ejpon (EUNE)
: Do you even read the yellow "!" in client?
i have yesterday
: congrats rito
alright it still isnt solved
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Èclair (EUNE)
: I like your plea but sadly I doubt that any actual toxic person will read it as boards aren't usually visited by flamers and if, they'll just drop a topic titled _"unfair ban"_ or something. I don't think flaming is done from rational standpoint - people do that because they are letting their emotions take control over them. They don't think about reasons for that and its consequences.
I flamed today once because guy was calling me out even tho i was just learning yasuo. Yes i understand but its was close call i almost got him alright. i die once more again close call sorry. He is calling me out. i get two kills. nothing. he was flaming me whole game because... yeah i fed im sorry but im just starting out maybe give me positive words and since you are good with yasuo give me some tips instead of flaming me you ******? is what i shouldve said but i just flamed back. i literally made post about it not gonna write it three times (i appealed) cya


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