iaapvper (EUW)
: how good am i?
[How good are you on a level 20 account with 3/11, 1/16, 1/12, 0/15, 0/13 playing an S+ tier champion on normal games?](https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=iaapvper) u decide KEKW edit* : your games are about a month ago, wp OP
: Attempting to reconnect while E V E R Y T H I N G is fine by my side
If you have any antivirus i suggest you deactivate it. It might be the cause you're having troubles.
: How the %%%% get some players away with everything?
Always take screenshots and contact support if you come across to a **_super_** toxic fella. It's the best solution.
: I was just sorely reminded as to why I already quit this game once for a couple of years.
For this game to be saved, harsher - insta punishments are needed/14 days to permabans. League has lost many players and will continue to do so. It's better to wipe out all the toxic shits rather than lose the Good mentality people, that are trying to enjoy this Game, both in Ranked and Normals.
satique (EUNE)
: Wait...do what now? quests vs bots
Add me as well please : TreLamY
: league of whoever gets the troll
I've been playing since 2009. League has become a pile of shithole. I won't even bother explaining. It was heaven once.
GamerXy1 (EUW)
: Can't start any ranked games
Can't start any games in general. "An unexpected error has occurred during ready check"
Misterviin (EUNE)
: 17/1/6 AND A-, IS THIS NORMAL????
Another reason is you have Fortnite installed. EleGiggle
They want to force you playing the game more. It's simple.
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FantaDad (EUW)
: ***
You are wrong, here's why. Whether someone is losing or winning game, they will always flame their opponent and/or teammate and whine about something. I don't mind personally, but i tell them to go cack themselves in a polite manner.
Killmore (EUNE)
: new URF
It's Arurf. Everything's OP. What did you expect?! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Rioter Comments
: Please bring back honoring enemies
I disagree. I've played (too) many ranked games in my life as i have now quit the game until next season begins. I can give you 1 example. 1 person decides to int, he feeds himself over and over(Has happened to me, of course he's not getting banned) and then... enemy team decides to honor him because he chose to pass the victory onto them. Things are good the way they are. People are not pleased with anything. They will always ask for more. When they get more, they will complain.
: > ζήτα Is that from Tolkien elvish language?
Ζήτα is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet. ( Ζ - ζ )
MJF1030 (EUW)
: Veterans dont want free stuff
I totally agree and support this opinion / thread.
: Unfair ban
You obviously rant more than you play, took it to a personal level, as well as anyone can observe the consistent report harassment.
: High ping ONLY in LOL
Πάρε την εταιρία σου και πες να σου ενεργοποιήσουν το "fast path". Θα χάνεις λίγα δεδομένα στην περιήγηση (αδιάφορο) αλλά θα είσαι καλύτερα όσο αφορά το league. Τι username είναι αυτό ρε LUL
Using all caps is like yelling-shouting. How do you expect to find a partner when you behave as such.
Menardy (EUW)
: Ranked dodging should be penalty-less
I forgot to lock in champion and i had a 5min ranked queue penalty. Never left any ranked game during my entire league carreer.(Neither normals) I was like, wtf? o.O
: Please Riot I need you on this this is my only chance Please
Look! Another immature person right here.
ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: How do I grow a beard
I see scary 12 year old girls and boys with a moustache. Please Help {{item:3026}}
Gudmundur (EUW)
: Serious Ranked Team Looking For A Platinum Jungler
How serious could this team be, looking for a platinum jungler. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Hmmm what happened?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
probably he was banned and made up his mind.
: What music/bands/artists have you been listening to lately?
I'm listening to Justin Bieber, mostly with my girlfriend, on the balcony, under the stars on romantic night while having Graves's sigar.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Might as well delete Shaco from the game if you can't properly balance him
Hey look, another one crying about the game. It's YOU and other <insert word here> who have destroyed this game. Slap!
TheBoxTop (EUNE)
: Permanently banned for this.. really?
> [{quoted}](name=TheBoxTop,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Tmf4AoPd,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-27T11:28:20.137+0000) > TheBoxTop: to mouni tis manas s ou Της δικιάς σου ρε βρωμιάρη. "Sell your life, how dare you speak κτλπ," καβάλησες το καλάμι και έπεσες απότομα. Δεν πειράζει μην κλαίς, θα περάσει.
