: [CHAMP SUG] Scrappy, the crazy mechanic
This consept feels too OP... The passive allows him too much health when he picks up his wrench. Imagine a situation where you throw the screwdriver, the enemy deals about 80% of your health as damage, you pick up the screwdriver and it's like nothing happened. I would recomend doing this instead, he heals himself a bit and for a small duration he has increased healing that can either be based on how much health he is missing or based on something else. This way it won't be too frustrating to fight him, if he were to heal all of his health that he lost, it would be nearly the same as giving him an Ekko ult as a passive that works better then an ult. That was pretty much the OP part. The rest of the kit is okay but why would anyone use him in the jungle? He'd be way more useful on a lane. The stacks he gets for minions dying near him, the fact that there are structures on lanes and those structures could protect him while he uses his E if people try to tower dive him.
MuMoGu (EUW)
: I like your ideas mate :D i think you alone would rework wukong better than the design team will xD
If I'd rework champions, people would want me dead XD I actually hate a lot of the characters that most people love... But my reason for that is that I honestly want the game to be fair! There are too many champs that have the whole, this counters this and that counters that and if you do this you can beat them. On paper it sounds like you can beat Katarina with these items and that she is weak to these kinds of abilities, in the actual game it is not like that at all... But thanks for thinking I'd be good enough to make better reworks then the Riot Staff XD
quiker445 (EUW)
: Why do i get bad a team every game?
I'm silver 3 at the moment, but once in bronze someone told me that I play like a gold or diamond 4. If you want some advice, then I've got some. 1. Fill in the blanks. Pick your champions based on what the team needs. If your team is made from nothing but squishy damage dealers, the most common problem, then you pick something that is tanky and can take a hit. If there is nothing but AD in your team, then you pick AP. You don't need to know every champion like the back of your hands, just know enough that you can pick something the team needs. Also try to make sure what the team needs is something you want to play. 2. Objectives, ALWAYS focus mainly on the MAIN objectives. Kills are just a bonus, epic monsters are helpful but not necessary, teamwork is needed but there are many forms of teamwork. The main objective of the game is to destroy the nexus, but in order to destroy the nexus you need to destroy an inhibitor, and in order to destroy an inhibitor you need to destroy towers. If you need kills and epic monster buffs to do the most basic thing, then you're doing something wrong. Towers grant gold and xp for everyone, but they're easier to destroy with attack speed and damage. Sure AP works now a days, but there used to be a time when being an AP player pushing a lane was a waste of time. 3. Kills and deaths are just numbers. They don't matter if you lose. You can be a guy with 50 kills and 0 deaths but still lose the game. Or you can be the guy with 0 kills and 50 deaths but still win the game. Nobody ever complains or compares anything to assists, so why should these 2 matter? Kills don't equals skill. 4. Don't care about who gets the kill, as long as someone kills the guy that needs to be dead. Kinda similar rule to the last one, but when you have 5 people using abilities on a target and everyone lands a hit, NOBODY should start crying about the fact they didn't get the kill. The enemy is dead, end of story. Besides everyone gets gold and XP for it so why are people crying? Only glory hounds cry when someone else manages to kill. 5. Basics, ALWAYS KNOW YOUR BASICS!! Just cause someone created this "New Meta" the things you've learned so far will help you survive against the new meta in many ways. You still have to destroy the nexus, you still have to destroy the inhibitor and you still have to destroy the turrets no matter what the meta is. This way you always have a plan to deal with anyone. 6. Try to be a team player. The hardest thing is to be a teamplayer. Some people will be toxic, some people will be rude and some people will just find blame in others. But no matter what, just swallow your pride for a moment and try to help your teammates. But another method is to just be supportive. Many people will be ungrateful for your work, but when you do the right thing, you have increased your teams chances of winning. 7. Don't rely on anyone. Not everyone is gonna be a teamplayer, so if you see that you have a teammate who refuses to do their part then try to just come up with a new plan. If you're on a lane that is having to deal with the enemy teams most powerful player, then just come up with a new plan and just try to hang in there. Don't blame anyone, but do point out what the problem really is. 8. A job needs done. This advice is the same as Objectives. But unlike that advice, if you see your team isn't doing the things your team needs to do to win, then you try doing it. A team that only tries to push mid and nothing else won't get anywhere, so break out of that and go push a lane or get a drake. There are times when the enemy team is foolish enough to go on 1 spot of the map, leaving other parts of the map open. Use that chance to push lanes, get drakes and ward. Welp that's about it. Many rules but you can easily come up with your own if needed. Also, if you report people, try using the small text box below. Most people will most likely just press the options and that's it. Use actual words to describe how this person was terrible, it does help even if it doesn't feel like it.
: That is an actually good idea
They already have the materials to do it. Now they just have to grow a spine and try it.
