: 0 arguments, bye
Guess math wasn't your forte... sorry...isn't. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: I find it amusing you are so triggered by a troll comment and make an entire power point presentation about it ... now that is pathetic. **For the records this guy added me and asked me to help him level but after i deleted him from friends he made this comment... 2x pathetic combo XD . ** _(I guess he judged me by my name and thought I am the egirl of his dreams and i hurt his feelings by rejecting him XD )_ But please, let's talk more about being pathetic.
Not triggered, I enjoy quality tho, which is quite rare nowadays. Guess you know what I'm saying. Takes me 1 minute to write a post like that, it's quite enjoyable for me. I like to collect data, and to make easy to understand posts that have a valid point. Way less effort than a PPT presentation :) I might have commented on other posts of yours as well. See if you can somehow integrate the word "pathetic" in your responses. I see that you're very fond of that word. I'd switch things up a bit if I were you, in order to avoid sounding 12 or something. Check out these synonyms for your favourite term : https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/pathetic Enjoy, it's free !
: just buy wards lol {{item:2055}}
It's easy with all these hyper mobile champs nowadays, but when you need 75-150 gold for a simple gank, or to escape a sticky situation, it's not that fun any more. And I find it extremely amusing, that a silver ELO player that has exactly 0 matches played on LeeSin would comment something like this on this particular post. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264509145766428673/603310664861220874/Screenshot_2019-07-23_at_22.40.59.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264509145766428673/603310107949793319/Screenshot_2019-07-23_at_22.38.46.png Kinda lame.... Sources : https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=AYAYA+CUTE+UwU+ https://championmasterylookup.derpthemeus.com/summoner?summoner=AYAYA+CUTE+UwU&region=EUW
: [TFT] Daily petition to add actual rewards after matches
> Fun to play or not every game mode so far gave you xp, this should be the case for TFT Yea...no. Not how it works. Not sure you understand what a game-mode is. TFT is not a LOL related game-mode. It's a different game, that just happens to be implemented through Riot's only game client, for cost cutting reasons. It is NOT League of Legends. It's a Dota autochess clone. It's not a moba. You don't need currency to play TFT. You don't have unlock-able content through a leveling system. It's apples and oranges. XP and BE is given in a mode, if you can actually use said currency in said mode/game. Remind me again, why do players need XP or BE to play TFT ? They don't. Riot knows about this, there are 17 posts / day on the topic. Can we stop ? Let's wait and see. No need to spam the boards with the same post over and over again, it's not helping anyone. -1
GitGudYasuo (EUNE)
: I would say that Hextech chests should be available to get trough TFT if you end up in TOP 3 spot ofcourse not in premade team
> I would say that Hextech chests should be available to get trough TFT if you end up in TOP 3 To get what from them ? LOL skins ? BE used in LOL to buy champs/rune pages ? Why ? They could make a chest, separate from the existing one, only containing TFT exclusive little legend skins, and TFT exclusive emotes. Chests in LOL are awarded once per champ, if you're in the top 5% or so. Top 3 in TFT is top 37% - I mean it's not hard to do that - in comparison to LOL.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Yeah, but gives an estimate about how much of the community likes and dislikes my post. And half of the people disliking positive and nice behaviour just feels so odd and out of place.
In some posts, no matter how much quality and sense I try to cram into them, I get down-voted to oblivion. Other times I get a bunch of likes. I stopped caring. You should too.
: Do you have multiple personalities ? In around 30 min i got 5 targeted dislikes in an obscure post and without anyone else jumping in on the discussion ..yeah sure buddy, keep making this more pathetic than it actually is
Yikes, I got 4 targeted dislikes in about 40 minutes, on same obscure post. It's almost like there are more than 7-8 active boards users online at this time.
: I like how you used all your accounts to downvote my comment which is pathetic if you ask me, no use talking to this kind of specimen.
Or maybe there are people left on the boards, who comprehend how bullshit this whole post is. Your theory is cool too btw.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: I downvoted this post because
Tarolock (EUNE)
: cover your windows with tinfoil/mirrors, dont let anything absorb the heat from the sun
Why would anyone down-vote this ? It's a 2$ fix against the sun's direct heat. Boards never seize to amaze me lul...
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't understand upvotes and downvotes sometimes
Votes are not a representation of your post's value or validity. You shouldn't care about them.
: nice joke, how about an argument ... so far no one who was against it had any so far
Oh but it's not a joke. I'm genuinely this dumb. So is the post tho, since it's basically saying exactly what the 2nd part of my post states. Kinda weird how an exaggeration of the upvoted post gets down-voted, while providing the same point. Makes you wonder about the average IQ of the playerbase. There were enough arguments given. All of them logical. All of them down-voted. Go write a petition. You're basically trying to convince players to implement something instead of Riot. The forum isn't the right place, if you want to change something.
