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: There were an official statement a while back both on EU and NA about queue times with the NCS at the higher end of the spectrum, and they're still working on it :( I know it sucks but on the bright side it usually means you have a pretty high MMR, so congrats ^_^
I hope you right buddy :D tnx for the info too
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: Greetings TheRedViper Could you provide a little more context as to which queue exactly it is you're choosing? 20 minutes a lot, but in order for Riot to look into it (cause it's server related 'n all) that tidbit of info would be nice to have ^_^ We had a similar case not too long ago, this was the reply. > [{quoted}](name=Riot MetaTrace,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=51HyZcvj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-19T12:16:49.754+0000) > > You have what I would consider quite a high blind Pick MMR, significantly higher than even your Ranked MMR. As such the system may have struggling to match you with similarly skilled opponents, who may have switched to playing Dynamic queue draft or Ranked due to the ability to get a preferred role. > > That being said the time estimate should have been more accurate and we will look into this.
Its ranked solo q. I queue as Mid/Jungle I also wrote a ticket and the respond was "we are working to reduce queue time" That was like a copy paste answer... didn`t help me at all
TheRedViper (EUNE)
: 20 min queue still no game WTF Riot?
If i send Riot a screen with queue time more than 10 mins i`ll have to send every 2nd game
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: now dont quote me on this cuz im not sure u can look it up but...i think I THINK november comes after october IDK THO DONT REPORT PLS
damn... I should learn which month comes after the other..
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Four Star (EUW)
: Girlfriend hates me playing lol, what can I do about it?
I have the same problem! Solution: I say smart words that I dont actually understand what they mean and I hope she would not understand em either. Example: Honey I play lol a lot and dont pay so much attention to you because i feel so autropically satisfied with your introconversational behaviour
Mada (EUW)
: And I bought a 486 PC for like 3000 bucks and today it's worth about 3 bucks. I want my moneys back!
> [{quoted}](name=Mada,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=8tvZWBoa,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-09-24T07:33:58.108+0000) > > And I bought a 486 PC for like 3000 bucks and today it's worth about 3 bucks. I want my moneys back! {{champion:72}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}}
Khâmul (EUW)
: I want to work in riot for the lore team,i'll show you some examples of my talents:
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Ruined my childhood XD
> [{quoted}](name=Lsayu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ThAeUQKa,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2015-09-23T04:03:05.493+0000) > > Ruined my childhood XD he made my childhood dreams come true {{summoner:32}} {{summoner:32}}
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: New Champions !!!
Well sorry if the discussion is already done but I have probably missed reading it. I agree that champion reworks should be counted as new champions or atleast such reworks with a massive scale as Sion and Gankplank. What is Riot planning on focusing in the future - new champions or rework of old champions?
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: [Resolved] unexpected platform error login
RIOTers answer on other topics but this topics are never answered or comented by a RIOTer
Quadraxis (EUW)
: Scripting is a serious problem in higher elo
how hard can it be to stop them? there are such lower ranked companies,with less staff and less finance that have build an anti cheat..... when will riot do it too i keep getting scripters more and more
: The free-candy-giveaway would be a marketing gag however. You would not keep these shops set up forever, and I tell you why: When thinking about corporate finances, you have to take into account the big picture. If 1.000.000 players each use your system and convert IP for a much does that cost riot? 100.000.000 RP. The cheapest exchange rate if paid by, say, paysafe in europe, is 50 € for 8250 RP. a hundred million RP, are 12 thousand such packages my friend (12.121,21 to be exact). Thats about 600.000 Euros. 600.000 Euros. That's not exactly lose change any more, now is it? And this game doesn't have 1 million players, it has over 60 million players monthly. Lets say 1/3 of them uses your system and not excessively, so they each buy 100 RP less per month. **Thats a loss of 1.2 MILLION EUROS. PER MONTH.** I don't know dude, but I don't wanna be the guy who has to explain that to the board.
In my oppinion it will not decrese the amount of RP being bough. It will help the people who are in a short need of RP and those who have IP which they cant do nothing with. On the BOT part I'm completely on your side .. this will be a disaster from that point of view :D
: This is a terrible idea in my opinion since it would make LoL a pay to win game. The whole idea of buying rp is to support Riot and get a cool outfit for your character. Runes are not supposed to be bought with rp and this would make you able to just buy all the runes when you hit lvl 20, and that would be really unfair to non paying players.
Well you can save the IP till 20 and buy champions with RP.. its the same
Puckab (EUW)
: It could be 5RP Every 100 ip , 10rp in 1000 is almost 3 months to get one skin.
Well that not because as 'franticFurball' said in order to get the game developing and evolving and give food to all those hard working Rioters we cant do that. It should be supposed to help out summoners not to give em the power of god :)
Ichinose (EUW)
: And also RP to IP. Why not ?