: TFT CC Immune units.
Or they could block movement by creating walls/pillars of stone so characters who would normally just run first into battle, now have to move around an obstacle and making them divided.
: Don't give them the idea of releasing the PvE game modes for ever but you can't play them without the skins for the said game mode...
Hey I don't mean PvE game modes forever. More like an actual game based on the PvE mode.
: No more PvE
I never really cared for the PvE events. I don't buy skins cause I have no money. All the skins I have are from insane amount of hard work with no real reward... I have about 20 keys and nothing to use them on. Also, if Riot really wanted, they could've made small games on the side that use the League of Legends lore. Heck they could've even just made these pve game modes into actual games that are just marketting league of legends one way or another.
MuMoGu (EUW)
: i think is current passive is very boring and provides no interactive plays so i thought i spice it up a it. i never played dota so i didnt know it was the same but i would 100% be fine with your version or the standart Q since its a cool and simple ability which enables some diffrent fun playstyles. The idea where he gets camouflaged came to my mind while i was writing this so didnt really thought enough about it but i also think its a bit much and maybe even unfair. when it comes to the W i never really liked this because if played correctly its a 50/50 for the opponent to guess right and im not a fan of this. His E is too simple for my taste and especially since nowadays every champion has high mobility Wukong should also stand up to todays standarts in this regard. im glad you liked my idea with the shroud and i think your version is also really interesting and defintly better than the current one but if i would have to choose i would still take mine version since i like more agressive ults. regardless im very gratefull for your time and critics and lets hope he turns out just fine :D
This is literally 2/3 of Wukong players talking XD I'm the one who liked to play Wukong more as a tank like character, more health and durability with enough damage to be able to 1 vs 1. You're the one who prefers him more as a bruiser type, deals a lot of damage but has enough health to survive some heavy blows. The last 1/3 is the wukong players who play him as an assasin with nothing but damage. Yeah the Q was pretty much the only ability that showed his wuju style, even though it's the most basic over the head straight swing. But it used to be so effective since it used to have a bit of damage to it. Well the W did have some good uses. 2 times I ever made a kill with it XD 1 time teemo who was just a hit away from dying and standing in place to be invisible. A fizz who had just 10 hp and he uses his jump ability as a way to kill me but I wasn't on that spot XD It all depends on how you use it. Well think of it like this, doesn't that make him unique then? Since he is one of the few characters who has a dash that requires an enemy target. I don't think he needs a skill shot style jump or dash or teleport, I think that click dash just needs the right type of ending to it. His E was meant to be his ability to get in the middle of the enemy team, while his W was meant to be the trick to get out of there. It's just that he made 2 clones that hit random things while Wukong hits the one he was trying to hit and then just got some attack speed. Point and click dashes are okay as long as they don't just 1 shot people, but Wukong clearly needs something better then just few clones and attack speed. Well how about a compromise for the R? When Wukong uses his ult, anyone inside the area, gets a clone of him while 1 person has to deal with the real one aswell. Each clone follows their target and they all has Wukongs max health while dealing less damage. And they mimic everything wukong does. He auto attacks, clones auto attack. He uses ability, clones use ability. That should be enough action for ya.
: Thanks, I love the portal suggestion because it might just actually work. Next game that descends into a similar situation I'll consider buying one. What do you consider a "smart spot" btw? Like a bush? Also maybe you're right, maybe all it takes is one person to actually do stuff on a team (like leave the ARAM mid lane and go defend that tower, secure that drake while the enemy is top, etc). I'll try to be more proactive. You're totally right, if they're not doing it, there's no point getting mad at them for not doing it, I'll just do it myself.
For 1 really smart spot in early game, if you're on the top right side on summoners rift, you go into the bush and place the portal just over the wall. Sure the voidlings will take some time to get to the tower, but that is 1 spot that usually gets ignored as long as the enemy jungler isn't an active type, the voidlings go through the bush and walk straight to the turret. The second turret on the top right and botton left are a bit of a risk since someone is bound to go through there, but place the portal into a bush that is near the red buff, not next to it, the bush close to it and that bush usually tends to be tricky since it requires a specific spot on for the voidlings to take the shortest route. If placed right, the voidlings should take the shortest route around the terrain, literally coming from behind the turret. You don't always have to even hide the portal, when near the end, when only the inhibitor turrets are left, then just try to get the portal to a spot where the minion wave doesn't just reveal it with their vision. I'd say you're Proactive enough. It's more about knowing when you get a chance to just go and quickly push a lane, kill the drake and what ever else you need to do. Defending towers is a priorirty, but pushing also is needed. Plus there are other ways to defend aswell. It just takes practice. Also, I honestly hate when people don't do the things that are needed to be done -.- Sure there's no point in getting mad at players who don't do certaing things, but that does not excuse them to be glory hounds and make it so that you should do it by yourself. Point it out to them that they were being the problem, if they start talking back about how you fed the enemy team, then just keep playing the same tune. They will just create more excuses to blame you, but you blame them by not blaming them, just pointing at the real problem that needed fixing that they chose to ignore. Let the flamers flame, every fire dies out sooner or later, you're just sturring the fire with a stick to just get the what ever fire is left. Also last piece of advice. Basics, always know your basics. The basics are a safer bet then trying to pull of the tricks some people just created by accident.
