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: You only get the notification sometimes, rarely even They chose to not notify everyone all the time in order for people not to "abuse" the system, I don't think that's a good move tho but that's just my opinion If your entire team is afk then you are free to do whatever as regards to your team (since no one will be there to take the negativity) It's a classic "if you fall but no one is there to see it, did you even fall ?" But like, even if you have an afk or two, then yes, giving up is negative, just take the hit and keep playing, even if you don't really try Basically as a rule, don't say anything that will bring the team's morale down and you'll be fine, saying it won't help or anything and you might even get restricted like you just did, so like yeah, just don't :v
: no, the system just sees some words and they dont even know who you flame with.. if you say "pls dont report me" it can trigger a ban.. then you would have to write the support
Ok. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a hidden "report score" that players have, ie. if you report falsely, your future reports will matter less. Given this, isn't report calling valid to ensure wrongdoers get punished? If only 1 person reports and their "report score" is too low, a toxic player has a good shot of getting off without consequances.
Magneset (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tuhma Sieni,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=jdaf2sm3,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-25T10:14:01.643+0000) > X: open bot (Negative attitude) > X: and 9x yorick (Report calling) > X: report ashe (Report calling) > X: not without ult idiot.. (Insulting) > X: l2p (Insulting) > X: idk why this guy lies but yeah rep yorick afk (Report calling) > X: report yorick afk ggwp ez (Report calling) > X: ez (Unsportsmanslike behavior) Plenty of reasons for your chat restriction right there. You are more than toxic enough to justify it.
First of all, idiot isn't categorically an insult (see Dostoyevsky for more info). Second, I suppose "l2p" is getting **close** to being toxic, but I have a hard time buying that "git gud" is toxic, let alone something that can get you punished. I suppose "open bot", ie. wanting to play a real (5v5) game can be seen as negative, but idk if trying to shorten a defective game is toxic. And the "ez" was a sarcastic commentary/counter to the enemy team spamming ez (in a 4v5 game lulz). But it seems like report calling is the big issue here. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a hidden "report score", ie. your reports matter less if you falsely report. Given that, isn't report calling a legit behaviour to ensure that the player gets punished, since if only 1 player reports, their report score might be too low?
GLurch (EUW)
: It's definitely not the most toxic chat log I've ever seen, however, you do call Ashe an idiot, tell her to learn to play, called someone in your team a troll and write twice "ez" at the end (which I don't know if it was sarcasm or not). These things don't really serve any purpose but to somehow tilt your team. You should definitely avoid using phrases to tilt your team in the future. The only things you need to write in chat are calls, such as "go baron" or "top missing", "wp" and "gg wp". Nothing else needs to be in the chat from your side. If someone is somehow harassing you, don't argue back as that doesn't achieve anything, mute them and be done with it. Anyways, I can't get this feeling off that these are not your actual chat logs. If they are, I apologize. However, you already edited your name out of these chat logs, there is no telling what else you may have edited out. Could you please show actual **screenshots** of your chat logs?
Have you read Dostoyevsky? Idiot isn't categorically an insult. I suppose "l2p" is getting close to crossing the line, but if that's something you can get punished for saying, then.. Wow. And the ez was a sarcastic commentary, a counter to them spamming "ez", used to highlight their absurdity. And yes, I've definitely learned that you can't type anything, other than ggwp, because the report system seems to be somewhat broken. Sorry but I just don't have the patience for that, think of that what you will. But while you're here, could you please enlighten me on the following: Why do players that wish cancer/death on me and/or my family never get punished after I report them? Like, not once has it happened. (And I would know if they did because Riot gives the reporting player a notification if action was taken based on their report).
