A Ocean (EUW)
: +1 for the good sarcasm, you got me there for a second.
Plot twist:he wasn't joking
: 'GG' Means 'Good Game'
You forgot to mention people at enemy team who get mad when u say gg gg GG?! HOW CAN YU SAI THAT OMFG REPORTED WE HAVE 1 AFK AND U SAY GG HOW DEER U I WILL KILL UR MOATHER For people like them:gg isn't something bad so calm down,they are allowed to say gg when u have afk it's not restricted rofl
: Like spoiled kids crying when they don't get their sweets because they misbehaved. What do you do as a good mother/father in this case? Exactly, you stay strong and don't give any. They will remember next time.
Too bad they get their sweets next day but the rewards here are given once a year.For a misbehave,a single ban.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
No,it's not like you said."Misbehaved so much".As i said in my post "change the system so only those who got many bans in short amount of time".But they don't give any rewards for a single ban,as rioters said.So I didn't misbehaves so much that i don't deserve them,i don't think a ban is such a misbehave. And for the first sentence,as i said,once again,I sent a ticket and asked rioters if my ban was because of many games or because of the game in the mail and also if the ban's duration becomes longer with every ban you get.They answered just like " Our behavior system acts on the action exhibited in the match and does not follow a tiered method. The punishment correlates with what you're saying to others and what kind of environment you're creating. Depending on the severity of the situation, it is possible to become permanently suspended on your first violation if the behavior is extreme enough. " So what he/she said is that bans don't get bigger if you get many,they can all be 7 days or even your first ban can be perma depending on your behaviour.So,yes,for a single game out of so many.Because that was the game he got in the mail.If you said that you're curious about that statement and you refered to "where he didn't do something wrong" then that's why i sent you in the first post the thread with his mail tribunal case.Because as i said they can ban someone only for one game,and that game is sent on your email,so the case on that thread is the reason for a 14 days ban,which is not fair cause he wasn't misbehaving.You understand now?
Telenus (EUW)
: {{item:2044}} is ur best friend
Depends,what if we have warded already but as you know we can't have a ward for every place in the jungle,and even so she can use the flash r even if we see her and by doing so we burn our flashes either or our escapes,or if we don't have any,then goodbye match
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: can we "veigar" annie.
Yes i hate when our team has no escape and an annie appears out of fog of war with a flash and then instastuns like 4 of 'em then w 'em and 50% of their hp is gone.Support,mid doesn't matter annie still deals 50% of enemies hp with that combo,then just zhonyas and gains q and w + the stun again.The reason veigar got nerfed is because of his uncounterplayability for his e cuz it was instastun,so why must he get nerfed and not annie,who's stun is instant too?Riot,pls use common sense and nerf her w and ult cuz instastuns are the worst
thanchon (EUW)
: LoL was funnier when we didn't know what to do in the game
I remember the good old times when i tried kassadin in bot game,i liked him,then i went pvp and got rekt and spent a refund on him,then i bought him again cuz i saw somebody else rocking with him,then i saw that master yi skin is 390 and i bought it,then i sucked at master yi and refunded it too...oh wait those arent good times cuz i will never get back my refunds :( rip refunds rito pls 1 more i don't have any more refunds i dont even know where the last one went. Im sure i speak for 80% of people when i say that we lost all refunds pre 30 not knowing the value of them :(
: Again. We need 5 bans and 1 for each player
Yep,we need more bans,but my reasons are to ban all the junglers, just look at them :gragas sejuani rengo elise eve shyvana fizz i mean for real in 99.99% games one of the mentioned junglers are played.And excluding junglers there are those characters that get suddently a buff and are god tier like garen's 1k true damage ultimate and unkillability i mean what is he,darius with resistance? seriously he had literally 0 dmg items and dealt more dmg than our adc.Then there's skarner who...well you know,after the buff it's either ban either pick,and then there's fiora who has a w that not only gives sivir's e,which blocks 1 or has a possibility of blocking 2 spells if they land at the same time,but it blocks anything(autos,spells,anything u can damage her with) (didnt try ignite or something else but prob the same result) and also blocks any cc from incoming attacks,even mumu's ultimate,nami's ultimate,vi's ultimate ,k u got it, and ALSO transforms any cc in a stun which she can deal to people in a line.But that';s not all,there is her q which is like an yasuo who uses e wherever he wants and then rapidly uses q and has low cd late game especially if it lands,and the ultimate which has a heal bigger than janna's ult,which also gives 4 passive stacks and big movement speed when around the targeted enemy.Seriously i played fiora and when i was ganked i just ulted somebody and i thought i'm master yi.She isn't THAT insane,but if played correctly..well just look at the random lol moments when fiora 1v4'd enemy team.And there's more champs like Viktor,or Vlad and so on.If i could i would ban 3/4 of the roster. EDIT:Sorry i even forgot MORDEKAISER ADC who just hits somebody with x9 the first hit so if first hit is like 200 then god have mercy on 1800 dmg per one single AUTO,and who takes a dragon without even using ult,which has 3,4k hp and can dive tower and then destroy it easily.Seriously im so glad this guy was at our team,going adc bot and legendary easily...He has resistance with passive,also with a lulu support there's no way you can kill this guy.
