MacDeath (EUW)
: Yeah in URF you play like from a pool of 20 champions. If you don't pick one of them you're practically a troll for not seriously trying to win the game.
Bah. URF is made for trolling.
FrØstii (EUW)
: Give me your best Ekko summoner name
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: In that case rito wake upp and remove shroom limit T_T
Somehow I'm not sure that the servers or some computers will be able to manage hundreds of shrooms around the map in every game.
paulius77 (EUNE)
: All game modes in custom
Problem with that is that it dilutes the effect when the actual mode comes out. Riot needs to keep releasing new modes to maintain interest in the game, so it doesn't get stale, but making them permanently available would weaken the impact when it is released for the weekend. Riot has this nice little hype cycle going, see. Notice how everyone starts hyping up URF every March? The hype would not be there if they kept URF permanently. It's a similar sort of thing. Give people short windows of oppurtunity where they can binge on a mode they enjoy, and you keep their attention, while they will eventually get bored if it's permanently available.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Umm.. this post is pretty much useless honestly. Being "positive" won't win you a game. Only thing that will win you a game is ability to carry 4 other teammates (especially in lower elos when they are pretty much useless mostly) and being good OR just simply having luck to get a good team.
Morale is more important than people think. When one person is negative, it causes others to lose hope. Once you've lost hope, you stop investing so much into the game, you lose concentration, the team's cohesion crumbles, things just generally start to go awry. Sure, it isn't the magic bullet to start a meteoric rise to the ascent, but you still can't play the game thinking "welp, we've lost this, s@20"
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: yeah because you are a guy who likes to tilt enemies, you deserve this
Somebody can't handle a wee bit of banter, it would seem.
: it would be epic if riot would disable urf after like 1 hour because of buggs.... could you guys imagine how the forums would look then? :D
In hindsight, releasing URF was probably one of the worst decisions Riot has ever made. Now everyone expects it to roll around at least once a year. xD
: What annoys me is that it's not even done well, it just looks like a cheap photoshop job.
Is it odd that I didn't even notice anything? What happened?
: "I'm shit at lol. Say what you want." You just grew tired of it. Not that League had gotten bad. (Okay, nvm maybe a bit of that too) Many would disagree with me here but if anyone here had any sort of skill, they wouldn't just leave the game due to its bad changes since the community will more or less get it somewhat fixed. Riot has always pulled out something shady with season changes and I agree this season is by far the most PRACTICED one of them all. Just. Wait. It'll get better. Probably. I hope.
To me, it feels like LoL has been going downhill since the beginning of Season 5. Things were simpler back in the day, then with the influx of new items and champs and the jungle changes, things just feel faster, more complex, and just all-in-all a less relaxed experience. We used to have 70 minute games in which each team had the opportunity to win, but now most games are over by the 40 minute mark, which I feel is kind of sad. Things just feel kind of snowbally now, and just in general the mechanics and knowledge required to play the game just keeps increasing and increasing. While League is moving away from its DoTA roots, it feels in many ways like it is growing more and more difficult to play, like DoTA. The thing is, that isn't why I play LoL in the first place. Part of the reason is because, simply, because it was easier. And that's something Riot is taking away from the game. Its simplicity.
: SoloQ Need to return
My doctor said my sodium levels were low. So, here I am.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: It's impossible for me to win a game anymore
Just remember that the enemy team has the exact same problems as you.
Eveninn (EUW)
: The idea of having turrets give buffs is nice. I can't take creadit for this, but I sadly forgot who said it, but there was a hread while back stating: "We have to make defending/keeping turrets worth (as much or) more than taking turrets." While in this case your suggestion seems nice, I kinda see another problem with it... The 7 minutes would become a farm fest tbh. They won't be able to dive you like this (just 20 MR or Armor is actually huge early game), which also leads to an overall nerf to early game Champions/buff to lategame ones. And while you could argue that early game Champions (Elise, Lee, Nida) are a bit on the strong side in proplay anyway... I personally don't know much abotu balancing, so I'm rather carefull with such things. >.>
I think what OP is suggesting is give a buff to tower defenders by how many enemies they are outnumbered by. So a single champion can still towerdive, as they wouldn't give the armour bonus, while two champions diving would give a 20 resistance bonus. He does say "additional enemy to ally", so I assume that it wouldn't give the armour bonus to 1v1s under turret.
TheGauntler (EUNE)
: no, we nèed more early mana regen items than just doran s ring(SARCASM ALERT HERE)
Just stop missing your skillshots.
