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Zantonny (EUW)
: Well, I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.
Fathands (EUW)
: > Why you should stop playing league, or atleast play it less Why should you decide if it's better for people to play less or quit?
How am I deciding? It's up to you if you want to quit or not, I'm just sharing my experience :)
Zantonny (EUW)
: Nah fam, got blue essence to farm. Can't be slacking.
Well I can agree with the new stuff being added to league, it's kind of hard to let league go. But you gotta do what you gotta do.
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Smerk (EUW)
: Riot said some time ago that they don't intend to do champions and items balancing for ARAM and featured game modes
Well that's a shame, I'll miss aram certainly
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tiger4545 (EUNE)
: Are they any downsides of duoing with my friend?
It will affect your MMR only if you lose games. Playing duoq and winning will improve your and the mmr of your friend greatly, since the elo difference is big.
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Eat Me (EUNE)
: I just found out that i have cancer.
If it's in its early stages, there's a high chance of it being operable/curable. Just stay strong and best wishes
Shiwah (EUW)
: Honour capsules have a chance to drop in place of a key fragment.
lkorose (EUW)
: Take zhonya's out of urf
Ok. Let's also take every OP champion out of URF, how about that?
PakaGaming (EUNE)
: UnBan BakaPrase
No. He's a toxic yasuo main, one of the community's most hated xd
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ItsRash (EUNE)
: Unbanning BakaPrase
Permanent bans are never lifted, get over it fanboy
: Feeling depressed, frustrated and a tad suicidal, should I take a break?
I'm gonna tell you one thing, sharing what's happening in your personal life online is not a smart idea. I get it you're depressed, and I'm really sorry for your mom, it must be really tough to deal with cancer. But sharing such information on a forum where 70% of posters are trolls, 20% of people are just downvoting posts and comments and the remaining 10% is genuine people giving genuine advice. But I highly doubt there is a psychiatrist here, which is what you need sadly. Only people that specialise in mental health can help you. And only yourself can help yourself. There is nothing else to it. I would HIGHLY recommend taking a looong break before entering the rift again. This game can be fun, but sometimes it's just a brain melter, you can't help it. Everyone feels a bit tilted from time to time. I took a break for 3 months last year before playing, and when I came back I was better than ever. Good luck and I hope you'll find a hobby or something that'll make you happy :)
GLurch (EUW)
: What does account worth matter? Selling accounts is not allowed to begin with, so I doubt that's the reason.
> [{quoted}](name=GLurch,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HXQiXQbE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-02T16:01:14.155+0000) > > What does account worth matter? Selling accounts is not allowed to begin with, so I doubt that's the reason. This is exactly the reason why I asked the question, I know reselling is against the TOS and I was asking if Riot is doing this just to deprecate account selling in general
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S7 Jungle (EUW)
: Duo Q Elo Boosting
I think this is a case for Riot support Log out of your account Go to Submit a ticket, even though they don't have a category for exactly that, they will still take action against it if it's true and if the Jax is truly elo boosting :) Gl summoner Also it could be that the Jax is just "smurfing" and happens to help his friend climb some ranks, however if the account was bought that he's playing on, Riot will know that and they will surely punish him
seb16120 (EUW)
: 2 years of english lesson and u will understand ^^
2 yEaRs Of EnGlIsH lEsSoN aNd U wIlL uNdErStAnD ^^
seb16120 (EUW)
: as aatrox main i just want said :
Google translate didn't help with this one
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: Weird graphic card issues regarding Nvidia and LoL
Force vsync off in the Nvidia control panel. Or in your League of legends settings.. When vsync is on, you can't get more than 60 FPS
: I do like the concept of the infused areas but maybe make it so that the Q,W and E abilities have passives that grants the infused areas certain properties like the debuffs in your current concept.
My concept is a bit flawed, but I feel like if riot reworks him, they should do something for him to play around his passive. He just feels so linear and not fun at all
Altered (EUW)
: It is not really that much of a rework tbh, you've added a gimmick to malphite which means he needs to go all in before getting poked to deal maximum damage and have an attack speed slow. But once his shield pops he has no way to get it back in a fight, which just means that once hes lost his shield hes lost a lot of utility. He would be good in short fights but extended fights he would suck unless he leaves the fight momentarily (which you kind of not want to do as a tank). To be honest, it would be better to rework one or two of his abilities and his passive. The infused thingy is a good start, but all of his abilities do the same stuff he has now. Malphite's ult is iconic and wouldnt be changed, but the rest of his abilities need some serious work. Maybe play around with the infused idea for a bit and see what abilities you can come up with that would work with it and be a good part of his kit, by just keeping his ult in mind.
My original idea is to play around his passive, to make it much more interactive, instead of just getting a %hp shield. Originally my idea was to keep his E as is, and add the infused ground without having his passive ready. Maybe that seems to be much better. To be exact his Q would be a skillshot, and would have greater range, similar to new Urgot's Q. His W would work like tiamat, but the size of it would scale with bonus armor, albeit with different particle effects ofcourse. I do agree that changing his ult would completely destroy his identity as an all-in diver, that's why I didn't feel the need to change it directly. But yeah, thank you for pointing all that out. Appreciate that a lot!
