Tyz22 (EUNE)
: I selled the shard that is the problem it is 960
i dont have nocturne and i looked at refund but nothing there
: Are you sure you sold it or did you make it into a permenant champ? No idea if Nocturne costs 2000BE when bought with a champ shard but it's a possibility.
I selled the shard that is the problem it is 960
: It takes from hours to days, sometimes even weeks for them to respond. You have to be patient with Riot Games, they have a lot of poo poo in their hands with the tickets!
ok but you know that feeling when you are hyped to get new champ and you cant i wanted to buy draven :(
Tyz22 (EUNE)
: Scam
If anynody have had same problem add me Eu NE
Sys (EUNE)
: Create a ticket.
done but no response
: You're going to need to provide a bit more detail than that if you want a proper response.
OK it was when there was some shop bugs when arurf went online and i've played and got lvl 38 and got champion capsule. I opened it and got Nocturne and selled it i've had 5300 or 5330 blue essence and after few minutes i saw i have only 3330 and i looked at refunds and nothing was there
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