Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] Purchases not being granted in EUNE
Yep received the ward skin, but still haven't been refunded the extra cost of BE it took me.
danihund (EUNE)
: buying champions bug
Its not just champions, skins as well. Seems to be a widespread In-game shop bug.
: That my friend, is your pc. Not riot
and how do you explain the fact i didn't have this problem with previous patches?
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, Do you happen to be situated in or around Bulgaria? We're aware of some issues in this region and are continuing to investigate.
Yes, having issues since patch launch. I made 3 different bug reports about 3 different issues alone. Edit: Riot I hold you accountable for 3 lost games due to this issues and loss of LP, this is beyond unplayable
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: Client and game unstable. DO NOT PLAY THE GAME IN RANKED
It lags at the absolute worse moments too, like in teamfights and you want to burst primary target like adc or mid but you drop to like 5 fps from 80 for 2-5 seconds. Its like i am entering the matrix
IamShăno (EUNE)
: Log In / Client Problems .
same here, lost 32lp because of bugs
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Badness (EUNE)
: thank you buddy. ill try to be patient :D
check the link tho, it has temp fix until Riot patch it up themselves.
Badness (EUNE)
: "We're unable to log you in because you may be offline" Bug
https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/0ozOAbUG-known-issue-were-unable-to-log-you-in-because-you-may-be-offline ^ riot is working on it but haven't fixed it yet.
: And here is the answer to that: {{champion:54}} {{champion:20}} and you forget how an attack animation looks like.
you forgot {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} with {{item:3110}}
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sit kid (EUW)
: Shes just a very slippery champion. Assassins cant deal with her alone in the late game. Get something like Vi that just clicks on her to allow your team to kill her. Oracle helps too
Not with how much Vi's ultimate is bugged and Vayne just condemns you in your charge because Vi is totally not immune to CC in her charge Kappa.
Ârzo (EUW)
: Well I started to look ot that way That person simply doesn't care about his rank and will never tryhard and climb. Getting better and climbing in the knowledge people like that will be less in my games when I hit higher in zhe ladder. The best games, where you know you deserved the win 100% is when you don't need a team
too bad this is a team based game where winning by yourself is extremely hard/impossible.
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TatarQiz (EUNE)
: Well, I can not afford skins at full price but I can afford them if they're half priced. No one is sugar coating. I am just saying that if Riot would've wanted money, they wouldn't have implemented the Hextech Crafting and the sales throughout the months :P.
you really need to learn how economics works my friend
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YatoBuchQ (EUNE)
: Master Yi rework or nerf
>no counterplay for yi sorry but there a little something called hard CC, or if you see a master yi being picked tell your jungler to pick xin zhao
: Never witnessed this bug myself and I play Vi a lot myself, so could it be Server related? EUW here
Honestly I have no idea, but other people then myself have experienced variants of this bug in other servers. Personally it happens in every game I have played Vi for 2 seasons now. I have no idea what went wrong but this bug didn't exist before this, I used to ult people normally and killing them making them waste CC on me trying to stop me when I am immune to them, but now I avoid playing Vi if the enemy has Vayne, Lee Sin, Ezrael, Jinx, Caytlin, Azir, Kha'Zix, Blitzcrank, Lux, Morgana as her ultimate is extremely bugged against those champions for some reason.
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: Whenever my mom walks in, I shout after her "close the door!"
If anything Brand himself should receive a nerf of some sort
: Is tryndamere flat out BROKEN or people just let him beat them in lane because they're bad?
People underestimate his early game and the damage he can do also they are just bad. Tryndamere is not overpowered just annoying to deal with as his true strength lies on his ability to splitpush like a god and there is nothing you can do due to his I am not going to die button. But as this is low elo I am surprised there wasn't a random Garen making Tryndamere hate life as his kit shuts him down pretty hard.
: Playing ranked is fun.
the better question is why do you have Yassuo support and an ADC with TP instead of heal Also from my experience it could have been worse, like 3 afks every single game in a row till you drop to a lower division cuz why not.
: Loot's Chest : Determining the contents in chest [Q]
From my experience its heavily RNG based, though with my sh*t luck I have gotten more champion shards then Skin shards even though statistically you should be getting more skin shards then champion shards due to the vast number difference. As for newer accounts it would only count if you reroll skin shard to make 1 permanent for a champion you own and its still RNG based which 1 it would be.
: You should download the replay from the new client and have a second look on it, to see if you really saw it right or maybe you see new things that could explain it.
I am not using the new client, way too buggy for me, also its slow, has major problems with connecting you to games, DCs you for no reason while in game and is not optimized (yes even with low spec mode its still worse then the old client). I am pretty sure what I saw as there was only me and Caytlin in our jungle, she used her E, I dodged it, used my Q, silenced her, used my E, canceled it, AA, R, this should have killed her as she was at 25%~ hp, it did 0 damage, I ran out as yasuo and ekko were coming to assist her.
: Dunno what you are talking about... But VI is ok to have in game :P ahahha
the Bug is she gets her R canceled by every single CC in the game when it cannot happen as her R is unstoppable and she is immune to CC while charging at her target + her R doesn't even follow her target correctly. Like Ezrael using Arcane Shift to get away when he can't, Zed W, Vayne Condemn etc... To make it worse she gets stuck in the animation of charing at her target and cannot attack or use any other abilities and Riot does absolutely nothing to fix it since 6 patches.