: Im new here and NEED HELP
1. Buy the 450 ip champions first. They're low cost for a reason, and that is for new players to be able to have a simple champ to pick up when they start. All of them are mechanically simple, and are quite effective. 2. Don't overextend, don't fight them under their turret. This just pumps more damage into you than a new player will usually be able to handle. 3. Just buy the recommended items for now. Generally for melee range champions, you'll want a mix of offensive and defensive items, and ranged champions can usually go full offense. Generally, you'll want one boots upgrade, two offensive items and three defensive items for a melee champ, and for range you should take one boots, four offensive items and one defensive item. This rule doesn't always hold true, though, but you'll figure that out as you go along. 4. As you climb the ladder, you'll find that a mage goes mid, a tank or bruiser goes top, a support mage/tank and a DPS carry will go bot, and there will be a "jungler", which tends to build as a bruiser or tank. Don't worry about this for now. Until about level 25, the meta is incredibly fluid, and people just go where they want. Especially jungling, don't bother until you get near ranked level, as this forces one of your laners to solo against two if the enemy does not also has a jungler. 5. Again, leave this for later once you've gotten a bit more experience, like level 25-30, but watching pro streams and seeing how they do it is a good way to learn. Don't try to emulate them until you've gotten better at the game. 6. Learn to push. Don't just chase kills all the time, sometimes you'll need to make a concerted effort to take down turrets, as that's the only way to get to their nexus and win. 7. Get practice playing all of the different roles. This will help a lot, as quite often you'll have to play a role you aren't as familiar with. Try to find one champion that you enjoy for each role, and focus on improving that champion, so that you always have that as a fallback option. 8. Try out each of the champions on freeweek rotation. This is by far the best way to get experience with the game. You'll learn how to use that champion, and whether or not their style is suited to you, and you can increase your champion pool. By learning about them, you'll be in a better position to handle them if you come across them on the other team. 9. Just enjoy the game. Right now, before level 30, is when you can be the most relaxed playing the game. Later on, as the competition grows more fierce, you'll need to be able to last hit minions, harass effectively, and learn to use the game's mechanics to your advantage. Right now, you can really do what you want, as that's what everyone else is doing. So just enjoy the honeymoon period, because it won't last.
: lol you want riot to nurf a champ who is only really good vs full ad teams the second u have a ap/ad botlane and a ap mid lane taric is buggered as he has to build magic resist which means his passive,Q and W are all weaker. Maybe rework him to bring him inline first before u start nurfing him its not like he is a commen pick any way as i have lvl5 masteries on him and in the the year since i have been maining him i have only seen 2 other tarics.
Read the post again. Then read your comment.
: If it is possible, then troll the game and repeat to gain infinite Riot game.
The only riot involved in those games will be the one that his team will start.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Welcome to pre-season; the time of year where Riot are able to test out huge changes to the game without causing too much problems in the ranked system. Pre-season will always include a lot of unbalanced problems, but they're looking into it, and balancing will happen over the course of the next months before Season 6 starts.
"without causing too much problems in the ranked system" Hm. Indeed.
Rioter Comments
: Ranked season ending time?
Should be November 11th, or so I'm told.
: yup ^^ not sure for the rest though
Vi's one fits her character well. Brand and Nunu, while punny, might not fit quite as well. Meanwhile, the bottom row is absolutely spot on.
: Thats a random guess by Smerk. There are good reasons to believe the voting system will not make it back this year (although it might), but there is no information whatsoever when it will be back. Personally I think it will be back in early 2016, but my guess is just as random Smerks. > It's been disabled for ages now, and there are no signs of its return. Thats not entirely true. Lyte answers questions about the new Tribunal regulary, so saying there are no signs of the tribunal return isn't at all correct. There are a lot of signs, it WILL come back.
Ah, fair enough then.
Smerk (EUW)
: Tribunal will come back with many improvements, but no release date yet, closer to the end of 2016 probably. Old Tribunal is inferior to active behaviour systems that's why it was disabled
End of 2016? Wow. Well, thanks for the info.
WishStar (EUNE)
: Taric.What would you change?
Armour of the Fifth Age should be the default skin. /thread
Rioter Comments
Puckab (EUW)
: Logics :D
That's the point. They're supposed to be easy to play. That's why they're 450 ip. The cost has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the champion, but the age and the difficulty of playing said champion.
