: 1; You're full build and you don't have boots, so he'll only do THAT much damage when it's like 40 minutes into the game (and you have a LOT of chances to shut down a Brand before that, you just have to know how to abuse his weaknesess, something you are too stubborn/dumb/brainless to understand apparently). --> That image is in no way representative for Brand's damage 2; That's not 1 ability, that's his full combo. If Brands wants to get his full combo off, he has to hit 2 skill shots that are very easy to dodge (again, skill is important here, apparently you lack just that judging from your poor arguments). If he misses his Q, he dies, if he misses his W he loses a very significant portion of his damage. His Q has a rather tiny hitbox and balanced travel time, so it's rather easy to dodge. Period. 3; Your're putting 4 10000 hp dummies right next to eachother, creating the picture perfect situation for Brand to deal max DMG, but yeah, it doesn't always happen that a whole team just literally stands still and doesn't spread out when brand ults, giving no room for his E to spread and no room for his W to hit multiple targets, so that whole image is simply horsecrap..... You clearly don't know how Brand functions, so stop whining and only come back when you actually have a decent understanding of his kit and when you realize how easy it is to shut him down if you dodge only one of his abilties.....
Man you repeat same over and over, you brain just locks on brand's mobility and "combo". I just pressed 1 button here and u call it freakin combo. Yes i have no boots and yes this is late game picture where he deals 8k+ damage, when no1 except cho gath can have this much hp but you can test early game only with liandrys torment how much damage he can deal. I don't know if you understand that this is team game and after 15 min there will be a lot team fights where people group together, if you are not bronze 5 running like lost child in enemy's jg searching for kills. I can not dodge brand's ult in team fights, stop talking this bs about his weaknesses, i was 14/2 as yorick with 3 mr items, you understand 3 fcking mr items and when we started team fighting he just rushed in hit us ult and died, my adc, my mid lane my support were all dead from that, i was left 30% hp and my jg 10% hp vs 4 man. And you wanna tell me that brand can not change game by 100% if you shut down him early? The guy was like 2/10 before team fights and he won that game. With your logic i need to finish game before 10 min to "counter" brand's late game power. I never said you can't kill him in 1v1, but no one in this game can affect team fights so much as this stupid broken champion at this moment and this game is 90% team fights. 1. BS there is very low chance that u shut down brand in 5v5 before he clicks 1 button 2. BS pressing 1 button isn't combo 3. BS it's ideal situation but even if you take half damage is like 4k hp, when 3/5 of your team will have max 2.5k, it's just for damage demonstration not "mechanics" Your whole argument is BS !
: THANK YOU! Finally someone with a functioning brain!
https://ibb.co/kdnTcx There you go mister functioning brain, now go to this mode and show me which champion in league of legends can do this much damage by pressing only one button, i dare you. And I don't care how much mobility or range you have, I'm pretty sure it's worth clicking ult and dying, when you take enemies whole team with yourself. And the funniest thing is that, no magic resist or hp helps you against this, because it does % damage. It's like mage illaoi but in this case you just can't escape it.
: He is completely immobile and if he wants to get his max damage combo off he is going to want to be within his very short E range, making him very susceptible to CC and burst if you play it correctly. That's right, **IF** you play it correctly, and I doubt you know how to do just that since you're ranting about Brand being ''broken'' (he's not, really). Imma give you a small hint; try and understand how his Q works.
The problem is that he doesn't need to full combo, with the new liandrys and his buffs he only needs to press ult. 0 skills needed to press 1 button and still one shots half team. You guess why suddenly every1 started playing brand.
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: Enemy didn't choose a champion, i lost my promotion for plat 4. Explanation pls
I've had the same experience and i made a bug report but seems no1 cares. When some1 is picking before you, they can wait until the very last 0 second, then lock in suddenly and you will be kicked out bc the system thinks you didn't pick champ but you actually have no time to do that. Happened to me twice and got 5 min ban.
: if Assassins would be able to take out tanks without beeing absurdly ahead in gold and items, Assassins would be ridiciliously overpowered.
Ok, but what about their damage? Jarvan needs same time to kill some1 with electrocute as katarina or zed, does it make any sense?
: Basically that’s the job for ADC as they got high armo penetration and considerable AD dmg. As an assassin, normally you have to go full dmg to create threats on enemy ADC and Mid. Learn to snowball when you get advantage from your lane, so enemy's tank can’t farm well. All champions have its weaknesses, maybe you need more games to improve your understanding.
But what if mid lane also goes tanky, like vladimir or swain? I played vs tanky swain and he destroyed my team. I played one game with master yi, where i went full on hit dmg and we just lost, only nexus was left. Then i sold my items except blade of the ruined king and bloodrazor,bought dead man's plate, steraks gage and spirit visage and i was able to 1v5 them, so we turned that fight around and won. After that i saw that it's amazing to build master yi like bruiser bc it still does huge amount of true damage from e, from red smite, bloodrazor and blade of the ruined king. So I was interested if there is some build that could work on katarina just like that.
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: "You are not eligable to create a queue for this lobby" or something like that


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