: I'm gonna do it one day I'm gonna pull the trigger because of this game
Apart from what the other guys and myself said, try logging off lol for a bit. Play something else, maybe grind some experience in a difficult platform game or an fps. I highly recommend hollow knight, rogue legacy, shovel knight, dead cells, cuphead, celeste etc. Personally when I die in these games, although I think I am playing really well, I do not get frustrated but excited because I see that the difficulty of the level is high enough to challenge me to try again. When I complete the game or at least make enough progress and call it a day, I feel accomplished because I got better, passed some difficult stages etc. The gaming experience and knowledge help throughout every game as well as your mentality. Solo games for me are the hardest and possibly the funniest to play. Beat rogue legacy after at least 10 hours and then come back to league and see that it is a child's game with the most difficult mechanic or combo being a q-e combo on top of a flash and that the whole game is more strategy and patience than hardcore skills that only a god can pull out. And do not get me started on hollow knight, you beat this game at 112%, at least after 20 hours if you really want to get the ful experience and really do anything alone with no internet help and observe the amazing backround and you will be pulling triple dashes, spells multiple attacks dodging 100 projectiles and thinking each step while back at lol you will just go like 'now I move forward, q, then aa and back' every now and then.
: I'm gonna do it one day I'm gonna pull the trigger because of this game
First of all the game is not won by kills. Kills are literally worthless compared to farming. If you manage to farm efficiently you can go 0/10 but with 200 farm at 25 and still be fed enough. Also if a game stresses you and you do not have fun with it just do not play it. There are hundreds of games, competitive like LOL but satisfying to play, you do not need to reach any tier to play the game, you need to have fun playing it even if you like competitive. Secondly, your goal is to literally play some champions, not a 10+ pool, learn them well enough and just practice with them. Also, games are not won by only pushing or only fighting. Some comps are made for quick fights that end everything only with ulties, others poke until someone dies, others just hook one and go 4v5 and others just split push until nothing is left. Do not try to just split push with a shen or an adc, die when you pushed nothing or never show up in a fight your team cannot avoid. Objectives are the key but do not be blinded by the urge to take one inhib but maybe losing the game because everyone died for it. Also, you can never carry solo, you can win thanks to you but not play solo. You will either literally 1v3 and with the help others end the game or sacrifice yourself but the others end it but every time you will not do it 1v5. So, just farm, dont play aggressively enough to die too much early, have map awarness, dont get triggered by bad plays (yours or from teamates), participate in team plays or push objectives in any way, baron wins games but also loses some and if in the end you just cannot get better in the game realise you cannot climb any further and stop wasting time, not eveyone is a hidden challenger protigy (also these guys practise for hours, if you do not spend so much time in lol its logical you cannot be that good). Play the game to have fun, not to achieve a tier that literally gives you nothing. I tryhard too in diamond elo but after reaching d4 I stop playing rankeds. The stress of every game and the difficulty spikes so much I do not have fun because I have to play the meta, as a robot and be so super focused I just do not enjoy it as much and so I go back to normals with friends where the competition can still be hard BUT I do not put me elo on the line which I personally care about and so do you. If you cannot enjoy it, quit rankeds, play on normals, maybe get better and try again OR stop LOL alltogether, not every competition and activity is worth your time and mental strength.

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