l MrD l (EUW)
: Is vayne designed like this
She is. If she weren't designed to kill all she wouldn't have both true dmg and %max HP on autos
Antenora (EUW)
: He doesn't. It would be stupidly overpowered if he did.
Knowing Yasuo and his overloaded kit I wouldn't be surprised, but thanks. That's what I thought
: Nice coding riot!
Put it in Report a Bug section with a different title
: Adding a mechanic to sesmic shove
Riot already said when releasing Taliyah that it can't be self cast because it would be too similar to Ziggs, so they probably won't change mind
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePikol,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Qgi4NcEg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-30T10:40:05.917+0000) > > Yasuo animation has 3 slashes. I suggest make his R dmg be dealed in 3 parts. 1/3 with every slash of animation AND make it possible to interrupt it with hard CC. > BOOM half of Yasuo complains would be gone I dont think Yasuos ulti was ever a problem. A lot of ultimates cannot be interrupted with CC. Ezreal, Lux, Draven...
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Yasuo ult dmg still apply even when he got cc'd, pushed away or when gp orange'd away.
Yasuo animation has 3 slashes. I suggest make his R dmg be dealed in 3 parts. 1/3 with every slash of animation AND make it possible to interrupt it with hard CC. BOOM half of Yasuo complains would be gone
: supports are bad tbh you are legit useless so you leaving him in lane doesn't hurt him in any way shape or form
It's the support who carry adc in early-mid so adc can carry him in late. Support dictates how bot lane goes, not adc. Support provide vision, heals, shields and it's support who engage or disengage.
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Mada (EUW)
: flex queue seems a bit random
Yeah, people treat Flex like it was normal. But don't try to complain about it on boards. You will get flamed like me
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Yasuo's ult gives him a free shield from his passive. It seems like a lot of players don't know this and therefore causes some confusion. His shield can get as big as 510hp at level 18.
Ok, but if he got killed the dmg from ult is still applied?
Possible (EUW)
: No, he doesn't
That's what I thought. But can you interrupt his R?
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CalmN (EUNE)
: Low fps after new client fix.
You can use "close client during game" option. When you launch client in right-upper corner you have options. Find it there and see if it helps. Remember that it will make you wait 1-2 min to see post-game stats as the client must open again
: Nerf everything. EVERYTHING!
Yeah! Nerf {{champion:268}}
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I feel you bro. I have 27 key fragments and 0 chests
: Looking for a Xayah player! (Bronze or lower)
Lower than Bronze? What do you want? Wood 7 players?
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Muww (EUNE)
Maybe post from account you talk about so we can tell you that it's you who suck?
: Impyling that if you take ranked, flex, solo or whatever "seriously" you never feed. Lol :D.
Find me my game when I had 10+ deaths and less than 5 kills+assists
Q Ren (EUW)
: No because the matchmaking is already garbage in there just like normals, no point in tryharding when the teams are not fair anyway.I've seen diamonds that are silver in flex just because they don't care and they get matched with lower people and stomp them. I use flex to test champions or builds, nothing more.
So if both normals and flex have broken matchmaking why don't you go test shit in normals and let people play serious in flex?
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Flex IS a normal game
That's exactly why it's called Flex ranked queue!
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: just lol
Thanks for bringing much to discussion! Appreciate it
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BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: The change of mindset that may save your sanity while playing lol.
Your enemies don't have to be good, just better than monkeys in your team
: if i can't found i can't believe. :)
Doesn't the screenshot looks Reddit-like to you? Butwhatever, I don't know if it's fake or not, so won't argue. We will have to wait and see
: There's nothing wrong with Illaoi herself. God knows I like her and deem her a beautiful woman and a good character overall. It's just... I can't imagine a way for Rito to depict her as a pool party character without treading on someone's toes. Illaoi in a regular swimsuit won't have the same cute look as other PP girls, that's for sure. She's too muscular and stocky and tall for that (unlike Leona, MF, Fiora). On the other hand Rito can neither change her stature (because it would be one hell of offense), nor clad her in something different from beach clothes. Of course it is totally okay to be big strong woman. It's just that fashion usually ignores such people as if they don't exist. And for Riot it would be rather hard to invent something new in clothes department.
She doesn't have to wear swimsuit to be in pool party theme. She can wear that beach, loose, airy dress, sry I don't know english world for this one. Her idol would be beach ball or something. Tentacles are water themes by default, maybe they won't even change them. As for her body type. I can easly imagine her in swimsuit, so why not jus make it? She doesn't have to be cute
: if it is not on any redit or surrender at 20 it can be 85% FAKE, :)
Damiel (EUW)
: Karthus and Rylais - how does it work exactly?
IIrc slows doesn't stack. Only the strongest is applied. I'm pretty sure only one enemy takes extra dmg from Luden on R, not sure how game determines who
: I have 2 points for this being fake 1. Pool party Illaoi 2. Nayuta (champ) — WhyNayutaWhy (original author). Also new Urgot sounds rather crazy to me. PS: lightning wielding hybrid ninja? Doesn't it sound like Kennen to you?
What's wrong with pool party Illa? Her tentacles and idol can easly be changed to match water theme. Yeah, the nick is suspicious. Were do you see "ninja"? It says monk. We already have few ice, fire, wind users. Why not other lightning one?
