Assmatik (EUW)
: all i can say is man deep breathes haha
Yeah I'm a very competetive person and I tend to analyze the entire situation I'm in XD The few good things about me not blaming others is the fact I don't pin blame on the player with the least amount of kills. I don't really care who gets the kills or how many, but there is a main objective that needs to be done and kills are nothing more then a bonus. I have atleast a clear idea why my team might be losing and I try to adjust to the situation with the items I get. But if someone gets mad and starts pinning blame on others, that's when I let out the truth how I see it and it might be looked as blaming. I use blaming only when I need to defend myself or someone else on the team. So you still want to play with me? XD
Assmatik (EUW)
: I respect the dedication dude props to you i'd love to play alongside a player like you with that sort of thinking maybe we could have some games together?
Different regions mate XDDD But I do tend to have a short temper, so playing with me isn't the most toxic experience, more like annoying cause I don't straight up start the blame game, but I tend to keep an eye on what's going on around the map. So usually my blaming is like, "I asked for help but none of you did anything!" or "Why did you do that! You did not need to do that!" But I usually start when someone else starts the blame game. So I tend to blame the actual things but in the heat of moment I might be wrong or I might be right. But I don't straight place blame on anyone, just point out faults that could've been avoided.
Assmatik (EUW)
: i like your views on trundle, never seen anyone talk about him that way before did you know that in the lore there is a leak that Jax may be a sand troll with supporting evidence due to his 3 fingers and deep voice i think it was Ezreal who discovered this whilst exploring, you can read this on his exploration notes
Yeah I've heard. But I don't like Jax XD He's one of those champions I hate so much that I feel happy when ever he gets his sorry arse kicked. The thing is, when I started playing Trundle I got beat real bad and eventually got frustrated that he is so damn weak of a champion that can get me a lucky kill. I read his lore many times, not the original lore where he was walking corpse, abouut how he is the only troll to use his head. I kept reading it over and over, again and again. Then it hit me like lightning from the sky, I started to think and tried to think like Trundle. I stopped focusing on attacking and started thinking ways how to beat my opponents by outsmarting them and with defense. So I kept playing and improving, sometimes I was top lane and then jungle, but now I mainly play him toplane. Sometimes I get matches where I just get beat and just lose, but atleast I give my opponents a fright when I manage to take all their ults and nearly take down their strongest player. That is the core reason why he is my favorite champion, he reminded me in my early days that this was a startegy game. In a time when I was nearly sucked in by the idea that I need to play more offnese focused champions if I wanna win.
Assmatik (EUW)
: since we're all here waiting for the game to work again...
Trundle since he is one of the few champions I play lot. He might not have the flashiest kit, he might not have the strongest abilities, but he has a style that is perfect for a defensive play style. He mainly deals damage by Q and auto attacks, but his strength is just outliving his opponent. And he can be built either as a pure tank or a tank with some damage. I just like playing like a brick wall that suddenly falls on people because they think they're about break through. It's even more fun you start playing like a wall that can walk XDDD Trundle just mainly has a style that is hard to master cause there is nothing to master, you are either have a plan to deal with your opponents or you don't have a plan and suffer for it. He is a perfect example of a character that requires more strategic thinking despite looking like a character who should be smashing and bashing his way through to victory. He's good for a lot of situations but requires a plan cause of his lack of mobility, crowd control and so on. Also I think this game needs more Troll champions... It would be fun to see some of followers Trundle has and we would also get a bit of view into the culture of trolls on Runeterra.
kngmouz (EUW)
: i completely disagree XD if your laner is feeding tell them to build tanky and try to make your other laners fed. Ive faced many junglers who tried to stop my snowball only to get 2v1 and then for me to snowball harder and for the jungle aswell as the enemy laner to fall behind. its better to have a fed laner than 5 average laners since 4 people can focus on peel or cc. putting the carry on 1 persons shoulders(who has been preforming well) is more reliable than 5 people
You should never place all hope one 1 player. Seen it too many times and it usually turns ugly. Plus the problem is that there aren't any good defensive items, only items that deal more damage and might have a special passive on it. Plus the way armor and magic resist work, only tanks can do anything with them.
Semaka (EUW)
: I said beg because that is what the enemy laners say in chat if they get ganked... or sometimes my jungler says it. It usually is one or two pings.
Well I usually try using pings more smartly. As in I only use them when needed and in a way that should be clear what my intend is. Either as 2-3 pings to inform someone is missing and then danger if I think my lane opponent went into the area I am pinged danger. But yeah there are those who just ping to no end....
Semaka (EUW)
: > You don't beg for ganks? In 99% of the cases, I don't ask for ganks. But, if the jungler is close (like Krugs or doing Scuttle) and I know that my laner doesn't have flash and is overextended, and with half health, I ping the jungler, because why waste a free kill. Other than that, no, and like P3ter P4rker said, I don't ping because they come at the worst time possible. And those are the cases where he chases my laner while I am under tower with 2 waves stacked. I will NEVER leave that farm and XP just to chase an enemy laner with my jungler. If he wants to do it, fine, but at least, chase him off, don't fight him for a long period, he has minions, you don't, it's like a 2v1. If I get a lane where I am countered hard, I say in champ select: "I will play safe, try to freeze, if you want to help, I will appreciate it." Usually they help, because they understand better the situation. They won't help me if I spam ping them during the game.
Yeah just asked to make sure what you meant by beg. I usually just let out 2 assistance pings and then just wait and see if anyone notices. If no one does anything then I just play the best I can, then later I might ask for help again if I see that my situation is just getting worse. But I would appreciate if people didn't lie with the "Is on the way" ping and then 10 minutes later be blamed for feeding all because I relied on teammate I shouldn't have even trusted to begin with... You're lucky... If I say stuff like that then everyone on my team will avoid my lane despite the fact that it might be the only winning lane. I don't expect people just instantly help, but I would like a confirmation that proves that someone will do something in a little bit. Either a quick chat message or using the pings in a way that makes it clear they will do some things first and then come by. Cause walking from 1 side of the map to the other does take time and anyone doing that risk losing gold and xp.