MuMoGu (EUW)
: Wukong Rework Concept (Lets work together to bring our monkey back to life)
I would say that his Old passive is still better. It just needed better visual effects and probably better numbers cause Wukong always felt like the type of monkey who'd rather fight in big fights then 1 vs 1. And since you mentioned it, Wukong should have a style that is actually proper wuju since he is the ONLY person taught by Yi. And his staff is meant to be unique. How? The Q kinda resembles Dota 2's Monkey king with it being a skill shot, but it just stuns people for a second. But this idea would make him annoying to fight since he could nearly disappears at any moment. Characters who are constantly disappearing and reappering are really annoying, but with range it would be impossible to deal with him. I would simply keep it as a simple point and click ability but instead of just dealing damage, it deals damage in an area. The main target takes the main damage and loses armor as others around the target take less damage and lose less armor. I would also say that ofr that attack it would increase his attack range. Well for the W, well I would say that it would do what Riot planned on doing, making a clone that moves for a bit and actually fights for a few seconds. E is still fine in my opinion. Not the best but not the worst. Or iit could be a simple dash with a small aoe of Wukong making clones that hit enemies. And based on how many clones he made increased his attack speed. For R I would kinda use your W idea. Wukong would create this smoke area where he is camouflaged but inside the area there are Wukong clones appearing and disappearing. If an enemy is inside the smokey area, they see Wukong clones and some of those clones try to take a wack at the enemy. They wouldn't go straight at champs, more like, enemy gets in range and clone attacks. Otherwise, they just walk around for a second or 2 while the smoke is there. I honestly see Wukong more as someone who tries to take on multiple opponents, but not being stupid about it, and actually be more of someone who can do 1 vs 1 but prefers teamfights.
: Idk what I'm doing that's so wrong
You want some advice. Here you go. 1. Don't rely on anything. You can ask for help when you need it, but don't rely on your teammates to do anything. You might do the things you want your teammates to do, but they will most likely do things their way. There are so many players and everyone looks at things from their point of view. 2. Think more simple. Think simple thing, how will I survive this lane? How can I beat that guy to a pulp? When should I ask for help? Don't think about how your teammates are gonna do things, YOU have more important things to think about! Mainly your lane opponent and your role on the team. 3. Get the job done. Nothing gets done when no one bothers. If there a job that needs to get done, but the player who is suppose to do it isn't doing it, then either you or someone else has to get it done. If you're the main tank of the team, too bad the team either has to follow you or actually have to think for once! If you're the high damage assasin, then your team needs to learn to survive while you use your damage to take out towers when the enemy is too busy trying to be killers. 4. Focus on winning. Doesn't matter if you have the most kills or deaths, those are just useless numbers that fools focus on even when they lose. Which sounds better? The guy who has 20 kills and 0 deaths but has lost all games he's been getting those scores? Or the guy with 0 kills and 20 deaths but has won every game he's been getting those scores on? Also, get a {{item:3512}} . Placing it on a smart spot will do 2 things. First it deals damage to turrets and your opponent won'r even realise it if they can't see the voidlings. Secondly it slows down minion waves when ever minions cross the path of a voidling. If your team wants Aram fights then getting that item will help you with that, as long as you manage to place it down first before the enemy team realises.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheBrokeRogue,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=smgJN0vQ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-09-09T15:42:56.577+0000) > > That's funny. {{champion:86}} Has the same problem, or his cooldown starts when he activates his ability instead of going into cooldown after. And Garen is the poster boy for not much having cooldowns. wtf are you talking about ? did you ever played garen ?
Let me guess, you're a Garen main right? Let me answer your question with another question. Did you ever play Rumble?
GreekCake (EUNE)
: Makining League a GAME!
.... The best answer is No and yes. No because then it would be a buggy game that can barely function. Yes because Riot could make smaller games that work well. Heck, Riot could easily make single player campaign games based on different parts of Runeterra. Just pick the region and make a story that the player plays. The only real reason why they aren't doing that is because of the corporation. Why should a corpoartion spend even a single cent on a game that might not make as much money as League of Legends? Cause corpoartions don't wanna pay their developers money for their hard work, even though the developers did all of the work and they should deserve quite the sum of money, even when the game could be a success even when it bombs.
