: Then why you write it?
I've put too much effort into the first part to delete it...
Solash (EUW)
: K way to completely divert from the point i'm making
If you give at least one fck you do get salty sometimes.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: Implying you won't be permanently banned until you reach gold
Well yea, but still. Basicaly no time needed to hit gold elo, thats the thing...
Coopa123 (EUW)
: > This way he didnt get a single punish so far and i have perma ban. What's the point? You displayed toxic behaviour way more frequently than him. Is that really that surprising to you? > I am not telling punishment is not deserved, but there is not a single game expect LoL I know where toxicity is punished by PERMA ban I've seen people getting permanently banned for toxicity in LoL, Starcraft 2 and WoW, which are pretty much the only online games I've ever played and I am absolutely certain that there are many many more games where toxicity is punished like in League (Club Penguin for example LOL) > Sure give me perma chat ban, anything, but this thing is not ok. You think it's not ok. I however do, and so does the majority of the community and Riot itself. You get a lot of chances. 3 2nd chances actually. You could have learned to behave after the first, second and third punishment. You chose not to. Bye bye account. Sure you can always create another account, because in reality it's not you who got banned but your account. Remember that getting a permanent ban on a new account is waaaaay easier. To me it looks like you didn't learn from your mistakes and I assume you'll be permanently banned eventually anyway. Have fun leveling to 30 again, grinding hundreds and thousands of hours to get back to where you were :=)
Oh sweet summer child. Hiting lvl 30 is question of week. Getting to gold is max 30 rankeds. Easy.
: If you can't handle that sometimes people in your team are bad, you shouldn't be playing League.
Im fine if that happens sometimes, but man if you get trolls 5 games in row, and then someone who flames me without a reason, I do lose it.
: (Without mentioning how %%%%%%ed that statement is) That quote is completely irrelevant, muting people isn't a problem of feelings like "urdurdur he called me bad i'm so sad" It's about people's ego, they're not hurt, they're just pissed off
Well people are also pissed off when someone afks or trolls, but hurr durr bad day trashshit.
Solash (EUW)
: If you can't play a game without getting salty then you shouldn't be playing that game
This game is about competetivnes. If you don't give a single fck about the results, never ever click on ranked, thx!
: Mention a pick thats pick/ban every patch.
Bronze? Yasuo, Zed Silver? Vayne, Yasuo Gold? Cho EDIT: Sorry, you wrote "every patch" well... The thing is, there never should be a single champ with 100% pick/ban rate
: Bans aren't meant to rules out the meta. They are meant to ban champions that could work against your team. Both teams will always need access to all items, so item bans isn't the right solution.
That's why there are champs with almost 100% ban/pick rate almost every single patch.
Bilizver (EUNE)
: This botlane meta is so punishing
You can always try to roam and kinda punish them in early...
: > If you need to mute, it's already too late
If you get hurt by words on the internet, you shouldnt be on the internet.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: > Sure, it is annoying, but there is a freaking button to instantly fix the problem Exactly. The report button after every game. > "toxicity" can happen at bad days too... Right again. It can happen sometimes. That's why you're not getting instantly perma banned for calling someone a noob once in a blue moon. And that's why there are different punishment tiers. And that's why you're only getting chat restricted the first two times. If you sometimes have bad days you might get a slap on the wrist. If you flame constantly Riot and the community decided they don't want you to continue playing this game.
I am as toxic as my friend who plays max 2 games per month, but since i play more often, i get reported more often (in real time) but as often (per games) as him. This way he didnt get a single punish so far and i have perma ban. Well also if the community decided they don't want to play this game, why was i able to create another acc and rock on. I am not telling punishment is not deserved, but there is not a single game expect LoL I know where toxicity is punished by **PERMA** ban. Sure give me perma chat ban, anything, but this thing is not ok.
Pàndâ (EUW)
: Suggestion to Perm Suspension
The thing is, Riot should not ban for toxicity at the first place. Sure, it is annoying, but there is a freaking button to instantly fix the problem. If there is feeder in game / troll / afker, there is not a button for that, but then its just a "bad day" "toxicity" can happen at bad days too...
: Teleport Mission - EUNE - looking for players
: a question about runes and pages
No. All refunds / rewards are affected only if you bought it before they announced it.
Rioter Comments
: When pinging abilities such as Xerath R...
You lvl up your ult by that keybind
AlZedd (EUW)
: Checking ping before playing
Create custom game with only you in it? I don't think there is any better way...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Eating healthy is also important. Doing something for your body is too. Im doing neither of those, i do not enjoy playing the game. Dying is also quite important part of one's life. Yet most people are not trying to get it...
: If it's so useless then why do you talk with that salty attitude of yours? Sour puss. ;3
They are fun to use for your own satisfaction. But to BM enemy? Unefective af
Febos (EUW)
: Actually, I'm a professional analysts and I get paid to coach my team. In a way, it adds something important to my life: money. ######What I said above is a lie, but playing League, or any other game for that matter, adds something important to my life: enjoyment.
Well so far LoL is failing terribly in adding enjoyment to my life. Any other arguments?