Well you can already buy everything will RP so it will lose the sense of doing that.
: >As I said this is just a suggestion and I'll be more than glad to hear what summoners and Rioters have to say about it. Let me answer this question by asking another one: Do you want this game to exist, to function and be continuously developed? If so, then your idea cannot be implemented. Riots business model depends on selling RP. If you give away RP for something that is free, the business model breaks down. There are servers to maintain and upgrade, there are wages to pay, and advertising & events like the LCS also don't come free of charge.
Well I uderstand that completely but you should take in mind that even if u play like crazy getting a 100RP will be a hard thing and than what can you get for 100RP? People will still be buying Rp ofc or they will be doing it even more... Just to give you a hint why I think so - Lets say I'm a candy manufacturer but I sell my candy in a package of 1KG. Than I decide to set some cabins on the street that give out 10 Gram packages for free so that the people can see how good they are .... I think you can see where I'm going its like more than a common marketing strategy ( The human hunger cannot be settled down).
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AuaElleth (EUW)
: LoLWIZ Keys
can u send me one too pls at would be more than grateful :)
Trexlo (EUNE)
: How to instakill Tahm
let him eat my sisters smelly shoes
: Unknown Error
when will riot help us.... ffs
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Valindria (EUW)
: It july 2. Time to praise Bukachu!!
te emo makes me horny {{champion:17}}{{summoner:11}}
nr39 (EUNE)
: When are the players who have all champs getting their mysteri skin??
Hi guys, Many of you were wandering how to get the mystery skins . I'll try to explain it in just a few simple steps: 1. Open client 2. Log into your account 3. Open Store 4. Open Purchase RP 5. Choose pack and payment method 6. Give your credit card information 7. Buy a mistery gift from the shop 8. Hf on the field of justice or there is another option ---> Have just a little more patiance.
: any one got mystery champ ?
WOAHHHH I got Jenna Jameson <3 P.S. sry wrong site though i'm on pornhub
NovaCain (EUW)
: Why rito why?!
this is why its called MYSTERY :)
Agidyne (EUW)
: [POLL] What house do you like the most in GoT?
The White Walkers OP {{summoner:2}}
TheRedViper (EUNE)
: EUNE Team in Karlsruhe
I Play in EUNE, I live in Hagsfeld and I speak good English and German is so to say good. u can add me on Facebook - Vladimir Boychinov (easier to communicate)
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Some have waited a year for U.R.F.
Its an April Joke I'd say(so u r the April FOOL {{summoner:11}}{{summoner:11}}{{summoner:11}}{{summoner:11}}{{summoner:11}}{{summoner:11}}{{summoner:11}} )
: regnar or vii?
its neither regnar nor ragnar(Vikings op) its Rengar. As for the post i'd say that vi is a must have champ(i have all champs) just dont build her with trinity pls.. Rengar is prety good as assasin jg-top but he even better as fulltank with only jg item for dmg. There are so many builds but i prefer the tanky one. I'd say go for rengar even tho he harder
TheRedViper (EUNE)
: EUNE Team in Karlsruhe
I'm a Bulgarian and moved to Germany 2 years ago.. been playing since S1 and all my friends r in EUNE
TheRedViper (EUNE)
: RIOT answer needed
lol I've been playing since s1 and i never had this problems. And my mmr aint lower than the division I'm in I've checked my last 10 games(in opgg) and every single game i was the one with highest mmr.
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seXo Jon (EUW)
: [Poll] Flash on D or Flash on F?
I always have flash on D only when jungling I use it on F{{summoner:31}}
: [BUG] Lux ulti animation
lux ultimate is broken and it is not a new thing... it doesnt hit correctly.I main lux so i notice that rly often. Sometimes i hit and it does no dmg... sometimes i dont hit and it does dmg( the 2nd I dont mind tho :)
u were too toxic and Riot has smited u {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:11}}
Terond (EUNE)
: [Resolved] Loss pervented
its hard to fix this and i doubt Riot can and will. I keep getting the same games in diamond so its prob only in challenger that the games are making your adrenaline go up
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: isnt virgil the name of some ship in a movie? i think in that movie where they were supposed to dig into the middle of the earth to save the world from ending :p
is there only one dog called spike?{{summoner:31}} {{summoner:11}}
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Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: Some kids just need a ban. Rito cares? Nope
If i start taking screens of all the trolls i get in games that either go 0:2 at min 5 and say gg jungler no ganks and start intentional suciding or just saying sry guy i^m having a bad game and goes afk it will beat every naked picks collection every one has in like 3 days
gayboi (EUW)
: New loading game screen !?!?!?!


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