: > [{quoted}](name=The Lane Police,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6uqyHTfL,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-16T20:34:26.376+0000) > > Yes. If you lose enough games on Gold 4 0LP that your MMR drops too low for your current div, you will drop back to S1 75LP. but when i was in s4 i lost i think 6times.... on 0 lp, bad losing streak, and never dropped
Means that your MMR was higher than the drop-down threshold.
: Once you get to a new Devision (e.g. silver) can you drop to bronze again?
Yes. If you lose enough games on Gold 4 0LP that your MMR drops too low for your current div, you will drop back to S1 75LP.
Struis (EUW)
: Honor flair not showing up in loading screen
You can click on player cards, revealing their honour flairs, last season's ranked banner, ranked division border, champ mastery level and mastery points. Before click https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/536223124274937876/545298336664780811/Screenshot_2019-02-13_at_19.17.16.png After click https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/536223124274937876/545298351319416857/Screenshot_2019-02-13_at_13.29.01.png
: Do like me: I took a break (4 months) and then come back here to chill again. There is no need to say goodbye to the boards because you will always return and I know that because I was witness at your work here. You can't give up so easy agains them. If you see 70% of community boards full of rtrds then turn your back at them and look at the other 30% who are less rtrds and funny (ok... and the staff who is like the 5% functional brain on this boards). If you hide now then you will gonna have a great return. If you say goodbye then I hope that you will still gonna offer all your help to players/people who really needs, exacly like on the boards. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Thanks for the kind words. I don't know if I will ever feel like returning. The shit just outweighs the quality on these boards. A good teacher's motto is : if one student out of 100 learn something from what you had to say, it's already worth. With me it's not that easy - I'm quite a selfish person, I value my time over the help that I can offer, especially if it meets deaf ears. In any case, it's not like I'm dying, or getting permabanned, if I will ever feel the need to waste more time, I will obviously check back. Who knows. We shall see.
BuBBaX01 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Lane Police,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0sge2Fx6,comment-id=0000000000000000000000010000000000010001,timestamp=2019-01-23T15:14:43.079+0000) > Then you have my post, where I gave detailed info about early/mid/late of said champs, weaknesses, and clearly and loudly explained their counterplay mechanics. So my first tought first was why are u so ignited? ~~And on the second tought, i just realized that u might be a little offended by what I wrote, the nerf of blue kayn, and maybe giving the opponents a little time to react between that 2 skills that they recieve before recieving the countdown to spawn.~~ Nevermind! I just saw you have Kayn mastery level 7, so, you might like that tons of damage, and 1 shoting people without giving them a chance to fight you back. I don't! And why do you automaticaly think that a bronze is actually a really really bad player, with lack of coordonation, and having no clue on whats on the map,who is fighting who, focus, and so on? p.s. i dont see your comment where you explain counterplay mechanics, etc. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} https://imgur.com/a/47dR5wv I am no adc main. I am just having fun with champions. My main is Syndra, but since some time I do not play her anymore because her cooldown and damage
The comment got deleted because I apparently rank-shamed you. Wasn't my intent. > Nevermind! I just saw you have Kayn mastery level 7, so, you might like that tons of damage, and 1 shoting people. I don't! The idea of me posting that was, that I actually play kayn, and take it from a diamond player that plays the champ, that blue form is shit, and everyone who plays it in high elo is pretty much called a troll. Redkayn is the only way to go, if you wanna have a chance. Anyhow I am not here to change your mind, I posted my 2cents of the topic and that's that. I wish you good luck in the new season, hope you will find the motivation and tools to improve, and overcome your skill-cap. I'm out of this thread, cheers.
Rioter Comments
: Season 9, when does it starts ??
Around 6AM CET on the 24th.
