Daeix (EUW)
: Yes they are. Report system made all kids to learn "report for feed" "report for no runes" "report for being bad" Just all the time kids spamming about reports. You cannot write anything on chat becouse some mad kids will report you. There is no other game with such a stupid report system.
yup and they report if you dont pick/do what they want ,even in normal if you dont play the lame boring meta they instantly write troll report ...
Raxul (EUW)
: Rengar, Riven, Vayne and other champions that I personally hate.
what? riven needs no skill ,just spam q and you will win tha game
: Admit it Riot Zilean was the worst rework you have done so far
Lauralf (EUW)
: 1) No. 2) Sigh. 3) No. Riot is far from "full retard". They have managed to build and maintain a highly successful online game and offers it to players basically for free (or for a low cost depending on how many runepages/skins you want). That is an extraordinary business model that indicates some shrewd thinking. But, brilliant as Rito might be, the matchmaking seems to be lacking right now. If you had something constructive to say about that, feel free to. Else, bugger off.
nope those who made probably doenst work anybore , so new devs can be retarded ,and they are retarded at least those who make the balance changes
ZartarUK (EUW)
: still with that rage {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
go delete this account and make one with not a total lame nick
: Computer shuts down mid-game
your problem , buy new pc find a job earn money -> buy pc
Róót (EUW)
: how does LP system work
it doenst work it sux , just like riot sux
MrWasjig (EUW)
: In what way?
it only gives hp, and it brings the least gold
MrWasjig (EUW)
: Doesn't hurt to remind people :P
TeiX (EUW)
: heres an idea setup a sign with your adc, ping any minions you intend to lasthit for relic, then the adc can shift their attention away from that creep inot more useful stuff your better do it right tho or theyll bem ight mad your costing them cannons :(
too bad this is too complex for the average adc
HoochW (EUW)
: Let Supports Take CS
those are crap items, dont buy
: awesome item that everybody should have
first nerf riven 2nd make zed and similar champs unavailable , every game 2 of these noob champs in my team and every time they are egoistic total noobs
Beefy (EUNE)
: The whole picture. Player Behaviour regarding CR and suspension IMO
: An increase in "map hacks"
: Too much mobility?.
just nerf riven
: Sick and tired of these 35 - 40 death match games.
: Please don't take a Veigar CS (especially when you do nothing in return)
: Something everybody hates
everybody hates broken riven , nerf that op crap
: Please for the love of Teemo learn 2-3 champions for each role
Big Tick (EUW)
: How riots balancing team decides patch notes :
they are fucking retarded , they cant fucking nerf total imba op 0 skill riven
: Simple trick to get out of Bronze and Silver AKA ELOHELL!
stop playing ranked ,and you got out^^
: That's not how it works -_- you drop it down when you see the **!** mark on your head. Also it's your bad if you solo and Rengar instakills you. That's what assassins do, just Rengar has the right to do it with the fastest time.
lol you dumby by the time you see that mark it is already too late...
Rewtai (EUW)
: Well, I know your feeling. None bans Rengo, if he is fed GG WP surr at 20, if he has all of his stacks and got good crit chance does one-shot to every champion without escape, Powerful to chase enemys, heal, big mobility...... {{champion:107}} = BROKEN!
stupid champ designs
TF210 (EUW)
: Best ADC Season 5 ?
KagMaster (EUNE)
: that was shit
: Imagine this:A ranked game, and one team knows they will lose, then one guy from that team can just simply go afk and his team won't lose LP.
why are u saying imagine if you cant imagine a system which negates all of this?
: Giving Loss Prevented for AFK is easily abusable. That's why you lose LP.
it wouldnt be abusable if they would remove duos , or duos wouldnt recieve this afk loss prevents , they are premades after all
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: I salute all {{champion:44}} Mains. I main Support, but Taric is really boring. You either have the patience of a God, or claw your eyes out in the process.
passive tarics :P thats because taric is very weak compared to the other tanky supports ,and cant poke like the ranged supports
merediath (EUW)
: You carry the adc. Adc is nothing with our snares, our slows, our stuns, our heals, our wards, our mikaels, our peel! We are the playmakers, they are only the clean-up factory
: i play top always if i can and its kinda intense
:O no way , most of my games i dont even know what we or enemy has at top cause they are just farming there for 20mins... very boring role , i would say the most boring by far
merediath (EUW)
: To all non supports out there. Please let us kill the pinks and the green wards we find with our sweepers. We have the least gold on the map and if you really want this frozen heart, this mikaels or this locket of the iron solari, the least you can do is let us that 35 gold. You already take all the kills and cs.
