FooI (EUW)
: Try a VPN called just to be sure if it runs normal Then it is your ISP blocking some ports or hiding them Sometimes when ISP blocks specific ports they may block ones for gaming too. Sadly Only VPN i used to know it was my ISP was It is free also for 2 GB trail so just try it and if it works fine then try to talk again to your ISP. gl.
Man trust me its not te-data proplem they do support online games its all about riot if te-data blocked any ports the game won't even load man just think u won't be able to even open the launcher and as i told the game worked fine just be4 the new patch and after the patch for a while if its the isp it will never work
Trisios (EUNE)
: Ping.....
Okay the game worked fine yesturday after the patch it was completely fine then a strange other proplem happened it was clicking launch then nothing happen then i check up for some fixes nothing worked actually untill i tried to repair then the game worked again and perfectly with no unreasonable lags and stuffs but here it happens again today high ping hits again just in the moment i go in the game while my internet ping is just fine so riot if u r saying its my ISP its actually wrong because if its my isp proplem the game would never work but here again after the patch as always i hope u can help me rito solveing this proplem specially i don't have so much free time to play and i am pretty sure it's not a port proplem
FooI (EUW)
: You live in egypt? ISP Te -data right? They are closing online gaming and sadly riot can't do anything to stop them. If not provide a tracert in CMD and ISP and country Send it in a ticket to league support.
no bro it have nothing to do with Te-Data they just block the voice calls stuffs like whatsapp calls skype etc... but it has nothing to do with online games i play other online games normally and everything is fine and about the UDB ports they didn't blocked it either so it all about rito i just contacted the ISP and they explained the thing to me
curtcliff (EUNE)
: TE DATA closed the ports again
what was the proplem you faceing ? the ping goes very high when u reach 90 % + in the loading screen or when u just entered the game ?
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