: Automated system that make you lose
The system doesn't care that much about win-streaks. It sees a 45% win-rate silver 3 player, and matches him with other 45%-ish win-rate silver 3 players (who are obviously not challenger material, because you're playing in low-silver with a S4/B1 MMR). Till there are players at the top of the ladder, there will be no system to "bring you down". This is just one of the oldest excuses in the book, for not being able to climb.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: TFTis a waste of time until they add xp gain, change my mind
And TFT LP gains should count towards our soloQ rank. I'm sick and tired of playing TFT and still being stuck in soloQ. It should give LP for summoners rift toom since it's the same company, the servers are located on the same planet as well. WTF riot ? I want rewards ! Because we all know, that the reward itself is not actually playing the game for free and having fun. I _**WANT**_ something GIVEN TO ME after every match. Please Riot. TY !
: Yo fk this game this entire community is trash,the game is trash,the players are trash and the brain washing machine Rito is trash! Go kiss some butts up there u might get a skin poor rat!
? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264509145766428673/603208809556475905/Screenshot_2019-07-23_at_15.55.32.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264509145766428673/603208811532124161/Screenshot_2019-07-23_at_15.55.10.png
Cypherous (EUW)
: Yeah i very much doubt he is asking for someone to ult someone, but we can agree to disagree, i mean he already called for reports in a different part of the match
Might be, I'm not sure. Not trying to argue with you on this.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > TOXIC YSERA: ff Negative attitude 3 lines in, think i need to break out the gif http://www.cypherous.co.uk/popcorn.gif > TOXIC YSERA: morde > TOXIC YSERA: is bad Negative attitude > TOXIC YSERA: well ez afk > TOXIC YSERA: me afk Going AFK > TOXIC YSERA: can u pls r him? Report calling > TOXIC YSERA: tbh i report you too morde > TOXIC YSERA: you could just r him idk More report calling > TOXIC YSERA: you should know amount of reports doesnt matter You state this yet call for reports on other players, maybe you should take your own advice
TOXIC YSERA: can u pls r him? Is IMO just an invite to ult someone. The rest of your post stands tho. I agree.
: i got banned for being told "%%%" and many other things by flamers.
Classic Darwin-award nominee. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Zockerede (EUW)
: Chat banned for this? xDDD LOL
Pretty hard to comprehend that 1 report equals nine. So asking for reports instead of you reporting the misbehaving player, is a waste of energy, plus it's against Riot's rules, that you agreed to, upon creating your account. Welcome to real life, where there are rules. If you don't like them, go to a different company.
: state of league with Scarra
Might wanna write a small summary of what he's talking about. Not clicking that shit. I don't wanna get clickbait low-budget videos for the next months in my YT suggestion. These streamers are like cancer, you can down-vote, click "not interested" all you want, another will rise up in your suggestions.
Asura (EUNE)
: RIP tear build. {{item:3117}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: Item choices be like
The next step should have been ***Run it down with 6 sapphire crystals*** . Disappointed.
CopiluNuc (EUNE)
: I need tah Jhin
No, no you don't. Get a job.
: automatic punishing system is supposed to be a good thing??
> and notice that i never, LITTERALY NEVER, _**flame someone first**_ If only it worked like that.... LOL
: Lets riot agains Riot
1.) There are at most 30-40K people watching the boards. 2.) Your post will probably never get the necessary exposure to make every single active/semi-active boards member check it out. 3.) Some might even disagree. Summing all that up, you'd have an impact of (best case scenario) 2-3% of the total playerbase, maybe even less, which is insignificant in the company's eyes. Sounds good, doesn't work. I am pissed at Riot's decisions as well (in the last couple of patches), but what can you do. If you're not having fun any more due to different circumstances, the best thing you can do for YOURSELF, is to stop playing their game. That's what I did, at least for now. Trying to change the big picture is nice and all, but it can't be done like this.
: For everyone thats confused about whats going on with League today.
I'm just gonna do my decay matches, and play another game till this whole FOTM fad passes.
: Is EUW harder than EWNE?
No difference below master MMR or so. I went up till D3 on both servers, the experience and the whole gameplay feel was pretty similar. The in-chat foreign languages change a bit, but that's about it. Haven't spent much time in low-ELO (as in bronze/silver), so can't give you an opinion on that 1.
: ZED shodow's Q doesnt work Patch 9.14
At least we got TFT ranked....lul Happened to me too. Don't think they'll hotfix it, we prolly have to wait 2 weeks or more. What a meme.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Black cleaver is the problem.