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The MageLord,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=JaGERkEw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-26T14:53:43.225+0000) > > Nope. I'm quite certain I didn't leave a game. Not game, champ select, as that would count as a loss automatically while you are in promo series. Happens to people frequently actually :/ And is about the only explanation i have usually for similar events happening. If you are certain it is not your problem, go ahead and Submit a Request to Riot Support, they can look into this with you :)
Never mind. I played a game, and it turned out it was a glitch or something. I won the game, and I got into S3 lol. Thanks for the help anyway. :)
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings Did you at any point dodge a game in champ select while in your Promo Series this time?
Nope. I'm quite certain I didn't leave a game.
Rioter Comments
: Hi! Firstly; you said you are lvl 16. You are still learning how to play and trying to climb up the lvl 30. It's ok to play bad sometimes. Nobody learned this game perfectly in the first try anyway. You'll be better. And about those people who ruin games by trolling, going afk, being toxic and feeding intentionally etc. ; I used to really care about this issue as well. And I can understand how it bothers you while you are playing a game. I felt the same... And trust me, answering them or reacting back to them doesn't really work since most of these "players" are bunch of spoiled youngsters or children and they won't really care about anything at all. This community is getting more and more corrupted day by day. You'd just end up getting angry and rage during game and they would report you. You'd get bans. I can just recommend you to mute people when they get on your nerves. I recently started doing these during games and trying to communicate with the pings, signals... I barely talk to the team as long as I don't need to. Just mute them, you can't teach people to behave better over internet anyway. It doesn't even happen in real life. Don't ever ruin your games and your mood by trying to communicate them. They won't understand. Hope it will be better for you. :)
What this guy said; also, I reckon there are fewer flamers around these days then when I just started out. Seems like I'm the only one who's experiencing that.
Doxxxie (EUW)
: Dream champion
Passive: Old {{champion:101}} Q: Old {{champion:101}} W: Old {{champion:101}} E: Old {{champion:101}} R: Old {{champion:101}} I miss old {{champion:101}}.
: Braum with Kennen's passive buff?
Well, a lot of assets for buffs/debuffs on the HUD are reused assets from other champs, old items, etc. Why Braum has this, though, is beyond me, when his own passive's icon would do fine.
Nbq (EUW)
: Agreed and signed. She could be apprehended by Noxian agents and summarily executed for treason. Bye bye
And then come back with a bionic arm and and explosive sword. Hmmm.
cacarott (EUW)
: What lack of interest in lore? His lore shows he is the God of war and blood, nothing about him dying at all. Also if you wanna talk lore and easter eggs did you know he is featured on a rock in the new rift? The two sides (red and blue) show the Protectorate and Magelords, from the first recorded great war (which he turned around). Aatrox is featured on a rock in his demon form, i.e. he was remembered by those he killed and engraved there forever. Google it to see the picture, explaining its location is kinda hard. Also you can only see it in game if your terrain settings are at least on high.
The incredibly sad thing is that you even mentioned what I was getting at, and the joke still seems to escape you. Have a look at my name xD
cacarott (EUW)
: Wow, did you recently get destroyed by devourer Aatrox lol? Also please explain "painful he can get" that is in no way gramatically correct or right.
*slow and painful death. And I'm disappointed in your lack of interest in his lore. :(
Canni (EUW)
: Maybe they're testing us to see if the players care about Riven so they can delete it later :)
And pigs can fly, and I'm the Queen of England.
Zavion (EUW)
: Riot's balance team needs a buff, quite simply. All of these juggernauts, Irelia, Shyvana, Gangplank, Fiora, Rengar and some devourer junglers are pick or ban. Unfortunately there are only 6 bans available, and more than 10 champions which NEED to be banned. Bans are supposed to be for champions which counter your champion/your team comp. Not "Ban who is broken in this patch". Which is how it currently is.
> [{quoted}](name=Crusader Zavion,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=f2n4XbHq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-14T23:05:55.962+0000) > > Bans are supposed to be for champions which counter your champion/your team comp. Not "Ban who is broken in this patch" Not condoning it or anything, but as far as I can remember that's how it's always been. Find out who's broken, and ban.
Karsh (EUNE)
: I doubt that anybody here even thought anything about mastering him. It's all about how easy it is to actually just pick him up and then you can just dash in lane between all minions like a madman without any plan and somehow get close to the enemy and *poof* first blood. Then just continue to bully almost every enemy mid laner, not letting them even get close to minions to catch up, in fear of getting you fed to the high hells. And obviously almost every Yasuo player will get fed anyway, even if you are hugging your turret and pissing your pants. In other words: I had a bad day, thanks to Yasuo.