: Yasuo have more in his kit than Garen. 0/10 Yasuo is more usefull than 0/10 garen. He gona do way more damage and have a cc. Yes you can't compare 2 diffrent champions (but i didn't even do that TheBrokeRogue did). One that have overloaded kit and other that have almost nothing in his kit. Yasuo have 100 hp shield lvl one. You build Attack speed on yassuo and that give him cd. You don't even need to think about one statistic. Garen don't have any cc, dashes, long range spells, 2x more crit, amazing scaling, way to block incoming projectiles when runing at enemy, is weaker when fighting next to enemy minons. Go on with that? Or you get a point? But what to expect from Yasuo main. You're the type of player that don't see what this post is about. And shoot himself in leg thinking that Garen have overloaded kit. But once again what to expect from Yasuo player that in stupid way try to defend his main.
Yasuo takes skill to use, Garen does not. Also, Garen does have a long range spell and it's a quarenteed kill. It can't miss! I honestly find countering Yasuo easier then countering Garen. Cause Garen has no counter! Stuns and silences can stop a Yasuo when everyone can stay calm and take proper aim at him. Stun and silence a Garen, it changes nothing. He's just gonna spin to win and use his ult on the one guy who is near death. Your example on 0/10 yasuo being more useful is so wrong... That Yasuo dies to the support. A 0/10 Garen can still atleast be a damage sponge and still use his ult to weaken someone and can spin to win. You're just someone who's been unlucky and had to play against the best Yasuo Mains.
: I think Yasuo is missing something very important.
That's funny. {{champion:86}} Has the same problem, or his cooldown starts when he activates his ability instead of going into cooldown after. And Garen is the poster boy for not much having cooldowns.
: Sounds like a very good advice. Thank you! )
: God Fist Lee from S-chest. Again! What now?..
Keep it for now. Disenchant if you get a skin you want but don't have the OE for it, if you get few more skins that you don't like then reroll. That way you have options.
xWarpigy (EUW)
: TFT ideas
My complain is that this game mode is too much luck based... Unlucky players will never get items from monsters, they will never get the same champion multiple times to make their stars to go higher, they will get champions they absolutely despise. TFT would probably better if it just had a bit more play card elements to it. I ain't saying this should be turned into a card game, as fun as that sounds, but atleast then we could determine our luck just a little bit. I just hate seeing Darius, Garen, Vayne, Varus and/or Lulu about 20 times when I try to roll for new champions.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Closing lanes after winning lane phase
It ain't enough that you push your own lane. Heck that is everyones job! If you win your lane, go push someone elses for a bit or do some ganks. Then try to see when the enemy team makes the mistake of clustering to 1 part of the map, once that happens someone needs to be fast and push the lane that is on the opposite side where the enemy is. Heck, the guy with the most damage and attack speed is usually perfect for this job, but usually they only chase kills...
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: I liked the jinx one. That was so creative and funny at same time. Cheers sir
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: {{champion:427}} I'd like to have a word with you
Hey I haven't played Ivern so I don't really know the limits of his kit XD Plus the fact that I never see him being used makes me sad :(
: The worst thing that happened to you is that you kept playing after losing 2 games .
Pretty much. But that ain't the worst part. I play about 4 matches per day. So imagine losing 5 straight days. The worst part is that it took me 1 week and 4 days to become a Bronze player, when it already took me 2 months to get a taste of being a silver....
ryandub (EUW)
: Worst Losing Streak Ever Experienced
Try losing 20 games in a row, win few matches that weren't worth it and continue by losing 15 more times. The first time I got into silver after climbing out of bronze, only to fall back to the very bottom where I started. Here is the list of all the things that went wrong. Teammates refusing to work together. 1 Teammate pins all blame on one person. Constant insults. No focus on objectives. Everyone trying to be the one with the most kills. Every man for himself. Not sharing info. Teammates not picking things the team needs. Everyone constantly judging each other instead of trying to win. People leaving in the middle of a game. People not connecting from the start. Ignoring valuable info/pings. Specific roles not doing their job. And people just being toxic. If ranked was an actual mountain. Start losing, I fall from a ledge. Keep losing, I keep falling. Win and lose some bad matches, I fall onto a spot that makes me now roll down the mountain in pain. Get demoted back to bronze, I roll onto a ledge. Start losing again, I fall from the ledge. Keep losing till you are a level 4 bronze, I straight up fall to the flat surface on the ground made from rocks.
jacktjong (EUW)
: An AP assassin that I can't think up a whole story and design for
Why make her ranged if her abilities are more melee? It makes more sense to have a melee champ with ranged abilities then the other way around.
: >{{champion:76}} Her range, heals and damage just make her a living nightmare. And she is suppose to be a beginner champion. She is DEFINiTELY NOT supposed to be a beginner champion. She is one of the most difficult champions in the game.