Semaka (EUW)
: - The jungler's job is to do everything he can to win the game. - He has to make the most important decisions, like which lane is worth ganking. - He has to keep track of the enemy jungler. - If the enemy jungler does Dragon, he has to do Herald. - To use smite when necessary, not to smite an enemy with blue smite, then go to a dragon and lose the objective because his smite is on CD. - If you want to farm for 10 minutes, at least make sure that you will actually have an impact. Farming for 10 minutes and being useless doesn't give you the right to blame your laners. - Do not invade enemy jungler when you are low on health. Do not gank a lane when you are low on health. - Do not invade enemy jungler when your lanes don't have priority. - If you play an early aggressive jungler, your job is to actually snowball your lanes and setting back the enemy jungler by invading and stealing camps. - If you play late game champs, and have to farm, at least follow the enemy jungler and make sure that he doesn't snowball his lanes. - Buy pink wards and use them. - Tip the scales in your favor. This is how I see what a Jungler's job is. I never beg for ganks and I take responsibility for my actions in lane. But when I see a jungler ganking my lane with 100 hp.... that is on you, not on the laner. Jungler's have the most impact in the game, so, their job, to put it shortly, is to win the game.
You pretty much listed all the things possible. Leave some things for others to answer XDD But I can add 1 more but I doubt anyone will agree. To make sure no one is a weak link. A jungler shouldn't ignore a player they think is a weak link, but they don't need to start babysitting them. Cause no one wants a situation where the enemy laner and jungler are just tower diving and killing the weak link with out losing any health themselves. By preventing the enemy from killing the same target over and over again, they are closing their gold income and by helping the weak link they make sure that the weak link has a chance to get some decent gold to get items so they can atleast be a bit of use in teamfights. This is more based on logic morals, so feel free to disagree. You don't beg for ganks? I usually ask for help. But when I do ask for help, I don't ask for help cause I WANT help, I ask for help cause I NEED help. So it really doesn't matter who comes to help and how, I ask for help cause I have come to the logical conclusion that I can't beat my enemy. Whether it's kill based, pushing based or what ever, if I have realised that I can't beat my opponent in any possible way, then I will ping for assistance. And if I realise that there is a possible good chance to get Dragon or Herald, then I ping assistance there instead.
: Nerf Master Yi
The only good option against Yi that I've seen and done is just pure defense. That's it. Simple little thing as just switching on to defense instead just going with offense. To give a more clear picture. Imagine me playing Trundle, I have the thrornmail armor and sunfire cloak and I am building some damage items now. If I am against Yi, he will attack me first with his dodge/damage ability and then follow by auto attacking me with his insane speed and damage. I will pop up frozen domain, use my Q and auto attacks and after losing about 40%-50% health, I use my ultimate on him. If he tries to escape I will raise an ice pillar so that he is forced to go around it and if he tries to meditate to survive longer, I have an ignite with his name on it and I just continue to bash him with the little damage I have. This trick does not always work and requires you to know when to run to the nearest turret and when to stand your ground. I've had plenty of matches where my defense was so strong againt Yi that he had to run and keep distance and wait for his teammates to help out. But he is just simply too OP, the only way to kill yi is by having most of the team focus fire on him when he attacks. Defense helps a lot but since this game is all about building damage, damage and more damage now a days, you'd better know your defensive items really well to be able to use them on offense.
Lleajy (EUW)
: Buying wards helps.
It only helps those who are aware of what's going on, even when there is 0 vision in the area where wards are needed. And yet there are still people who choose to ignore what they see on the minimap.
: Ridiculous system
Only 8? Pffft amateur. Try a 20 game lose streak.... Followed by 2 days of winning and losing enough to slow down from having to lose more ranks then followed by a 15 game lose streak and then you are at the very bottom with 0 lp in Bronze 5. But I do admit that this seasons matchmaking is honestly just pure garbage.... Because of that I honestly lost all of my faith in junglers, matchmaking just wants to give me all the junglers who are of no use... And before anyone say anything that means, "Oh then just get good and start carrying your games if you don't wanna lose." or, "Your a low elo player, no wonder you're bad" No person has any control of how the game goes. Every person in a match is 10% reason why they win and lose. I can't carry my team cause I'm really passive and have a supportive style. Meaning that I prefer to play the long game and that I don't care if I have 0 kills. As long as my team wins then I don't care who is best player in the game, I'm pretty much the unsong hero for my teammates cause I do the small work that no one wants to do and I'm willing to share the glory we get. Of course I'm not the best player in the world, I don't follow what pros doe and I don't rely on cheap shot champions. So yeah. I do feel your pain, but at this point I'm more certain that the system is just made with the idea to prevent many good players from getting higher then they should be by placing them with the worst of the worst.
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: I just had an enemy team, surrender a 22-12 game in our favor, it was so winnable for them, also the drakes were 1-1. They went full 5-0 surrender. God dammit man, matchmaking is a big joke
It was a long time ago. My team was losing in kills, it was probably something like 10-30 or something like that. We had 1 teammate who just wanted to give up, constant surrender votes and a constant whine about how we can't win. The funny thing was, we had ALL our towers while the enemy had lost 5 towers. This guy just complains and tries to reason that we should just give up, the rest of us always refused and I was destroying the 6th tower. After destroying that, it was about 1 minute if I remember, the enemy just gave up and the guy who was constantly whining was confused. I remember this match from all those years ago cause I was playing Wukong and I was the guy who destroyed 5/6 towers XD
Mostly Bad (EUNE)
: M A T C H M A K I N G !!!