Yasuo has a high skill ceiling, though. His issue is that once you break a certain level of skill, below which he's worse than useless, he then becomes a god amongst mid laners. If you picture it as a graph of skill against effectiveness, the initial starting point is very low, but as skill is added, effectiveness shoots up exponentially. At low-mid range skill levels, he more or less tops everything.
cacarott (EUW)
: I was hoping for some Aatrox buffs, but after the juggernauts I actually hope they never touch him again...
Aatrox does not need buffs. He deserves every slow and painful he can get on the Rift, for who and what he is.
Lazoh (EUW)
: Can we talk about Garen?
He's getting nerfs next patch, I think. The whole lot of the Juggies are getting nerfed. Good, I say.
Four Star (EUW)
: What music do you listein to while you are playing league?
Classical. Mostly Mozart and Bach. Occasionally I take some of the music out from other games' files and use that.
SirMelf (EUW)
: Is matchmaking broken?
Well, unless you intend to imply that someone in Riot has a vendetta against you, there's no reason why it would favour the other team over you, because each player has the same system deciding their match-ups. So you have an equal chance to get feeders on the other team. Also, keep in mind that 0.5% is a very small chance, but it still exists. 0.5% isn't exactly astronomically small, when you consider the number of players playing the game, eventually someone would have gotten that end of the stick, and it turned out to be you. You could either be incredibly unlucky, or perhaps there is something wrong with your way of playing. I'm in a similar situation, having fallen from SI to SII, to SIV in a relatively small span of time. So, I'm just taking this chance to look at what I'm doing wrong, and stepping up my own game. I suggest you do the same.
Light Show (EUNE)
: Will you guys ever add a language filter?
They should implement an automatic translator into the system. I mean, it's an internationally played game, with millions of players around the world, at least they could let us know exactly what insults are being thrown at us. :P
: League of Delusions of Grandure
I'd say Yasuo and Lee Sin, at least, have fairly high skill requirements compared to other champions. But I will say that once you reach that point, you get massive disproportional rewards.
Mada (EUW)
: What's wrong with {{champion:412}} The lantern is just SO much fun!
He has a lot in his kit, more than other supports do, with both his peel and offensive capability being almost on par with specialist supports like Janna and Leona. Only thing he actually lacks as a support is sustain. Most supports either have a specialty in one of three categories: offense, defense or sustain, or they'll have a toned down mix of two or three, resulting in a dichotomy between "generalists" and "specialists." Thresh, however, is a generalist, with the strength of a specialist in both of his chosen categories. That being said, I wouldn't exactly go to the extent of saying he's cancer.
: Darius is balanced
He really didn't need that big of a buff. His damage is ridiculous, and his bases are high as hell. That would still be manageable, but for the heal on his Q. I seem to recall Riot often mentioning that champs needed to have counterplay, and also mentioned that Darius lacking mobility and sustain was a part of his gameplay identity. So it seems a little bit odd that they'd completely remove one of his two weaknesses, and giving him enough in the rest of his kit to offset the other. On a slightly related note, I just saw one (fed, but still) crush a Malphite from 75% health with his ult. It was terrifying.
: Not possible. Everything and everyone is filled with darkness. There is no light in Summoners' Rift or anywhere else. EDIT: WHAT? I actually got UPvoted. O.O Community plz XD
For the Rift is dark, and full of terrors.
: Make it so that teammates can control the afk - problem solved.
They do this in DoTA. Essentially just free gold for the enemy team.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: League of Legends is the number 1 competitive video game in the world
League of Legends, no. 1 competitive video game? Pfft, Mario Party would like a word.
: I didn't correct anything
> [{quoted}](name=FortuneDoesWeed,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ijEVEjBy,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-23T14:50:13.987+0000) > > i think you mean that you understand that other people may have problems Well, you did. Maybe I misunderstood, but you seemed to try to correct Dr Chromosome in his usage of "appreciate" instead of understand. I'm not judging though. Nothing wrong with what you said.
Svvish (EUW)
: I don't get these white knight threads.
What's there not to understand? OP has an opinion, and they took to the forums to post it. It's just the same as all the rage threads, and, for better or for worse, the boards are here for discussion, and this is what they're doing.
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