: Do me a favor and delete duskblade from the game.
patch notes 8.0 "Das kleine kuh asked if we can delete Duskblade, so we think why not?" Duskblade is removed from game
: Yes but it isn't the same champions I had, and I got RP today waiting to buy those skins and now I have other ones.
you can write to support and tell them this. they have your first ones recorded and you can buy them with discounts you got
: Yes but it isn't the same champions I had, and I got RP today waiting to buy those skins and now I have other ones.
you can write to support and tell them this. they have your first ones recorded and you can buy them with discounts you got
: Creating and selling in-depth guides
Or you can use google and have all that for free
: Beekeeper Singed
I agree. Instead of making gas yellow Riot should make it look like bees. Simple black and yellow dots particles, nothing more
: sorry for the 7 day delay, went on vacation. Those skins you mentioned btw, are amazing. If you are one of those arrogant people that believe that 750Rp skins or skins without special particles or stuff are "reskins" and do nothing but demand Riot for more high quality without being aware of how much work it takes, then you are in no position to ask Riot for more. Bard Bard is the best skin Bard has, its just as great as Snowday and superior to Elder Wood. SSG Soraka is an amazing skin as well, it fits the theme, not to mention SORAKA is astronomical being, and the theme Star Guardian goes well with her cause STARS!!! As far as SSG Syndra, she looks かわいい!!! its suppose to be a "rip-off" of Sailormoon, a bunch of over sexualized women with amazing super powers, some for good and others for bad. ___ Those are good skins, and there are more like those that are cheap too. All I see is an arrogant person who doesnt know what the word effort and hard work means (even if it fails).
u are talking to wrong person. I make 3d models at work as I work as a 3d graphic so I know what it takes to make a skin. 750 skins arent "reskins". they have model changes, it's not just texture swap and I agree some are good but once a champion get a skin with certain theme he won't get another one and this is sometimes a waste. Bard is a cosmic musician and Bard Bard could be an ultimate skin. But now he won't have another music related skin as he already have one and it's a waste of potential. Soraka as u said is star child, so why not bother making a Star Guardian skin, a theme that is ideal for her something more? As star child she could be First Star or at least a leader of group. But its not legendary and Soraka will not get another star themed skin... Waste also you try being cool with writing kawaii in hiragana? Or with insulting me? Literally no one cares here so you can stop. You don't impress anyone
EB Aeron (EUW)
: Next 10 Gemstone Skin?
I really dont care. For how rare they are they are really low quality. Maybe if they would be on Legendary+ level....
blissbomb (EUW)
{{champion:22}} {{champion:119}}{{champion:202}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:498}} ???
11Urban (EUNE)
: Let us chose icons in champion selects?
I would love it. We have so many icons now, why not let us chose an icon that matches our champion?
alboz1444 (EUNE)
: AP or AD Nasus?
You build {{item:3078}} or {{item:3025}} and then build tanky. Focus on cdr and stack your Q
Rioter Comments
: How do I reach a person (i think he is from riot)?
>How do I reach a person? The same way you reach other people or things. With arm or a stick
gionniak (EUNE)
: My Drawing of Lee Sin God Fist combined with Muay Thai :)
: Its a waste of time, money and resources.
Why even make new skins then? If they are going to be as disappointing aas SG Soraka and Syndra, Bard Bard and many more?
daNyanta (EUNE)
: Is it normal?
