: no. Riot "tryndamere" and Riot "Ryze" ( the co-founders of league) specifaccly stated that the inters/afkers will never get banned as long as they are not doing it every single game / legit streaming it.
They were being sarcastic, but I guess that's a bit too hard for you
: Is this chat log worth of permanent suspension?
You type too much. Also buying mercs won't autmatically win you the game lmao Not worthy of a permanent ban, but a 14 day suspension certainly. Nevertheless, deserved
: Lost a promo because of my teammate
Happens to all of us. Simply reporting them will actually get them banned. Use the report system and good luck
: Wards Problem !!! Cheating ?
Maybe he has a hidden control ward somewhere.
: Why do infinite stacking still exist in the game Nasus veigar
Nasus was built to be a lategame tank/fighter. He has a shitton of counterpicks and a non-existent early game. His Q and ult are literally his entire kit, if you don't play him AP that is. Veigar is an immobile, squishy mage that can't burst a target without a good event horizon or a good hard cc from your teammates. He gets %%%%ed by assassins like zed/talon/kayn and mages like syndra/malzahar Any champ that gets fed is hard to deal with. Not only champs that have infinte scaling :)
Leffaaaa (EUW)
: Annoying champ
Illaoi Lane bully + Ridiculous late game
Evile Theif (EUNE)
: A problem with ban
Leaverbuster? If you actually wait 20 minutes, and the timer resets, this suggests that your internet disconnected for a brief period of time and it resets your coutndown mid low priority queue.
: Twitch and Lucian, On hit champs who one shot
Well twitch is actually an assassin marksman, his kit suggests so: Stealth + leaving stealth gives him a massive attack speed boost, offensive passive, ult that is a massive steroid for assassination (+range +AD), nice attack speed scaling. BUT, Twitch's early game is garbage, and he can't oneshot you unless he has 4-5 full items (Excluding boots). If he gets behind, it's a lot harder for him to come back. He's a high risk, high reward champion with a lot of downsides, which I won't name now.
BlueStr (EUNE)
: Pre-set runes
Preset runepages are helpful only on low level accounts IMO, when you don't have the option to create another one. I don't think they should delete them, just change the choices in them.
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Boniwix (EUNE)
: Im sorry ;P
Why do you even need Riven scripts? Just mash your head against the keyboard.
SalBunny (EUW)
: bro i got to diamond 2 playing only support .... u can't carry everygame but u can carry at least 6 out of 9 games if you are good and i can bring any account from bronze to diamond only playing as support
I never said you can't do it lol. I could play support only and reach my desired goal, but it would take much much longer
Shukr4n (EUW)
: in a utopic world in which every player think his business toward victory your statement would be a dogma. but nowaday playing ranked for most of commuity is not "playing my best" but some kind of "let s piss off my teammates (be them team or opponents) and win in the most frustrating way" im adc and my goals are " improve my cs scoring" and " play to give opponents less advantage possible" about my first goal i just have to focus more on my knowledge of waves. about second goal i tend to not overextend, i tend to purchase wards, i tend to avoid fighting when chances to win are gamblings. meanwhile i got supports that - let me be zoned - force so much tradews that they die even when we are ages ahead is it that difficult to aknoledge every matchup and find the best way each game rather than playing agressive always because that champ" must be played aggressive" or ... ok u understood. TL;DR: the concept of "if u are good u rank up" is flawled, because this game is a team game, not a 1v1. otherwise everyone of use would be challenger.
> "if u are good u rank up" I'm gonna say firstly that even though this IS true, you simply cannot win the game by yourself. Sure there is a term "solo carrying", as I said in my post, but that's simply impossible. Playing this game without a team is impossible. But in some cases the best choice is simply to not help your team, if they're doing stupid stuff like you said, forcing bad trades, dying for nothing, bad calls for objectives etc.. The best thing is to use them as distraction, and do your thing. Farm up, split, do objectives solo if possible. Also I'm not saying that I'm a "better player" than anyone else here, I was bronze 3 when I started in season 4, and I sucked at the game for more than 1 year. But ever since I ditched maining support, I've been steadily climbing with, some would say, an impressive winrate. Maybe the supports you get are mostly autofilled people that don't know how the role works. Even nowadays I fill and instantly get support, but atleast I know to play the role. I know when to roam, when to poke, when to ward the map, when to clear enemy wards and such. I feel sorry for you and I know how it is when you simply don't get a good support player on your team
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T4T000 (EUW)
: Mejor campeón top
English please.
hydrá (EUNE)
: Riot in eune noobs?
