: Shouldn't have been toxic in the first place. If you get chat restriction and you're still toxic, that's your problem.
Completely off topic answer, if u cant answer his question don't do it at all @Ξ MrSir Ξ You probably said one of the most grave offenses like k*s or something
dino0 (EUW)
: Hmm I couldn't explain it in a better way myself , since this system came in riot just abandon any further Research in this matter, because it"works" Don't understand why the hate tho, this man made some important question/arguments
There are 2 or 3 sad kids that used all their accounts to downvote, not that I expected much by making this post.
Achrn977 (EUNE)
: Mecha kingdom pass
> lets hope they give us something small in return :) How about something big ? https://i.imgur.com/R3ABG2c.png?1
Bæka (EUW)
: Yeah my mission (weekly) is not registering the games I played.. I saw some other Boards posts about this issue, hopefully they fix this and add an extra day to grind tokens (or a few days).
nah, i want my tokens, I dont have time other day to play wtf
Rioter Comments
: How is your "Permaban for toxic players" experiment going Rito ? Reality check
Imagine the sad kids that leave downvotes but have no argument , pathetic
: > I give you my example, I had 2 accounts perma banned when it started, but that didn't stop me from being toxic ... I just found another way to do it (like many others), and that is intentionally feeding, and trolling,... yeah it is bannable ... OR IS IT ? but that is another discussion. Hope you were born in a wealthy country and your parents are rich, because otherwise with that level of productivity and goals in life, you'll end up washing cars in traffic for .5 euros, after you get to the age of 18-20 years.
I can probably buy everything you own, but this is completely off topic and I invite you to spread your morals on your mom's facebook if you dont have any argument against what I am saying.
: > I did that ..and all It took was a good beating to not do it again. I'd fully support the installment of remote controlled fists on League player monitors to slap people via standard TCP/IP as an alternative to banning them. One "k**" or n-word and the likes results in that player being beaten to a pulp, fit for hospital, alright? /sarcasm However, banning an account is not life prison sentence. It is more like going through an accelerated process of private insolvency. You are stripped of your assets but you still have the same rights and possibilities and can start anew (on a new account). Life prison sentence is more akin to what Jensen got; a permanent ban from playing League or creating or maintaining any account at all until his parole.
Lets not forget for WHAT IS THE REASON of which you get sentenced to "private insolvency" while your assets are confiscated.
: Remake rules are a joke
In one week had 4 games that should have been remakes, no actual answers, not ever riot support can give you a logical explanation : https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/le8EQ6gr-can-somebody-explain-to-me-why-i-cannot-remake-this-game https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/Ljl4E26K-can-somebody-explain-to-me-why-i-cannot-remake-this-game-part-2
Rioter Comments
MonsG (EUW)
I cannot see anything since 1 year, made 2 tickets about it and Rito suggested it's my side, I say "WTF everything is stored on your shitty-ass servers" ... they say "no no, delete lol, do this, that, then come to us" Did everything, guess what, same shit.
: Please just give us a real soloqueue
: 2020 league
It's just the perma ban experiment for toxicity in chat that is paying off, these are the results.
ZoemXb (EUW)
: This is a scam, they literally steal credit cards and buy rp using that which will get your account banned, and once it gets banned they just kick you out of their discord to %%%% you over
: Matchmaking is good, each team gets equal skilled players and game is 50-50% winnable.
sunt un zeu (EUNE)
: TFT Ranked full of bots.
: Does Riot really have a balancing team?
No, they only hire janitors or clowns that talk trash on twitter
: I explained at length in a previous thread to you, but I just want to iterate that the system does not drag you down. The system *will* match you against and with higher-ranked players as you win more games. Conversely, if you lose a lot of games, then you will play with and against progressively lower-ranked players. If this did not happen, then your matchmaking rating would hold very little value because it would not actually be used to match you against opponents of your skill. Over time, every player will gravitate to a 50% winrate because there will come a point where they cannot beat the opponents they are against more than they lose them. It is a natural consequence of most matchmaking systems. However, nothing *forces* you to have a 50% winrate. If you really are very good (like some players such as Apdo), you can reach the top of the ladder and still not gravitate toward a 50% winrate. It's just that the *vast* majority of players do gravitate towards a 50% winrate because most players do not have the aptitude for solo queue that someone like Apdo does. Even if you're not Apdo, it might take a long time for you to end up at a 50% winrate. There is no cloak and dagger here. :( Sometimes you will have players that over or underperform, but the 'system' can't predict that - The players that over or underperform are doing so relative to their expected performance (i.e, their matchmaking rating). In a nutshell, that means that the matchmaker *was* correct and did, on paper, assemble a balanced match.. it's just that that one player had a particularly bad or good game, so in hindsight it looks like it was poorly matchmade. While Riot does not use Elo, you can read up on the Elo matchmaking algorithm and play around with some numbers to get a good idea of how a system like this actually works. The cool thing about the Elo system in particular is you can, with a little maths based on the rankings, determine the likelihood that any given player will win against another player (and the Elo system itself uses that to factor in potential matchmaking gains/losses).