Yes. I was in promos to Gold like 3 times. Getting to promos is super easy but winning them? Nightmare
: A 750Rp skin takes aproximately 3 months. And that´s only a new model, new splash art, and not a single effect in particles or animations (like recalls). If a "reskin" takes 3 months, imagine what a 975Rp, 1350Rp and 1820Rp skin takes. If I am not mistaken, a Legendary takes about 6 months to make(?) ___ The rioter has to create a word/PDF document explaining why his/hers skin idea should be created, with a background story, multiple drawn concepts with a finalized version, some concept art of how the splash art would look like, as well as a thorough explanation detailing how this skin will bring both benefit to Riot and customer stasfaction. That process a lone could take more than a month. After creating the document, they then have to present it to their boss or higher officials, both showing the document as well as physically presenting it to them (like a power point presentation). But before he document arrives to said official or boss, that document is sent to a waitting list (because obviously there are more skin ideas being presented), this means that it could perfectly take more than 2 months. Once you´ve passed the waitting list, you present the skin. Two things can happen here: 1) the skin is approved by Riot and a dedicated team will start working on it, while the Rioter who presented the idea is in charge of the whole process 2) the skin is not approved by Riot and it never sees the light of day. Once the skin starts production, we can then start counting the 3 months (or more, depending on what tier the skin is). ___ So, ultimately, ONE skin, just one, could easily take half a year, just one. ___ Also, as a fun fact, just to give you an even easier idea about how much a skin takes to be made (this is for event skins btw). The 2017 harrowing skins were in production skince May (approximately). But the initial art concepts started around January, and before that, the debate deciding which champions get the Harrowing skins for 2017 started around Christmas 2016. In other words, it takes approximately a year to get a set of skins in the store client. So just to let you know, SG Soraka, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Syndra and Ahri were decided last year. ____ Now, imagine adding your idea of tiers for skins. if it takes one year to make SG soraka (a 1350Rp skin by defualt), imagine making a legendary version of said skin, along with other SG or none SG skins. Not only is that a lot of money, you can slow production on Champion VGUs or other "more important" skins, like Harrowing and Snowdown skins. ___ I am also not making this sht up btw, if you want prove, go fine the article for how PROJECT: Yi was created.
Ok, but you can't see it like "making 3 skins per skin slot", no. It's "making legendary skin and then taking away stuff from it and release this as cheaper version". So they share splash arts, models, Epic and Legendary share effects and 975 uses bease ones. So legendary can take up to a year? Ok, but Riot have more than one team to make skins, right? So they are being made at the same time, not one after another. So it takes a year to one skin team. We almost don't get 750 skins anymore, so the difference between Legendary and Epic skin is even smaller. 2 times more time to make? Ok. How often do we get new skins? Every month? I would gladly wait 2 months to get legendary rather than wasted potential of a skin I know Riot won't ever touch again as they do only when they rework champions. And even it it would be a 3 months, how about hire new artists to make ONE new skin team? Also this wouldn't be true for all new skins. What different could Eternum Cass say other than normal Cass or goth Annie? Not much, so dont waste time on making it legendary. Only skin LINES that make new universe, like SG, Project, Mecha etc. would get this treatment.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: No such thing as avoiding player dissappointment. Prime example is season 1 evelynn nerfs
Well, maybe level of disappointment woudn't reach zero but it sure would decrease
: That's only a small portion of it... voice overs take a long time as well and require you getting voice actors which isn't cheap.
That's why I included part with amateur voice actors. I personally wouldn't mind if Legendary SG Soraka would have slightly different voice from base Soraka. And they wouldnt be as expensive as profesional ones
Solash (EUW)
: I don't think you're considering how much work it takes to make ONE legendary skin, let alone a legendary version of EVERY skin that comes out
I think I know better than you unless you work in 3D graphics too. Riot has teams specialised in character models, animation, effects. If me and my co-workers can manage doing things alone from zero I think Rioters can manage too
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Mada (EUW)
: Posts like this really amaze me. How can something like this ever be written? Did you start writing something, write something else and then deleted a few lines in between? Kind of like the mammal eye evolved? First you say you want total vision Then you say that the trinket wards on this map are permanent and invincible but visible which seems to bear implications of intimidation. Well what do they do? They sure as 10 f§$&s can't be providing vision since rule number 1 states that everyone always sees everything. Do they dance? I think there might be a demand for dancing wards...
Comment like this really amaze me. Do people who write these even read OP's post? Or do they read and then remove some words from memory just like gold fish? I said it will be EITHER. Which means one of these options, not both. Either: used when referring to a choice between two possibilities
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iDavis (EUNE)
: Which marksman for beginner?