: to be fair, he was using his rank as means to show that he understands the game better. to be fair, most likely if OP understood the game better, he wouldnt be bronze. not shaming bronze players, but there's a reason theyre there - if one blames their TEAMMATES , r OP CHAMPS, most likely they lack game knowledge or mechanics. also you can see the difference between bronze players and non bronze players mentality in their complaints. when i see comments like "nasus op one shots every time" i take it way less seriously than comments like "nasus w cooldown is too low compared to its duration, considering it lowers your attack speed and move speed increasingly over time, while allowing him to practically lock you down in something that can be compared to a stun if your damage comes from autos" there's a reason the game isnt balanced around most players but around higher elo - because once you have better understanding of the game and its mechanics you know what the counterplay is to certain things. if you play adc, which is practically the safest role there is, and a blue kayn got to you, you most likely %%%%ed up or got caught - in both instances, it makes sense he will kill you. now i do agree that blue kayn is kinda busted, but if i wanted to make OP's point better (and not look like a bronze 5 player while doing so), i would have asked why on earth is an ad assassin dealing burst magic damage, when marksmen get heavily punished for building items like maw, taking magic resist in their runes. adc champs have literally 1 item that give magic resist they are (kinda) not punished for building - QSS, and it's kind of a waste of gold to buy it FOR the blue kayn. personally i dont have a problem with kayn as i play mostly control mages and artillery mages, but i agree that blue kayn is problematic in lower elos (my smurf just hit iron 2 - just started ranked on it a day ago, and boy did i see blue kayn in almost every game) i don't think the issue is with kayn himself, but with lack of proper itemization for marksmen - as stated, OP is an adc player, and we all know how well adcs been doing in the last 6 months. what adcs need is itemization change to make them... less of a glass annon. sure, lower their damage a bit but in exchange give them some survivability. if adcs dont die in 1 sec they can do less damage. i personally dislike hashinshin but he covered that topic quite a lot. also, with the crit item changes, adcs will have a build path that allows them more survivability, so kayn wont be THAT big of an issue (well being honest he will but any snowbally champion will be, but it wont be like you have nothing to do about it without getting punished)
You know how it is. Why would the guy who actually plays kayn in Dia ELO, know what he's talking about. "I've never played jungle, I have 900MMR, I know better". https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/HXN9hQR.png It's not like I play both ADCs, and kayn, and know every single detail of the champ.. Yea, blue kayn is indeed busted, please nerf him, and nerf every single champ that deals damage, to underlevel glasscannon build ADCs that are out of position. That way maybe I'll be able to enjoy 1hour + matches again, like it was in the tank meta. Can't wait !
: you're kinda rank shaming here, and using your rank as to say that you're right and op is wrong but it think you're wrong.. you say you know the fact, the yi and other assassin alike are easy to deal with and op just need to improve you're actually telling him to get to play in high elo when THE ENTIRE TEAM can help you deal with assassins, even only by not feeding them, moreover you said it yourself, "yi get focused too much", or "rengar will be stomped by the team" my point is, in low elo, when everybody lacks proper team coordination, game knowledge and bla bla, it's objectively harder to deal with some champions respect to others i'm willing to bet that any diamond players such yourself, if he were to play with a bronze team against another bronze team would have almost the same issues in dealing with those "meme champs" unless you manage to counterpick them, during laning phase, even in that case if they end up being fed you'll have hard time so, basically, you're just flexing your muscles with those "git gud, i'm dia4 bruh"
Yea, apparently my detailed explanation of why OP is wrong, was a tad too offensive to handle. Apparently showing the rank of someone who is bronze is categorised as instant rank-shaming. I'm done here then LOL . I seriously don't know why I wasted my time on this post, and why I'm wasting my time in general, on the boards. Some people are just so close minded, you can give facts, they will still continue thinking whatever they want. So let's analyse a bit further. Facts provided by OP : > NERF KAYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SICK AND TIRED OF THIS CHAMPION 1 SHOTING EVERYBODY! Just like rengar, kha and yi. That, everybody, is just precious. Indeed I've seen in the pro scene blue kayn one-shotting 5K HP ornn in the late-game. He's just a beast ! Same with Yi.... I don't even wanna know what builds do ppl take in bronze, that can give Yi one-shot potential. I had the idea that Yi was an auto attacker, and he needed a good couple of shots (which he landed quite fast due to high AS)....but Nooo - in OP's games, Yi just one-shots people. So you have that post. Then you have my post, where I gave detailed info about early/mid/late of said champs, weaknesses, and clearly and loudly explained their counterplay mechanics. I wonder who had the better credibility, and more relevant info on the topic....Yoink ! Not me ! I dared to include OP's rank, to prove a point - that MAYBE, just MAYBEEEE - he lacks A TINY BIT OF SKILL OR KNOWLEDGE - JUST A TINY BIT - and that the champs that keep oneshotting tanks in his game, are not that hard to counter. What a meme....
