: Petitions of that scale would need to have the majority vote... your looking at millions of signatures... you wouldn’t get that many simply because not that many people hate it. And even then think about what this would cause... aatrox gets reverted, you’ve just screwed over the people who are maining new aatrox which are just as intitled to new aatrox as you are to Old Aatrox. He’s also got all of the issues that he used to have meaning that another rework will have to come in for this repeating the process... and the worst part is that as aatrox was too strong riot would nerf him into the ground because it isn’t safe to let him be strong. So you condemn aatrox to a third rework later down the line, and in the mean time get to watch a champion be outright killed... all just for getting a toxic champion back. Don’t get me wrong I miss Old Aatrox as well... but new aatrox is healthier, what’s more I don’t want to see aatrox die for nothing. I’ve been through enough of my champion pool being reworked to know that it’s better to move on.
I see your point. Now that you mention it, new Aatrox is healthier to the champ pool. I will never get over that annoying voice he has now, but indeed maybe it's better this way.
: no, it won't work. mostly because there are not many people complaining about him. Well there were, i did it too, then we used him, found the right build, the right timing, which champion to avoid and so on, and now he is going rather well. so changing him back now would only satisfy a small minority of players. as for making old aatrox a separate champ...how would it work lore-wise? true, old aatrox was unique but that doesn't mean that new aatrox won't be tweaked, he just came out give them time to filter the constructive criticism from all the useless whining.
Hmm, I guess you are right. But, do you think that if a majority of people would be against a rework, that the backlash would be almost completely negative, could Riot ever revert the champ back to pre-rework, re-rework the champ or keep tweaking the champ until people are pleased?
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: any one got mystery champ ?
No champ yet {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} Btw does a msg pop up like a mystery chest or like a league promote msg or u just appears in your profile?{{summoner:4}}


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