Owyn (EUNE)
: But then premade low-elo guys would have to play with plats+ all the time... - same thing It's all cuz now people just jump into any 5 premade party to get max key+chest bonus, that's all
Let thoes high elo guys who are so smart and play with low elo carry his own premade.
: u cant Q up with anyone more than 2 tiers from each other ... so Diamond 4 player can only play with players from plat 1 to diamond 2 ... so at worst you could have player from plat 2 inviting player from D5 and plat 4 ... not more
But i don't understand, why if High ELO players play premade with lower they queue up with lower premade division ? Rito could do, that if they go premade With high elo they queue up in higher elo and let them feed and his premade carry... It's really not fun to play against Diamonds and Plats all the time. And thay look my division what i have now or what i was Season 5?
Troller911 (EUNE)
: Why i have play against Diamonds/Plats/Golds when i am Bronze?
I was thinking it's because Diamonds play premade with bronze and then they queue up in bronze or silver divisions... is that truth?
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