Play few matches as {{champion:68}} then try saying that again.
: What are some champions that you think are "unfair"?
Huge list. {{champion:122}} Deals insane amount of damage for no reason and has a heal that makes teamfights against him impossible. {{champion:86}} Nearly the same but he will just out tank you and can execute you from range. {{champion:58}} His rage makes him as bad Darius. {{champion:17}} His entire existence. {{champion:105}} Same as Teemo but you atleast see him. {{champion:55}} Always feels like she has way more Ability Power in her abilities even though numbers say otherwise. {{champion:63}} Deals so much damage that it's like watching wild fire. {{champion:89}} The most annoying tank support... Always seems to deal more damage with really low cooldowns. {{champion:99}} I just want to see her dead... Is that too much to ask? {{champion:117}} Only in TFT {{champion:76}} Her range, heals and damage just make her a living nightmare. And she is suppose to be a beginner champion. {{champion:78}} I hope she drops that hammer on her own head someday. {{champion:18}} As bad as Teemo. {{champion:91}} You can't run or hide from this guys mobility... {{champion:29}} As bad as Teemo. {{champion:67}} Buy health and die, buy damage and die, buy armor and die. {{champion:45}} Just deletes 1 player with 1 ability. {{champion:254}} Buy health and die, buy damage and die, buy armor and die and you can't do anything about it. {{champion:5}} Try to escape, there is no hope. {{champion:238}} That shadow is so annoying... {{champion:82}} At the moment just simply deals too much damage with low cooldowns. {{champion:121}} Just too much damage in his kit that is nearly identical to Darius. {{champion:85}} Too much stunning power. {{champion:222}} Looks like a pebble, hits like a train... {{champion:39}} 1 free dash if it kills anything. {{champion:126}} Melee or range, there is just too much damage on both sides. {{champion:150}} Range and health. What else is there? {{champion:31}} There is no limit to his power.... {{champion:119}} He needs to be executed at once!!! {{champion:22}} Only 1 ability requires skill at all. {{champion:120}} Running isn't an option. {{champion:75}} There is no end to his Q's damage. I have more examples, but I usually manage to deal with them so they jsut barely dodged this list.
: I see so many blue kayns right now?
Melee champions tend to be hard to kill, ranged champions tend to die like grass against a scythe. That's one of the reasons why Blue Kayn is seen a lot.
Zedant (EUW)
: Gotta rework mages
So your problem with mages is what? Do they deal too little damage? Do they use too much mana? Do they require too much skill? Just what do they need a rework for?
: Or he'd be aware he wouldn't last long as a benevolent person and would tell his army to never give in to Thresh or Mordekaiser or Karthus. I love a champion who knows he's doomed and so decides to continue his legacy
Well remember this. Mordekaiser isn't part of the shadow isles lore anymore, he's more of a warrior who wanted to go to the warriors after life but then discovers that there is no such thing. So now he is aiming to take over the after life and the living world to get the after life he desired. Thing about the shadow isles is that, once you're corrupted there is no turning back. Like I said earlier, Yorick and Maokai are protected by some magic that didn't get corrupt. If you want a Shadow isles champion who is evil in the start and developes a moral compass, a bit too late, then your character would need to be like Karthus. A living person who went there willingly, but is now between life and death and they do not want to die. As in, the character would need to be like a pirate/bandit leader who went there after treasure, but after sacrifing all of his pals to get to the treasure and start dragging the large amount of treasure all by himself. Constant complaints and near death experiences later they could find something that looks even more valuable then the treasure he is already trying to steal. Unfortunately, they get their hands on it, they nearly die because of it. And because of that, they see the truth, the horrible truth that even they would rather be a good guy then on. Problem is that he is in between life and death, so he is both alive and dead at the same time.
: That’s a good way to play. At first I was too offensive and learned eventually that I have to farm first and take it cool. That so horrible, I didn’t know that was people’s experience with ADCs. You sound like a good support, but trust me that’s not how it is all the time. I find that when the support role is played by an actual support champ, it usually goes really well and they do corporate nicely, but when the suppose to be support, chooses a tankier/damage dealing champ and says theyre supporting it usually doesn’t go so well. Maybe I’m doing something wrong idk. Sometimes I wouldn’t even have a support and there would be 2 top laners, but I’m guessing that wouldn’t happen later on (at a higher lvl)? Sorry for your experience on behalf of all the idiots, I sure hope that changes because I do like the role and aim to get good at it. Toxicity is the worst part of this game.
