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tortsY (EUNE)
: If u really are silver player it should be easy for u to climb from b4 ;) I have been in bronze 5 and I got out of there by playing Leona... 18 win streak xD
Good luck then.And hope for diamond and beyond
: bronze 4 or silver v is literally the same silver v shows your struggle to even get out of bronze your not a silver player
Thanks for giving me courage dude.You must have a lot of friends.
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: Because there was an exploitable bug where if you bought teleport then switched to a different enchantment while midway through teleporting, you would be able to use teleport without a cooldown. I assume if it's still disabled it's because Riot hasn't fixed this yet.
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: The announcer pack being used at the moment is horrible, I now have to play on mute because they aren't capable of adding an option to switch between which would of taken them precisely about 2 minutes.
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: Greetings, Summoners! We here at Riot think this is a great suggestion, and... wait nvm, we're meant to ignore the EU forums. Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll just hog up the NA forums from now on. Happy ganking!
: "It's just a bot game!" :P
I feel you dude.I hate guys like these.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: This would just make him more annoying, but less useful. Nty.
: You can't remove the shrooms... as much as we hate them they have kinda become iconic to teemo (arguably more so than blinds or poisons) and his entire play style of kiting and ambushing revolves around them. So as much as it pains me to say it but any teemo rework which don't feature the shrooms just isn't teemo anymore. The rest of it is good tho (maybe the W passive should be just movement speed in general instead of move speed towards people as teemo does more kiting and running like a baby than running people down, he wants to lead them into traps not chase them away from them). So don't stray too far from the general teemo ness of laying traps and ambushes by removing the thing that facilitates that play style but the rest is good).
Hey dude thanks.I know that Teemo should stay the way he is but i dunnno.
: Teemo should just stay the way he is. Why change the infamous icon of League of Legends? Sorry, but that's stupid. Sure, we hate him. But at the same time, we love him
: If Teemo's kit would be changed, LoL falls appart
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