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Ironcat (EUNE)
: perma ban
Hey Ironcat, Unfortunately permabans are... permanent. Your internet being unstable and you aware of it is nothing but your fault if you jumped in game on those conditions. If you ever decide to create a new account and come back to the Rift consider this: don't play the game if you know your connection is not stable, or else this type of outcome will occur more often than you'd like.
: Master Yi Rework Request
The only rework I will ever agree for Master Yi is making him AP again. #MakeMasterAPAgain ;__;
: You know the game will be lost when you see this in chat! XD
I can think of many games I've won with this type of pre-game chat, unfortunately I can think of double the amount of games I've lost because of the same kind of chat ;__;
Jaskko (EUW)
: Hmm I see I see, thanks! I will probably play Darius only during the 10 matches as I know him the most and im best with him. Not sure about how the KDA works? Just checked at a site, Darius -- Winrate 63% l KDA 8.6 / 3.8 / 8.5 l Gold 10,520 l CS 106.6 4.57:1 <--- KDA Ratio? I don't really seem to understand these KDA thing, I checked on a site for my statistics? Does it look good?
KDA is your Kill/Death/Assist ratio. It's calculated by using the equation: ( K + A ) / D And what that means it's how many kills and assists you get for everytime you die. In your case it's ( 8.6 + 3.8 ) / 8.5 = 4.5; That's a very good KDA btw. The "**4.5**" means you got 4.5 kills (or assist) for each time you died. And that's good! You will probably have to work a bit more on farming since on avarage you seem to have 106 CS. Other than that, everything seems rather well. Darius tends to get banned rather often so you might be sure you have a back-up plan.
: My Main Account got hacked
Hey HappiestSmurfDay, That's terrible to hear, I'm really sorry for what happened. You should send a support ticket ASAP! I'm sure they can help you get your account back. [Here]( is a helpful guide that may make it easier for you to recover your account. Also here's a direct link to Riot Support which may further help you with your problem: [Riot Support](
Jaskko (EUW)
: I mainly play Top lane and Jungle(70% of my games are jungle, but recently started playing Top a lot). I play mid-lane sometimes too. As said above I am most comfortable with {{champion:122}} and 2nd would be {{champion:64}}. I don't really mind losing and neither do I care about the flamers, I usually mute them and don't mind a single word what they said, even if the whole team would rage at me I don't care that much and to be completely honest it doesn't tilt me. Usually if I lose 2 games in a row I would usually stop playing for a hour or more, just to clear my mind a bit. However another question is, Before ranked, there are the "10 matches" and you will end up in a league/division? I heard you can be placed in Bronze/Silver/Gold, Do you have to win a certain amount of games to be placed somewhere? And how much if you would know? Thanks in advance!
Considering that this is the first time you play ranked on this account it's going to be tricky to tell where you're going to be placed right off the bat. The system doesn't only take in consideration your amount of wins to place you in a division, it also takes your KDA and other in-game related stats. Some friends of mine who last season ended in Gold 5 and at the beginning of this season they managed to win 2(4) games and loss 8(6) games. One of them, the one with 2 wins and 8 losses was placed in Silver 4 and the other one got placed in Silver 5. Now what's interesting about this scenario is the fact that the guy with 4 wins got placed one division bellow the guy with only 2 wins. That division difference was because of their in-game stats, now I don't have a statistic or whatever about what stats you should have to make it into a specific division. But I can kind of come up with an estimation and here it is by my current knowledge of the game: To be placed in bronze: Lose more than 5 games with KDA bellow 1.7, less than 100 CS/game. To be placed in silver: Lose more than 5 games with KDA bellow 2.2, less than 125 CS/game. To be placed in gold: Lose less than 4 games with KDA above 2.8(~3) less than 160 CS/game. Now, I'm not exactly sure that those estimations are even 90% correct so don't take my absolute word for it, it may be more or less different but that's as close as I'm gonna get to some real data.
: what happend
Hey Le Wild Marksman, Are you sure that the information you're providing is correct? If you indeed had only one game won and got taken out of promotions after losing only one game you should send a support ticket. They are kind of the only people who could **_probably_** fix it. Although it's rather unlikely.
Tragon (EUNE)
: League of Legends Ranking System
Hey Tragon, I'm terribly sorry to hear that you've uninstalled the game. Maybe you should have tried playing with some friends in order to climb faster, if you're not satisfied with the performance of your other team members. SoloQ can be a real pain in the ashe sometimes, and everyone knows that. Don't let it take the worst of you if you ever decide to return to the Rift.
