Tziki (EUNE)
: People I play with see matches, I don´t.
Would be great if anyone at Riot would actually read the post, and write back if something can be done or not......... (I have tried to repair the game and uninstall)
Tziki (EUNE)
: People I play with see matches, I don´t.
It has also now begun not showing when I can pick a champion. It goes down to 0 seconds left for the other team to chose a champion, and then never jumps back to our team. So my time runs out and i get banned for 6 min or whatever and I lose my ranked points.
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: Meh i just use it as normal draft when normal draft isn't available since your rank in flex doesn't mean anything
There are rewards for both ranked, so guess you haven´t read about it when it started this season :)
Dreadara (EUW)
: Well i treat it like normals, cuz the only rank showing your skill is soloq.. Cuz in 5man u can get carried so hard by premade better players.
Then why do you join it? :) (There is draft and blind pick)
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
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QQYasuo (EUW)
: what's wrong with ranked? if you've never cared about your rank, why would you suddenly care about it? also, there is nothing wrong with plants. nor is there anything wrong with the stealth abilities. because you could just make that ability useless with a single pink ward which was quite toxic. so please stop posting bs on the boards, thanks
It has never been so borring to play jungle as it is now.... You just run from one camp to the next, since there is no different buffs to gain. Smite is just used all the time, since the difference is not big. And with the draft beeing removed you force people into ranked to test champions, unless you want to play 10+ games to get the champ you want, in the lane you want. So the only one posting BS here is you my friend!
: what they mean by healthy is short queue times and players playing against players with the same MMR or at least close
And do you think that got resolved by putting us all in blind pick now? I have never played with so many brainless morons my 3-4 years in lol like I do now, and everyone is toxic and instantlock champions.
Spicetake (EUNE)
: Riot listen to your playerbase, bring back draft!
Think I had around 10 matches now in blind pick and I hate it! Got the role I wanted 1 time, 1 TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! So you either get to be sup 80-90% of the time or ADC 10%.... Every single game had Rengar in it, and that player won the game for his team, thanks for not beeing able to ban. This really show how little you guys at RIOT know about the players in the game when you pull out shit like this. Trump all over again!
: My opinion about Draft Pick being removed
Normal Draft will be retired at the start of preseason? Wow what a way to increase toxic players, GJ! You will have to go through 1,2,3,.....23 queues before you get the role you want, teams will have 2 junglers and so on! Is Trump somehow involved in this?
: why do ppl cry ''we lose we lose'' in teamchat all day
The problem is that most players still don´t see this as a team game, but only as it´s my lane and nothing else matters! If I am behind, we allready lost. When they finally get into their brain, that you can play so bad but still win by helping the team(by not keep going out in lane to just die, flame, give up and go afk, and so on.......) they will start winning many more games, and become way better at it. I have won so many games, even though I did not have a chance against the other player in my lane, since he/she was so much better, but by staying at the tower and wait for later(farming as much as possible), I gave my team a chance to win the game.
: So just pick Annie support and build full AP as you'd do anyway. BTW you get a guaranteed role after an autofill, so it's kinda worth.
You are guaranteed to get one of the two roles you picked yourself, so it does not do anything since you can´t get a role you haven´t chosen. Don´t understand this shit. The text say you get a role you picked, yeah i kinda did that allready since there was no other way. I did not get my 1. picked role.
Illazuel (EUW)
: ***
Another idiot that should get a ban, for not activating his brain this morning...
kkonu (EUNE)
: reworked malza needs a nerf.
Went to invade their red after taking blue, and noone came.... 3 min and 30 sec in the game dragon dies with malz alone there. WTF!?!?!?!?
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: Forgive Banned players
GJ Riot, another moron that buys an account and therefore probably ruined many games with his incompetence.
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: Why "Assassin Mains" are the WORST players in League
You forgot Vayne on the list, 90% of the people playing Vayne are toxic small children that blame the entire world for their mistakes!
Sky8800 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=deadsmileys,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lNeEG34w,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-23T14:33:38.447+0000) > > My suggestion is that we can see other summoners names when we hit tab. The new tab doesn't show that which is actually very disturbing to me. Please make it so that we can see names. It does show the names if you hover over the champion portraits while having that window up.
But who wants to hover over stuff to see it? Give us the freaking information, it´s a game not wikipedia werre you have to search for things!
oh honey (EUW)
: [CLOSED]A way to get the old UI (HUD) back?
So they finally found a way to punish the players that got banned from ranked :D Shitty HUD in all the games, until you can return!
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: New Patch .New HUD.Annoucer,Colors kinda Shit
: The new HUD is superior tactically so riot won't let you go back as that way you will have inferior information to those who has the new HUD. And remember there where people who hated the new summoners rift but after couple of weeks all complaints disappeared because they got used to it and forgot, something which will definitely happen here.
The new HUD is superior tactically! Yeah for the top 5% players, everyone else still strugle just to get the information on the old HUD/screen into their brain, lets give them more to look at........
derlio (EUNE)
: new hud
Awfull, horrible to look at :(
RoIsux (EUW)
: Bring back the Tribunal
There has never been so many afk players as there is now..... Last 10 ranked games i had 8 times an afk in my team, but still get the -20 points even though we don't stand a chance......


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