: > #####**_~~You can't balance the game around bronze!!!~~_** If you balance champions around Diamond, you balance the game for about 1.95% of players. If you balance champions around Bronze, you balance the game for about 15.09% of players. 2+2=4 fight me {{sticker:sg-lux}}
You're right. Why motivate the low-ELO players to improve, and to face the champs they're so afraid of, when you can nerf the shit out of some champs, render them useless in ranks where people know how to actually play the game, while buffing other champs, that the low-ELOs fail on, transforming them into 1v9 beasts, that are simply freelo - in said higher ranks. Would be a pretty nice way to destroy the meta, and the whole game, in a few patches LOL....
: that's flattering in a way but i am bit skeptical how the hell do they decide what devision i belong to and how this mmr thing works it's too vague
It's the standard ELO system from chess. You win vs higher ranking enemies - you gain more points, you lose vs higher enemies you lose less points. You win vs lower ranking enemies you gain less points, you lose vs lower ranking enemies you lose more points. When the matchmaking decides to consistently match you up with lower ranking players, and you keep losing - until you get on an inferior level (as in you're Diamond 2 let's say - you lose a lot vs D3 - you will start getting D3 and D4 opponents. If you keep losing, you will demote to D3. If you keep winning, you will start getting back to the D2 opponents and gain more LP / lose less). That's how the system works. You have a hidden number - that corresponds to your rank - That's the MMR. Each loss decreases it a bit, each win increases it. When your MMR drops to a lower rank, you demote. If you have plat MMR on a silver smurf account - after a huge win-streak, not even 20 losses on 0 LP will demote you. Hope this clears things up a bit .
BuBBaX01 (EUW)
: 1 shot Kayn.... Rioters here?
> Just like rengar, kha and yi. Lemme guess, you're bronze or low-silver at most. Did I get it right ?
Gabresol (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Lane Police,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=p2Gpq0Ei,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-22T21:01:09.526+0000) > > https://i.ytimg.com/vi/TSu7yJY_lnI/maxresdefault.jpg that thing is over before he even blinked isn't it? Or he has like 1 sec. Not that he actually needed a ms buff, he gets his passive of his ult after all.
He has some time to reposition, then zhonya. I played him a lot on SR, he's fine imo....
Shamose (EUW)
: Well instead of that they should give fiddle a passive that gives him movement speed when he stands still. hmmm...
R4ndom F1nn (EUNE)
: Fiddle me buff
> R should be buffed to give Fiddlesticks extra speed for its duration. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/TSu7yJY_lnI/maxresdefault.jpg
: I'll have to remember you if you're so active then! Our little EU side is not as alive as NA one
Yea, I'm one of the regulars around here, altho I often wonder why. The quality of these boards has gone down drastically since I joined. There's more whining than actual quality posts.
: How are you?
Replying to random threads on the boards - you could say that I haven't got much going on right now.
: I'm unbanned what
HedcoHD (EUW)
: a Selfmade Skin that is not from riot u Change the normal Skin with ur costum skin
QUT Kosmish (EUNE)
: Toxic and Greifing Players
This was suggested hundreds of times on the boards, in the past couple of months - not happening. Would have an overall negative effect on non-toxic players, if they would start /fullmute all-ing every single game, running around like zombies. This is a team game - you need to act as a team - a team that communicates and fights together. Just because you had a couple of bad experiences in your short time here (some of us are playing since the beginning) - doesn't mean that you need to reform the whole way player interactions are in game. And to be perfectly frank with you, if someone is that mental, that he just randomly flames, what will stop him to run it the f#$k down, once he realises he's been muted / blocked ? This is why the perma-chat ban experiment failed, in S2-3. People were getting frustrated for not being able to express themselves, and started inting straight up.
Jodveuk (EUW)
: Normal game MMR
Well, for me normal has a slightly higher MMR threshold than soloQ or flex 5v5. I consistently got matched against master/grandmaster players, almost in every normal that I played, a couple of days ago , while I'm D4/D3 at ranked. For me it always was the same. When I was plat at soloQ - I was playing vs golds and plats, etc.