nah , those are 30g not much at all , just finish them off asap also you dont have to let adc take all the kills
Artits (EUNE)
: You obviously haven't supported with Annie or Sona then. You don't support yo, the adc supports you. They just don't know it. :P
hehe yeah , adc have to follow you , i usually play agressively with support even with soraka passive supports are realy bad ,i dont like those at all, except the enemy bot lane+jungler are cleary better in small fights , then it is a farming contest :(
ZoeyM (EUNE)
: That is so true lol Whenever i pick Annie with exhaust, the adc thinks i go supp. And then, late game when I have lots of kills, the adc flames me and I'm like Who said I go supp? I'm a bad player I know :D{{champion:1}}
support is not supposed to not take kills, just go full dmg :) ive seen many times that support tries to not get kill and the victim got away or killed someone cause of it
: To all supports out there
rofl most boring? imho lasthitting minions is much more boring than anything in this game as a support your job is to lead your team to victory , you ward you watch out at minimap and ping your teammates what to do , you are the team's leader ,thats the most fun thing to do
Messeery (EUNE)
: 3 thing about katarina that IMO shouldn't be there.
somebody at riot has katarina as his fav champ ,so kata is broken and wont be balanced :(
: Leona damage
nerf lee op sin, and nerf leona too
: {{champion:34}} winrate in EUNE according to OP.GG - 52.11% {{champion:238}} winrate in EUNE according to OP.GG - 47.29% Conclusion: {{champion:238}} is harder to play then {{champion:34}}. EDIT: changed the values to the values for a whole month
only noob kiddoes play zed , so ofc they will lower its winrate down , cool kids play hard champs like anivia
: WTF?
zed players are retards, this is why it is bad that riot made such an easy op champs like zed ,yi ,yasuo and ekko oh and vayne, these are all op super easy to play champs ,but ego kids play these champs and they think they are so good players cause they can get some kills
jere1223 (EUW)
: dont lose mmr and lp when somebody goes afk for more then 5 min.
: 0 skill? You have obviously never played LeBlanc
actually i had her as main for a month or two , she is very easy to play
Bombardox (EUW)
: Leblanc's ban rate is abnormal
lame champ , needs like slightly above 0 skill , has insane mobility and dmg , riot sux at balancing
: One idea. One refund token per year.
just go work get $ and buy whatever champ you want to unlock and get over these whines about stupid refunds and such
: And i lost my family members to cancer and car accident, both. doesnt mean we should stop using word car. get over ur sensetivenes ^^
totally agree , these oversensitive asshats are the real cancer , they would like to regulate everything ,so their feeling which are clearly way too sensitive cant get hurt
Fler (EUNE)
: Y its toxic, but imo not wroth a permaban I suggest 500 Chat restrictions it will give them time to think..
do you know what is realy toxic, is the people like chaoswill, who wants to ban things he dont like
: When this game was created there was no chat and it should stay like this, NO CHAT AT ALL. No offenders no flamers...... Even Riot when chat bans people, It says that the chat contributes too little to your communication with your team and to your win..... but It contributes to your loss when you have toxic guys and flamers.....So If they ever decide to delete the chat from the game, the end of flaming, useless dialogues, arguments, negative thoughts and fights will come and I will be happy after this. PLEASE DELETE THE CHAT. No chat means no reports for verbal abuse, spamming and offensive language, so less time for Riot to waste to player's behavior and more time to give to the game's improvement ( graphics, new champions and better solutions for leavers and trollers). Generally LESS PROBLEMS, MORE TIME TO DO BETTER THINGS.
those who cant handle some harrasment from chat ,should just turn it off
: Hey there. I do agree that cancer is not a matter to laugh about, and most certainly not something to wish upon somebody. However, you should understand that some people do not realise what this word means to some people. You can't really change that :/ If somebody is harrassing or bothering you, you can always mute them by pressing Tab and clicking in the little speech bubble next to their name. My dearest regards for your deceased family members.
yeah this is the clever thing to do
chaoswill (EUNE)
: Ban...
oh no another liberal bs ...wants to ban something again somebody hurt your lame feelings , maybe you shouldnt get offended that easily these sjw are the cancer of earth that for sure i hope you will get perma ban
: people still cant dodge nida spears ...
it has not much to do with her spears , she can harrass from range and when fight happens she turns into cougar and will be more mobile and has more dmg than your support
Petsho (EUW)
: yes udyr support is so op before you are 6 because he already has an ulti
udyr doesnt even have an ulti...
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