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: > [{quoted}](name=Goyim Hunter,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BsZ2t7kv,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-03-29T13:28:26.337+0000) > > Currently, it would be better to paly DOTA 2 rather than waste a time for a game with a nazi discrimination ban system talking about dota > come in lol forum. Man you are genius, can you delete you message plz ? I really like clowns who thinking fart2 have better community and ban system .
its better because they dont have a ban system
: *shrugs* Nonetheless despite it being wrong, I just wanted to point out it's creativity. Also, being a boring 28-year old guy, of course I did all the paths of reporting end-of-game and forwarding a ticket to support, so don't worry, I've got this. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
and thats why ur a boring 28-year old guy :)
Hansiman (EUW)
: **Constructive** feedback is generally your best bet of being heard.
Well eh................. getting high upvote ratio on reddit or being a famous youtuber is your best bet of being heard actually... take an example, there are bugs in the game that are 7-8 years old, players complain about them daily. Nothing being done Hashinshin is a great example of a player who speaks about whats broken and people sweeps it under the rug as "he is just being a crybaby"
11wildy (EUW)
: Inting = feeding INTENTIONALLY So having a terrible kda on purpose, not having just a bad game. Wow, the behaviour of some people... They should stop being mean, whether you have a bad score or a great one. Everyone has bad games. If you want you can add me so we can play together sometime. I promise I wont flame you or call you an inter!
"everyone has bad games" Well yes, but you still have human intelligence, basic logic, etc a 0/7 adc... idk caitlyn that repeatedly facechecks bushes, thats not having a bad game, repeating same mistake (that your team probably told u not to do) over and over, no sane human can do that in span of 10 minutes without self reflection a duo bot that loses a 2v2 fight against the enemy duo bot, and then repeats this 3 times thinking that a 0/3 adc can beat a 3/0 adc thats not having a bad game, thats mental illness
MissJJess (EUW)
: What is Inting?
**Inting is going 0/4 on lane (or in jungle if ur jungling)** _(this does not apply to supports, as their job is to die for their adcs / other teamates)_
: Proposed changes to the punishment system
You cant imagine how much people will abuse this There is already known ways to get innocent teamates banned by tricking the system this would just pour 10 canisters of fuel into the fire
: Are there some people who just can't get better at this game?
you just described 90% of the player base First reason why people wont ever improve is becuase 99% of peoples response to others telling them what theyr mistakes are and trying to tell them a better way to do something is "stfu i know what im doing" ofc u dont, but you wont admit it, and thats how hope dies sadly ego prevails over reason
Hansiman (EUW)
: > riot could remove the option to report people altogether and just have the bot review everyone after each game and you'd have the exact same system in place Not really. That would increase the amount of false penalties since reports are a method of showing that something was taken as an offense. It's perfectly possible to joke around a bit if that's the atmosphere of the team you're in, but without reports, the system can't know this.
yeah but if this is the case i hope riot really knows what they are doing because...... well, have you ever had a game where your 0/3 top laner said "gg lose lane cuz jungle dont gank" ? you can damn sure bet all the money on him reporting you for verbal, griefing, and hate speech or a diffirent combination possibly lying into the message box too not necesarily banned insta, but it does put your account into danger
Hansiman (EUW)
: Yes, but on average you should be winning more than them. As an example: I never face bots, in any mode I play, which suggest my MMR is higher than where they're located. You're still leveling up to 30, indicating that you are atm where bots normally "hang out". Just keep playing, and you'll see them less and less. Bots are always a bane of online gaming.
id like to say that, despite you saying MMR is higher, this applies for players who play ARAM or are in the game a long time, but you have to focus on a very vulnerable portion of players "potential new commers" you see, whenever you try to make a new account, you will play with.... lets say 1 newbie, 2 banned toxic people lvling up accounts that wil reach max lvl 15 before banned again becuase they keep flaming (about these u cant do much until they do the damage), and then, BOTS BUT THOSE are very problematic most bots on normal games (which newbies use to level up cuz ofc how can they know the 3v3 coop vs ai push strat) will buy no items at start, or sometimes what so ever, and will go mostly run down mid, actively feeding enemyes. In case the enemyes are smurfs, they will naturaly capitalize on this by stomping and facerolling the game, making a very bad first impression one of my friends had this, i told him play lol, ok i try it but i heard its sh*t. Goes, plays until level 12, then tells me its unbearable becuase its just these weird trolls who go 0/20 with no items and that he doesnt want to play a game like this. Tried to explain him its just until he gets to lvl 30 but he said he is not going through another 18 levels of this. To this day never touched league again despite our pleads im not saying i have a better way to actively fight bots without giving away the algorythm system just saying, they can do a lot of damage before the wave ban is slammed
Voldymort (EUNE)
: the bot can still tell, sorry
not really, had a guy whom i matched with 3 games in row about a month ago. he kept saying stuff like n3ck yourself, or slit your n3ck etc, see how he disguised E as 3?? tracking acc to this day, still unbanned, still no report feedback edit: i forgot to say, all 3 games in row, and reported all 3 games, so thats a hefty load
Voldymort (EUNE)
: no comment
This is the funniest account murder attempt i ever seen
: > for example 80% of them are intentional feeding, then it may suggest to me to improve in that aspect Why would you need reports for that? If you feed INTENTIONALLY, you did it...well...intentionally, so you know exactly what you did. No need to inform you about that, you already know it because you knowingly decided to do it. Also I think you misunderstood what Wandering Mist said. He said you don't know at what point in the punishment system OTHER PLAYERS are. You seem to wonder where "we" (so I assume yourself) are. But you already know that, you know your own previous punishments, you know the rules, you know if you broke them, you know if you have been a jerk to people.
