: Recruiting members for team
Jodveuk (EUW)
: Motivation
Shit happens. Part of climbing is hoaning the skill to deal with bad games/losing streaks. We all have them.
: The reward should be a satire reward that insults the player based on the time spent trying like an in-game message saying something like >"Wow, you wasted all this time trying to earn a reward by playing something fictitious, instead of wasting this much time in fantasy land you should do something more important with your life, this helpful piece of advice is your reward that you have achieved for getting an S rank with all champs and is not something to be proud of" Along with a loading screen badge of some sort, and a user picture
Thats like saying challengur is a badge of shame showing how mouch time you spent getting good at the game. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: But seeing as it's easier to get S ranks against worse players than you, wouldn't you just end up with people keeping themselves in lower divisions than they should be?
I guess that would be a valid way to cheeze the ''achievment''. But why would you do that to yourself when you could just play normals.
: The poem consists of people digging. So the poem is "deep". As in, those people made a deep hole.
Since when can yorick ult more than 1 person?
: 130 champs will take 126 weeks, which is about 2.5 years, we probably get 8-10 more champs during this time. Which will push it close to 3 years. Will we still play the game then?
That would be if you started from 0, but from my point of view league got a bulk of players ~2years ago. Whitch would leave ~1year to catch up assuming the they played consistantly. And 1 is 3 times less than 1 -DRUMS- . Yes it would be overwhelming for new players but i still think it WOULD be a nice addition to the oldies :)
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XBlade312 (EUNE)
: What's the point of fill when i can Q as support
In soviet Russia support FILL you {{item:3113}}
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: No key fragments
RNG is strong with this one {{champion:17}}
ody97b (EUNE)
: my friends account have stealed...how i can take it back...if anyonw knows???
If you shared your account with anyone Riot will ban it be carefull of that.
Tet2 (EUW)
: Queueing solo
I personaly play 90% of my games solo, occasionaly a mate or two would join me but thats it. I agreee that Solo players are at a dissadvantage. If you mind that just find some queue buddies. Or you can keep playing solo and enjoy the extra challenge :D
karv00n0c (EUNE)
: if u think u can be decent at everythign and win every lane everyhwere cause u are decent then u are not in high elo since u cannot be good everywhere
Why wouldn't you be able to? Im trying my best to not turn this into an argument since all i wanted is to possibly help out, but dont rule out you not wanting to play other roles just because its '' impossible'' . Besides if you ask me Platinum is nowhere near high elo. D1+ is where you get to meet the big boys :)
: Enough with the chinese splash updates!
Imagine if they let the community draw splasharts for skins / champions . And let the creator put their name in the bottom. I think that would be win win. Awsome new art, Rito has to pay 0 and the artists get the credit! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
karv00n0c (EUNE)
: i'm in plat and i really can only jungle/support since i really suck at laning and last hitting for farm... i will never rise with this system cause i have to play only one role at allmost 100% rate! this is the support pick! i enjoy both jungle and support but i can't play 100% games support! that is not correct srsly!
Well i strongly suggest you learn to play all the roles at least decently. Because with that knowledge its easyer to know what your opponent is thinking and therfore how to punish them, or when to look for openings ( for example if you were a {{champion:412}} main , it would be easyer for you to notice '' free'' hooks) . ~Long story short :Even if you dont like it i strongly suggest you get at least decently good at everything. Good luck climbing ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Just give Ekko's passive an AP scaling already
His passive needs hella nerfing. Tank Ekko is cray cray right now because of the base DMG .
: Looking for friendly people (No flame) To play games with!
If you don't want to encaunter flame just remove the chat (look it up on youtube) and you'll lose a lot less brain cells / day {{champion:17}}
: S rating
RITO hates {{champion:17}} plain and simple.
: Can not get an S even if i play very well
You usually get the score depending on your kill participation and deaths. So i guess roam and die less? {{champion:17}}
karv00n0c (EUNE)
: pickin role for ranked games support issue
THats obviously because support is in high demand. Just imagine like if everyone wnated to jump on your discostick if you played support. Besides that i just suggest you pick X role & Mid as secondary ( ofcourse you have to know how to mid just in case). The system isn't perfect but if you ask me it's a lot better then what it used to be .
ramos00 (EUNE)
: My youtube channel!
Good luck man. Friends advice tho, do something with that '' mustache '' .
St3v3n 2009 (EUNE)
Dude thats like saying IF YOU WANT TO TIE YOUR SHOES USE BOTH OF YOUR HANDS. This might seem rude but i just think that something so obvious doesnt deserve a forum post, but that just me. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Good luck climbing!
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: Please nerf Kassadin
I once knew a Georgie, he was Jewish.
: RITO stop sell youre servers
Sell your English teacher dude.
Kouèn (EUW)
: Miss Fortune is becoming a monster just like Gangplank.
Once you go black you never come back. {{champion:236}} {{champion:412}}
Trexlo (EUNE)
: Why does Ekko have so much money?
>Why does Ekko have so much money? He STEALS every kill. {{champion:236}}
TheXptX (EUW)
: League Jokes
Why is {{champion:1}} afraid of {{champion:120}} ? Well, you know what they say about horses ;)
: Best is Teemo's {{champion:17}} joke "Size doesn't mean anything". No matter how small your size is you can f**k everyone ;D (Both ways. I think you get it.)
How is that a joke?