For the past few days, the junglers on my team, finally broke me.... They finally made me give up all hope on any junglers I get. There is only 1 thing I can trust any of my junglers to do right. And that is to fail miserably cause they are incompedent at what they do... I can only trust them to do every mistake possible junglers can do. Every possible mistake my junglers do while the enemy jungler just makes it worse for us... 1. No drake policy. They will never get the drake no matter what. When they finally ping assistance at the dragon pit, that very second the dragon dies by the enemy jungler. When someone says to get the drake now, 30 seconds later the enemy team has slain the dragon. 2. Who needs ganks anyway. They won't do ganks when their help is actually needed, they will have a favorite lane to gank either cause it's their premade teammate or just happens to have an easy target, they won't gank cause they couldn't bother to look at the situation on the map and they won't gank when you actually ping for help or type for it or say you need help. 3. They have better things to do. The tower is at half health, they will not help with it and go on their own mary way and leave you to deal with it and you only get it to 1/4 of health by yourself. They are right next to your lane, enemy is at half health and you are asking for help. Kill the scuttle and try to steal from the enemy jungle, then get killed by the enemy jungler. Teamfighting is happening and they are on the other side of the map when they are needed. 4. Not their fault you can't defend your own lane. This is mainly just a repeat of 2 and 3 but when everyone has to carry their own weight, it just doesn't work. Instead of helping to lighten the load, they instead dump their on weights on someone else and act as if they did all the work when they clearly have done nothing. 5. Need a permission to gank. You have to tell them to do a gank? And I just spend 4 parts wriiting why they are bad, but turns out some junglers won't even do a gank from their own free will.... These are the types of things I have seen in every jungler that is on my team ever since the season started.... Honestly it feels like the matchmaking just wants to punish those who are doing their best to be a good teammate and try to win matches, only to be given teammates who they have to babysit the entire game and then get blamed for everything cause they couldn't turn things around by themselves. I do get some good junglers from time to time, but at this point I am so mad at how many bad junglers I've seen that even the good junglers don't get me hyped at all... A while ago, if a jungler did a gank and the enemy died, I would quickly type gj before they could apologyze for taking "My" kill. Doesn't matter who gets the kill, as long as the enemy gets killed. Now when I say gj do a jungler... It's just giving credit where credit is due... They did their part and that's it... And before anyone says, "Then why don't you play jungle" To that I will say that I am the talentless master. I know the basics of jungling but I can't apply the knowledge in game. To put it more simply, I can teach anyone to throw a punch and to how to master it, while I myself can't. I can teach people to hit specific spots on someones body to do maximum amount of damage, while I myself can just hit near the spot and just miss the spot. I can teach you people to discover their choice in fighting style, while I can't use any fighting style. So yeah. I know how you feel...
: I see what you did there. But that could better be the reworked Udyr actually. We don't need another spirit animal in human suit. Don't get me wrong, I really love the idea but it would be better if it is the actualy Udyr we already have, just the reworked version of himself. From the point of view where I look from it looks amazing design wise. But I don't really find the story compelling. It's kind of boring to me but I'm sure Riot's art team can do much about it. Long story short I'd love to see that happen but as a potential Udyr rework.
Well that's just it. They've finally set Udyrs main role in the freljord story. Plus this champion is meant to be like a 2.0 of them. Also, this character is meant to have beast spirit inside them, while Udyr is suppose to have the entire animal kingdom. And I don't think I've ever heard that there shouldn't be 2 characters who are similar in skills and so on. Look at Garen and Darius, 1 of them is definetly a 2.0 character from the other but with enough of a change in abilities to be seen as 2 different champions. Like both are some kind of leader type characters but their abilities are just mirrored. I honestly think having another ferral mystic in freljord would atleast show that the world of Runeterra isn't just this 1 planet that only has 1 version of the legendary character. Cause in reality, we have multiple people that have shared a similar title, are called legendary and have never met their equal. Truth is, they all just live in different parts of the world and never had a reason to seek each other out. Also how many spirit animal characters we have who walk in a human suit? Cause I know we have Nidalee but she is just using magic to turn into a cougar. We have the vastayans but they're just magic people who try to look like animals. We pretty much just have Udyr who just has a bunch of spirits inside him. And Lee Sin but he tried taming a power no man should have. Glad you atleast like the idea. Yeah story telling ain't my strongest thing. If I actully tried writing a story I'd actually have write a really long story... That was just what I could come up with in 5 minutes. The last thing I'll say is, the guy is no longer in charge of the body, the beast spirit is the one controlling it now and the human is just giving it advice on how to improve.
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Shamose (EUW)
: Acutally on live max rank it's 8 seconds which would make it 4.8 with items, 4.4 with the extra 5% from runes. > It only takes 3 seconds to kill Sett when everyone aims at him. So what about the other 4 champions in the fight? Let them free fire on your team for 3 seconds?
Oh that's the funny part. No one ever follows up on when Sett goes in to a team fight. They don't try to do anything for 3 seconds, they just stand back and watch as the Sett used his ult to grab the enemy tank, land on the adc with said ult, take few hits, use his W to get a shield and deal as much damage to the enemy and then die, all the while no one on his side would even use the chance to kill the few closest to them.
Bulshlaka (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheBrokeRogue,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=L165hbJZ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2020-01-30T23:42:50.169+0000) > > Buddy there are already counters for Sett. People are just too lazy to look for them. Instead of coming up with counter strategies, looking for weaknesses and actually trying to play againt him, people choose to complain cause their favorite cheap shot champion with the exact same build as always just got killed by a character they know nothing about. And instead of using their heads, they will just ban the champion so they can enjoy the good old days when their favorite champion isn't nerfed when they should be nerfed. > > It's like moving a couch. The one time they decide to move the couch and can't seem to get it through the door, they just give up and place it back with out thinking how they even got the couch through the door in the first place!! well he has a few 48% win rate matchups the rest are 50%+ ie he is winning lane a lot more often i played quinn against a sett today and i would smack him around and then his W would outtrade my whole combo we pretty much 2v1d him all game and eventually won because he isn't really that powerful in team fights but his laning is hella strong and most champions lose simply due to how his W and passive function there are no direct counters for example malphite is a direct counter to quinn sett doesn't have those kind of counters
You wanna know why most people can't deal with the W? They don't read what it does, they don't remember what they saw when it was used and none of them figure to move when he uses it. Seriously it has a delay that a lot of people just ignore, you can see the area where the true strike will hit and worst part is that people don't look at how the shield works. Sett is strong at 1 vs 1. His early game is strong but it has flaws. You were playing a ranged champion, you had plenty of advantages but you kept ignoring every bit of info you kept receiving, that's why his W was able to out trade your combo. There are no direct counters for Renekton yet no one seems to to complain. Dariuus has no direct counters yet no one complains. Sett has no direct counters and people call him over powered for that?!? Wanna know what's funny? When a character like Kha'Zix has more than 50% win rate, no one complains at all. When a new champion has near 50% but still below, peope call them OP and cry. There are champions who have been on over 50% win rates for years yet no one ever complains that they're OP when they are. They are rarely nerfed and people are okay with that?
