Yousef47 (EUNE)
: Well, don`t bring URF back. Bring the Doom Bots again!
> [{quoted}](name=Yousef47,realm=EUNE,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=lhc5YPIK,comment-id=002c,timestamp=2015-05-01T17:09:18.756+0000) > > Well, don`t bring URF back. Bring the Doom Bots again! You meant "Bring dooRF bots!" because doom bots were a little challenge only, but having those cross-over with URF... like 90's bullet hell arcade machines :)
: please to all the junglers out there
Skywilliams says it all perfectly Junglers have no obligation to you, laners. Realize that.
: Pick Order: Your top Sona plays
I'd love to see Shenteon fusion next. Zed is overplayed to the point I'm puking.
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saveguc69 (EUW)
: Patch 5.4 Changes
This won the internet for today
: Where is DJ Sona
Waiting for more skins like this Also, first for new shop tab with Sona beats that can be mixed with the skin and possibly more champs that can be customized with sounds and not only skins :)
Sha1yen (EUW)
: But wasn't that what all the PBE testing was for?
PBE testing might weed out major bugs and initial problems. But in production environment you can always run into different exotic scenarios. And it's best that Riot can focus on fixing those problems (shall they surface) instead of having to carry battle on two fronts (fixing messed up patching service and faulting skin).
: Leaving Champion Select for a good reason.
That's why I don't play normals anymore. Been around a year now. Either ranked, team builder or funmods (TF, dominion, whatever is featured atm). Exactly because of that. Queue dodgers were a plague back in the days and I wouldn't like to see it come back. Duo-queue trolls can, and should, be reported always. Instalockers are there because normal blind pick creates a perfect environment for them. Running away from the problem does not solve it. I think the best solution is to pressure RIOT into replacing blind-pick with Team Builder that gets some polish and tuning up (e.g. select role FILLING). Otherwise you'll still have the same assholes that leave the games or troll the games, with only difference that it's not YOUR game. But caring only about your game experience, when discussing such topics, make you an asshole as well ;)
: The state of tanks in league right now
ITT people don't understand roles in the game. Tanks are supposed to wall off enemy assassins/bruisers from his squishies and provide point of focus for enemy CC or majority of their burst. Mundo is awesome as you can obliterate nearly every other top laner with him, trick is, you need to know how to land your cleavers. Given that you have no AD or AP stacking you just go full tank and still project enough threat to the enemy so they won't ignore you. Other tanks will have hardcore CC that's incomparable with anything. And if you really cry that as a tank you get gibbed in 2 seconds then: a) enemy outfarmed you and outleveled you, got dragons, etc b) your team has no idea how to play (while you take damage they should be dealing damage) c) YOU have no bloody idea what you are doing and are running into enemy 2v1 all the time Get your act together, if you play the tank play it as it should be played, with the team. While support's job is to keep ADC alive during laning phase and then provide utility to the team, your job is to keep everyone alive and well in 5v5 teamfights. And Tank's kit is just perfect for that, see: Galio - shield, speedbuff and ult Mundo - cleavers, AD bonus and burn Alistar - endless CC on short cooldown and heals Shen - taunt and shield for dmg soak and global mobility Rammus AOE dmg+slow (if built properly) taunt and dmg reflect Malphite - movespeed steal, aoe dmg, extra armor and OP ult Tanks are awesom, you just either don't know how to build them, how to play them, or how to behave in game and pick your team to your composition :P
Geìr (EUW)
: Like reddit, only worse.
Both this and reddit are hardly user friendly. In fact, both are bad to navigate around and difficult to read. Tracking posts/discussions is really bad. Example of board done right (IMHO): 1) bread crumbs (you know where you are in forum structure at all times 2) one line thread display (easy to navigate between threads) 3) clean colors make for good reading 4) stickies clearly separated from normal posts 5) various sub-sections for each game, IMHO appropriately constructed forum tree makes for easier navigation instead of having A LOT of threads in a single bag because there's no sub-section for it 6) AVATARS!


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