Cleaver isn't a tank item, if that's what you mean by that. Not at home right now, can't give you a stat/gold efficiency number from the top of my head. Might do it tmrw if you want to see it.
: Pantheon's rework sounds bad to me so far: Here's why
Ranged point and click things are toxic to lane against. Ranged point and click CC is all in all toxic. It might be fun to annoy people with them, it's however unfun to play against. The experience has to be enjoyable for both sides. It currently isn't. - and I'm not talking ONLY about Panth here.
Backstard (EUNE)
: My true potential? You really live in this forum don't you? That's your whole life? Aw dude now i feel bad for you
: Is it completely safe to flame my arse off with the allied chat disabled?
Why tho ? How does it calm you down to actually type a ky$ or something, if nobody sees it. Isn't it the same/easier just to think it in your mind/say it out loud IRL ? I mean I don't get it.
: people defending riot 24/7 on forum
Riot gave me 7 years of joy through their game. I invested time, emotions, learnt to love the league. It would be bizarre not to defend, if not the company - at least common sense and logic, which is usually not used in the kind of posts that I defend the company in. They do have their flaws, they however gave the world one of the best competitive free to play games ever created. Most of the hate posts are utter bullshit.
Backstard (EUNE)
: in 6 years i aim to reach paper 14 because i won't spend a dime for this trash money milking game. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: It just shows that your luck is Iron 2. Not everyone can be lucky enough to actually get into the game.
Backstard (EUNE)
: MMR is a joke excuse of a sold ranked system.... Let me give you an example, you just started playing ranked and you play goo but for 10+ games in a row you get ragequiters and feeding trolls, so you can't do much but lose. What happens to MMR ? It gets down to the ground ? Why? Is it your fault people ragequit or feed or troll? The MMR system should ONLY be related to player's individual skill this is why it's called SOLO/DUO queue..... But the system was made this way to milking money.....Divisions are sold to customers giving them decent teams and high MMR the end.
You're not qualified to make these claims bud. Check back in 6 years upon reaching at least mid-silver. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Riot doesn't know how to use apostrophes
> "All hats off" is correct because "hats" is plural so the apostrophe is not needed. "My hat's off to you" is correct because "hat's" is an abbreviation of "hat is", so the apostrophe is needed. google is your friend. use it.
: Tank items=low gold efficiency
Thornmail : 80Armour 250HP Passive 15 armour is 300 150HP is 400 armour worth - 1600 HP worth - 666 Total 2267 gold Real price 2900 gold Stat efficiency - 78% The passive tho.... 633 gold for the grievous wounds + damage reflect is more than fair. It's just an example, most defensive items fall around this one. Cca. 80% gold efficiency with a good passive is as efficient as it gets. I don't see the problem.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: the dota blame meme is in full effect for everyone that can't climb you can even see it in the streamers once they reach their peak iwilldominate and tfblade for example when they are trying super hard to get a good win rate and climb they mostly focus on how to win the game and once they start playing with people that don't just let them win the game they start tilting because of their team mates TFblade is the most weirdest example since he hard stomps in diamond but once he reaches challenger and plays with diamonds he starts tilting and inting like no one else 99% of the time it's a mental block once you reach your peak thats why i like G2 at the moment they all focus on winning without looking at their teams
I stopped looking at my teams after smurfing for the first time, back in season 6. Reached plat with a higher win-rate than from my main account (due to starting from a lower division) cca 70%. I saw that if you understand the game, and know what to do - when to do it - and HOW to do it, you can climb infinitely, if your skill level increases at the same level as your rank + you have the necessary talent to reach the top. I'm currently a hobby player, Real life happened, finished university, got a cool job that I enjoy a lot, LOL sits in the background for now. I usually grind for that low-mid dia ELO and leave it be, casually playing with my friends from time to time + doing my decay games.
: It's a counter argument against people who complain about Udyr being too strong. Because once Udyr is near you, you can still counter Udyr. Once Lux got you and does a quick combo, you are kinda doomed. Lux support can even one shot you with just Ludens at 20 minutes. Udyr with Warrior's at 20 minutes is cannon minion strength.
With the mobility of the champs nowadays Udyr indeed faces a lot of hardships, even while melee. Lux is lux.... she's like a 1 round bolt action high caliber riffle. If you hit the run, it's over. If you miss tho, you're pretty useless. I don't feel that any of the two are unbalanced or un-fun to play with/against.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Lane Police,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=btpaQ09x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-14T16:47:00.984+0000) > > I personally don't care about TFT. They can do whatever they want with the mode, I won't play it. It's not LOL. > I have limited time to spend on video games (hurray adulthood), I wanna spend it on something that I actually enjoy / in control of. > > Until they keep SR and especially soloQ/flex up, I'll prolly play the game. If they move toward a more TFT focused game, and and I feel that LOL is suffering due to that, I'll move over to another game, since the market is saturated with games nowadays. you do realize teamfight tactics is exactly LOL...... its no different from any other moba, cept you have no direct control over the units, i do find it to be a fresh breeze of air to have a mode that plays different from the norm, there is more tactics in this one mode than all the other modes combined with the initial game .o. if riot would only balance champs properly.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiplayer_online_battle_arena Not really. TFT doesn't have any MOBA elements lul. The only thing that it has in common with MOBA games are the shiny coloured moving pixels, that are found in any videogame nowadays. ...
