultimate does 1500 damage but i have seen a Zed pop over 5000 damage with his ultimate. And if missing skill shots makes champions hard then doesn't that make Veigar and Fizz hard too?! Your argument is pointless because you contradict yourself. {{champion:238}} Is and always will be the most low-risk, high-reward champion.
Low-risk, high-reward champion against bronze? Let me know how that 'low-risk'works out for you in high elo against a cc team.
: Zed is easy champ????
Just because someone doesn't have a skill shot doesn't mean its easy to play. its a complete opposite. Zed and Riven are both equally hard to master, but Zed is easier to play. i'd know this since i main them both. They both need to get a lead, to snowball out of control and win of of that. If it goes to a late game for both champions it will be harder to pull out your basic 'moves'. Zed is hard to master, because of so many potentials and since he is 1 target ult champion, unlike Riven. But Riven is a melee champion which is a bigger disadvantage . Just because you play Zed, Riven in bronze and have 10/0 doesn't mean they are easy, but the players are. (not you, just an examp.)
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Ever heard of sharing? I shared a funny moment, or you don't know what humor is?
Just because someone lacks knowledge of this game doesn't mean its funny.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Support Score
If you concern yourself with this or any other small thing, you will never climb... and don't say you dont, since you post it here.
Xapie (EUW)
: Riv want to play with teemos titties!
: Another thing that could be fun in my opinion would be nemesis draft URF.
Everything in Urf mode? Sounds rather interesting
: this urf will be better than all those others. atleast we wont have tryhard people spamming champs like sona and eve anymore
Yeah, this can finally be fun once again to play. Im actually very hyped to play it tbh
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mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: perfect time to play ranked!
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: URF mode please :)
There is nobody else who'd love this mode to come back again, but unfortunately they said it will come twice a year. And it already came 2 times. So i don't think it will come back again, until 1st of April.
: EUW vs EUNE ranks
I also want to point out that even tho there aren't any pro players in Eune, and Euw does have them a lot, which doesn't mean Euw is better in skill. Just because someone is in LCS doesn't determine they are godlike. Solo Q players are in the top of the ladder all the time (which also doesnt prove anything since lcs players dont spend much time on their accounts because of the tournaments). But still, when there was solo Q, Solo Q players were determing the high skill level gameplay and not lcs players, that changed with dynamic q, because of the skype/ts communication. Now, that will change again with solo comming back to Challenger, which will bring lcs players little down again. *This is an opinion*
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