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: 0-0 yeah i was wondering why no one had smite but then i realized, don't get mad at people who don't know how to play the game, it's your fault for not being good enough to carry, if you were faker or someone you could have won those games
Medoboss (EUW)
: At most I played 50 ranked games I don't eaven have 2000 normals where is your info coming from. And yes I am speaking english stop finding stupid excuses for your incompetence.
yeah W/E, re-read what you wrote then you realise...
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Why is winning so important to you? Even in normal queue, when you can just focus on improving yourself? Even if they are assholes, and trolls, if you focus on them it does nothing for you. You actually lose compared to completely ignoring them, and only looking at your own attitude and performance.
Maybe because I'm sick of losing 11 games in row when I'm doing my best to aim towards a victory?? Maybe I'm sick of gaining 50 XP, 90 IP and shitty 250 mastery points from a game I had over 30 take downs and minimal deaths? Maybe I'm sick of some asshäles constantly calling it "easy" and flame me after match for no reason? It's a competitive game and I want to win, is that so wrong?? Think about it yourself, you have 91% ratio and then it drops to pathetic 55% within two days.
yeah, 11 games in row trolls totally nothing to do with match making assignment...
imbrus (EUW)
: You died as much as them
lol, so what I did damage and took objectives. 0-10 and 20-10 isn't the same...
: Help, how to deal with this...???!!
11th game ruined by some troll Kalista and J4 (duo mid and flame entire game)....
: Help, how to deal with this...???!!
Last match was 10th game ruined by some asshole that starts trolling for no reason. Poppy just flaming and trolling (runs around map and goes 1v5), spams surrender n sht like that. Ashe just walks into 1v3 and refuses to communicate with words or pings... I'm losing hope. 16-13 W/L... 10 lost matches and 3 won... Just getting pathetic and sad. Why the F am I the one getting these assholes? Why is it NEVER in the enemy team??? Just pissing me off...
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: So what did you get from the bilgewater mystery skin/chests?
ARghh, what are these "bilgewater mystery skin/chests" you speak of?
Windsteps (EUW)
: this is the unpredictability of "below lv.30". Sometimes you have the smurf, sometimes you play against them. Another time you have the trolls etc. You just have to grind though it.
thing is they all smurf. They call rage about "KS", "noob take support" "omg my CS" etc... just sad how though I get this bullsht right after a win spree... ATM 16-12 W/L which is depressing for me.
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: Fiora useless.... ok
She is fucking OP... I haven't read her new kit thoroughly, but played against one last night. She seemed to have infinite dashes (was always moving around VERY FAST) and her block just blocked about everything, She sustained so good that IDK....
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Once upon a time...
I hate {{champion:10}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:11}} so much. Minimal skill required to play/jungle but they offer so very much... Thankfully people don't main Yi jungle every game now.... IMO {{champion:5}} requires nerfs on his slow and Q... Right now he can easily outtrade anyone from level 2.... The E slows enough for him to do 3 Q empowered auto attacks, which are easily 300 damage at rank 1.
: Shaco's Mechanics
I main Shaco, pls buff my champion so I can get more freelo. That's what you sound like. Shaco doesn't need buffs, he's F'ed up already.
Dr1ftKing (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tickle me balls,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=oJ8UFKQE,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2015-08-15T17:52:34.987+0000) > > That trash talk, also nice boost to plat on your own account.... You are still dont have much experience on this game,you can flame me only if you are higher tier than me,I am not boosted
English please, also I didn't even reply to you Einstein...
Medoboss (EUW)
: every champ has a weeknes. Lux is a sqush sqush with no escapes doge the q catch her and she is goofed. For me yasuo is broken, he gets shields like for free, no mana, free poke with wihirlwinds cheap ult, wind wall op, paly yasuo{{champion:157}} agains lux {{champion:99}} and see how you will feel about it later you will laugh hard, also zed. There is so much you can do you just need to think. Against ziggs tho lux is op.
lux vs Yasuo is free win for Lux lmao, u must suck real hard or Yasuo dia+ smurf vs lower tier-
Dr1ftKing (EUNE)
: Ok this became critical problem in Platinum tier
Still grinding to 30 but I feel ya. Todays pro teammates:
: hurrrduurr its all my teams fault i cant carry hurr durr .. all the other 500000 players in diamond and higher are boosted by lcs players .. i deserve challenjour but teammates holding me back
That trash talk, also nice boost to plat on your own account....
