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Riryz (EUW)
: Where did you read that? Isnt it always around november or something? Did it change?
i undestood that we get summoner icons and that rank resets there so thats why i ask coz i am confused
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Fõõp (EUW)
: Tired of being called a lux main?
i mean i have 290k on her but i have 730 on janna so lux is not first on my profile, but i hate her being my second
Tarolock (EUNE)
: try writing a ticket to support, but im not sure its even possible
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Hansiman (EUW)
: > Network Operations – 09/01/2019 > We are currently looking into reports of clients displaying the wrong level of tier rewards from season end. This will not affect your current placement or matchmaking. [Service Status](
Thank you, do you know when the bugs are going to be fixed?Becouse I dislike seeing my profile in silver instead of platinum in loading screen.
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: [Champion Suggestion] Corda, the Nature's Call [support]
a skin for janna nice{{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: max level is 666 and when you hit it all your champions turn into devil teemo and all your rune pages become teemo rune pages
Pifster (EUW)
: Which assassin should I buy with ekko and akali's playstyle?
Ahri trust me, she is also fun to play :D and i think most similar to them
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Fathands (EUW)
: You posted on the NA boards.
Thank you, im not really good in this and very new becouse want justice . not good english either xD
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: There is chance! Riot says; > There is no specific timeframe for eligibility, and the length of the reform period may vary on a case by case basis. It all depends on the severity of your punishment, and on your behavior moving forward. I can tell you that the time depends on the honnor system. Try to be friendly and get as much honnors posible (don't ever ask for honnor tho) and you will get rewards soon ;)
Weelah (EUNE)
: No rewards for flamers
: Nope. As far as we know you only need to finish the restriction to get season rewards. Seasons rewards and hextech loot are not the same ;)
: > Can i do something to get ranked rewards for end of season 6 Yes. Just finish your restriction before the season ends and stop being toxic.
i finished it today and am not toxic but i am still not earning hextech things.. dat means like.. when i start to earn that i will be probably be able to get a season rewards too .. am i correct?
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