HedcoHD (EUW)
: Why are Costum Skins banned from LoL ?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I never understood the appeal of wanting to get a penta kill and the emotional pain when they don't
I usually don't give a shit about my, or someone else's penta. I push to win, I fight till I got the nexus - I won't stop just cause someone else wants me to. I'll stop when I'm dead, or when the game is over.
Latarnia40 (EUNE)
: > And what would the point of that be ? > > Practice tool is there to practice CSing, combos, learn how to flash certain walls, place wards through walls, time certain jungle pathings - see which one is better - try out builds etc.... It doesn't have to be that way :P > > A 50 stacks nasus behaves the same way - in its core mechanics as a 5K stacks one. You'd have to rename the tool from "practice" to something else. Sometimes I just go there when im waiting for my friend. What if i want to check how much damage i do to the towers/champion/monsters etc. with a specific amount of stacks? I cant do it. Why? Becouse the name says it's" practice tool"? Why can't it be something more?
YeA I get it, I truly do. Sometimes I stack 3-4k ap on veig amd one shot stuff. It's fun. But what I mean is, riot should have other priorities atm - like fixing the transfers, resolving the sumoner spells bug, etc.
: losing in ranked but not getting demoted
Means that your MMR is still good for the league you're in right now. Keep losing more, and the MMR will slowly go down, and you will demote.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: How does pyke deal with vel'koz's high amounts of true damage?
Kalviras (EUW)
: Are we getting a Karthus nerf soon?
The whole jungle is getting a nerf. Hopefully karth won't be as much of a threat, if he's the same lvl as the support - or maybe even down one.
: My boi Kled missing on the login screen :(
> I just want my boi Kled to be shown some love Meanwhile in 2019 : https://media.lolusercontent.com/api/embedly/1/image/resize?url=https%3A%2F%2Fvignette.wikia.nocookie.net%2Fleagueoflegends%2Fimages%2Ff%2Ffa%2FUdyr_Render.png%2Frevision%2Flatest%3Fcb%3D20141114134045&key=f0abbd34f14549f3a15cd94dd9970851&width=425 So I'll have to call yours a first world problem.
Latarnia40 (EUNE)
: Also they should add an option to swap champions/make a button that adds stacks eg. Nasus q
And what would the point of that be ? Practice tool is there to practice CSing, combos, learn how to flash certain walls, place wards through walls, time certain jungle pathings - see which one is better - try out builds etc.... A 50 stacks nasus behaves the same way - in its core mechanics as a 5K stacks one. You'd have to rename the tool from "practice" to something else.
: The Issue With AutoFill And How Riot Can Fix It
You seem to not understand how the system works, and what's its point. If half of the server's population choses not to go autofilled, the other half will suffer - with the autofill enabled. In high elo this would look something like this : * You wanna wait 30-40minutes and get the role you didn't pick or * Wait 2 hours and get your guaranteed role. No thanks. If you don't want to get autofilled, play with a team of 5 - the 5v5 flex mode. It's as competitive as the other modes. No need to suggest ideas that would f#$k up the entire top 5-10% of the playerbase, causing huge wait times - just because you had a couple of bad experiences in bronze/silver.
Rioter Comments
: Vocal Chat iMac not working.
Yup - same, nothing you can do. Use discord instead, it's better anyway.
Mak3M3Happy (EUNE)
: Shaco loves taco
> Shaco loves taco No, no he doesn't. He likes stabbing things, tricking people, stealing stuff, and scaring the shit out of you, and throw games. Tacos aren't on his list.
Lari (EUNE)
: Riot Matchmaking 2019
It's preseason, rank means nothing, MMR is f#$ked up. Just wait 3 days and it'll get fixed.
Forll (EUW)
: 20/0/10, The best perfect ranked KDA?
> I'm pretty sure it's one of the best perfect KDAs Not even close LOL. Getting 30+ kills and not dying is a daily thing in your ELO.
annufv (EUNE)
: once upon a time
: It's a priority pick, you're last pick, and no one earlier on can trade it to you. In this scenario, it is 100% acceptable to ban that champion. That's why it's a thing, and pretty much will always remain one.
