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: there is enough champions in league of legends
Riot attitude is completely bad. Idk what they thinking about, but clearly, they don't care about people, but money. The game is now cancerous, even when you go full tank, you dying in miliseconds. People are selling accounts and quitting. Riot banning toxies, and don't care about their reason of toxicity, feeders, trollers and afkers. This game need a serious update in it's Mother company. RIP League 2k10-2k15.
: We want more missions
Since a BE rework, the game is way more boring. It takes a years to obtain a nessesary amount of BE for your desired champion.
knommonk5 (EUW)
: Champion Mastery requirement for ranked
What a great idea! Look! People like you should be in Riot, unlike these apes on Czech support! One of the most birlliant ideas. ^_^


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