: It's a complete crash. Nothing is operational at all, and I have to hard reset by holding the power button on my laptop.
Taking in consideration your recent update, I would advise you to attempt a game repair. EDIT: here's a little gif of how you can access the repair option (in case you didn't know how to get to it)
: Thanks A lot Man you are probably right. I will keep that in mind . Thanks you made my mood positive again <3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Any time :) I'm glad I could help
Jaskko (EUW)
: Questions about ranked!
Hey Jaskko, As a main piece of advice here's this: try to stick with the best champions you have. If you're going to SoloQ a lot make sure you have at least 2 main champions for the 2 roles you're going to pick, the more the better. Also, if you already have a favorite lane try to play that as much as you can, it could ensure the win of at least one lane in the game, the rest is up to teamwork. Now, I see you specified that you don't flame and you don't mind being called bad and whatnot, that's great! A clean mindset in ranked is always beneficial, but remember not everyone is like that, even the best of us that manage to stay calm in front of flamers get a bit tilted, so just to make sure you keep cool in any game, mute anyone as soon as they start their ruthless flame show. Ranked is much more different than normal games, it's more fast paced and a bit stressful. The real difference between ranked and normals is nearly only psychological, with of course the addition of objective control which is more game-related rather than the player's mentality. Just take it like this: if you play normals with clear purposes of capturing objectives (turrets, buffs & dragons/baron) ranked is going to be a similar experience, otherwise it's going to differ quite a bit as securing these objectives requieres map control/awarness & teamwork which sometimes may be a bit difficult to keep track of. As for divisions and time of getting out of.. it really depends. Bronze is the easiest division to get out from. It would roughly take on avarage 3-4 wins a day on the span of nearly 5 days to get out if you were placed in Bronze V (if that's unlikely you do the math). Silver is a bit more difficult. As you climb you'll face gold players that might stomp over silvers and it would logically be somewhat harder to win. I got out of silver with about 5 wins a day (and 3 loses on avarage) on the span of less than two weeks. From gold up is really hard to tell. I guess you'll have to get there first to be able to tell how fast you'll rank up :) I might've missed some details so if you have any further questions I'm happy to answer them.
: I cant stop losing ranked games
Hey XxxNikazaurxxX, I'm sorry to hear that, I've been in your case. Dropped from Gold 1 to Gold 4 in about 3 days because of constant defeats. In order to get off the loop and start wining again I would recommend you to play with few friends and secure couple of wins, after that soloQ should be a bit less painful. That worked in my case and I hope it will in yours! Also remember to keep good positivity, always helps :)
: Full Computer Crash, help please!
Hey Snugglefox, I can recall multiple people complaining about huge FPS drops lately. Have you tried fixing the client via the "Repair" button in your client? Also, does your whole computer freeze from this crash? Is there nothing operational? Task Manager or such?
JolleJ (EUW)
: Can i get a pbe account???
Hey JolleJ, In order to get your very own PBE Account you need to apply on the official site! Here's a direct link: Remember that it might take some time for your request to be processed, so some patience may be requiered :)
: How do you play as a Jungler when all lanes are lost early game?
you don't, if my team would be in that situation i'd be like "gg lads" and disconnected. (jk)
Atlinvalyn (EUNE)
: The thing is here, that no skin should make u pay more attention as it may give advantages. Project ashe is bit unclear though.
same as Blood Moon Yasuo, his 3 Q is barely visible before casting
: #Every server has these people. Everyone has to deal with these people.
Yeah, but the EUNE server has the most ^_^
Sarokh (EUW)
: How to play against Kha'Zix
It's easy and it takes a few steps: 1.) invade his jungle; 2.) wards **EVERYWHERE**; 3.) oracle alternation after he hits level 6 to counter his ult; 4.) In teamfights he's gonna go for the squishies (protect them); 5.) Late game he's gonna be useless if you have good tanks; 6.) Supports that can shield or heal from abilities are his nightmare;
georkokk (EUNE)
: eune gets worse everyday
EUNE is the capital of toxicity for a reason.. this is where it **all** started.
Spezi (EUW)
: Project Ashe Ultimate
It's really easy to tell the difference between the two abilities. You need to pay a bit more attention that's all ^-^
: My account got permently banned
This post tickles the right side of my brain in a reallllly pleasant way
Ragemetsu (EUW)
: RIOT dishonesty and inaccurate misleading statistics?