: No, Vi will punch you in the face before she dies :) So lets see when you get punched by her ;)
And if that happens, I will just rip off her arms and stuff 1 arm through her mouth and the other through her bum. All the while I use her robo arms as worthless back scratchers.
: i guess you dont know how to write Sett, you always write Vi XD Dude litterly, i played vi a long time, not on this account, on an NA account, and she isnt that strong. Meanwhile Sett dishes out like 1k true damage, every 8 seconds? on like the whole enemy team in 1v5 Vi alone cant win you a game, sett can.. Like, fight him for around 30 seconds and then dont laught when he solo kills the entire enemy team and stands with full heatlh.... Vi is either a glass canon, or a brutal tank who deals a bit damage. But set is both High damage, High Defense. He is like the Darius Juggernaut when Juggernaut came out the first time, (litterly build 1 spirit visage and 5 warmogs on darius and went 3 pentas in 1 game) thats sett, i dont have sett, i dont play sett, and i never will play sett, cause sett is a a cancer in math.
It's honestly funny how you can't even write Vi, you always write Sett. It's not even that hard to spell. It's just V and I, kind of pronounced like WHY. Tell me, how many abilities does Vi have that have a delay on them? 0/zero, her dash has no delay on it, you just hold it to get a longer dash. Sett has 1 dash and it requires an enemy target and it has an ultimate cooldown. Vi gets to deal true damage just by auto attacking things cause 1 of her passives is that she can break her opponents armor, Sett has a true damage strike that has a few second delay to it. And because how flashy it is, you would need to be blind in order to not even see it coming. And he stands still when using it. Vi gets to move with all of her abilities, Sett has 2 abilities that make him stand still when using them and they're both skill shots. Oooh buddy. You just said something you should regret. Darius isn't a juggernaut. He is pure cancer JUST LIKE VI! Sett is the TRUE DEFINITION of a juggernaut! Strong in specific situations but not strong in every situation. Sett takes more skill then Vi!! Vi has NO SKILL SHOTS TO EVEN SPEAK OF! All of her abilities are so easy to use that you'd need be braindead to even fail her. She already has a built in wave clear ability that is too good for a braindead champion like her! You say you've played her for a long time? Well how about an old dog like you learn a new trick? It's called playing dead! If Vi was a couch and you needed to move it through the a door way that couch once went through. You would be the 1 person who gives up moving the couch just because it doesn't go through the door after trying for a minute. Instead of thinking how you got the couch through that same door in the first place, you just place the couch back where you've had it all this time. You sir, are just one of those people who only cry when a new champion comes in and kills your favorite champion just once. You act like they're the biggest bs Riot ever made while completely ignoring the fact that you are in fact playing a champion who has never received a nerf in their entire existence! Either start using your head or stop playing. We don't need cry babies who start crying all because they can't use their own heads to think through a problem with a very easy solution.
Bulshlaka (EUW)
: he needs nerfs in a way that allows some champions to be counters a shift in his power instead of a nerf might do the trick but we all know that riot is kinda lazy with these things and they will just nerf him until people stop playing him
Buddy there are already counters for Sett. People are just too lazy to look for them. Instead of coming up with counter strategies, looking for weaknesses and actually trying to play againt him, people choose to complain cause their favorite cheap shot champion with the exact same build as always just got killed by a character they know nothing about. And instead of using their heads, they will just ban the champion so they can enjoy the good old days when their favorite champion isn't nerfed when they should be nerfed. It's like moving a couch. The one time they decide to move the couch and can't seem to get it through the door, they just give up and place it back with out thinking how they even got the couch through the door in the first place!!
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah %%%% everybody who thinks sett is op. Just attack him in that 5 second window his massive shield and true damage is down.
His shield has a 10 second cooldown when maxed, 7 if you get cooldown items. Plus the shield size is based on all the damage he has taken. So start moving a lot since his shield only activates when he uses her W skill shot that has 2 second delay before he launches it. Also did you know his shield depletes really quickly? Like in just 2 seonds. It only takes 3 seconds to kill Sett when everyone aims at him.
: you know that cass has 400 movespeed at lvl 18 right?
And you do realise lvl 18 is a late game lvl right? Morde can already out run her just by buying regular boots. And by the time she reaches that level, Morde has already scored more kills then her cause her abilities require a lot of AP, mana and precise aim. Every ability needs to hit in order for her to make a kill, every shot needs to count if she wants to be a powerful mage. Just cause she has a lot of move speed at 18 level does not make her OP. She needs to hit her Q to get that move speed, other champions just need to use 1 of their move speed buff abilities to run after or away from her with out needing to do damage.
: Yes, pls. make Vi Able to throw away her gauntlets and trade damage for attackspeed :) Would love to see that ^^
No Vi needs to die so the world can move on.
