: > Why everytime I must have a bad connection player who is afk after the first 15 minutes of game. Eh this happens yes but i think the problem is that is affects you later. I will give you the way i got kinda tilted this season but as i said i only myself not the game here.3 wins and 12 loses one after the other https://imgur.com/a/Pkfjg .I am sure i could had won some of these games but i made the mistake to play even if i was kinda sick of the lose and repeat it again and again. Some of these games i had an afk but not every single of them .So as a tip i recommend to do this: _Don't play rank games if your last games where f$#ed up and made you sick .Play aram or normal or just quit lol for a bit like i do ._ Playing while being on the edge of giving up with the first mistake someone will do is not gonna help you. Here is a game i just played today(i didn;t hide the usernames because it's not needed):https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1919487870/40963155?tab=overview Top and jungle played a strange meta which carried the game even if me/my adc and mid didn't had the best start.Someone could had easily give up when we were 7k gold behind but ...we didn't . > No one know how to play support and if i go support i have a problem with my top/mid/jungle I don't know if players down there know how to play support however..if you know how to support and you save your adc & snowball at bot lane you can fix this .At least this is what i am trying to do . > Yes i sound like a crybaby i know but it is very sad when you have 11/5/5 and all your teammates have 0/10 or some veryy bad kda. Yes you sound but seriously this is not always happening .Sometimes yes you won't be able to win even if you play very well but not always.As i said if a lose is gonna affect your next game..don't go for it (play a non competitive game instead). > how did u get out of silver with this kind of people and which lane. With the right attitude and knowledge regardless of your role.I am playing 24/7 support and if i have to play mid i dodge(because i had 30% win rate there).That's how i manage to win . > And why i am playing with platinum if i am silver ? Ex-platinum or platinum this season? Ex-platinum is possible (smurf account who's owner decided to play other champions or just a bad player who climbed there by abusing a champion or duo q ). This season platinum(i guess plat 5) ..only with a gold 5 premade who has silver 5 mmr ..still this is very rare.
I lost hope in earth.I have 12 straight loses and everygame i must have afk or mega feeders who doesen't know what a ward look like But who cares right about me when rito instead of improving the matchup system they make a rework to a rework to a rework
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