Considering how many people play League that 5% may mean a bit more than you could currently imagine. Sure, they might be a bit off with the percentage, but not by much if you ask me.
GLurch (EUW)
: Recently you wrote under a comment of mine "Don't try to force your opinion onto others" (it was completely out of context tho). *Please take this advice for yourself.* League of Legends is one of the most played games out there and you want to tell us, that so many people are playing this game, but don't actually enjoy it and should play something else? Why would anyone out there play a game and not enjoy it, but still continue to play it?
> Why would anyone out there play a game and not enjoy it, but still continue to play it? dunno lol, it's not like i'm playing since 2010 and hate myself every single second help me
: Augment Chests
I don't think they're coming back brah... Maybe if Riot will release any other Project skins in the future, although I doubt they'll keep this Augment thing-y going on
Joza934 (EUNE)
: How to post discussion for Riot
you stalk one of the riot employee's as they go home, and right before they get to the door you stop him(or her) and deliver your message confidently.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: Solution to all toxicity!
this post gave me major lolz, not because it's funny but because it's exactly the opposite
: which champions least show their age?
Rumble hasn't had any big kit changes ever since he was released, for real tho...
: The After-game Ranking system is busted
Let's take it the logical way here, aight? What's the core meaning of getting an S(+)? If you think about it, S and S+'s are given out to those who are overall good (not just carrying or participating to the kills and whatnot). Let's divide into categories starting from A: 1. you farm relatively bad and you stick your items a bit behind because of it, but you help your team a lot and you secure objectives => you get A; 2. you farm a bit better not that behind but surely not on top of the wave + helping your team and all that => you get A+; 3. you do well in farm and you help your team, you can be considered an asset to your team, surely being a great player => you get S; 4. you do great with farm, you help your team, you secure objectives, you're basically carrying and you're essential to your team => you get S+; It's only logical that a player that does well in his lane and in the team-based action is going to get a good ''grade'' and a player who does one of the 2 parts a bit worse is going to get a lower ''grade''. Maybe you don't find this relevant but just take school for an example: you don't get a passing mark if you don't do your homework properly and just like League with the lane (1) and team-based action (2) you get a lower ranking if you do one of the two worse in some way. Of course the system isn't 100% accurate in calculating the rating, but you only have to do so little to satisfy it. I found myself surprised today while playing on my smurf that I managed to get an S- while having 5/2/5 as mid laner with around 140 farm in 20 minutes; I thought at that point that it's just because the game was really short or because the enemy team surrendered, but if you take all the variables into account, it's not just the lenght of the game, that's just another variable in the calculation done by the system to evaluate you. Try to find your minimum requirements to get an S- and work your way up from there. It's gonna take maybe couple of games until you figure it out, but I'm sure that after that you'll be more intuitive of what grade you're getting and why. Hope this helps ^-^
Nofpow (EUNE)
: choose champion
M8, you can't just ask someone else what champ you should buy... it's your choice and yours only. Only you know what type of player you are and what skill-set you have, find a champion that matches YOU and YOUR play-style.
: Any gold 1 close to plat?
a.k.a i'm not sure if I can make it to plat on my own so I need someone to carry me if things go bad... it's much more satisfying to reach a new division on your own, do it and achieve greatness
: Offensive names and club names
Is my name offensive? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: [Riot Staff] I have a Dream ....
How do you expect good ping with a 6MB connection? You'd have to have the Riot server in your city if you wanted ~50 ping and even that would be a bit far fetched. A lot of people are blaming Riot because they have bad in-game ping, when actually themselves have bad internet connection and are to be (somewhat) blamed. Consider upgrading your ISP.
: What i think of season 6 (ranked) so far.
Only 4 items to the list of why this season was bad? God damn I could write a whole 12-page essay on this topic and still have plenty of room to fill with all the minor details...
Hillnor (EUW)
: When you look for premades you shouldn't lie to them. Under diamond you can't get demoted even if you don't play for a whole season, and to get demoted for 4 divisions you should have not played since start of season (and I think even in that case it'd be impossible). The only possibility would be not having played since last season at least...
or actually purchase the account and ask people to boost him back to gold because he's unable to do it on his own.
: [BUG] Teemo shrooms
the countdown is indeed not working, but the shrooms disappear after their duration has ended.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well im already 28 years old, so far so good.
pretty sure he means dying in-game. but I like your humor
: Best looking champion? (male)
voting ekko just cus he's my main, lmaokai
: traieste cineva prin romania? (does anyone live in romania?)