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=OurBG,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=p6iYAhjT,comment-id=000400000000000100000000,timestamp=2015-08-15T12:03:32.999+0000) > > Well I think either the statistic is world wide or it's server wide. > If it's world wide. 5% of all games is possible, but this still means that out of gazillion games a single person gets to be in a game like that every 2-3 games or so. Plus it's 5% because it's lowered by NA servers and high ELO games in most of the servers. If the statistic is for Low ELO EUNE it would be way way way different. In fact so different they would never want to state it. Server wide iirc. I wouldnt argue against it that if you look only at 1 certain division and its games that the number is higher, but thats also never close to 99% either way.
try games 1-30, just a big headache...
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FaZe MiGaS,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=p6iYAhjT,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-08-14T20:31:24.781+0000) > > Not that frequent ahah good joke 99% of games are like that. Actually its at best 5% of games.. but hey, you were close enough :-p
it's about 80% at least where u get some idiotic low elo smurfs that are stuck in bronze, silver or gold and suck so hard it's giving you a headache... They also rage very often and blame everyone else...
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: 3 months of this shit mate, i'm probs going to quit soon.
6 lost matches today because trolls. Fucking about to quit this bullsht as well...
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: This is getting stupid now
same shit... 8 matches played today, 5/8 lost because of some intentional feeder trolls, AFKs or general assholes that YOLO around...
: Lux e is broken
ehh, that's just a bug, but her E is actually broken as the new change to it made it broken. Entire champ is tardedly safe and broken now.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tickle me balls,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0k5AioG4,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-10T18:06:07.208+0000) > > After looking at some champion statistics I'm left wondering "but WHY?". > > For example: Nidalee win rate: 45% (#6 from bottom) but ban rate 54%. Is she banned to stop people from picking her because she's OP or UP? mostly considered OP by those who don't know how to counterplay her, therefore she has a high ban rate. people will, however, fail quite a lot on her due to high skillshot dependancy on her kill combo, especially in lower elo. that combined with her squishyness and the fact that higher elo players know how to deal with her hits her winrate hard. > Why does Elise have 81% ban rate and 53% win rate (one of the highest) when she's considered "trash pick"? she is currently considered a high tier pick, so she's far from trash. anyway, here lack of knowing how to counterplay her is again of great importance. but it goes hand in hand with something else, namely her buffs in the recent patch. People see the buffs and all they really need is a few people to do well on her and boom, she just became someones new permaban champ for the rest of this patch, if not longer. they'll try whatever it takes for any future teamcaptains to also ban her, just like they do themselves. increasing her banrate significantly. for the winrate it goes as follows: the way she is supposed to be played makes her a strong champion overall, especially now that the buffs she got allow her to do what she is supposed to do a lot more efficiently. which would be either one of the following two things: her being used as a tank to soak up damage (less common) or her being used to catch out of possition targets and assassinate squishies in teamfights (most common). the efficiency and reliability she now has due to her buffs, cause her winrate to rise. tl;dr: nerfs/buffs along with the majority of players' capability of counterplaying play a big part in the ban and winratio of champions.
ehh, pretty sure when Elise patch came out people were calling her trash, IMO she never was trash, two % health scaling abilities made her pretty OP in my mind...
: > [{quoted}](name=Tickle me balls,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iupnrrB6,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2015-08-10T17:43:13.734+0000) > > Unpopular opinion: I rather have a rager that PLAYS than a happy hippie that just trolls and feeds. Ragers rarely play, many times, they create feeders too and surrenders
well it depends. If they're like "Fu*k u , why didn't you help" or "why didn't you ward", "omg noob" they barely create anything but annoyance. Just mute and play on, let them rage. At least you aren't 4v6.
