: If you can still update it, I would add "25+", since you said you are not planning to do a separate research for 25+ people. also just some points to the other questions, if you dont mind :) 1) Question 8 - **When I have to spend several hours alone:** a) I find the time boring and unpleasant b) I find the time productive and pleasant - I do prefer the time alone but I rarely find it productive. And this is something which is added to the "time alone" throughout the questionnaire a lot. That time alone must be productive or nothing. Wouldnt it be better to maybe put there "enjoyable"? (Or add there your definition of the word "productive") 2) Question 10 a) Time spent with other people is often boring and uninteresting b) Time spent alone is often boring and uniteresting No and no? :( Why does it have to be either of those? I would add there a c) option "neither" Just because I prefer spending time rather alone than with people doesnt mean I find interactions with other ppl boring or uniteresting. thats all :) gl with your research!
Yes thank you for giving me the feedback, and yes, I've made changes to the age, as you said it should have been like what you said from the onset. It was my bad that I changed the population. I can't make changed to any words of the questions or the structure of it. This scale of measuring was made by Jerry M Burger. He made this standardized just to measure the preference for solitude even for further research as such he made that sure by scientifically standardizing it (validity and reliability) by testing it 8 times and each time with more than 30-70 individual that had gone through other personality inventories. The initial pool of questions where large, he further shortened the scales for easier use. Besides asking whether the time you spend with others and by alone, whether it is productive and enjoyable produces different response. Like.. productivity uses ones time and effort to produce something that helps one to grow and apply in daily life that's helpful even for others. Enjoyability is a form of entertainment a means to seek pleasure thus not always results in productivity that is objective to make an impact. the last question yea... is asks is it "often" this or that, so often which one is more that one you select. Thank you !
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: Why aren't people who are aged 24 or 26+ allowed to participate?
good question, i should have included the criteria.. anyways I chose to collect data from college students at first then I chose to pick early/young adulthood 18 to 30. If you are above 30 its ok to fill it as I wont be publishing this research. Its non profit just for my bachelors degree. I really wanted to take another research topic but since i'm from India and lot of controverys and lack of support I was disparaged and pressured not to :c If i had taken that I would have made everything formal and top notch.
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