Point of this thread is?
ErChuache (EUW)
: DropHack/DDOS attack during Ranked?
Not a drophack, unstable connection, either that, or your router is set to reset every 24 hours
Mark Sama (EUW)
: throttling means that the CPU gets hot and reduce the frequency to save it from damages... That is CPU usage and depending on your CPU, yes it's normal..
I meant hogging lmao, but nevermind... My bad
: Blurry Ingame
Looks fine to me, it actually might be that your monitor blurs the image a bit. Had a monitor that did that, although it was a really old crt
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Santirande (EUNE)
: one of my best games was.. 2v5, top, mid and adc went afk after going 0/3 or smth, only jungler (rengar with score of 3/4/1) and me (support zyra with score 1/2/2) left. we still won. people tend to be cocky when they think they got big advantage and you can turn it around if you are good enough
I have a hard time believing that you won a game as 3/4 rengar and 1/2 zyra support lol
Mark Sama (EUW)
: What the hell are you talking about? Lmao... First of all if you ran a Dual core CPU at 2-3 Ghz without hyper-threading you'll have issue even with chrome honestly... This game so far can run on every piece of potato you can find, just the new client needs a decent CPU that even a 7-8 year old laptop has. Also > that it will struggle running even on the newest hardware available. what the hell are you talking... the fact that high-end GPU don't perform well is because riot spent a lot of time optimizing the low end for all the potatoes that people use to play this game. I have an really ~7 years old burnt CPU mobile(for laptop) i5-2410m, it has only 2 cores at 2.3 ghz... and i have no issue because it has at least hyper-threading.. Also the CPU is the least of the problem when running LoL, since any game uses GPU to run it (unless you use the intel integrated graphic card for some reasons)
You clearly didn't read the entire post. > Also I know that the pentium D is extremely obsolete, but believe it or not, it wasn't a weak processor even for its time, even though the TDP is ridiculously high > BUT, this game ran really good on the same system almost 2 years ago, never dropped below 50 fps, and hovered around 80 average. Also, I'm not claiming that the game is unplayable on high end hardware lol, just that the performance is degrading in general And, the league of legends engine uses both the cpu and gpu equally. But it puts a higher load on the cpu due to the new client running in the background. The pentium D could handle league 2 years ago, because it was still the era of the adobe air based client, which didn't use nearly as much ram, nor CPU. Also, don't take my claims out of context > I'm just worried that the game will be such an unoptimised mess, that it will struggle running even on the newest hardware available. Lately I had fps issues on my main rig (i7 4770k stock clocked, GTX 1070ti, 16 gigs of DDR3), and that is the main reason I'm writing this post.
Rioter Comments
: what's the matter? cant think of a counter argument?
No point in wasting my time to do so :/
: The Problem WIth Riot in League of Legends
Cringiest thread ever made? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: I was instant 14 days banned because saying the word "fa****", someone said it and he wasnt banned
: Dark Harvest - is this what we want league to become?
Dark Harvest is "fine", you need to afk farm to get enough stacks to do oneshots as a Shaco. It's incredibly taxing on your team, and the outcome of the game. Shaco is back to his old ways of oneshotting due to other reasons. Duskblade being the main contender. As a Shaco main I can't be mad about that, but I understand other players' frustration.
: ARAM could use a gameplay update
ARAM is perfectly fine, after all it's RNG based, so yeah.. You can't really expect to get a good team comp every game. But, if you get Garen, you automatically win
Rioter Comments
: Wow. That's evil {{champion:45}} .
Mada (EUW)
: Intentional feeding is reportable. It's better if they're not feeding at all, I think. ... :-D
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DarkFrost96 (EUNE)
> 1) Why dont you launch a credit score system where you will be given 100 credits and if you leave one game due to any reason your score will be deducted by 10 for first and then the second time by 15. > > 2) Then if the score is below 70 you should not allow them to play RANKED or NORMAL > 3) Tell the players to play AI where for every match ( Win or loose ) they get 5 credits and this way they can restore their value again. What the actual %%%% lol
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DreamEat3r (EUNE)
: Yes you can use it
Wasn't planning on changing my name, just curious
: Do you not think that using cancer in such a way might be a little disrespectful to those who have lost friends and family to it?
