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: That's the way it feels due to team morale i think. IF you're winning of course it feels good, it sucks to be stuck in a long game you know you're gonna lose, that kind of frustration coupled with it being in ranked and not many people like to admit their own mistakes is a nasty combination. tbh, if you play consistently well as a player you'll climb
Problem is, even winning doesn't feel good anymore, winning games is so damn easy it doesnt posess a challenge whatsoever, gold games on a winning team feel like you are playing vs a full team of people who just reached level 30... Other way around feels like enemy has tier higher players and your team has level 30 players, and sometimes it's actually true...
: I think they group people up to create a balanced team (hence 50%) to some extent. In a sense of they try not to put people who are all playing poorly at that elo at that particular time all on the same team. But honestly, it's still way too random anyway. You can't dictate how well a player will play in that particular game, or how well the team gel and play together, or who gets what champions
That doesn't explain how onesided the games are, if you are on a winning team, it's like a dream team, everyone are friendly, are capable of doing teamwork and communicating and know when to take a certain objective and so on. But if you are on a losing team its always either an AFK, 0/9 or 3/11 botlane or midlane or a jungler who afkfarms 80% of the game while enemy jungler takes all objectives and wins all lanes for the enemy team.. They refuse to communicate and flame the hell out of eachother when someone gives away 1st blood and the losing team gets almost no turret kills as well...
Blakex13x (EUW)
: mystery*
Okay, grammar nazi, thank you for correcting my inadequate english capabilities. :P
: You're explaining your original point without really taking into account my own question
Then either you don't understand my answer or i don't understand your question. Rest remains a mistery for both of us.
: How does that answer my question ?
: if 50% matchmacking is real, why are there so many people with 30% win rate, and why are there so many people with 70% win rates ? It works differently for players with less than 50% and players with more than 50% winrate after all, if your winrate is more than 50% then it actively works against you to force you back down by queueing you up with people with low winrates and it expects you to carry them vs people who have equal skill than you. I don't expect any brainwashed kids on this board to believe me or back me up but there are more than enough boards with over 100 upvotes who do so i myself at least know that matchmaking is just sh1t in this game and it punishes you for winning too much :P People with lower than 50% winrate in other hand start getting bit better teammates to help them climb or carry to the ranks their MMR predicts them to be, but if person actually is bad and cannot win games that he/she is supposed to win then they will keep demoting to where they really belong, and THAT is a fact.
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: Sounds like a bug. If that is the case expect mordekaiser to be disabled soon.
I don't believe it's a bug...If it is then PBE is useless and shouldn't exist if they cannot discover and fix such a frequent possible thing that could happen in a game before releasing it...I know that they are afraid to postpone a champion rework from the promised patch release but they could do the same thing they always do: Ignore all the negative things their playerbase say and demand lol
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