: Simply put : they do get punished, but you won't necessarily know If you hang around long enough on the boards you'll see that hundreds of players every month get 14d banned straight up, complain about it and the simple reason is because they wrote "k.y.s" once And some of them are even just quoting what someone else told them or "joking about it" but still, they all get 14d banned As long as they get 1 report for toxicity, the system will check and if they say anything like that *bam* there's no avoiding it, even if you try being smart like "uninstall your life" or whatever Just hang around on the boards and you'll see how the system works
>they do get punished, but you won't necessarily know Doesn't it give the reporting player the notification "Because of your report, we took action against player X" or something like that? In the past it used to, anyway. So shouldn't I get the notification? Also, jumping to your other post You say that the number of reports doesn't matter, but I've heard (from a reputable source) that there exists a hidden "report score", ie. if you falsely report, your future reports mean less. If this is true, than doesn't it mean that the number of reports does indeed matter? If not, how? And also if I refuse to play a defective and non-functional game (4v5), that's "negativity"? Where does it end, if my entire team afks, am I "negative" for wanting to play a 5v5 game as fast as possible? Also I realize that while my behaviour was both logical and well-founded, it could be misinterpreted as being negative. Although I will concede that calling someone an idiot was negative, in the context on online multiplayer games, it's almost a compliment (compared to what people usually get called). Edit: I'm also not convinced that "idiot" is even an insult, since at its heart it's simply a descriptive term for those with low IQ. Actually, for anyone that's read Dostoyevsky, it's the best thing you could possibly be called.
: This is pretty mild, but continured reportcalling is considered a form of harrasment. As well as calling someone idiot. In the context of your complaints about the team the "fast end pls" also could be potentially seen as slightly toxic. There's also the small problem of your chat logs looking edited. Would you mind posting a screenshot of them, just for the sake of certainty?
Ok first of all, it can't be harassment **by definition** because the guy was afk. Also is it really toxic to want to play a real (5v5) game instead of a defective (4v5) one? Second of all, let's say that's all true. Can you please explain to me why people that wish cancer/death to me and/or my family NEVER get punished when I report them? Literally NOT ONCE. Third, where do you get this view from? And I can't, and it would be too much work in photoshop even if I could.
: > So it's as I thought, players can "conspire" to report you (even when you've done nothing), and the system will still punish you. No, as I said before, you only need 1 report, any extra reports serves no purpose And after getting that report the system will check if you deserve punishment and **only** if you do, then you will be punished accordingly If you're innocent then you won't ever get punished (unless the system %%%%ed up on you)
I'll take your word on it, but if that's the case, can u explain to me why people that wish cancer/death on me or my family never get punished when I report them? Like literally NOT ONCE? Edit: Can you see why I have problems trusting the system?
: you said report, reportcall is punishable since it affects the gameplay (you try to tilt)
Ok, but wait a minute.. The guy was afk, how can I tilt someone that isn't even in the game? Does Riot forward what I type in chat to his cell phone or something?
: The system works as follows : you get reported by one or more player, the amount of reports has no importance, then the system will automatically check many things such as your chat logs, checking for trigger words like and if they find any such as "kill yourself" or other racist, sexist, homophobic slurs, they'll put you on a 14 day ban In your case there's none of those Other than checking for trigger words it'll check a lot of stuff and try to determine if your behaviour is acceptable In your case, it isn't, you show clear signs of negativity, asking for reports here and there, giving up ("open bot"), telling others they are bad and even calling out "ez" at the end The only reason you ever use chat is for negative purposes, you never say anything helpfull or positive but instead argue and try to make others feel bad about themselves
So it's as I thought, players can "conspire" to report you (even when you've done nothing), and the system will still punish you. That's pretty bad, for someone that plays a lot of "afk farming" junglers, often my teammates that want more ganks report me even though I haven't said a word. I guess I should stop playing jungle if the system is really this deformed. Also, like 95% of the time I'm very nice. I don't say anything or just neutral stuff. However, even in this case, I fail to see how m behaviour is "negative". Me calling out "open bot" was in reaction to Yorick going afk, because I want to play 4v5 games, not 5v5. Trying to get from a defective game to a real one isn't negative behaviour, quite the opposite. Also the "ez" was a reply to the enemy team spamming "ez". Since the game was 4v5, it was obviously just a sarcastic commentary on the fact that we played 4v5. Also, I have a really hard time seeing how reminding people to report the guy that ruined the game for 9 other people (afking Yorick) is "negative". Riot has such funny definitions of words. I guess /muteall is the only solution, even if it means my team's communications will be crippled.
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