Skribu (EUNE)
Crying never solved any problems. Neither will it solve your permaban :)
: To Riot with Love ;)
That escalated quickly
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Hazgal (EUNE)
: Suggestion: make Kayn mana free champion (f.e change his resource on rage or energy)
Yes riot, also buff his AD scalings to 200% total AD on every single ability. That would make him a lot more fun and unique :D
kev6655 (EUW)
: %%%%ing noob teams
What language is this?
Cat Power (EUW)
: I see your online message is "ARAM is garbage" so now Rito is out to get u
I didn't lie. That message is there from the beginning of this season
Voidner (EUNE)
: Some people use ARAM to check their fps or ping
That is a ridiculous statement and I hope you were just joking
: Lmao this timing of that message xD
GLurch (EUW)
: They just asked you how your experience in the past weeks was. Keep in mind they ask you how your experience in the past weeks was, not how it was in your most recent game.
I am aware of that, but after such a game, where I had 2 afk-s and the enemy team being toxic towards us. That's just bad timing I guess
Magneset (EUW)
: What does people immature actions have to do with Riot? Please aim your anger at thos who deserved it. But do so calmly or you will be punished :D
I don't hate riot, or do I have anything against them. I'm just asking them if they can fix, or atleast punish those who make my experience miserable. I'm not salty because I lost one aram game, I'm salty because I lost plenty due to people afk-ing and us 4 others not having a remake option :)
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Smerk (EUW)
: It's more true than you may think, URF beat other modes in terms of popularity only on first few days of its initial release, after that it was a major fall. I think only 1v1 mode faced such disaster
I could play URF all day, any time of the year and I never get bored, especially ARURF. But I guess that's just my opinion
Smerk (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Heartseeker,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AHWMzAvA,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-03T18:32:48.765+0000) > > can we have urf back? no > and when are we going to get urf ? Who knows, maybe never, noone likes this mode anyways
>noone likes this mode anyways Wut?
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ch3white (EUW)
: Lost my promo, got into a low priority QUEUEU BECAUSE THE BUG
Pretty much what Jesperr said. The yellow exclamation mark is not there for no reason :)
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shamshamm (EUW)
: they're probably not gonna get rid of all stat based stuff , like , people wouldn't really enjoy having to farm with 60 ad
Every stat based rune is getting removed, and runes are gonna become the new mastery system
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: URF?
I originally wanted to answer you, but you made a gender joke so no.
Wannes (EUW)
: True Sight, I am really sorry to hear that. I'm no native English speaker, so may I ask: hypertension, is that physical or mental? (I know about hypertension in muscle, but also I believe the phrase is used for a mental state?) I have a son who plays a lot of League and other games. A bit too much if you ask me. I have always been playing on and off. Zork, Gobliiins, Wing Commander (Privateer), Civilization, Warcraft II, but I have always combined it with a healthy family life, walking, gardening, photography and sports (cycling). I noticed that the pro League-players nowadays are more or less forced to look after their mind and body to stay in shape. I have a busy office-job as an IT manager plus the family. If I don't sport once or twice a week and walk the dog every day I immediately notice it in my health. Little pains, bad sleep, grumpy at work, etcetera. It is always important to look after yourself. My half brother who is in his twenties also spends all his time behind the PC, his day-night rhythm is upside down now. He suffers. Being away from the screen for longer periods every now and then and looking after yourself makes the time you do play even more enjoyable in my opinion. Playing League is a mental powerhouse. The first months I played it it gave me headaches and this strange tickling sensation at the back of my head. I use to cycle the Tour of Flanders every year. Also a real challenge. League demands the same discipline in my opinion. One difference, i's a mental challenge, not physical one. Cycling makes you wind down a bit, gaming doesn't. Take care, Wannes
Hypertension is a cardiovascular (temporary) disease where your blood pressure doesn't drop to normal levels by itself, therefore medication, both oral and psychological medication is needed. I rarely play league now because I can't allow myself to get stressed out, since it affects my blood pressure and ultimately my heart health. I've been playing less and less lately, and I'm certainly feeling better now. I never stressed out much about it when I first started playing (Season 4), since I was a noob and I was having a lot of fun merely playing the game and learning the mechanics/champions. But now that I'm a competitive player it tends to affect me a lot. Yeah people need to play less league and spend more time outside or with their family if they find the game to be too toxic. Stay safe summoners
Wannes (EUW)
: Old age equals thick skin I guess...... It's not the bloodpressure that I'm worried about. It's my brain, it gets closed to fried every teamfight. Just too much visual input for an old man....
I recently got diagnosed with hypertension and the main cause is this game, not even joking. And I'm only 20 y/o. Gotta admire your lifeforce though, good to know that even older people play this game. Good luck!
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