Cowseps (EUNE)
: Gigantic bug
JioFunny (EUNE)
: … Why do you try so hard to look cool? ''Lemme dumb it down'' who do you think you are you insolent fool? You are so ignorant. The results of the matchup you show in the picture have nothing to do with the point I make in the post. My little brother went ahead and played a game without my permission, which will not happen again. Do you see any balance in that score? The system I would like to have implemented would serve a huge purpose. It is just that you are too close minded to see. You are still stuck on a specific example. The point of the post is not that they fail so hard, but that it can be much better. You are so absolute its disgusting. My account has been suspended already for 14 days no need for you to take no action. You must really be leading a sad life. Leave your house and have a walk around in nature son.. piss a little too. Oh and by the way, yes I have trouble understanding what you write because you can barely complete a sentence that makes sense. - - - - Kind regards, JioFunny
JioFunny (EUNE)
: No. I owned the second pick. You imagine the wrong scenarios. My selected champion was lux so it is not that threatening. Your statement is invalid. You need to see the bigger picture of this post. It is not smart to be stuck in the example. If you think honor is all about doing something for the rest of the humans you still have it wrong. ''Play to win'' that sounds as blind as can be. I have already got your kind of character no need to say another word. Yes you sure have to start with yourself if you want to make community better.. tell me about it. Yes I did compromise my account. That is my point too. I can't have my account compromised for acts like that. Like tryna balance the game. Does ''play to win'' sound fair to you when enemy team has a feeder? … I pity you.
> No. I owned the second pick. You imagine the wrong scenarios. My selected champion was lux so it is not that threatening. Your statement is invalid. You need to see the bigger picture of this post. It is not smart to be stuck in the example. Hm, you didn't quite get it. Lemme try to dumb it down even more. If a system -- can be made to fail, by a simple example, that a random guy thinks up in 5minutes - the system isn't too good you see ? I wasn't curious about your scenario - yea shit happens - but the system that you would like to be implemented would just serve no purpose. **** > Like tryna balance the game. https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/1/20/29aca75431318fe33c79e658cc29d095-full.png Great balance ! You've died 5 more times than the whole enemy team. https://cdn1.imggmi.com/uploads/2019/1/20/b33563752db45adb5ade2a4ac882e95e-full.png How bout a 50second first blood (that's not in the botside jungle where invades happen) - hm I wonder where you died. Oh wait - under the mid tower of course. about 10 times. But it's ok, since you're honourable and "balancing games" since Season 3. I'm personally writing a ticket about this match by the way - as we speak. Hopefully you already got punished - but if you didn't I'll try my best to do the HONOURABLE thing - and bring one more feeder to justice, like I've done with many others. Have a wonderful day ! Sincerely, The Lane Police
JioFunny (EUNE)
: Riot, humanity's future is in your hands.
> I declared my champion but one of my teammates banned that champion on purpose, just because he didn't want me to play that champion in the role assigned to me, because he thought that champion is not good enough for that role, even though he has no idea of my past success with this champion in that role I was assigned to. He also doesn't know my skill level, but went ahead and banned the champion I declared I wanted to play with anyway. He literally ruined my Friday evening. We imagine the following scenario : * Riot buffs X champion - it becomes freelo. * Own team's last pick hovers the said champ. * Everyone knows that the said champ has 100% play-rate. * Nobody else has the said champ in own team - in order to do an early pick + swap. * Everybody realises that if the enemy gets the champ, own team's chances of winning are 0. * The last pick from the own team - refuses to ban it, and keeps saying that "nobody will pick it anyway - relax". So - how do you proceed in said scenario ? You get yourself suspended - you f#$k up your honour in order not to get stomped by the champ in the scenario I presented ? **** About your honour idea, of running it the f#$k down whenever there is an enemy feeder - you might wanna read the TOS. If you wanna feel truly honourable go donate blood, or adopt a starving child - while you're playing this game, you will follow the rules - As in - play to win first and foremost - while respecting others' right to play to win. If you want to make the community a better place - you have to start with yourself. Help out players on the boards - and if you catch people who break the rules - report them, and you can even send a ticket just to be sure. There are dozens of ways in which you can make LOL a better place for everyone - your way however - only creates more problems - and compromises your account.
: Smurfing and Boosting
> Not only does it ruin high rank competetive play with people who have no idea how to play the game. High ELO is top 0.5% and up. I doubt that people actually spend that much money on boosted accs - and even if they do - they are so few, that have no overall impact on the high ELO ladder.
Relth (EUNE)
Was it going too fast ?