: I have my hair covering my right eye most of the time and i can see perfectly fine, bar a little obstruction. You would be surprised how easy it is to see through hair. Now if we're complaining about realism in LoL, then that's just stupid. Last time i checked, two handed swords were supposed to be held with two hands to be used properly {{champion:23}} {{champion:92}} Wooden clogs aren't exactly the most practical shoes for running around a jungle either {{champion:77}} Also, i'm pretty sure cannons take a long time to reload after every shot {{champion:18}} My point here is that LoL is fantasy universe in which things out of the ordinary are created because they can be, however impractical. They weren't thinking "oh, this hairstyle isn't practical enough", instead they were thinking "this hairstyle suits the personality perfectly". This is also the reason why so many people are unhappy about the new one. {{champion:114}}
> Wooden clogs aren't exactly the most practical shoes for running around a jungle either {{champion:77}} Unless you're Jiraiya.
huckasex (EUW)
: so dont do step 4, problem solved? and vayne is a counter to sivir? why that?
> [{quoted}](name=huckasex,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=monxTzNF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-21T08:55:37.647+0000) > > so dont do step 4, problem solved? > > and vayne is a counter to sivir? > why that? everyone says that,since her e can't block anything from vayne except e,and that if she's lucky,and she kinda is in every game,also she can dodge sivir's q with her q,but how will she dodge the 400 dmg crits tho I don't believe she's a counter,either
Swittz (EUW)
: or bait the shield and destroy her
ye but it shouldn't stop 2 damn spells if it says that block the next goddamn spell not next 10 spells :\
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: What? Are you under the assumption that a silence slows? If you're silenced you can still walk away from it....
Depends,he can have rilay,or if you re in a small area in jungle he will silence u so you wont use any esc tool and use q in the direction u run,thus making u dodge it by going back to cho and his 900 true damage +150 dmg aa s.And also depends on who you chase,don t expect to dodge his q easily as adc with 375 speed with upgraded boots.Also there s no way for one of cho s teammates not to to have at least a slow
: lack of mobility, his cc is all skill shots, easily kited, no gap close, no escape. His Q's are easily dodged, I must admit his passive is so strong in the lane phase so trading is out of the question unless you have lifesteal.
Q easily dodged?U must use q silence instead of silence q.
DrussIV (EUW)
: Why do so few people complain about Cho?
I always ban him especially when i play riven cuz 2.5 sec silence is the worst when ur champ relies on spells.Also that 1k true damage when u have 1.8k health and free sustain is damn broken
: This day just got awesome!
so now if we report somebody that will get banned we get this or is this photoshopped?
GioRay (EUNE)
: This isn't a fair solution, cause for instance my team is picking the lane I wanted, what stops me to re-boot by button my pc for losing less lp?
i never said that you shouldnt lose lp for rebooting pc(i just said it's unfair)but i say that it should automatically leave champ select if u do that
Ôrange (EUNE)
: Did you choose your champion before the curent went off ?
yep,i was the 1st pick if i remember correctly,then the other 2 of my team(2 and 3)were picking when the currrent went off.
: Wait? How the hell did the match start if people didn't pick their champ yet? Because when someone leave the Champ Select and not jsut dc's, the Champ Select is closed on it's own
That's what im wondering,i mean my pc shutted down and the whole current and match still started even tho i wasnt there,but then again it can start even if the internet drops but dunno if it's supposed to start even when you leaving..
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Ebola san (EUNE)
: So, i saw that Azir nerf on PBE... Let's talk about this
He might be hard but in high elo he's almost always either banned or picked and the team with {{champion:268}} has a big chance to win just because he can destroy enemy position with his ultimate pretty much like gragas ,but unlike him the ultimate remains as a wall that stops ur dashes so unless u have to burn flash or if u have something like ezreal's e you can't pass through 7 soldiers to get back to ur team,and even so azir and his teammates gain speed by entering in that wall,just get a support to use rigtheous glory too for more speed and it's a secured kill
: The story of either an angry rioter or a very unlucky and coincidental tribunal failure
I got a 14 days ban like a month ago but that was deserved since my team turned against me and told me that im noob after i got everyone of my team fed by roaming as midder.That really got me mad ,really ,imagine urself camping bot as midder and the supp says ''i carried botlane''and not as a joke ,and then calling u trash and saying go afk.Can t remember if i was toxic in any game except this one but this was the most intense AND exactly this game was shown in the mail..I just guess only this match was necesary for my ban since they couldn t find another game where i was toxic.And as you i was banned right after the match ,just when i was in rank c. select and for some reason i lost not 3 but 10 lp(no the match was not even close to start)and still dunno why but lemme know what excuse will rito give u so i can see how ''good'' their system is cause from what i ve read there s no reason for a ban(especially when rito supp told me that bans are given for how much u flame ,and not for how many bans u had.So even if ur case is banworthy it CERTAINLY isn t a 14 days ban.