I ain't the best support, but I do my best to be a supportive player. I usually play toplane, but even then my character choises are based on what the team needs. There will always be toxic people and new players have to learn from those toxic players. It also doesn't help when toxic players use OP champions aswell. But the best way to beat a toxic player is to be a supportive player. Even if they are blinded by their rage and pride, supportive players get things done. I admit, even I've said my fair share of nasty things, but I usually try to focus on the real problem. If I'm the problem, I just change the way I play. If I was too offensive just a moment ago, I will now be defensive and ask for help instead of just blaming others. But if the problem is another player? Then I do point out the real problem, but I do not straight up blame them for everything. Like for example, I am dealing with an enemy I can't beat and have been hugging the tower, I ping for help or type it. The second someone starts pinning the blame on me, I remind them that I did ask for help but no one responded. Cause no matter what, if you're attacked by someone, you're allowed to defend yourself. If you attack someone else and keep attacking them, you have thrown away your rights to defend yourself.
: Why do peple hate ADC?
When ever I play adc, I play it slow and steady. As in, I don't just attack enemy, I farm first and try to use my abilities so that I can both farm AND deal some damage to the enemy player. Also I mostly focus on the main objective, destroying towers, inhibitors and nexus. Kills are just a bonus. So technically I'm the worst adc in the world cause I don't have the similar bloodlust most other adc's have. But when ever I get put into the support role, I either get 1 of these 2 options usually. 1 is the adc with insane bloodlust, they just go at the enemy and ignore farm all because I landed 1 ability that was meant to slow the enemy so that the adc could back up a little it. 2 is the type of adc who will never attack an enemy even when they get the perfect chance. I use my abilities on this 1 enemy player who has 50% health, the adc has plenty of range with their abilities and they have full mana, they will not waste any of that mana but run after the enemy and try to kill them with auto attacks. I manage to stun lock an enemy for an easy kill, the only reason why adc doesn't go for the kill is cause the enemy support is there, clearly focusing on me. And the worst part is when I support 1 of these 2 options is that, anything that goes wrong, it's my fault. Cause the adc with the bloodlust will just dive in and I have to dive in after them and if they die or don't get the kill after I die, it's my fault. With the other it's more of a, I dive in after seeing that both adc and support are at 50% as we are still at 100% health, I start using my abilities to try to keep these guys stun locked or make them waste their abilities on me, all the while the adc just isn't paying any attention and doesn't even try to use abilities on the enemy. So people technically hate adc's cause they usually tend to be toxic and they tend to play with premades who will defend them even when they can clearly see that the adc is being toxic. Oh yeah, I know there are toxic people on every role, in fact, we're all toxic one way or another even if we don't admit it. It's not fun to work with a person who is constantly putting the blame on you and somehow managing to get everyone else agree on that. And ADC's tend to be the most toxic cause they have a partner on their lane. Top lane is alone, midlane is alone, but botlane is the only lane that has to share it's lane with someone else. On botlane, there are 2 people constantly judging each other and trying to play the game the way they want to play. And since 1 of these players has to play the healer, slower, stunner, shielder, damage sponge, ranged back up, this player will have it hard, if they are playing an actual support, since they have to be the one who has to make sure this adc stays alive and gets plenty of gold to work with. And it's really hard to work with someone who is just constantly telling you that you should delete the game, get actually good, learn to play, kill yourself, get a nasty disease and throw every possible insult known to man. Even if you mute them, they will play in a way that makes it impossible to support them in any way. You use your abilities too early cause the adc looks like they're about to do this, your constantly out of mana cause your adc is constantly getting into situations where you just waste mana, your abilities are on cooldown when the adc does something and you tend to use your abilities on others cause they atleast get a proper use out of the abilities. Supports can be as bad, but atleast I can tell when I can't rely on them.
: New Champion from Shadow Isles when?
The thing about the shadow isles is that it's a corrupted place. Death isn't natural there anymore and anything that dies there gets corrupted by this unnatural death. The only way to stay good is by magical means. Yorick is good cause he has that bottle of holy water on him, but if he were to ever lose that bottle, he would become as bad as everyone else on the shadow isles. Maokai is more like the evil good guy or the good bad guy, he was a spirit who placed his soul into a magical tree. He wants to restore the shadow isles, but his way of doing it, in a way, is evil. Yorick is trying to save the people, Maokai is trying to restore the nature and he will not care how many he has to kill in order to do so. The thing that makes Shadow isle champions interesting is the way they are evil spirits. Some folk were probably just your everyday farmers, fishermen, lumberjacks and so on, just living their lives, but then got turned into these undead beings who now use their skills to bring death. While actual evil people just got an upgrade. So if there will ever be a "Good" champion from Shadow Isles, that character needs to be someone who had so much good in them that, even after being corrupted, they still do everything in their power to fix this problem. They aren't waiting like Yorick and testing the waters, they aren't like Maokai and only protecting the nature. This character would need to be someone who looks scary, but the way they talk and hold up their weapon should make it clear that they are a champion of justice and natural balance. Sure they might be scary, but they will protect anyone in need. But the problem with this character idea is that, how would they know if this can be fixed? The black mist has to come from somewhere and this champion would need to be constantly attacking that! The only way to make this character work would be by having a dual champion with them. That's right. Riot would need to make the very source of the black mist into a character along with this good character. Also, I would like to see more Shadow isle champions who uses a fishing rod as a weapon. Like a "Fisher of souls" type of undead character. And before you confuse this into Thresh, I'm talking about a character who swings a fishing rod with a mean looking fishing hook on it. Instead of grabbing and pulling opponents in, he would pull out your soul and he would try fishing it. If he manages to fish your soul, he deals damage. The only way to stop that is by attacking him. Imagine Illaois E but you have to keep pressing the ability button to fish the soul, meaning that his cooldown and him taking damage is what prevents him from just over powering his opponents.