I'm not sure. The recent leak was 90% true, iirc only SG Ezreal didn't come out. These changes and skins seems legit
: If the champ is going to be a Ryze + Lee Sin with high mobility i might actually quit League... or just bann him every damn game q-q
I think it's all connected. They will make more broken champs so after 10 bans Yasuo and Lee won't be permabanned
: Why does Lulu get preferential treatment?
Lulu is good at protecting one ally. Karma is good at protecting whole team
: Your highest mastery champions
{{champion:203}} Lvl6 200 879 {{champion:16}} lvl6 162 057 {{champion:161}} lvl6 90 754
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: The most garbage game ever made is league of legends
Interpunction. Have you heard of it? If yes: use it! If no: ,.!?:; <-- take some of these and use them
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: I love the new Abyssal Scepter on tank champions!
Plus as a tank you are in the center of the fight so passive is more effective as it reach more enemies
: The key fragment drop rate is just sad
Am I the only one with like 21 fragments and no chests?
: If Riot will ever make another cinematic, name up to 3 champions, who you want in it.
GLurch (EUW)
: I'm not saying you should go afk. You should just play save if you're behind. That should be natural, because that's the only reason you could ever even do a comeback. If you keep on rushing in and dying, you'll obviously never do a comeback, just like your teammates.
Yes, I know that. Look my Kindred build in game I was 6/12. I rushed FM and BC to have some HP instead of my usuall build. Don't tell me to not rush at enemy after dieing few times over and over, tell that to my teammates
: I'm stuck
Oh God, how I would love my teammates to be 0/4 and can call that feed. Mine are 3/14 or 1/13 and I can't even report them because they don't int, just "bad game". But it's still my fault we lose because I died 5 times, right?
: Yasuo should be banned from the game
Don't worry, when 10 bans come live he will reach 70+% ban rate and Riot will have to either nerf or rework him
Sibrus (EUW)
: Its your fault...
Dude complaining here doesn't work and not because you are wrong but because people here won't listen. If you summarise your game in 1 sentence they will only look at your KDA. If you write an essay about your game they won't read it. But I get you, I have huge losing streak right now, like 9-10 games in a row. Tell me how it's my fault when my mid goes 3/14 and jungle 1/13. But it's my fault I died 5 times, right? How can win as adc when we have lulu top, gnar jg, ashe supp? Enemy Rammus just had to press W and we killed ourselves. How it's my fault my bot lose 2v1 lane? Enemy adc was afk...
: Most of those names are to long
Just remove spaces and play with big and small letters
GLurch (EUW)
: Even if you lose, if you're score is horrible, chances are you are at fault for the lose as well. Or do you want to claim you're score of 1/5, 6/12 or 5/10 was the fault of your teammates? You die when YOU make mistakes, not when your teammates make mistakes (except you have a Tahm Kench in your team).
I do not claim this, these are bad kda, but ok. Next time when enemy is in our base I will stay in fountain like rest of my team to prevent dieing and ruining my score. 1/5 sivir? Did you maybe check that my mid was 3/14 and jg 1/13? How can I not die in this game too? 6/12 was my fault
: New nickname --> Free Mystery Skin/icon
Lol, you have similar nick to my saying "404 logic not found" XD "I will ruin your game" ? Good when you win and when you feed Idk who you play, but "RightClickToWin" or "Press R to win" seems good on everyone, but probably taken. "OhmwreckerOP"
GLurch (EUW)
: That is probably a mixture of my original comment and bad luck. We all perform bad from time to time. Talking about time, I took the time to look at your match history (and to write an incoming essay!) for ranked flex: Out of your last 10 games, you performed in 5 worse than you normally should. So, you perform bad in about half of your games. If the system is working as it should and matches you with players similar to you, every second one of them will perform bad. You know what that means? That means, in your team you'll have about 2 or 3 players performing bad. I don't think it's a surprise anymore, that the players in your team do perform bad a lot. Normally, this should apply to the enemy as well, if you're at their level. This means, the enemy will usually have the exact same amount of bad players. Now here comes the problem: If every second player performs bad and a team consists of 5 players, it'll be either 2 or 3 players performing bad. So, it's based on luck which team wins, which has to do with "bad luck" again. But if you were better, this "bad luck" thingy wouldn't even matter. Now you could say "But luck is random and these patterns don't seem random at all!", so let's ask this instead: What does even seem random and what is random? Things such as something being "random" may not even exist. Whenever we see something, we **want** it to have a pattern. Apple for example has made their "random" song selection for iTunes LESS random, because users kept complaining that they got the same song a few times in a row, which didn't seem random. It's like rolling a dice: You could get a 3 five times in a row and then a 6 two times in a row. It would still be "random".
What do you mean by saying I performed bad. My KDA? How can one have good kda at the end of match where we lose? That's the problem here on boards. When you summarise a game in ne santence like I did, people will look only at your KDA on op.gg and when you write essay how game progresses no one will read it.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePikol,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=TLJZK5EG,comment-id=0006000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-21T17:39:38.636+0000) > > &quot;trolls dont effect you negativly&quot; > ~D4RKEVA 2017 They shouldn't stop you from climbing. You might get unlucky games as you did in this lose streak but overall those games don't have much effect as a whole.
I will just wait untill losestreak will end, like always. But they affect my mood, it's fcking bad that I lose games and I know it weren't my fault. When it is I can admit it that I fcked up, but this?
: Well of course they do, EUNE doesn't have normal draft enabled 100% of the time. When I played Flex during the preseason and the first week of season 7 (I think), people took it as seriously as ranked solo.
I play during that hours normal draft is enabled
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