: Yes.
Ok thanks for letting me know,rito's going 2 be so amused after the game i had lol xD also do you know if they see the champ select one either?:D
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LordSocom (EUW)
: they jumped on him & he could just stun & run away with q & e. I think you're thinking about another clip. And what he did was only possible because of the AoE stun & the massive shield and he was alone so it's definitely another clip you're talking about :p
I watched the clip again,well they were all low hp and almost oom and the stun only got jayce,+ it's a little stun like 1 sec ,but still who dives a riven with low hp and oom xD and the shield didn't block almost any damage,it was used only for the dash. P.S. im talking about this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UelWt8tLxac
: Lobby terrorists
or who instalok fiddlesticks support xD gotta dodge everitiem :(
Rioter Comments
LordSocom (EUW)
: BoxBox got a quad without using a keyboard on riven.. don't give us that BS that she's hard -_-
he got that quadra when enemies blindly dived him(not even him if i remember correctly they went after his teammates),he could do that quadra with pretty much anyone
Eeten (EUW)
: Because they are easy champs with no mechanics, and when you tell em, they get mad.
played vs a silver riven,she was spamming q,no cancel animation,yeah riven is pretty easy for plat+ mb not for ppl who spam
Stell (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=holydinges,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=szfE1gW9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-03T08:29:00.033+0000) > > people who constandly report incorrectly(reported player is found innocent) will have there report not weighted as much. > lets say i report 3 people every game becouse im a rager and always blame others. > my reports are injust and the reported people wont get punished becouse they did nothing wrong. > next time i report some1 the system wil practicly ignore my report as i make alot of false reports. > > dont worry about the angry reporters as they dont get weighted heavily. > keep on smiling and keep on going :) I'm not scared of the reports and i've never even got a warning, that wasn't the point. I know how it works. What sickens me is the way some people think that reporting is a valid option to direct their anger, as if it helps somehow.
If you never got a warning then u weren t reported cuz not riot give u warning,but the ammount of reports(even if they are false they still count to warning,they just won t count at ban) and yea people who say ''rep x for y after plox''are the ones who should be banned and if enemy says that to one of his allies i defend that guy and report the one who says''report ....''(only if the guy i defend doesn t destroy the game on purpose,if he does that then i rep him and i m thinking about the other one cuz i hate when ppl call for reports even if they are right,if you wanna rep somebody just do it without telling others what to do cuz they know what 2 do either).
: I have to ask you: Is stealing a camp banable: a) No b) No And another question Is intentinal feed banable: a) Yes b) Yes choose your answers now...
> [{quoted}](name=PuppiesKiller,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=l7tdPIJp,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2015-07-03T11:21:09.472+0000) > > I have to ask you: > > Is stealing a camp banable: > a) No > b) No *cough* assisting enemy team *cough*
: I'm only missing 11. Varus would be nice.
Heard that if u miss only 10 or below champs u get skin if i were you i d try to make ip to buy 1-2 champs
: What champ are you hoping for?
I only need like 18 champs or so and i hope i get Urgod or zyra cuz i like her as a midder.Even {{champion:48}} would be nice cuz i find it hard laning vs him or when hes jungler
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=OXFUUrGX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-30T22:18:08.279+0000) > > This. It's a warning that you were reported more than usual. Thanks for clarifying.Then i guess people like to report for no reasons.Also this warning and ppl reports are useless if i behave correctly right?Cuz it would be a shame to be banned for having a bad match and people to rep me for i. feeding/offensive altho i do neither.
Sdars (EUW)
: Why doesn't Annie throw the bear?
If annie would throw the bear then it would be balanced...where would fun be if you can't instastun their entire team and lower their hp by half as a mere support? kappa
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: Most Fun to play ADC?
{{champion:67}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:104}} best and funniest adc but from all i prefer vayne.
Onepete7 (EUW)
: Am i too nice for Ranked mode?
Sometimes all you have to do is let some champions' lines guide you :D "Only fools pledge life to honor"-Talon "Never play fair"-Katarina Also this thing will happen to you eventually,so better profit of it when it happens as others will profit of your afk teammates.
xZabaksx (EUW)
: write ur champions
{{champion:103}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:236}} girls are good in games,both ways xD.Dayum 1 black guy and 4 girls,this can't be good


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