Rakuraidesu (EUNE)
: For that you should of gotten a permaban tbh :) If you had a bad day, either disable your chat or don't play a game where you actually need to be calm to play :)
So you are saying that I should have been banned for something that is usually a 14 day ban? To be honest people like you make me mad. With all of the :) and pasive aggressiveness. If you are going to say that I should have been perma banned don't try to mask your aggressiveness with smiles.
Shamose (EUW)
: I had a 14 day ban for the same thing november 2018. I just don't say anything in chat unless it has to do with the game, like dragon calls, baron calls rotations. It's still not perma'd so I guess that worked.
that makes me feel better. not all hope is lost
: Forget about this account and either make a new one or stop playing this game. From your post I am 99,9% sure you will get perma soon. After 14 days ban even small misbehave leads to a perma. Better listen to my advice.
Why are you sure I will get a perma? I spent money on this account and really don't want to stop playing on it or stop playing the game...
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: ***
I am talking about this: https://imgur.com/a/hjPfjl3
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