: sry, the "slam your head against the keyboard to get a penta kill" works only for Sett, and then you can do it by litterly building 6 warmogs.... nerf Sett or buff vi :)
Buddy, when you play Sett and slam your head against the keyboard, the enemy gets a penta kill. When you play Vi and do that, Vi gets the pentakill. Plus, Vi just needs 1 item to bulldose through the entire enemy team. Sett needs 1 item to win 1 vs 1, but start adding more numbers to that and he will die. Vi can 1 v 1/2/3/4/5 and all she is using is her starting item while everyone else is already building their second main item. Sett needs no nerfs or buffs, Vi needs a major rework cause pigs have more braincells then the people who play Vi :)
: cass is gonna run out of mana real fast when she has 1400 more mana with archangels, 500 more with presence of mind and her base mana. also, she drain tanks you with conqueror, ravenous hunter and her e healing. mordekaiser at least has to get on top of you, but if cassio ever hits a q on you you are just dead cuz she runs you down. and the movespeed is not towards the enemy, its just a straight up boost, so she can use it to kit as well if needed
Yeah and guess what, by the time she has those Mordekaiser already has Rylais crystal scepter, Liandrys torment and Spirit visage. And guess what else, Morde doesn't need to even jump on his opponent, he just has to pull them and it's game over. You think the speed boost is bad? Buddy, you do know that Cass can't buy boots right? There are barely any good movement speed items for her to use. She literally needs it to even move around. There are so many champions with dashes that she literally needs that 1 speed boost to even survive against them. And even then, her poison is really weak compared to other poison champions. Teemo lands a passive poison dart, it deals as much damage as Cass' Q and the worst part is that Teemo doesn't need to pay any mana for it and it hits no matter what. With Cass you need to time your Q cause it takes a second to blow and it's really easy to see and predict. Mordes Q lands faster then Cass' Q.
: My problem with Sett
Vi has 2 abilities that let her catch up with her target and 1 of those abilities can be used to run away. Sett only has ultimate for that. Vi's E lets her passively hit through armor like it's nothing and it deals damage equally in a cone. Setts "Cone" has 2 areas that deal small amount of damage and 1 area that deals true damage. Vi's shield doesn't deplete and she can activate it when she wants. Sett has a depleting shield that requires him to have taken damage from somewhere and he needs to use his AoE cone to get the shield. Here's a better idea. Riot, rework Vi so she isn't a broken piece of trash that can't be balanced at all. After all, you just need to slam your head against the keyboard to get a penta kill as Vi :)
: cassio q with rylais has no counterplay
Lets see. Cass is ranged and a mage. If you take damage, run towards her and attack, you're bound to kill her faster then she can deal damage cause she is a late game champion. Her abilities eat a lot of her mana, Morde doesn't have a resource and can just freely heal himself with his shield. Which sounds scarier? Fighting againts a champion who can tank damage and can slow you with an item as they have no resources? Or fighting against a champion who needs to keep their distance from you with poison and can only slow with an item while having abilities that eat a lot of their mana? Mordes Q can hit the entire minion wave while Cass can only poison 3 minions of the wave. Cass' Q is 1/3 of Mordes Q. Cass needs mana to spam abilities, Morde can just spam abilities. Cass needs to hit every Q for it to do a lot of damage, Morde can miss and still deal more damage. With Rylais, Morde can just dive in, hit abilities, use passive, spam more abilities and get kill cause you are slowed the entire time. With Rylais, Cass still needs to bombard enemies from distance, has to keep her distance, watch how much mana she spends and you can still get away from her just by walking away or just dive at her as she is still squishy.
Bulshlaka (EUW)
: people are somehow fine with a ranged mage doing damage and having little counterplay but when a melee mage manages to hit 2 skill shots that can be easily juked and confirms a kill because of it people are like: OMG RIOT BALANCE SHIT TEAM
When Mordes passive is active, then there is no way to run from Morde cause you are constantly slowed and have to take hits from abilities and take damage from the passive. Doesn't matter if you jump, dash, flash, teleport or what ever, Morde with rylais is really hard to escape when he has a high % on his AP scaling with his abilities. And while you are slowed, Morde has an easier time landing his Q on the opponent. Plus he can tank the damage if you decide to fight him while being slowed by rylais. Cass on the other hand needs to constantly poison you from distance, if you decide to just fight her head on she will most like die first.
Drasianos2 (EUNE)
: you really take it and upgrad it far more thnaks i hope they do something like this{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I doubt Riot would but it's fun to dream about it XD
Spawner1 (EUW)
: 9.14 from wiki fandom. It was the same patch when {{champion:58}} (W) and {{champion:53}} (R) got popping shield ability
Riot just wants to buff the damn croc.....
: I will make 2 versions of the champ 1 being something dealing damage not being able to tank well and one being tank the tank one will get a new discussion but for now heres the damage one
I'm not saying they need to be a tank. I'm saying that since they don't use mana and are more strong against champions with high mana amount, they would benefit from health. A tanks job is to be a damage sponge, out life the damage that is dealt to them, while dealing small amounts of damage over time. An assasins job is to deal a lot of damage, kill the squishy characters before they move on the healthier targets. I would recomend looking at this character more as a fighter, someone who can take a hit and deal some good damage.
: i wanted to see if anyone replys before giving more tought in the lore and skills also you said he has problems against no mana enemys thats true i would think of some way to give him a little bit of his bar even if there is no mana but the point of him was to inihalate champions like kassadin who are mana based and are killable in late the E was something i tought of but like you said it didnt make sense so i will think of something new who goes with that as kit of course not with the same theme. Your Q idea is better than mine but i will reduce the numbers because it would also work on hit and i dont think you want someone with blade of the ruined king and that adc tear of goddes upgrade forgot the name. I tried to describe all the abilities so precise so you can think of what i wanted to achive yourself i try to keep the champ on this lane by limiting his power against a certain kind of enemy. What i still havent figured out is a way to make him not able to be played as tank. If someone buys frozen gauntlet and trinity strenght they can first slow the enemy with the ranged attack get close use their Q if possible if it isnt possible the guy who picked him top is %%%%%%ed because who would pick something that counters you? either way a nasus would have problems he uses a lot of mana because of frozen gauntlet frozen heart and trinity strenght which are the recommended many low rank players wouldnt find a way to beat him since they dont know its cause of their build they are dying. But thanks for the idea i will reduce the dmg of your abilities a little and take them if thats okay for you, also i hope this text was way to long to read!