i belive what he means is, you dont know it in real time. Like, look at this chat log. You look at TRUTHLY toxic people like old Tyler1, old PStarZilean, old L9, old Tarzaned, etc. you look at all the people who spam deathwishes, death threats, the "something something your mother something" in the chat, and then look at this chat log. You cant possibly compare it. You cant have a videogame without some talking crap going on, and this here is like the melowest chat ever, there is hardly any toxicity in there and even if some is, its like kindergarten level, you cant compare this to real toxic players. If i played a game and sayd OPs things, i would never even guess that i could ever get banned for it becuase that is simply NOT toxicity what those logs show us. So i presume thats why he is so surprised too, he knew he was beyond the 14days 1 chance before u get banned stage but, he didnt know anything else. Was his account mass report spammed by toxic people who were angry cuz.... idk he stole their blue or didnt "gank enough" or something. Is account banning based on reports instead of things we actually say? these are the things players still are super unsure about. And this here is definitly not toxic behaviour, so i can imagine how someone can be baffled by getting banned with THIS being the log of the banned game
: Permanently Banned - A story of the 0.006%
uhm, im failing to see any toxicity deemed worthy of a perma ban, can anyone reply to this with a quote from ops post with the toxicity highlighted?? cuz this is a honnor lvl 3-4 player to my eyes
Glutter (EUNE)
: Instant feedback report
> "i have a toxic guy who tilts me" and thats exactly why you are a part of the problem. You focus on the wrong aspect of the game. Is he playing good or is he not playing good??? are you playing good or are you not playing good?? cuz if you are 0/6 on lane and someone is being toxic against you, its not undeserved, so dont you dare complain about it :) and if the toxic person is also a bad player, just mute them, report them for feed, and make yourself feed good by knowing that they will never be better than a beginner bot in tutorial missions (unless he pays L9 to boost him to diamond ofc)
: first time EVER in 8 years that i ragequit
MATE MATE MATE MATE MATE now look. im for treating 0/9 players as worthless waste of oxygen any day, but Ragequiting is the 1 thing no one should ever do. League of legends is a competetive game, winning is the goal, and u can flame, and u can do stuff, but always in the end u still somewhat try. By ragequiting, you completly defeat the purpose of the game. Get trolls in game? speed it up, join them, troll them, steal their cs, buy 6 tears or something, idk, play tahm kench and spit them into enemyes, run down their lanes while saying positive stuff so riot thinks ur being nice and doesnt ban you cuz thats how league works, if you say haha guys whops gg :) no flame pls while you go 0/20, you wont ever get a punishment so yeah, if you get people that you dont want to play with, dont boom out your acc with afking bans, just join them, try to play as bad as them (not exactly as bad, becuase we all know lol players are achiving such level of badness it cant be replicated) have fun, run down lanes, chat with enemy team, do solo baron with 5 doran rings, who knows maybe it will work, and etc etc etc
Ressov (EUW)
: Chat restriction and Riot System of banning 'toxic' people
yup. good old riot, being PG..... PG 2years old i guess this isnt flame, not bannable flame, but then agian i say that no one should be ever banned for flame. Talking sht about your teamates doesnt influence the game anyhow, you know what does?? being a 0/4 adc, being a 0/4 top laner, being a 0/4 jungler. THAT influences the game cuz ur feeding gives enemyes free win and wastes time and effort of other 4 teamates.... nope, lets ban a guy for saying "adc is troll" and "useless bots" hell yeah, justice served btw OP if you want me to one up you, one of my ACC was banned for talking praise to my teamates, but with a twish, the entire game was on all caps, so the system tought its sarcasm and banned it as toxic behaviour xd still laughing at that to this day
: Why did you flame? (read the question 7-8 times while you also responding to it) Hope you get it in the end.
i seriously hope you are joking, and if you are not.... just sad.... just... SAD to imagine there are players like you.... with the mentality that THIS is flaming.... just **S A D**
: Let me introduce you to my mother!
Okay first of all, this is a forum for a Terribly programmed MMO video game, why are you discussing this here? no offense or anything, im just confused why you wouldnt take this to... idk facebook, reddit, hacker known as 4chan, you know, text pages Second of all, your mother is why mental asylums exist, im being serious, sorry if it sounds harsh, but people like her are a tumor on the society and have no place in the world of the sane Third, sue her, humans like that shouldnt go without consequences
Shamose (EUW)
: Well the stereotype is already that EUNE is the toxic server and you aren't doing very well do prove otherwise. But hey Sportsmanship doesn't matter right?
i like how followedd says that players are so bad becuase they dont care about their gameplay and only care about flaming and who is nice to who and YOUR ARGUMENT TO IT IS "But hey Sportsmanship doesn't matter right?" you literally just proved him right on the spot
Wen294 (EUW)
: I want ranked rewards so i play ranked at least enough to get placed in gold every season. That's basically it for me.
this might be the most pathetic thing i ever readed you are wasting everyones time with every queue up you do
Followedd (EUNE)
: Summoners, Ask yourselves, Should you play ranked?
Very good post yes remember when pros went to play on tournament realm just cuz they were sick of playing with these abysmal players from rankeds?? riot should do that, a realm reserved only for good players


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