Markosal99 (EUNE)
: I got banned because of a joke
Was it at least a good joke?
Kalviras (EUW)
: Where does 1 beg for 15RP?
While kicking someone in the bun is usually an unrefusable offer, I'll have to direct you towards the [SUPPORT](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en) . You will have to send them a drawing, or some kind of an own creation, while asking for the small amount of RP. They will help you out :) Good luck ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Just for the record: It's not just Riot who does this, pretty much everyone does this. It's perfectly normal to look at accounts rather than at persons, partly because you usually don't know the person, so it wouldn't be possible anyway.
Yea, I do remember in my old MMO-RPG days, it was pretty much the same. If the community exceeds a certain number, you can't really keep being "personal". My comment wanted to be more on the informative side, rather than judging Riot or anything, (might have a slight vibe tho - I still hate good ol' Rito for the last scandal). PS: Can you check with a wrenchman why my boards profile isn't updating ? I've pretty much done all the steps I usually do, and it's been 24 hours.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: Do you want League of Legends to expand and get more permanent maps like Summoner's Rift ?
You can't pull "a HOTS" in a classic MOBA like LOL is. SR is the standard MOBA layout - tried and tested, perfected over the years. 3 lanes, a jungle, and bushes - no bullshit. The focus here is getting the most out of the game - 5v5 action in a well known environment. Putting in extra "side quests", in-game missions, extra objectives would lead to chaos, after getting used to this layout for 8 years. It would probably be an unpopular choice, mainly for casual players. SR is, and will always be the no1 competitive map in MOBA history.
Stixxeh (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=I have Crabs,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ryiXE8mg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-18T01:22:55.156+0000) > > Zero. > > Account sharing, even if nothing "bad" happened, is permabannable. There is no way someone could steal your account data, if you didn't go to phishy sites, didn't share the info or didn't sell the acc. > Oh don't get me wrong, I'm already pretty confident I'll never see it again, I know Supports reputation in these matters :( It does seem awfully unfair though- To the best of my ability I've kept my account safe. My email wasn't compromised and has never been hacked (or at least not that I'm aware of!) just as a matter of safety I tend to update/change passwords every few months. I have a firewall, anti-virus and all the rest of it and do my best to avoid dodgy sites. I don't like to repeat myself but again, I've **never **shared my info with anyone, ever and would never consider selling accounts. I really fail to see how exactly I'm to blame for this. My only 'crime' is not checking on the account.. but here I was assuming it was safe. Give me five minutes with a live Riot support member and I'm 100% confident I could prove that I'm being punished for an account breach that had nothing to do with me.
How should I put this. Your account has its "own persona" - as in - everything that happens on it, will result in consequences. So even if they ignore the fact that the acc got stolen / shared / purchased (I do understand that you did't do anything stupid with it) - the fact that the TOS was broken from the acc, will result in termination of said account. Riot has a way of punishing the account itself, and not the player. I know it's kinda weird, and impersonal, but this is how they operate. So basically you didn't get punished personally - your account did, for doing stupid shit ingame (no matter who did the deed - the fact that it wasn't you - just worsens the whole situation). Hence why I said the chances were pretty much 0 - in getting it back. I'd make a new acc and forget about this whole bad experience, if you still wanna play LOL - or simply look for another game, since there are quite a bunch out there atm...
: As i said, many players have the same account name as their summoner name.
Yea, fair enuf - however it seems extremely stupid to me, to do so - no offence to the players who do it.
: >You can't just pull out data from the Riot DB. Someone who would have the power and skills to pull this off, prolly wouldn't steal random accounts, but make a profit out of his talent. You don't need to pull the data from riot. All you need to do is know the account name (often the same as the summoner name) and then spam different passwords with a 3rd party program until it goes right. It is also profitable. Stealing and selling accounts has been a thing for a long time. The guy who stole his account might not even be the one using it. He might have sold it to someone else. Ofc, most of the time they have somehow phished the information (at least the account name) before they even attempt to steal it.
Well, acc name has to be pulled from somewhere, you can't just find it, can you ? I'm pretty sure I'm the only (non riot employee) person on earth - who knows my acc name. PW is irrelevant. And yea, I am familiar with the concept of brute forcing, still, without a name, you can't find a PW. Brute forcing both would take more years than humans have left to exist as a species.
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