: Spot on. yesterday: Flamer: report x9 [champ x] for trolling Me: one report is enough Flamer:you reckon? Me: I know Flamer: not true I had no response to this because actually, I don't know where I heard this; on here probably. Yes, Riot do need to be more explicit about the rules. How about putting them on the 'tips' in the loading screen instead of cr@p about sushi restaurants and lore trivia?
Or just make the summoner's code more known to the common player. I feel like everyone has forgotten there is a comprehensive rule-book. It should be accessible from the League Client, but Riot be Riot and create your loop-wholes to punish everyone... to be more "raw" and blunt in punishing anything they'd consider to be against the rules.
: @Riot is doing a TERRIBLE job at informing players about the behavior/report system...
This post needs more attention, it addresses a very important issue, very well described too. Thank you for the thread, someone is finally coming up with valid arguments of the current status of the system.
: Hi, how can i report someone for boosting?
People downvoting this post because it's actually a really good question. Stop wasting money on getting boosted and l2p guys.
raishinari (EUNE)
: The matchmaking is extremely bad recently
you play good, you get matched with and against good players. also if you play with friends that are high elo it's only logical that you'll face opponents in high skill groups.
Greene xx (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheNhire,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=Mvv2p8jM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-09T09:17:30.878+0000) > > bronze 5, 40% win ratio kda 2.0... > &quot;very good mid laner&quot; xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD how do u know my kda and my win ratio? wanna 1V1?
: You know Riot doesn't know Portugal...
Lol, really? Sad and funny at the same time, but mostly funny Xd
Greene xx (EUW)
: B5 very good mid laner looking for a team
1lifter (EUNE)
: EUNE is a mess.
EUNE servers in a nutshell:
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Wukongz (EUNE)
: 1000 normal wins - my LoL journey in retrospect...
I can relate to this story so much.. I've been playing since late 2010, with short breaks from the game from time to time. I can remember my brother introducing me to the game, and the countless times I was told that I shouldn't build full attack speed on Vladimir, the entire days that I was spending on practicing combos, understanding how some of the game mechanics work and how I should use them. Only to realize that, in the end, it didn't really matter whether I am good at the game or not. Back in season 1 and 2 I was really hardcore about ranked, I was playing EVERYDAY for about 8 hours, sometimes even 10 hours. I was doing really well in-game my ELO was extremely good, but it costed me my nerves, many hours of sleep, a lot of friendships and I almost completely failed highschool. In season 3, understanding that I have to cut off the time I spent on League in favor for studying made me realize how many mistakes I've done. Because of the stress from highschool and from my parents putting pressure on me I started being really mad at each match I would play. I was mostly playing ranked and I was losing.. A LOT. I remember losing every single game I tried playing for 3 straight days, that's when I de-ranked so hard that I got all the way from gold to bronze. At that point, all the depression and anger I had inside of me bursted out, I remember uninstalling the game at the end of the 2013's summer. I was destroyed. I wasn't able to understand the amount of things I've missed because of how much time I invested in the game. Just because I wanted to be among the very best. It was in 2013 when I took my longest break from the game. It was until the fall of 2014 that I didn't play League, some new friends had found out that I used to play League and asked me to play with them. They were really excited to play with someone that had played the game from the dawn of season 1. I was only getting flashbacks of how much anger the game had made me produce. Finally I did play with those guys. Although I was nervous about what would happen in-game, I couldn't stop thinking that if I get angry again, I might have a burst-out again and that would have affected my friendships. I really did NOT want to lose any more friends. We got on Skype, we started the game and we jumped right in. I was amazed. The game had changed SO MUCH, it was completely different from what I remembered. And then, at that very point in time, the game had hooked me up again. But this time I felt something else was also different. It was me... I was different, I had a different mindset. I no longer cared for division, or how good I am compared to my friends. I played the game because I felt like a ghost. I liked the fact that I was a player who had given up after playing so much and came back to the game only to find greatness in a game that is more popular than anything. I liked to look at other players that were really skilled and think: "That guy is gonna get really good, I feel it. I just hope he's not going to do the same mistakes as I did, only to get good at this game." To this day, I still find myself thinking that from time to time, and it makes me kind of happy to think about how long I've been a member of this community. **Another tl;dr**: Never give yourself in emotionally to something that shouldn't directly affect your life. A game is made for the core purpose of people having fun, either alone or together. Getting angry over a meaning of having fun is simply wrong.
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