: Thanks for screwing up all my efforts with your moronic bugs
You got LP, whats your problem? I lost promo cause the bug that cause i was not able to ban champs.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=T ºKP Billy,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Yv0NAwPZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-11T20:26:49.504+0000) > > and should this happen for real, ofc make emotes be bought with IP or even for free. I'm 99% sure they will be integrated in the hextech crafting (we can get ward skins and summoner icons) and 100% that they'll be part of the new leveling system (they said so themselves). I don't like them beeing avaiable ONLY through RP, but the game is free so I can't complain. Emotes don't add anything important to the game.
Neither does playing the game add anything important to your life, you here you are. Playing it.
: Hextech Item Expansion Pack!
> Good for Jhin, scales with AP Dude what?
: To be honest, I voted yes off impulse there, but if you think about it it's a free game. I'm more than happy for Riot to charge for cosmetic bonuses just like we pay for skins. If it means they get the money to hire more staff to an already great team to improve the game as a whole I'd gladly support only RP sales for these
Sure. There is a tournament for milions of dollars. They totaly need to charge us for dumb BM tool that can be muted and this way is totaly useless.
: @Riot Maybe now that we got EMOTES on top of PINGS its time to completely remove CHAT from the game?
: perma ban
Chat logs. Always add chat logs...
: Did you maybe eat enemy rift herald?
I don't know... But that should still give me stack?
: why am i so unlucky with chests
Play champs you cant play with friends. If they get S, you get Chest. Easy bussines.
iVesha (EUNE)
: My suggestion for missions
Use tokens to craft Worlds Orbs. Disenchant skins you got. Hurayy you got OE Giving 200 - 300 OE for winning a game is bit too much, dont you think?
Rioter Comments
: > You sound just like those elementary school teacher that goes: Just ignore that kid which is hitting you and they will get bored. Sure they might get bored but you have broken ribs... Not Fun. Comparing permanent, physical injuries to temporary, verbal disputes, from which you can actually walk away by muting them. You don't have a point here.
Ever heard of depression or another mental illnesses, that can be caused by your "temporary, verbal disputes"?
: I beg to differ, if somebody insists on yelling at you for their own amusement, walk out the room. They have two options at that stage, shut up or continue yelling to themselves. Same applies in game, snuff out the fire, don't pour gasoline onto it.
The thing is, you will still feel somehow worse. You might not, but if someone flames me, i do. And by muting, it will not make me feel anyhow better...
bj1234 (EUNE)
: LF close combat premade team
Your friend list is full Add me please: TheWorstBaker (One player has leave buster, 20mins waiting)
: That doesn't justify retaliating.
: Being hit involves physical harm. Mental harm done by flame can be reduced or prevented with the mute button. That's the difference.
Once you are forced to use mute button, harm has already been done.
Maybe, but just maybe, the problem is on your side?
: EUNE player looking for 5 meelee champs win (Last player needed!)
YasûØ (EUNE)
: just checked, you're on euw. Its a eune forum
EUW and EUNE forums are connected...
Rioter Comments
: Inv to friend for close combat
Transfer to EUNE and you have me in :) :\ https://artscartharsis.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/doomsday-wall.gif
: As soon as you said "french %%%s" all over for you. Sorry my friend, they called you noob it's not a big deal, but you just taking the piss outta them because they are French. You deserve it.
Calling someone noob is also not nice, you know...
Kwazi (EUW)
: How can you talk about being the "winner" in a situation where you get bullied? Fighting fire with fire will never solve anything, just makes a bigger fire :P The desired result would be for the bullies to be banned. this is only achievable if you report them... nothing you say to them is going to get them banned... There is only risk of you being banned along with them...
You sound just like those elementary school teacher that goes: Just ignore that kid which is hitting you and they will get bored. Sure they might get bored but you have broken ribs... Not Fun.
: Got suspended 14 days for standing up for myself... THX RIOT!
Its not a person who banned you. Its just a %%%%%%ed piece of software that goes: Swear? Ban. Basicaly same happened to me, but since i really hate playing with 4 premade and it happened to me again I got perma banned instead ^^
: Under level-30 normal draft matchmaking is a mess.
He was probably premade with low lvl in their team, Riot thinks that lvl 5 + G5 is same like lvl 20 and lvl 15... :)
Mattwie64 (EUNE)
: Low FPS in League of Legends
A lot of effect are happening in teamfights.
Rioter Comments
sneapps (EUNE)
: I am honor lvl 0, cause I get tilted easy thats why im stuck in silver/gold elo... and this today was the last chest i opened using the last key, i am not able to get keys till lvl 2 honor so, ye, no more chest oppenings for me
Welcome to the club!
Magneset (EUW)
: Is he wrong though? The solution is as simple as he says. If you are toxic you get banned. Reforming is not about being toxic sometimes or very little. Its to not be toxic at all. You can easily use the chat without being a douchebag.
Even if you write a dumbass tip for your teammates, it can be considered passive-aggresivity and get reported for that
: I read a thread lately in which a player got banned for ONE 1/14 game, he was like bronze 4, he cried his ass off because he just couldnt do better, got unbanned after a while... so riot has indeed a system You are just a crybaby.
I had mental breakdown, where i fed and trolled 10 games in row, without getting banned for it. I dont really think it works at all :)
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