Ennoraetil (EUNE)
: ***
No, he'd get a warning saying his scores have been supremely bad lately and suggestion to try other game modes for example. Also if it's legitimately impossible to go 1-14 score in 5+ games in row unless you're mentally handicapped or trolling. There's a system to track what you say, why not implement a system that tracks what you do, based on your stats. for example: Damage dealt/taken, K/D/A, CS, movement patterns, death locations. If somebody has dealt 100 damage, taken 10000, has 0-15-1 K/D/A, 10 CS, always moves towards enemy turrets in straight lines and always died close to enemy turrets or under them, it's clear they're intentionally feeding.
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Kjelldor (EUW)
: This is true. But it is also true you can rather easily stay out of her range if she doesn't have flash up. Riot employee's have also confirmed they will be looking a lot more towards high level play then low level play in regards of balancing, so you're probably shit out of luck if you can't find a way to counterplay her.
that's exactly opposite when they "looked at" Katarina...
: When toxic People are worst then Feeders/Afkers
Unpopular opinion: I rather have a rager that PLAYS than a happy hippie that just trolls and feeds.
: Sated Devouerer - Something must be done
unpopular opinion on the forums: Jax and Xin were/are OP as F even without sated devourer.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: You know something is wrong with Sated when almost all bans go to champs who use it. The powerspike from Sated is overwhelming and creeping out any other strategy instead of offering diversity like Riot intended but ofcourse failed when you release an item that is basically Feral Flare 2.0. {{item:3707}}: The only one who doesn't fall off with this item is Rengar. {{item:3708}} Elise is strong, but also gets outscaled by Sated after 17-22m. Same goes for Eve. {{item:3725}} Only Gragas still buys it. It gives a 'powerspike' for 5 minutes after purchase and then its outscaled by every other jungle item. So basically its useless because you won't win the game within 10-15 minutes in game. {{item:3931}} We have Shyvana and Kayle permabanned, Xin highest winrate, Warwick becomes god and the list goes on
AAAAAND when u tell a Kayle "main" that their champion is broken they'll flame you to oblivion and are too blind to notice...
Ennoraetil (EUNE)
: ***
they could just track the people who get reported for "intentional feeding" or "assisting enemies or what it is called". When that person gets let's say 5 games of same behavior of insane negative scores, they'll be punished with suspension or normals/ranked restriction. They could also track loss streaks, for example somebody loses 5 matches in row, Riot takes look at those matches and analyzes the K/D/A. If person had/has always or majority of time very bad K/D/A, they'll get punished or at least a warning.
Ennoraetil (EUNE)
: ***
suggestion: actually punish the assholes that go intentionally 0-10-0. Right now Riot only bans "verbal abusers", when guy going 0-10-0 intentional feed in 20 games walks away.
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zorposium (EUNE)
: Show ARAM wins instead of Summoners Rift ( Normal ) Wins on title
you see every normal/dominion/aram stats on eveyr player's page...
: Fizz and his ultimate
it just attached to the first enemy that little fish hits what's so hard here....
: Want to know the most disgusting thing in the game?
I Picked up Yorick for the luls, he's fun to play but even a Nautilus could outtank and out damage me... His shield just blocked my entire ghoul army...
: Here is why Galio isn't as bad as people think he is.
I think he's actually a really strong pick, but I noticed that after VU his Q seems to be harder to dodge... It seems to travel faster or just has smaller visual circle but larger impact radius...
Vionicesca (EUNE)
Who the hell would pick or ban Katarina anyways? Her early game has been trashed out... Just pick some other mid laner...
: You're level 8? LOL i guess it's not even ranked you're playing so pls stop
what the F does the level of the acocunt has to do with bs trolls, afkers and shitty matchmaking over all??
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Windsteps (EUW)
: in this case every botlane combo would have destroyed you, nothing to do with Tf
not really, if there'd been actual "marksman" they would've died when tryed to tower dive, just because they wouldn't have had so much AS from such low level and high damage + cc...
: *rant* >.<
third game, same shit... TF rage quits from start, Udyr just farms jungle AFK and forces us into 3v5... we lose it at 45 minutes when we could've ended it at ~30... just pathetic fucking bullshi....t
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Emillie (EUW)
: Well, it's your support's job to engage on Soraka. 2v2 lane, not 1v2.
true, but my "support" was a useless behind-the-tower-AFK morgana... shot out her Q sometimes other than that she was AFK in one spot...
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