: EUNE plat 5 is hard as much as EUW plat 5. Difference comes later on. Even harder considering the major amount of trolls you get there. Consider as well that a lucky placement + a winning streak can boost u fast (+33 lp per win -12 or something). Aside of that is not uncommon to get people who barely can play their champ. Just yesterady I supported a Jinx (plat 3, EUW) that missed (literally) all her spells. Not a single zapp was landed or a usefull trap. As her support I put the vayne/janna duo at 40% of their health at level 3, so I forced an engage (100% doble kill, jinx just had to clean up). Well she made us both die. How that happened is still a mistery. Happens: GG wp FF 20.
Yesterday Diamond 2 we had a Kalista that died 20 times and had 100cs 30min she hit 1 out of 6 at start
: (RIOT) No reward for owning every champion?
Honestly, what did you expect? I got all of them for the last 2 years (404 no life found)
The TabIe (EUW)
: Dear all diamond players
Pro tip: git gud
: [CHAMPION SUGGESTION]:Vergil, the Son of Sparda
I doubt that it would be a smart idea putting in a DMC character. Gj on the detail tho.
Aceos (EUW)
: New Youtuber xBRE3ZEx
You really couldn't think of a more ''creative'' name?
: Silver 5 Dedicated Player
I suggest you re-visit forums when/if you gain elo.
5IVE evol (EUW)
: Content creator - Short Films & Edits
Evol is the caffe/group from tokyo ghoul :o
: http://st.elohell.net/public/chill/ab62db93b5b4a8a89ec9193969046e71.jpg Just had to do this! :D
http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/KpEwvoP1-lets-make-a-gunther-skin-for-taric Rito make it happen! {{champion:44}}
d0p3rulz (EUNE)
: Diamond 4,5
I failed 12 Diamond IV promos in a row so far.
Teddy TFT (EUW)
DonMegatron (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=xCillion,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TQq9amAP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-29T11:23:27.385+0000) > > Oh don't worry, that is exactly what will happen if you dont stop :) > Flaming is just as bad as the things you mentioned, so you are just like those people, and that is why you get punished. > > As you can read in your reformcard email, this kind of behaviour is not wanted in league. And that was your last warning, is it really worth losing your account just to insult some random people on the internet that you will most likely never meet again after the game is over? Dude pissed me to lose every one game bcs of feeders/afks and i get banned bcs i flame them?Is that real,Riot told every player deserve respect did they?!?
Silver 3 35% W/L last 20 games. I guess thats your team to? If you dont like it go back to Dota2.
Frightpest (EUNE)
: What Champion is the most suitable
{{champion:99}} & {{champion:101}} are my favorites for midlane.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Roles/Champions to play with lag?
Best champion/role to play is: **SPECTATOR** - the everseeing. With **SPECTATOR** you can never lose. He has the ability to see the whole map.
: Swearing! I will not accept.
It seems like you're new here.
: Can installing league cause computer problems?
NO, You made a grave mistake downloading this game. Tell your sister she should consider buying a new laptop, PC. (sarcasm)
Sweebz (EUW)
: Looking For Duo Partner
I could help when im done leveling Baberto (alt) on euw. Also if you want i could help by watching a replay or two. Got to mouch free time to kill anyways. >Good luck in SoloQ
: Some bronzes play better than golds. I learned that in ranked 5s where a friend of mine constantly gets to lane against gold or platinum players. It's not like every Bronze has no skills. It's that those who can't climb who are the ones complaining about x champion with x build. Let the complainers be and respect the rest. That's what I do.
Why do you even look at ranks as how mouch skill a player has? I am diamond 5 and people call me ebay on normals all the times because i relax and just do dumb stuff with my friends. And if you're good its impossible that you cant climb. Also dont expect people to tryhard in r5v5s unless its plat1+. As for the complainers and the rest, the rest is new players mostly, as for those who aren't they are just lazy to do reserch and work on their play and that my friend is not respectfull, at all.
Aes Sidhe (EUW)
: That's why :) it's not fair to a lvl 5 that installed yesterday to be matched against a diamond smurf. 90% of the people I tried recruiting to this game quit before they reached lvl 10 cause of smurfs stomping/flaming them. That aside, you won't believe how unwinnable some low lvl games are, imagine you being matched with 4 new players against 5 diamond smurfs. Even if you only loose 10 games till you reach 20 you would still lvl up higher by playing co-ops.
Well im Diamond myself so i do not worry. I know its unfair but at least i want to be done with leveling asap.
Aes Sidhe (EUW)
: Beginner bots till 10, intermediate 10-30. I forgot the math and I'm too lazy to google so don't take this 100%, after lvl 20 the rewards are reduced by 10% and you have limited time for playing for the 90% reward. Something like 3 hours I think... Still playing co-ops for 3 hours for 90% of the gains is way more worth than playing normals for 3 hours cause you will win every single bot game. Considering you won't win every single normal game, the rewards don't only balance themselves but the bot rewards surpass the normal rewards greatly when it all adds together. Also use the free RP (if you don't feel like buying any on a smurf) for an XP boost. tl;dr - beginner bots till 10 - intermediate bots 10-20 - intermediate bots for 3 hours 20-30, if you feel like playing more use the other maps/game modes cause the games are shorter
What about normal games? Cuz im pretty sure ill win every single one
: Ok, tell me your EUW name acc cuse im not at home atm but i can add u with the mobile app
Baberto im not at home as well
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