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: > [{quoted}](name=Tempname2145,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=zpIkIfNX,comment-id=00030005,timestamp=2016-06-13T14:02:39.116+0000) > > Im having the same exact problem "an unexpected error has ocurred, try again later", i got project luc 70% off and bought rp just now just for that skin please fix... i can send screenshots if necessary Hi Tempname2145, This error occurs when a champion or skin that you're trying to buy are on sale. At this time, Lucian is on sale - however he should be rotated out of the sale tomorrow - at which point this error will go away and you'll be able to purchase this skin/champion :-)
oh i didnt notice, sorry for wasting your time :P thanks a lot man i was losing my mind
Minstrel (EUNE)
: I'm rather sure it was the chat logs, not your pick. Do post them. Unabridged.
Game 1 Tempname2145: 4 thunderlords Tempname2145: hehe xd Tempname2145: im taking the farm btw Tempname2145: soz Tempname2145: need it Tempname2145: im not troll wtf Tempname2145: just trying to have fun Tempname2145: nah Tempname2145: ranke dmore fun Tempname2145: im not runing it Tempname2145: just playing bro Tempname2145: dont flame Tempname2145: for what lol Tempname2145: am i intentionally feeding? Tempname2145: ez is my go to support champ, deal with it Tempname2145: unlucky Tempname2145: very Tempname2145: lag Tempname2145: indeed Tempname2145: whos up for a ff 20 Tempname2145: i said Tempname2145: whos up for a ff 20 Tempname2145: ban kindred guise Tempname2145: its a party at the cia Tempname2145: omfg Tempname2145: 0.1 second to killing this kindred Tempname2145: for what Tempname2145: picking off meta champ? Tempname2145: u cant report for troll pick sorry lisa Tempname2145: who defines what is troll pick Tempname2145: luc is 0 4 Tempname2145: so be quiet Tempname2145: luc troll pick*? Tempname2145: its hard to play with a teammate like lisa Tempname2145: tell lisa Tempname2145: :) Tempname2145: also theres a mute button in this game Tempname2145: idk if u heard Tempname2145: for legit reasons Tempname2145: this aint one of em Tempname2145: sick ult tali xddd Tempname2145: wpwp Tempname2145: nice score Tempname2145: sure Tempname2145: always the supps fault Tempname2145: no lols Tempname2145: ez is supp champ Tempname2145: can give u atk speed Tempname2145: look Tempname2145: sick Tempname2145: im just playing a champ wtf Tempname2145: stop flame me lmao Tempname2145: lags Tempname2145: flash for me rly Tempname2145: 0 vision damn Tempname2145: support is a role just like any other Tempname2145: reported Tempname2145: ++ Tempname2145: swain kind and vayne all have 7 kills Tempname2145: funny hehe xd Tempname2145: gg Tempname2145: wtf for what Tempname2145: wtff Tempname2145: u couldve ganked bot Tempname2145: luc 0 7 thats the ez game, if that is perma ban worthy then i have no idea what to say, league has changed, its becoming a safe space for riot lyte or something idk pretty pathetic imo
: Hey Shadow157, Would you be able to provide me with some screenshots of the error? I'll take a look :)
I have the same problem for project lucian, it is 70% off 697 rp, includes the champion, when i click yes to buy it, it just shows "An unexpected error has ocurred. Please check back again later."
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi arkoth, Which skin is it you're attempting to purchase? If a skin or champion is on sale in the normal store, this error can appear - all these skins should have been removed from the lunar store to prevent such issues though :-(
Im having the same exact problem "an unexpected error has ocurred, try again later", i got project luc 70% off and bought rp just now just for that skin please fix... i can send screenshots if necessary
arkoth30 (EUW)
: lunar revel shop can't buy "error an unexpected error has occured.please check back again later".
Please anybody help me i got project luc 70% off and i just bought rp just for that skin, and i keep getting the unexpected error... rito please i can send screenshots if necessary i rly rly want that skin
: do you even know what trolling is in league ? let me educate you playing {{champion:37}} mid is not trolling but cancelling your teams {{summoner:12}} or recall with {{champion:48}} or {{champion:34}} throwing your teammate into the enemy's with {{champion:223}} ( this is not a thing anymore ) that is trolling going add ziggs is not trolling if its in the game its fair game they can play what they want maybe they are not a pure tryhard who can't have fun unless he gets a penta like you BTW you probably have never gotten a penta
idk why all that mean tone but k son, was just asking since i got 4 reports after game (possibly more) because i picked ez support, which by riots rules shouldnt get me banned but apparently it did, and the games chat logs were "toxic" so i currently have a perma ban i can post the chat logs here
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TTekkers (EUW)
: I always play for fun. And I always play to win. Why do you think they're mutually exclusive?
Kinda depends what is fun for you, if its fun for you to hug your tower instead of fighting their 2 0 renekton when you are 2 levels behind then yes you are an amazing player but most people think of fun as going in no matter what and not even thinking if their actions will have consequences such as losing the game or tilting others
: You forgot one thing, this is A GAME.... it is supposed to be FUN... having fun and tryharding doesn not exclude each other.... SIGH
yeah but i mean now that esports is a thing there is quite a few people playing to win and not for fun, also the normal mode is for fun right? ranked is for people that tryhard and want to win, having fun and tryharding dont exclude eachother but playing for fun and playing to win do exclude each other, i mean sure its fun to ult as panth into 5 and die but will it help win the game?
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Solash (EUW)
: I'll never understand this community's logic sometimes...
Well he was definetely less toxic in the past years than he was during s2 or s3 idk why they banned him now... i will miss him, in life you cant ban annoying people they are still there, he was a messiah teaching us how to deal with toxic people irl :^)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xenos11111,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=uBeuPFil,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-30T08:56:46.920+0000) > > They don't know this guy in real life, and they've probably never watched his stream either. From what I've seen watching his stream, he's a genuinely cool dude who just gets toxic when he plays League. Pretty sure he's not alone in that regard. > > Labelling him as a jerk and targeting him in particular, it just looks like Riot's trying to make an example out of him for toxicity regardless of whether he's improving or not. Uhm.. sure. Many have issues being calm in a competetive environment, but that is no excuse being that way to others. Be a dick all the time, you'll get slapped. Nothing else happened here, the guy just happens to be a rather popular streamer. Also, do you believe his followers won't troll? I've seen people start trolling because "x streamer did as well". It doesn't matter if you are improving if the damage is already done.
your comment has nothing to do with the dudes statement, he just said that riots wording was unproffesional, which it completely was.


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