CoopA826 (EUW)
: I wouldn't complain about my teams when many times I am the reason we lost. So why do you?
Sorry for not replying to this thread lately. I was on a vacation. To clarify, I have lost a lot of games but now I'm only talking about the games which I lost when my team didn't push.
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: Now Testing: Ranked
It's more likely that the regular client crashes than the alpha. So I think I'm gonna use it from now on.
: How? It's already like this in the live client and it's perfectly fine.
You can't see rank in end game chat. And it isn't perfectly fine in thought of toxicity.
M5Fisker (EUW)
: Request feature in End of the Game Chat
Well, that could introduce some toxicity.
Tuntsi (EUNE)
: Client crashing in champion select
Windows version is W10
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