: The problem here is that you are naturally assuming that everyone thinks the same way you do, and is at the same skill level as you. They aren't, and never will be. What you consider to be tryharding and stressful, other people would consider to be relaxing and easy. For example, your average pro support player is very used to timing the opponent's summoner spells, and will do it without thinking about it too much. On the other hand, I struggle to accurately time these summoner spells so to do so is very much tryharding for me. Similarly, going from your example, someone like BoxBox will animation cancel on Riven automatically because he is so used to doing it, whereas a less skilled Riven player will find this very difficult and probably won't bother doing unless they are tryharding. So no, it's not toxic at all, just different people playing at different skill levels. As for the "one-account-per-person policy", even if Riot did make that rule it's almost impossible to enforce it. Valve have tried getting rid of smurfs in the past in DOTA2 and failed miserably. Yes they even tried having a system where you could only played ranked matches if your account was linked to a physical phone number. It didn't work.
Of course I know that not always I will be matched with people of the same skill, I'm just saying that it's plain unfair to lose a game where you're clearly better than your foes but still lost because of extreme tryhard. I have played countless games where I have lost the laning phase from noobs, just because they are playing OP champs, but win the game later on because said people did get fed but are terrible when it comes to teamfights. However, I cannot always rely on the late game phase to make an impact.
karolmo (EUW)
: So you're saying that because you're bad i should let you win? That's not how the real world works.
I'm bad because I always have a Yasuo-Nautilus opponent in bot lane that won't even let me farm or else I will get hooked by Nautilus and ulted to death? Or am I bad because I don't play these 20-30 OP champs that change every patch because I want to play the champs I want in order to have fun? Likewise, there is no point in counterpicking your lane opponent every single time, because this way you are forced to pick champions that you probably aren't familiar with and aren't able to play the one you want. Keep in mind, we are talking about normal games here.
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