: yess that's what it is, it only interacts with things on impact like grag q and follows a Taliyah rythem. :D
Gragas Q does't interact with things. It just rolls to the spot and explodes after a few seconds. But I think I finally get the idea on how it works.
: Agreed. Imo in and around silver, damage=wins the lane; I play mage supports mostly because they do damage and it is really hard to play team reliant supports.
I usually play, Braum, Thresh, Rakan and Janna. Cause then our team has a support who actually supports.
: What do you find as annoying thing done by other players?
When someone on the team says, "I'm a support main" and they're playing the adc or assasin or what ever deals insane amount of damage. And all because they don't like the way I support.
: My friend has created his Dr. Mundo rework concept
As cool as this looks, there are few things that wouldn't match Mundos curent lore. For 1. Mundo doesn't have Warwick style of mechanical tubes on him. He was born as this big purple thing. 2. Mundo wears a proper lab coat that is in many pieces cause he forced a small coat on his large body. In this, the coat is too perfect for him. In fact, all those pieces of clothing look taylor made. If Mundo still had his old lore where he was a mad genius who was willing to use his own body to do experiments, then this would be the perfect rework concept. That's what I liked about old Mundo lore. He was a genius willing to turn himself into a large idiot in the name of science. And for his bloodlust. Sure the new lore is more fun since he now thinks he's a doctor and doesn't realise he is causing more harm to everyone around him. That would actually make a great horror game XD But tell your friend to keep this good work. Mundo does need a new appearance since he is a really old champion who has never been touched on. Plus he needs the update to match his lore.
LordChampa (EUNE)
: Thats some creativity u got there, i really like that. Thank u for this fenomenal idea.
You're welcome. That there is how you make a legendary bandit.
CJXander (EUNE)
: League of Standards
I rarely get mad at the supports. The real times I get mad at supports is when they have mana and health but won't use that 1 stun/slow/root on that adc/support who is in the range to kill me. Or when they genuinly are just toxic and are just causing problems for everyone. Usually supports get mad at me for not killing. I prefer patience and wait for that right moment to strike. So usually I'm compared to the adcs who kill with just 1 ability....
LordChampa (EUNE)
: I wanted some ideas from others, i was in a hurry and just shared my basuc toughts.. ill try and post a full concept.
Well if you want some ideas for a shuriman assasin, here are few ideas for your troubles. Though these ideas where gonna be on someone I was calling the scorpion king. Q. Poison touch. Passively, he deals very little poison damage when he hits people at melee. Active, a point and click ability where he extends his arm/weapon a longer distance, dealing a lot of damage and leaving a lingering poison affect that also deals more damage. W. Tight grip. His next 3 auto attacks deal damage, but the 3rd hit also stuns then target. This attack works faster when used on multiple targets. E. Fast crawler. Passively he gains movement speed when he is running away from enemies. Actively it works in reverse and it increases his attack range. R. The Scorpion King. For the next 5 seconds all of his cooldowns are decreased to 1 second and fast crawler works both ways. As weapons he has a gauntlet that has a bronze scorpion stinger on it and a sowrd that has 2 blades that makes it look like a scorpion claw. But they are magically welded onto him because he found them in an ancient tomb. So not only that he has this strange crown that also has these gemstones covering 1 of his eyes.
: In new meta. Yes. Simple cannot be balanced. Give it too strong stuff, and he gona be both easy and strong. Make it too weak, and while it will be strong in low level it will be worthless later. Causing HUGE frustration to thoe who mained it in low elo. Forcing them to main another now that they are out of it. Trynda wouldn't deny though. Dying from his own ability would give similar outcome as dying from minions or turret. Last damaging person gets the kill, and the rest the assist. Unless he dies 10 seconds after combat, but considering, that the ult itself doesn't last long that's not possible.