: Holy... Something isnt right then... Better let it bugged, cause i dont want garens on my games ;_;
they better fix my Vi R bug at least, as I am really sad when the bug keeps happening all game long sometimes costing entire games just because it exists.
: There is a small delay between casting and the damage. The ability goes on cd as soon as you cast it but if you die before the damage is applied it wont deal any damage. Im not sure if this still counts as a bug but its been the same for a long time.
i didn't die either, way too tanky. I saw it do 0 damage and ran out as fast as i could and allowed my passive + visage to heal me up.
: Cant really explain what happened... Unless morgana had his shield on her... I think if you ult someone that has morg shield (as garen) the damage will be injured on the shield, and if you dont have enough damage to "destroy" the shield, she will remain with the same HP... Just guessing
Morgana never shielded her as it was on cooldown shielding someone else before this. Also Caytlin had low hp/had my R mark on her (that 4k true damage ult).
Farce (EUNE)
: Morgana's e. Plus possibly heal at the right moment.
nope no shield, she was on low HP as well as I all in-ed her the 3 times. So i simply ignored her the other team fights and let the fizz kill her instead I killed yasuo, udyr and ekko with my ult.
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: Camille wasnt even released yet when patch 6.7 was live ^^
then its 7.6? I can't really remember numbers
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: Hey, I am a Vi OneTrick, having around 60% Winrate atm in Gold2. I don't think that the champ is unplayable, if you are good on her, then she is strong, if you are bad, then she is weak. You have to know how much dmg she does with which items, when you can oneshot sb and how much dmg you can take in team fights, without being killed.... I created a thread yesterday about her, where you an find a Video from a few plays from my Vi Games which should you that Vi is definitely not unplayable. [Link To the thread](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/streams-videos-en/9PQRZKsb-vi-jungle-montage-5) If you have any questions feel free to contact me on Instagram or YouTube (Vi.Mori) or here, but I can't say that I will answer fast here. Your Loki
when I saw their team I facepalmed as it was pretty bad, even the Lee Sin didn't ult you at all when I know for a fact it will cancel whatever Vi tries to do 100% of the time as she is bugged to hell. Also the fact majority of their team was squishy as hell surprisingly enough.
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: Rito Plz Nerf Darius and Wukong
Guess someone doesn't know how squishy and weak Wukong is early game, if you allowed the game to be long and him to scale its entirely you and your team's fault as he is stupidly squishy and gets shut down by the lightest breeze of CC. Hell he can barely do his first clear and has to back at level 3.
: Please fix Fizz
what they should actually fix is the bug with his E when he presses it too late and should get hit by an ability. Say he is low health and a Varus Q hits him but he presses E when he gets hit and the Q does no damage even though it did hit, or a Rengar ult leap.
Lyroit (EUW)
: That's what I also though, but if you play the video slowly you can see that the ult is canceled without any debuff on me (and before the ww fear comes). Also, Morg ulti (normally) can only be canceled by either dying or leaving the area (works even if the enemy is in hourglass)
Warwick got knocked out of Morgana's ult range
: This is probably due to the coding of the original ability being crap. I'm not sure if they have re-written the code or not, but that's something that should be done. The bug itself is probably Yi following the champion's original location, and movement abilities can disrupt this code. And the getting hit thing is just Yi things.
for the mobility abilities Yi outright comes out from the spot he pressed Q from if the target dashes/jumps/shifts to another location which is nowhere near the intended target. Sometimes its really funny when you Alpha Strike an enemy champion under tower and they dash but still die to the Alpha Strike but Yi instead of going under tower comes out where he pressed Q which is outside the tower range.
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: Yeah definitely bad teams amirite Oldest excuse in the history of Hugh manatee
you would be surprised at how many people troll at high elo in flex, you really would.
ObeyNoOne (EUW)
: Players abuse the new flex to earn money/ items IRL.
I saw the exact same thing in 2 of my games with a Master and a Diamond 1 player, they fed 0:12 as they were pre-made
Mada (EUW)
: He plans to completely remove the support items and sightstone. Instead you can buy up to 3 wards
also all champions have a {{champion:163}} ult
: Sorry, should I create a new thread for a known bug since season 5?
I swear, you cannot read. Vi's ultimate has always been unstoppable, it literally says so.
: Vi Main here, never saw this happening to me the last games (and I played her nearly every game), perhaps they didn't try to cancel... If I see the Bug too I will post another comment.
there is another funny bug i encountered in my last game, the opponent Hecarim was walking inside walls and crossed the entire map like that.
: I mean, her R was never unstoppable... Azir R cockblocks you.
uh yes, yes it is and Azir R cannot stop a Vi ult no matter what. >Targets an enemy champion and chases it down, knocking it up for 1.25 seconds, dealing 150/300/450 (+140% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage.**While charging, Vi cannot be stopped and will knock aside enemies in the way, dealing 75% damage to them.**
Rioter Comments
: I assume all these cases are with vi in 'flight', if that is so then they should try fixing it.
Yes indeed. All of the examples are when Vi is chasing her target down.
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