I would say that this character should be tanky. And the reason I say that is because, having a lot of health is the best way to survive against mage champions. They wouldn't be a tank but they would benefit from the AP items that also give health. Since they don't have any stuns or slows, being tanky would be their only way to survive in the late game as their strongest attacks deal damage based on the opponents max mana. If they only built AP they would be an assasin that is too easy to kill since they don't have dashes, teleports or any other jump abilities. And don't forget, many AP assasins need mana aswell.
: Some random anti-mage idea without a champ name
Here are few ideas that could help with your concept. But you seem to have 1 problem with this idea, what happens when you face an enemy team that has no mana using characters? Lore idea, they are a Noxian who hates magic users cause in their opinion, they have things the easiest. Since Noxus is all about power and your rank in society is based on your power, they see it as a sad excuse for magic users to have it easier then those who have physical power. And still most of the Noxian nobles have magic 1 way or another. So they could be from a poor backstory that rised in power through the wealth of mine they had, only to become poor again cause what ever they were mining in that mine is now gone and that's how they discover the crystal you speak of. Of course they can be a scientist type character who owned the mine so they could have free resources for their experiments. And after they did some research on the crystal, they notice it kinda works like Demacian armor. But since Noxians don't seem to know a lot of Demacian steel, they of course don't know how it really works. But they do discover that it can suck up magic, destroy magic and so on. And are "willing" to work with magic users until they discover how to use the crystal in a way to zap every magic user with it. At the moment you use too much text to describe your abilities, good thing you compare them to some champion abilities and so on. You need to make the descriptions more simple, something you can read in few 10 seconds or less. So I will be using some of my own terms to talk about the next parts. Some ideas for your abilities. Passive name, Anti-Magic. When ever someone uses an ability near anti-mage, they will gain "Anti-Mana" based on 10% on the mana cost of the ability. If anti-mage gets hit by an ability, they will gain anti-mana based on 100% on the mana cost of the ability. Imagine Trundles passive, kings tribute but with mana instead and Sivirs spell shield. Q name, Mana Taser. Anti-mages next auto attack gets them anti-mana based on opponents max mana equal to 10/20/30/40% of it and deals AP damage based on 5/10/15/20% of their max mana. If anti-mana par is full, they turn the extra anti-mana into a spell shield that will start to deplete in few seconds. W name, Anti-Magic Missile. For 5 to 7 seconds, anti-mages auto attacks become ranged. If they have anti-mana, each auto attack will deplete it by 15/13/11/9% of their max anti-mana par. If anti-mage has anti-mana, each shot deals 60/70/80/90% of damage based on their Ability Power, but if there is 0% anti-mana in the par, they will deal 5/10/15/20% of damage based on their Ability Power. Mana taser can still be used but it will not fill up the anti-mana par since it's a melee ability, it only deals the damage when used with Anti-Magic Missile. E name, Mana Disturber. First of, lets forget the idea that they go through a different realm all together, it kinda doesn't make sense. Second, lets keep it more simple. They create an area where they can become invisible, not camouflaged, and the duration of the invisibility is based on 20/17/14/11% of the anti-mana par per second. The area can last longer then the cooldown of the ability and they can only have 1 of these areas up at a time. Entering the area with 0% anti-mana will make them visible, silences will get rid of the area. This way they can either have a quick hiding spot or a trick to make opponents waste abilities. R name, Anti-Magic Berserker. Anti-mage activates their crystal, they will have 3/4/5 seconds to fill up their anti-mana par before the crystal releases all the magical energy it has stored so it can destroy it. It would be a big area explosion where anyone inside it will be silenced for 2/2,5/3 seconds. Damage will be based on on how much anti-mana they had and AP. Anyone with a mana par will take 10/20/30% of their max mana as max damage aswell. Some ideas for appearance. First you gotta decide which gender they are, second you gotta decide what kind of theme they should have. Like, are they some kind of scientist and warrior mix? Are they someone who has experience on the battle field? Are they someone who had wealth? Are they someone who wears a lot of gear or less gear? Do they use a weapon? They could wear the the crystal on a shoulder pad that has some strange wires or gear that leads to the weapon they use. Like a weaponised buckler or something that has a form that makes it hard to tell if it's a melee weapon or a ranged weapon. Hope you enjoyd the text. You've got a great idea, it just needs some polish here and there. Sure the numbers don't really matter, it's how you describe the abilities, cause people will remember what the idea behind them was then the numbers. And you shouldn't get stuck on the whole mana idea. Cause a champion who can deplete someone elses mana with theiir abilities is honestly unfair because there is no real way to fight that. I hope some of my ideas will help you improve your champion idea, so I hope next time you post your champ with a name.
Spawner1 (EUW)
: You forgot to mention champions' abilities: {{champion:55}} 's R (-60% healing), {{champion:240}} 's Q (-60% healing) and {{champion:110}} 's E {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Champion abilities are different since only few characters have that as a passive or as an ability. And when did Kled get Griveous wounds on his Q?
Drasianos2 (EUNE)
: YES THE LAST ONE Imagine someone with one big ar like you say with gantlet adn to smaller.......if you gom to Shadow isles page in the champions you can see some more abominations and you can fuse with voidling!! Just imagine a giant arm with critical strike,with a purple aura with black mist like yorik! even better a explosion happen and destroyed the magical artifacts and the piecies stuck on him like different patters,symbols,broken parts with the noxian,ionian etc and voidling together! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
And if you wanna make that better, projectile type abilities are these small bugs that have these trails of dark mist on them. Melee type abilities are like voidling style abilties that slowly start corrupting the area with the dark mist. The gauntlet is in multiple pieces on the entire voidling arm. Some parts are stuck on the fingers like rings, while some parts seem to look like they are lodged into the arm or fused to it. And where the voidling head is, it's like constantly spewing out black mist as it is still breathing. The armor of the poor warrior is mostly broken on the voidling side, while the side that turned into a ghoul still has some of the armor on to know where they were from. And depending on where they are from, their devotion to the void/shadow isles is based on that. With Noxian it's the traditiional speel of Noxian power but with the new corrupted power. With Demacian how the justice of the corruptive power will decide it all. With Ionian, it is corrupted wisdom of battle and so on. 1 of his abilities could be this long dash, but the animation is made so that it looks like they're being dragged by the arm. And the way they fight and use abilities resemble that of someone just flailing around someone else XD You know like, first the ghoul swings the voidling, then the voidling swings the ghoul XD Yet they do not seem to mind it at all as they are a corrupted mind now. Its auto attacks could have some reach to it. As in, they're melee, but they can nearly reach as far as ranged auto attacks. In close melee it hits like it's just hitting down to the ground. With medium it hits left and right with wild swings. And at max range it extends the arm it's natural distance and just closing it like it tried taking a bite. And they're not just a mindless servant to the corrupted power, they have free will to use it, but have devoted to it. So they aren't just some zombie with a large arm. They're an undead monster that thinks with 2 minds!