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: people often confuse people having a good game with them being a smurf as well people in bronze often go 10/0 while having a 40% win rate they still lose their games because "muh teams" when i started losing games with kat while doing 3-4 quadras per game i stopped thinking that me losing is my teams fault at that realization is when i climbed from low gold to diamond
That's the healthy mentality that you need in order to climb high + a bit of talent. I went from my first season's Silver 2 performance to 60% plat level in 4 months (ages ago), upon realising that I suck harder than I should. We all go through the team-blaming phase. Difference is, some of us realise that the fault is 99% IN US. That's the biggest and most important part of climbing - a healthy mentality. The mechanics and on-the-spot decision making will follow.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: ... Are you even serious right now? I am well aware of the discussion. What i'm pointing out is that absolutely every elo has matches that are stomps one way or another. and they are getting more frequent. which pretty much means one of the 2: 1) Either there are a lot more smurfs stomping people 2) The game is so unbalanced that 1 kill=game over
I'm dead serious. I'd say that 80% of the stomps are due to teamcomps and item builds. Low ELO is unbalanced. You won't see in diamond ELO a lux going 0/10 into a zed [THAT OFTEN]. The player either picks lux and knows the matchup, or doesn't pick lux into a losing matchup / bans the heaviest counter => avoids getting stomped. A bronze lux mid main will have a 0% win-rate into zed, guess what he'll do ? He doesn't ban the counter, firstpicks lux, doesn't even rush armguard/zhonya. Of course that'll be a stomp - even if they play on the same level. Is zed unbalanced ? - no. But he's favoured heavily in said matchup. Stomps are MOST OF THE TIMES due to lack of knowledge. The rest of the times are indeed SMURFs, and huge skill differences. - that case is way more rare than people think. Just because the 700 game hardstuck B1 42% win-rate zed went 17/0 vs your midlaner doesn't mean he's a smurf. Doesn't mean that items are OP. Doesn't mean that zed is OP. Catching my drift ?
: But Udyr is 100% melee. Shall we also dicuss Lux one shotting you at 1000 range then?
What if you sidestepped that one bind ? What if you build 50%+ tenacity from runes/boots maybe add in a potion ? What then ?
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: gold smurfing in bronze is top 1%? Good to know
The post was made by a silver 1 player, the comment was made towards a gold 4 player. Why would you bring up bronze, that's a different thing. P4 won't be able to roflstomp gold 3-4 matches, they aren't that much better. You need a D3+ player to consistently stomp silver/gold newbies. Hence my post.
: Rito be like: B-B-But we got another GREAT Lux skin for the next patch!
Paired with a MF skin and a ryze rework+full visual xD
: A rework for him is a must. The kit can be similar but huge changes are required. His skills are not satisfying to use compared to up to date champions. I don't care how Udyr will perform in pro play but currently he doesn't offer much for you in smart play department. He is melee only and he gets to his targets by running a bit faster. Oh you run a bit faster little boy? Well have some cc and mobility which gets attached to everyone these days with a pinch of dealing a lot of damage.
Guess it gets down to personal preference then. I got nearly 2M mastery on him, maining him since 2014, never felt held back or just not having fun. He offers fair counterplay (clicking away from him lul) but also satisfying dueling potential, especially in the earlygame. I personally wouldn't change a bit of him. Getting flashy gapclosers and invisibility dashes is too generic, Udyr's an OG, he doesn't need those to be the king of the jungle. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264509145766428673/600079459009429507/Screenshot_2019-07-15_at_00.41.12.png
Kasadya (EUW)
: How are players supposed to not be toxic ?
> How are players supposed to not be toxic ? They aren't supposed to blame with every word the type, and also, bonus points for avoiding typing KY$ every 10 seconds at least towards two teammates.
: He can't be nerfed. He needs a rework, but don't have a clue how they will manage to do that.
I disagree. He's fine as he is, just needs some power tweaks, maybe allowing him to open up the 6th slot at lvl11, except that a visual upgrade and he's good to go for soloQ games. As for pro play, he'll NEVER be good. What he offers, as a champ, is obsolete since 2013 in the pro-scene.
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