Murder1us (EUNE)
: are you still crying about that?? there is no stopping it.. Trash talk is always been there, flame too.. I dont know how this "bonobo" word got popular who spread it.. but its %%%%in banal and annoying maybe you should get a ban for calling people bonoboheads.. and this sportsmanship thing is pissing me off too.. its so fake.. Atleast in rankeds, I have the feeling that some players dont speak english at all dont listen dont watch map dont communicate, probably some kid who sat on his brothers account and tried a new champion in ranked.. A true sportsman would never go unprepared to a competition.. Hello Im going to try triple backflip for the first time in my life at the olypics.. pls riot.. I think they made league of legends for butthurt kids, who cry about flame and then proceed to call people bonoboheads, I am frustrated because in the 2 mounths I play the amount of bad players has been higher than last seasons 12 mounths.. and lets not talk about flame, its something that riot will never fix! 99% of the games I play are proof for that lol..
I'm not crying. I expressed my opinion. 90% of the games, there will be a flamer on every team. Reasons could be millions. Any other than the bonobo which is an endangered great ape(we now got plenty of them), i agree with you.
Doomley (EUW)
: It wouldn't solve anything.
It would. They'd be all day here complaining in forums.
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KekalePoika (EUNE)
You are just an example yourself. Blaming all others but you. Talking with caps is like yelling. Penitentiary is around the corner.
: done with this %%%%ing game
How can you play with aids and cancer? This is a miracle. > [{quoted}](name=itjustbegun,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xeFq78dA,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-08T15:24:25.698+0000) As this game wasted my time with false promises, and gave me nothing but aids and cancer,
: You are tocix if you complain....Riots logic
You talk more than you play. If that is considered talking.
: can you please fix yasuo
Whenever i see a nerf thread, I'll be there to downvote.
Whenever i see a nerf thread, I'll be there to downvote.
: Explain to me how a Katarina full tank can get a quadra solo. Balanced...i think not
I'll be there to downvote any balanced i think not, nerf thread.
Rstonius (EUW)
: Why are some people so F'ing %%%%%%ed?
It's strange how things will go boomerang in real life for these Kappachinos wishing all these. Karma's a bίtch. They would be surprised.
: Fiora needs nerfing.
Whenever i see a nerf post, i'll be there to downvote.
: Yeah permaban !! xD
Obviously you talk more than you play.
: Why is this community so stupid...
Blame the parents. That's where it all starts. Bricks can't be taught. You just have to hit them in order to shape them.
Rioter Comments
Finelope (EUW)
: I've been permanently banned???
You talk more than you play, you accuse people and nobody can say anything about you or your gameplay. "The bstards should be banned soon." --Irony eh? What is life. Good Job Riot.
Dephazz (EUW)
: Increase the ARAM leave matchmaking ban
I totally support this thread.
You haven't even played the champion yet you declare that he is broken. I'd say your head is, not the champion. You destroy games(Generally speaking-not in game specifically) with your complaining and your false accusations and arguments. {{item:3751}} {{summoner:14}}
Nofpow (EUNE)
: Ms problem
My ms is steady from 60-69 but it feels like I'm playing with a 100 for the last week now. Never had a problem, but league is unplayable at current state for me as my champions are teleporting instead of moving. Could we have a Red answer on this? Many of my friends, and friends of friends mentioned this as well.
When I see people using words like overpowered omg, nerf x champion 6 mins 7 kills omg too stronk i wanna headbutt them so badly. 90's + generation is way too freakin dumb. Now if you would excuse me, i have matters to attend to.
: Hardly. Riot have said numerous times that they just consider forum-users to be a vocal minority. It's true. I'm allowed to question game balance, it's why we have a community.
They want you to think so. You are not questioning anything here. It's a fact that you lost your lane to Zyra. Do you know where complains always lead? Once one complains, everyone will.
: Zyra is disgusting
It's you who complain that have ruined the game. "Zyra's too op omg, nerf Vayne omg, Hecarim's op omg". {{champion:143}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:120}} {{item:3070}}
Savorian (EUW)
: I had 3 afkers in a row in my team,reporting does nothing,they're still out there. Reporting only works if they're flamers.
Weekends ain't worth my time on league. And, specially on vacation time when school time for our little friends is over. Merry Christmas.
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