Yeah but then no one would play Tryndamere if they knew he was gonna die after using his ult. That would then turn him into a High risk NO reward champion. Let me ask you, which one would you choose. A sword that has a handle that explodes after you swing it (You will not have time to throw it away)? Or a sword that has a sharp dagger as a handle (You can't use any cloth or cloves to prevent it from cutting your hands)? Also, simple does not equal easy. Easy is when you don't even need to think what you're doing. Either spam the same ability over and over again or just use the abilities in a pattern that is quarenteed a kill. Simple is when you still have to think things. Even if the character has an attack pattern, it is not 100% quarenteed kill. Even if you had a spam ability, it still needs some thought on when to use it and how.
Tereadol (EUW)
: Change Item Drop for Item Store in TFT would focus the game in composition rather than itemization
How about actually getting an item from the first minion wave? I've had few games where I couldn't even get any items from the monster waves and had to rely on just the carusel items. Try to imagine how that went... And the worst part is I mainly got coins from those waves and just bad deal champions...
LordChampa (EUNE)
: riot when u releasin a shuriman assassin bruh
There isn't enough content here to get people interested. For instant, what do you want on that claw slash? What does the character do when they dig through land? Where do the ropes come from? That R is basically just old warwick ult.... Well I did have old an idea for a Bilgewater/pirate captain champion that included ropes and marlinspikes. But back to topic. If you want people to get intrested in this idea, you need to give more for their imagination. Just giving a quick description of the ability isn't enough, even though you didn't really describe anything... Give people a description of what you really want to see in the game.
: yess in my mind the charachter can still move while casting Q. I don't really know what you mean by _the projectiles can hit a target_, but if the comparison helps, it's just a really small and way faster Neeko Q (that doesn't need to kill minions for more hits). As for the comparison with Gragas, imagine the Gragas Q always detonates instantly and does so three times on the exact same spot (yet a smaller spot than Gragas Q). Sooo it's not interceptable like a Kai'sa W or anything :p.
"Projectiles can hit a target" Means 2 things. Varus Q goes through all enemies and damages them. Braums Q stops the first enemy it hits. If you really compare this ability to anything, Taliyahs Q. But only the last 3 stones she uses, since she uses 5 stones but there is this specific rhythm. So like Gragas, you pick the spot where you want these grenades to land, and like Taliyah, it's a three step rhythm.
: Yes that sounds like something that could surely work! I don't really know whether regular Hextech would also produce residu, so maybe just having it there would be enough (but who knows??). But that urban horror vibe is exactly what I'm going for. And for the Q, it's waaay more straightforward than anything I can make up out of your guesses :p. Maybe it's easier to imagine it as a Ziggs Q: you target *one* spot and three projectiles follow each other to that exact area of effect (instead of 1 with a Ziggs Q), making impact shortly after each other. For each of the projectiles, you get a stack if it hits an enemy champion.
Okay I think I start to see how the Q works. Like a Gragas Q, you choose the spot where the 3 bombs lands. But unlike Gragas Q, the projectiles can hit a target. Can the character move while he is throwing those 3 projectiles? Cause they would be really easy to dodge if they all follow a straight line.
: Heya. Just invite a premade who is pretty good with a specific champion and play a character yourself you have no chest with. If he earns a S- or higher, you get a chest anyway. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Tried it. Didn't work. Don't know why.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheBrokeRogue,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GXRXnoyn,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-26T21:58:13.345+0000) > > And leaves players easy for assasins. OP assasin gets behind your character and you've just instantly lost your advantage. And redbuff really doesn't help at all when the guy carrying it aims at other characters. Besat way to counter hextech is by not getting any items at all. Best way to counter Hextech is to spread ur items my man. And slight reminder about "why" hextech was introduced in the frst place ; "It is to counter item stackers" {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Funny thing. Just awhile ago I had a tft match where I didn't get any items from anything else but the champion selection. So what other options did I have? Pretty much nothing else! I had to stack all those champ select items on Lissandra and just lose. So wanna try to repeat that last line again? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Smerk (EUW)
: Health regen is countered by red buff of morello. Both are easy to build. And positioning really helps against hextech. It kinda forces people to think more than just stacking all champions in the corner
And leaves players easy for assasins. OP assasin gets behind your character and you've just instantly lost your advantage. And redbuff really doesn't help at all when the guy carrying it aims at other characters. Besat way to counter hextech is by not getting any items at all.
: TFT: Can we please get something that counters Glacial's?
This is why I don't use cowards like Ashe. Too OP to begin with and becomes insane later on.
: i had TWO keys one day, glad i'm not the only one that feels like that tho :)
Yup. I'd rather have it that Key Fragments are harder to get... Cause those things pop up for me nearly non stop and I get way few chests to use them on...
: The option for only que up your primary role
There was a time when Riot tried that. The whole, "Just play your primary" it didn't work...
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