ur matchmaking system is trash and you all know it
: Nerf sett
-5 ms incoming https://i.imgur.com/ccpS2Xm.png?1
: can I get a free pass to your European server
Stal1tsa (EUNE)
People have real problems and you complain about some useless bots lmao https://i.imgur.com/cMhLuAu.png?1 👍
Rioter Comments
Febos (EUW)
: https://i.redd.it/i7ppl1ajtl331.jpg
https://i.imgur.com/cMhLuAu.png?1 👍
Satella (EUNE)
: What the actual ffs Queue for over 20 minutes before every game.
TheMusicMan (EUNE)
: Tired of trying? I have the perfect pitch for you!
: How is it not allowed to even call someone a bad player in this game
because of the 12 y old snowflakes, but its alright, you can always troll your ass off in return.
: Yeah, I've had this happen once as well... FTTB, Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the task manager and make sure the shi*ty client isn't running in the background. It seems that it fails to shut down every now and then when you log out.
yeah but can you do it in 6 seconds ? you need to dodge from the very start i think
: Happened to me. I didn't know that bug exists cause I haven't dodged in months if not years. Pro tip: see you're loading after logging back in? Don't spoil game for 10 people, just close the client and wait for them to remake. I did that and didn't get banned or anything. Nobody forced you into that game except yourself
I forced myself... aaah yes https://i.imgur.com/cMhLuAu.png?1 👍
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Current Solution For Boards Notifications
Riot fire your whole website team and hire this guy
xElasarx (EUW)
: [CLIENT] Stats not working - Endless loading
Same, for a few months now ... but i don't need their shitty stats, there are plenty of websites that can show them.
pXHoney (EUNE)
: I don't like to play Dota, but at least they know how to develop their game and make it better.
Rioter Comments
: 10.3 - Two thirds of the game randomly disconnecting
Happened to me yesterday in all my games, I thought it's weird because my provider didnt have these issues so far
: In fairness your Sona, litterally the squishiest champion in the game... there’s a whole list of things that will probably do that to you.
to be more exact he did 300 unblocked dmg to me while i still had around 30% dmg reduction, with 44 armor at level 5 and 300 hp . so how is that balanced
Belkano (EUW)
: This season's matchmaking is so bad it almost forces you to drop League
I just played against a top who had 0 % win rate in 20 games, guess what, they were intentional loses so it can be sold to a smurf and he won the game by himself. Leagues is a mess
: the state of the game right now
It would be a good time for a next moba release, if it is actual decent it will kill off league completely.
: time to nerf jhin
4th shot at level 5 he deleted me from from 50% hp (as Sona) and I had shield but didn't expect to be deleted
Kalviras (EUW)
: Is Riot ever going to stop matchmaking forcing losses/wins?
You have to build an entire strategy based on dodgin if you want to get some decent matches .. pathetic company of clowns 🤡👍
Player 00 (EUW)
: Matchmaking for Solo Q is complete joke
Absolutely true, and that 10% winrate is not a meme, I had a player like that in my team, im at 50% but still ... Sad, but I don't expect any good changes to matchmaking from this company of clowns 🤡👍
: The 10.3 Akali nerf ladies and gents ... This company of clowns
Oh no no no, Akali mains malding https://i.imgur.com/ccpS2Xm.png?1
: Well yeah this is litterally been their intention... akali sucked for us but had a 100% ban rate in pro play, the nerfs in 10.3 was to get her out of pro play and on even footing so they can buff her back up. This is how balancing works... thank god none of you are the ones balancing the game you’d do a way worse job
daizzer (EUW)
: can we please be able to honor more than 1 teammate
Riot is afraid they will give their precious key fragments too easy
Infernape (EUW)
: It's almost like she became a statistical troll pick everywhere. Newsflash: Her win rate fell into the mid 30s in every single elo bracket and even for experienced Akali players.
Then PBE and Riot's balance team exists for nothing if they make major changes like this just after day 1, they experimented so many changes with this champ and never had a decent balance, 200 years of collective experience can't balance a champ after so much time.
: It's funny how people like you talk shit about people for being anti-toxicity and that they just have to "press the mute button"... Why can't you just "not flame"? Guess you're a snowflake too then. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Good one https://i.imgur.com/cMhLuAu.png?1
Rioter Comments
Torkl (EUW)
: With 3 of her core items being non-crit, how could you ever reach 100% crit..?
I was asking generally, not for vayne specifically, just liked the emote
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: OK I see this community has some issues having in all serious opinion that inting should be punished equally as flaming, bye every1, I quit this game, gl with that. pls, delete this post,mind you
Don't bother with these people, I've tried talking sense to them in the past, and because I always criticized their flawed judgement they started target reporting every comment i made in the past 3-4 months. Not worth it.
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