Drasianos2 (EUNE)
: yeahh stuff is better yes do you hve any idea about chapion exeprt genie or lantern ? i would like to discuss with you! maybe od the monk or corrupted monk with the stuff! Sounds like opossite of yurik {{champion:83}} ! {{item:3116}} {{item:3285}} {{item:1026}} {{item:3135}} maybe a iten could be in the vault!
I would say the character should be a ghoul who gets fused with a voidling. Maybe the item is a gauntlet that had some great blessings upon it. But when the void rift opened and the voidling used it's power, the gauntlet got fused to the ghoul and the voidling got fused to the gauntlet. Now the ghoul would have this large and long voidling arm that has pieces of the gauntlet in it but twisted in a more shadow isles fashion. The head of the voidling would either be like a shoulder pad or it's at the hand, its body being forced into a form that resembles some kind of arm structure, while parts of its body are sinking into the body of the ghoul, making it look like it has some kind nest on the area where the voidlings body ends. Or you know what? What if it wasn't ghoul? What if it was some random demacian, ionian or even noxian? During the explosion and the fusion, they got corrupted by the shadow isles and get a ghoulish appearance and the voidling arm, but because the item was still somewhat blessed, they were able to atleast keep their free will kinda like Yorick but they now serve the corrupting power coursing their veins.
: It can be dodged if you have a dash, outside of that it isn't possible assuming he isn't trying to snipe you with it.. I don't think he's OP overall just his W is OP as shit, I think they should turn down the W and maybe buff his Q or E
That's what I'm trying to tell peopel. Sett ain't Op and that he has a kit that can be dealt with if you fight him with a plan. Even just knowing how 1 ability works is enough info for anyone to know how to dodge it. I think his Q is okay as it is, not insane op but a good way to deal some good damage if opponents don't mind being sand bags XD Yeah his E.... Honestly it sometimes feels like it doesn't work. You know like it's too slow or doesn't grab people from the range it is suppose to catch. The E clearly needs some work. The only time it works is when the opponent is inside the lines of the ability.
Wex0r (EUW)
: This ! The ward thing especially helps multiple control wards and higher CS. What was your vision score ?
Not sure what you're talking about? Cause what you just said made no sense. Vision is important, but you make it sound like I don't use wards at all.
Gengchen (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheBrokeRogue,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=6azwOJUv,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2020-01-22T19:21:04.608+0000) > > Oh. Guess I was wrong, problem is I keep remembering that item being a critical strike item and extra gold... Does that item turn into anything else? Yes, turns into this {{item:3033}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3033}}
Thanks, I'll try to remember that next time I play a damage dealing tank ^^
Drasianos2 (EUNE)
: thanks a lot i like the crown! i don't like the sword if riot could find something better?! Althought all the champs has crown or they are royal!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hey just come up with stuff you think would work better. Plus there are very few champions who physically wear a crown and use it as a weapon XD
Hansiman (EUW)
: The mastery system compares you to other players that played the **same champion** in the **same role**. * 5 deaths might be slightly high for an S rank game, but if your other stats are also really good, it might still be ok. * 127cs is not impressive as a laner for a game that lasts 27 minutes. * You only placed 8 wards, and purchased a single control ward. You destroyed no enemy wards. This is not good enough if you want to consistently get higher mastery grades. Hopefully this helps you.
So lets say I get 9 kills 0 deaths and 9 assists and I get about a 120 minion farm, I place my free wards when ever I have them, destroy turret and get jungle objectives. By that logic I should only get an A cause some people have made about 30 kills with the champion I played on that day? To be quite honest, it is a completely unfair system. These are not the actual numbers, but they sure feel like they describe what it is like to not get S-rank or higher. 40% of the player base lose a chance to get an S rank cause some people like to smurf, 25% of the players a chance to get an S rank cause they are placed against opponents from unfair ranks, 15 % players lose their S rank cause they have to face opponents who are premades, 10% of the players play solo so they have a hard time getting S rank, and the last 10% cause of this system. When this system was introduced, I thought it was gonnna be more like, get the X amount of, get the X amount of farm, try to avoid death as much as possible, use your wards wisely and assists don't hurt. When I learned it was based on how everyone had played the champion that day, it felt like I was a boxer with out gloves, fighting against an opponent who was using knuckle dusters with spikes that have been coated with poison, who is also wearing body armor all the while they are allowed to hit below the belt. I stop caring about the S-rank a long time ago, it's not worth the trouble and it ain't worth the time. I play to win and I don't need a ranking system to decide who was the best player, cause the team that destroyed the nexus first wins.
Pupsi581 (EUW)
: how do i get S or higher?
Best advice. Don't care about the S-rank, it ain't worth it.
Gengchen (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheBrokeRogue,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=6azwOJUv,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-22T16:44:26.423+0000) > > There are only 2 items that have the griveous wound effect {{item:3165}} {{item:3075}} and the summoner spell ignite. Those are the only 3 things that can deal with champions who have free healing abilities on them. {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}} {{item:3123}}
Oh. Guess I was wrong, problem is I keep remembering that item being a critical strike item and extra gold... Does that item turn into anything else?
Wickedlike (EUNE)
: Grievous wounds big OP.