I've lost a family member to cancer. It was painful but I don't see the point from not using the word "cancer" anymore. Cancer is just a word given to a group of diseases
: Why don't people build gunblade on Nasus?
I build it only if I'm full ap, as the third item
Rioter Comments
: This game has a serious botting problem in co-op vs SA
Botting has been a thing since season 2. Riot can't do anything about it lol. If they ban the bots, they're just gonna put new ones :/
Rek2g (EUW)
: If you mean the "less FPS over time bug" I can tell you something abou that. Your not the only one with that problem, everyone has the same problem. The longer the game goes, the less FPS you get. For example: I start with 215 FPS at full settings and end with 50 or less FPS (even less than 30 in TFS at that time) at minute 40. Even some Streamers got the same problem, watch some of them and check out their FPS. And nobody knows when and if Riot will fix this problem.
That's not a bug lol.. The more vision you have on the map, and the more minions spawn, the less FPS will you have baecause your processor can't handle them due to their spaghetti coding
: Will i get punished if i change the language to Japanese in EUW server client ?
No, if you do it through the official locale settings, you won't get banned. I'm not sure about voice changing software though
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: nahh it was to the comment u commented on. that guys wrong to say its the hardware and i was stating a point.
Alright man, I misunderstood you. Sorry
: Mate hes right. i have an i7 4470k and gtx 1080 and i have the same problem. it aint our end its just leagues new patch in conflicting with other files on our pcs that couse alot of fps issues. so you stop being ignorant.
You literally repeated what I said lol. And how is he right? Is everyone rich to afford a gtx 1080 like you? Lol
DeltaDan (EUW)
: That was a blunt and harsh way of saying "No" Some people might not care about what I have to say, like you for example. But you obviously do care in "A bronze 3 player's tantrum" because if you didn't you wouldn't have said anything in the first place ;) I shouldn't be surprised though, Plat 3 is a salt mine after all. I think ill stay in Bronze 3 where most games are easy, even if I do win or loose, at least I keep my cool longer than you could full tear Garen. Also I think you needed to do some research on Yasuo: "We're going to be looking to do a small scale update to Yasuo in the near future to help resolve some of the long standing issues he's experienced (power skewed based on MMR, frustration, lack of reason to pick when trying to win etc). To note, this isn't as a result of 10 bans, as he was already on our list of champs for us to look at, but undoubtedly increased the priority." - Rioter Asyrite. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
I didn't really mean it offensive to you. It's the harsh truth my friend. There is nothing inherently wrong with being bronze, that was not my point. My point is that riot doesn't really rely on your entitled opinion on what they want to do with a champion, item or anything in the game. There have been so many suggestions to stuff in league, and just a small batch of them ever came through. Take the "Warded" ping for an example. That was a community effor to bring it in. My point was that you're wasting your time and your energy to think for riot. I'm sure they appreciate your input, but it's irrelevant nonetheless. I said they like Yasuo as he is right now, atleast I meant it that way. And yes I'm aware that there's a mini rework coming soon for him. And yes, I'm a hardstuck plat 3 player, feelsbadman
DeltaDan (EUW)
: Idea for a Yasuo adjustments.
I'm sorry, but do you really think Riot would ever care about a bronze 3 player's tantrum on how yasuo is broken and what should be done with him? Not to belittle you, but it's kinda stupid to even think that anyone would care about what you have to say. Riot clearly likes Yasuo as he is, and I don't think that he's gonna get any changes anytime soon. + Yasuo can get countered easily, and it's cosidered a risky pick in higher elo (D3+), only onetricks play him and that is for a reason, because he actually requires decent mechanics to pull off.
: Low FPS, after updating 7.22 on Mac OS X
Happening even on a mid-range gaming PC. Not just Mac.
Gotso (EUNE)
That is your opinion. But your opinion is irrelevant, and you're completely %%%%ing wrong
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