{{champion:22}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:15}}
: > **Win** 2 games as, with or against Ornn
Then there is translation error, bacause in polish it says "play 2 games as Ornn, with Ornn or against Ornn"
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: Just imagine this
Have you been here by any chance? https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/3AJiZbdk-ornn-ult-vs-yas-wind-wall There is no way 2 players whould talk the same shit
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePikol,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=Ig2c23NE,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-08-24T11:33:14.063+0000) > > Try this: {{item:2303}} instead of Targon + Sightstone. You have 2 in one, so 1 more item slot free > Boots try to build vs enemies. If they have cc then {{item:3111}} if a lot of ad or aa-based champs {{item:3047}} > Iron solari is must have on tank supports > Thornmail only if enemies aa a lot > If they have a lot of crit (adc + yasuo and more) Randuin is better than Thornmail > Randuin + {{item:3110}} is super good vs Vayne, Kindred, Twitch > {{item:3001}} If enemies are AP and you have AP in team > If enemies are AP {{item:3060}} is good for split push lane while you group somewhere else > {{item:3109}} is very good on your champs. Bond with fed ally, not always adc > {{item:3107}} {{item:3050}} are also good There is so much to learn and its so overwhelming but thanks. I guess I could list ADCs and list their skills based on AA or CC, etc... to get a better understanding.
1. If you are Braum or Blitz start {{item:3302}} then upgrade it to {{item:2303}} as I said. Thresh can build it too as he goes tank but he can't use execution effect on minions, he's ranged, so to get gold you have to attack minions normally iwth your base AD which is small. Thats why he can go {{item:3301}} line and then {{item:2302}} . Thats why u max E because it gives you AD 2. Don't only look on enemy adc, but whole team. You have to know if enemies deal magic or phisical dmg and which one have cc. 3. Don't forget that even if someone is not AD doesn't meaan he doesn't aa a lot. {{champion:10}} and {{champion:17}} are good examples, so don't hesitate to build Tabis, Randuin and FH agains them.
: Is this item still vailable? {{item:3060}} I havent seen it SINCE AGES!
I think yes. If enemies have 2-3 AP it can stop them from pushing and if left alone the minion's quite strong. Also it gives a little bit of resistances
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePikol,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=Ig2c23NE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-24T11:06:52.471+0000) > > Tell us what items do you always build. Locket of the Iron Solari Boots of Mobility Thornmail Sightstone Control Wards (2) Spirit Visage
Try this: {{item:2303}} instead of Targon + Sightstone. You have 2 in one, so 1 more item slot free Boots try to build vs enemies. If they have cc then {{item:3111}} if a lot of ad or aa-based champs {{item:3047}} Iron solari is must have on tank supports Thornmail only if enemies aa a lot If they have a lot of crit (adc + yasuo and more) Randuin is better than Thornmail Randuin + {{item:3110}} is super good vs Vayne, Kindred, Twitch {{item:3001}} If enemies are AP and you have AP in team If enemies are AP {{item:3060}} is good for split push lane while you group somewhere else {{item:3109}} is very good on your champs. Bond with fed ally, not always adc {{item:3107}} {{item:3050}} are also good
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: What To Build And When
Tell us what items do you always build.
: Same happened to me. But there was no Ornn or Morde on my team tho.
: I had the same problem as the Ornn-Morde bug, without havind Morde or Ornn in my game.
: Should I play this game
Try ARAMs. They are shorter, more happens and you can try new champs
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: What are the best champions to climb from silver to gold ?
: about supports who leave their adc when they are having a bad game
If adc flames me, be it for my pick, my summ spells, that he died 1v2 or whatever why should I stay with him? I will roam and carry his ass from other lanes
: SG Ahri's Recall
Try posting this in bug reports
: What to do during summer? What are your plans?