There are only 2 items that have the griveous wound effect {{item:3165}} {{item:3075}} and the summoner spell ignite. Those are the only 3 things that can deal with champions who have free healing abilities on them.
: No... Korea isn't even a good region anymore. They are 3rd best region in the world after EU and China. You sounds like an overprotective player who don't want his champion nerfed...
Then why have you claimed he isn't OP? Now you claim he is OP. Make up your mind! Over protective? You've confused me with a player who only plays OP characters no matter what. I defend any champion who isn't Over Powered and are actually fair to play with, play as and play againts. If you claimed Trundle was over powered, I would bring out all info on him, his strengths, weaknesses and so on. If you claimed Darius is not over powered, I would bring out every bit of info to prove he is. If you claimed Darius was over powered, I would simply agree with you. I HATE Over Powered champions, if I see that a champion has over powered abilities, I will never unlock them. Sure Sett will get nerfed in the next patch, cause he is a new champion, but at the moment he isn't even OP even when he has that new champ advantage. I like Sett yes, but I don't protect him cause he is powerful. I portect him cause he is more neutral on the power scale compared to champions who clearly need the nerfes. So you can call me overprotective if you want, but no matter what, I want every new champion to have a fair start and their chance in the 5 minutes of fame they receive until they are truly set in stone on how powerful they are.
: He is op... His stats are so high even Korean pro players took him out on the scene scene 4 days after he released and is currently crushing Korean esport. If that doesn't tell the story of Sett, nothing does.
And Korea has something to do with Sett being OP how? You do realise that the koreans make every champion OP right? Because all I am seeing is the text of an upset child who does not want to use their own head to think! "A new champion!?! They OP cause they make first blood against me and must be perma banned till they are nerfed cause I don't want to learn how to counter them until they're so bad that they need to be reworked!" Guys like you don't give a chance to new champions, only the old broken champions are allowed to be OP cause you wasted all your time learning their OP mechanics that are never nerfed. The second there is a champion that seems interesting and fun to play, you make it sound like their kit is more over powered then your OP mains kit. And the worst part about guys like you is that you don't wanna waste your time in learning anything about the new champion, you don't bother with coming up with counter strategies, you don't bother finding weaknesses in their kits to exploit, you don't even bother doing the actual research and just rely on a bit of s video where he is shown with multiple kills and 0 deaths from a Korean E-sports team! Guess what buddy!? The way E-sports teams work is completely different compared to matches you play! Wanna know what difference between normal games and E-sports? E-sports teams train for this game!! You don't train, you just pick what ever you feel like and play. And you wanna know what the worst part about a guy like you is? You are completely biased and hypocritical. First you defend Sett and now you are saying the opposite.
Drasianos2 (EUNE)
: Thanks a lot about your comment! yes i was thinking that a void champion like {{champion:121}} {{champion:90}} etc or a entity from Shadow Isles like {{champion:412}} {{champion:429}} would in-fuse with the power of the other world like abomination or amalgamation! I just think that if a relic from Blessed Ishes it was there like a lantern with a geniethat was good now it will get free somehow and become evil from the void and the black mist!? i relly appreciate your oppinion!
Who says the item has to be a lantern? It can be anything really. It could be a crown that once gave wisdom to it's wearer, now corrupted by the shadow isles and the void. Now it's a void creature wearing a corrupted crown trying to spead the mist that is a mixture of the black mist and the void. Or a ghostly fellow who is now wearing this strange crown that looks like a voidling. It can be a sword that is now infused with the voidling, a sword that looks like a voidliing but being used by a ghoul. The possibilities are endless, just needs some work.
: No he's a juggernaut with a carries attack damage. one of his basic abilities is ranged skill shot. his regen is worse than Garens passive so you have to constantly engage him. Also his ulti punishes you for building health which is the way to counter his true damage nuke ... sound balanced?
Compared to Juggernaughts like Garen and Darius, Sett is more balanced. His ranged skill shot has a wind up that can easily be dodged by anyone. But if, for some reason, you can't dodge it, you have the option to either take the big damaging skill shot or take a step to the side and take the weaker area of effect shot caused by his skill shot. Plus it has a 10 second cooldown. If you wanna deal with his passive, get an item that has the griveous wounds effect. Those items will prevent Sett from healing. His ultimate deals damage based on the target he grabs. The grabbed tarket will lose about 20-25% of their health, while anyone standing on the spot where Sett and his target lands will deal damage based on the grabbed targets max health. And the closer you are to the impact area the more damage you take. If Sett grabs a full health adc and lands in the middle of the enemy team with that adc, the enemy will lose about 15-20% of their health while the adc just lost 25% of their health. And wouldn't you know it, Sett is now standing right in the middle of the enemy team where they can just nuke the fellah from existence and walk away. But if he grabs a tank who is at full health and has a lot of health aswell, then Sett will deal a lot of damage. But that is only if the enemy happens to stand on the spot where he lands. His ult doesn't punish you for building health, it punishes those who don't buy health and don't know how to move when there is a fight. Compared to Darius ult, Sett can be atleast countered just by knowing when to move.
Drasianos2 (EUNE)
I'll start with this. You should call this a champion concept, cause you're not describing a character. Okay time for the positives. The idea sounds good in some parts, just needs a bit more work. A void rift opening in shadow isles would be so crazy that no one has any idea what could happen. Just imagine 1 of it's ghostly residents being near it as some random voidling comes of it. If that voidling used magic and some ancient item would be nearby to cause your fusion, it would be quite the scary monsters. I could see it looking like a zombie or a ghoul looking fellow now using a weapon that looks like a voidling just fused with a weapon, but that weapon is also fused to the ghoul aswell. It could kinda look like a void worm wrapping around the fellows body but it's sinking inside the host, while the voidlings head is on the weapon and they are trying to do their purpose.
Blue Ahri (EUNE)
: So when is Sett gonna get nerfed?
He's not even OP. Try comparing him to Darius, with that Sett seems like the hardest character to play and master. He doesn't even have any insta kill abilities.
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