: Why this game can irritate you sometimes.
well community is bad.. most of the people are giving up if game looks bad. they don't even try... i even got people who said hey im diamond 5 (0) lp idc if it's lost gg wp. the fun for me is to win difficult games :D maybe that's just me
cutiematch (EUNE)
: I get sick of getting complaints about how I should play as a supp!!!!
Picking Vel'Koz Support and being treated like you troll xD!
MrHook (EUW)
: Titania Thresh Montage#3 (come answer the poll!)
Impera (EUW)
: I want to tell you something positive I learned in my last game.
yeah i would strongly agree with your post. some people get too cocky and some others get depressed after loosing some objective . as a team you should always be careful. As long as enemy team still playing there is always a chance they can comeback. and also yeah people nowadays tend to give up easily for no reason! i find this game more fun when im loosing because that means i can improve myself with that victory (if we manage to win)! i find this thrilling! Cheers everyone
Trexlo (EUNE)
: Why does Ekko have so much money?
Mada (EUW)
: What's wrong with trying hard?
Greetings! the funny thing is when you are not playing well or not paying attention for some reason you get called "Noob gg easy" n stuff when you try to play well you get called a "lame tryhard" i never got to understand why are people like that :D i expect my enemies to play their best why don't they expect me to do so aswell!?
: Tribunal not working, Reconnect not working, etc.
Bump! i've had several connection issues yesterday when my network just went full retarded. when it came up i had to close the game entirely and log back again to be able to re join a game. this needs to be worked on! Greetings!
Eveninn (EUW)
: Forgive.
i totally agree with what you say. every time my team starts flaming each other or me too we end up loosing the game because everyone doesn't give a fk anymore. That's what flaming does highly demotivates players from doing good plays and changing the game. like this morning i lost a game because after 1 teamfight that went wrong everyone started flaming. anyways flaming is definitely not good but you cant change people. have a nice Friday
Messeery (EUNE)
: Trick2g in real life?
: Riot fix Zed! This is outrageous! xD
well they will fix it eventually even tho we have no time estimated for that fix :s i wanna play zed too... so just relax and wait for it! for when zed comes back i will get him and "heuahuehuaheuhaeuhuehuheuheueuhuhe" zed 2015 keep laughing :P CHEERS!
: I vote for an insta-ban against people who use Autism to insult someone
yeap like Kageryu says u don't feed a fire with more wood and oil cuz it will get big! u dont have to say anything about yourself to anyone i am myself an anon of the internet and i will stay that way :P
Kouèn (EUW)
: Funny players in low elo. (Don't read if you're not interested)
oh mate that feeling xD. well sometimes it does not worth wasting your time to even type something to some people. when u see they are unreasonable just insta mute and play the rest of the "game" since u are doomed to loose if the guys are mentally destroyed :P i still haven't found the reason they do this since i am playing games since i was a kid and i have to say i never raged never trashtalked to anyone. i have to admit tho i keep my thoughts for myself or close friends :P . SO do NOT waste your time on those kind of people it is bad for you in the end. cheers
WrenhaveN (EUW)
: When you are alone in a 4 premade game
it's not like they do not troll on ranked matches. they troll everywhere no matter what
: So Many Negative Players...
just ignore em mate i know that aint good, everyone does but those people exist and we cant do nothing about it. ignore and have fun. Cheers
: So, about Tahm Kench
hohooho now that u mentioned it i would like to see that 5 tahms vs 5 tahms
: chat restriction discussion
imo this report system doesn't work the way it was intended to. because people report others for ridiculous reasons such as unskilled player when u just happen to have a bad game. so far i'd say most of league community is negative. they take it too serious :P greetings everyone
: Zed disabled due to an in-game bug
hello i found out that when u used w and q on zed as soon as possible his shadow would not respond as expected. but i don't know if this is the reason they disabled him
: Spamming Emotes
zed laugh! i spam it and i love it hahaha! (heuhauehuhaeueuehaueauheheuahue) zed 2015 keep laughing
: [BUG] Not granted assist for hitting Tahm Kench with his shield up
i think you have found a bug then. no matter what if u hit an enemy champion u get assist for that if he gets killed. cheers!
Harima (EUNE)
: Why this game is so toxic
that might be true for a small part of the community but not for everyone. it's just like everyone below master tier has definitely not good manners. of course there are exceptions. furthermore i think this is what the game is and i never got bored of it. i play summoners rift all the time, some friends ask me for ARAM and since i dont like it i reject them :P anyways it's just the community not the game itself. take care cheers!
12a12b12d (EUNE)
: I hate EUNE players !
trolls always exist just keep your cool and try to enjoy the game. when i was doing ranked matches this happened a lot. but i stayed calm. there is no point to argue with them or any member of your team especially the trolls because they want you to flame them. so basically only play the game if you are in the mood to do it. greetings!
: Some things never change
like i said several times about almost everyone takes this game too serious. the people you are playing with are people like you. some people are not that good in games some people are better than you. now what if u had people that were 100 times better than you and you won every single game? you like the feeling of being carried and that you are not able to do anything? Sure like every game it takes time to learn about everything and be able to comprehend what's going on what went wrong by your side. some games can be really difficult but i find this game simple enough as far as the mechanics are concerned. the only hard thing is to master champions and be able to understand your weaknesses and strengths into a full extend. like i said on the top just play for fun and u will eventually become better! cheers
KagMaster (EUNE)
Bump this happens every time my connection stops from my end. when it's back up i cant re join the game i get mostly the second problem and also i NEED to restart the client and everything to reconnect as if im ingame it wont connect me back. i checked the internet connection when that happened lots of times. hope you guys can fix it :P
abzorber (EUW)
: Zed disabled
i found out that if u cast w and q as fast as possible his shadow wont throw a shuriken but idk if they disabled him because of that
: Cant connect to the game.
Hello mate i think i have your solution just open the internet explorer the browser and then go to the options. After that go to the advanced options and select TLS 1.0 and click ok cheers!
Lsayu (EUNE)
: EUNE server down?
they update the server atm just wait. not your fault
: I'm a toxic player. Help me change.
Hello mate that's nice of you wanting to change but in my honest opinion that's gonna be really really hard UNLESS u take the game as it meant to be. I see so many people getting mad on this game while there is no reason to. always play for fun and believe in your teammates. also keep in mind that they are human beings and that means that they make mistakes. NONE is perfect so bad games can happen. u don't know who are those people on the other side of the champion that feeds :P. i suggest u to stay neutral like me. it is better to give a good job after a good decision that your teammate made than harass them. i hope u take that into consideration mate remember always to have fun!
: Getting sick and tired of ranked and the community.
honestly i've had that situation lots of times but it happens a lot more the more serious you take it ( the game ) i just play for fun even on rankeds. let's say u even reach challenger, then what? u get bored. for sure it is not nice to meet trolls afkers and such but it is still a game. hope u get better luck next time D: good luck summoner!
Lelóuch (EUNE)
: Am I the only 1 stuck on loading screen atm on EUNE?
same thing. cannot continue after the champion select screen it crashes and never proceeds to the loading screen D:
Leveh (EUNE)
: I have similar problem only I can't reconnect, loading screen never happens due to this bug.
{{champion:84}} main and i find this offensive! :P


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