I got interested into cosplaying some time ago and in free time am doing costumes. Creative, improve manual skills, you don't watch tv or computer screen all day and can show it to others later :D
IgNukas1 (EUNE)
: Who should i buy? (Rek'Sai or Kindred) What are your thoughts about these champions? And could you e
: True,but. We are all humans,we all or at least some of us deserve forgiveness and we all make mistakes,system for banning people was different back then and even tho he did flame and admitted his mistakes,he maybe reformed. Never have i ever in 5 years of playing saw someone trying to get that old of an account unbanned,if it's possible it would be cool if they gave him another chance since this is kind of an unique case,and i bet if some rioters saw if they would 'feel bad' since they are not cold blooded ghosts that don't have sympathy or compassion and understanding for people,yes there are rules,but if someone changed for real and is still trying for so many years,in which case if he didn't change he wouldn't care of the ban,he would just make another account,go on with his flame mode,but it looks like he didn't. If you didn't know,Rioters are very glad to see people reform and after being warned or punished,to see them change,since it doesn't help just in game,it helps you as a person in real life. Also,you are not a Rioter either,they have their ways,don't talk for them that there are no exceptions when sometimes they could happen for different reasons. I still doubt that you will get unbanned my dude,not a lot of people managed to do that,but i really hope a Rioter with a kind heart notices your post and at least considers it.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
>True,but. We are all humans, Did you just assume my race?
Tiichu (EUW)
: Has anyone got a honor capsule yet?
I have nonor 3, got one capsule. Lux shard :/
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: The people who say 'RIOT i dont deserve the ban'
But I like reading their cries. Let them be
: Im about to quit League, this is unacceptable!
What Ezreal? It's thunder element Lux. Haven't you seen the hair?
prololmatek (EUNE)
: Heh, ok I usually play everything cuz im bored of playing 2 champs non stop haha but thank you :)
Yeah, I got it too. I MOSTLY play 2 roles and few champs but from time to time I go off role and have fun. Sometimes win, sometimes lose. Maybe I would climb faster if wouldn't do this
prololmatek (EUNE)
: How to climb (need help)
Decide which lane you want to play because on your op.gg I see you play everyone everywhere. Pick 2 roles and 2 champ for each role. Learn them. Every role can carry if you know how to play it. Focus on not getting killed so often. You alive >>> Dead enemy
: Getting to G5 on x2 leagues means you're probably better than you think. Flex is especially random. So will probably go much further if you keep playing. That said I topped out at Gold 2 once and then dropped all the way to Silver. Reason? MMR & feeders. I suddenly got a glut of feeders in G2 and so I was getting something like -23 LP for a loss which was outside my control game after game. The MMR system is really terrible when you're at the mercy of such a broad demographic of players it can really destroy you. It's not fit for purpose because once it decides where you belong it will make sure you get there regardless of how well you play because it puts you in weighted matches until you get to that magic 'parity' 20LP figure. My honest advice would be play Flex ranked. That way if you climb great. If not you still have Solo Q gold for the EOS rewards.
>Getting to G5 on x2 leagues means you're probably better than you think Thank you :D Riot said they will extra reward players who hit Gold on both queues. That's why I played Flex, but I don't like playing it. People there don't treat it as serious as SoloQ, they give up or go afk too easly. That's why I am not going to play this until next season. I find SoloQ better, people actually try to win there. I sit at 0 lp because of some bad games right after won promos so demotion is near. But I have few months to climb back ever if I drop back to Silver. Maybe you are right and I underestimate myself? I will try to climb further. Thanks
: Dropping back to silver 1 would require some seriously bad luck, and if u enjoy ranked, why not keep playing it? See how far you can actually go, that way you can both learn new things and will get a better mmr to start out on next season.
Yeah, I think so too, but right after won promos I had some bad games and I already sit on 0lp, so I think demotion is near...
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Now you can focus on getting Honour 5 level
CJXander (EUNE)
: Star Guardian Miss Fortune - Animated Login
WTF how fast can you work? Nice job!
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