: You are full of horse.... tell your mother not to download while you play and stop thinking everything that happens in league is a personal attack against you
i wasnt even at home....also got drophacked so the video on youtube the same thing happend with me...i guess you can check any time the vidoes on youtube how these cheat works...go ahead...this is the second time i got it so i woulddnt say i take everything personal attack.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > UnKnowGuy: sorry i dont speak %%%%%% No idea what this is but its censored which means don't say it > UnKnowGuy: but hope his mother die in cancer Wishing cancer on someone, i would say permaban is valid here > UnKnowGuy: fcking %%%s Let me guess, the F word used as a homophobic slur You deserved this
actually love the way ppl use words like homophobic while nobody use the meaning of this word...or what a phobia means....whatever i can see the only way to never use the chat cuz they rules just stupid....also permabann for swearing like god ppl wouldt do it pls.....but after these comments now i got it the ppl so stupid here only make me rage. Dont worry next time i wont write anything just gonna mute all. Dont see stipid ppl no problem.
: They cheat, but you raged. Two wrongs don't make a right. Simply write off the game and report at the end. Its not difficult, I promise
sure man after all i am just gonan mute all and never use chat again....you can troll cheat and got nothing while you use 1 bad word and you are a terrible man....like in real life nobody would use swear words....these rules just %%%%%%ed.
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Mada (EUW)
: That's an interesting statement. Can you please explain the relation between my opinion regarding report calling and voice communication to me?
nothing i disagree woth your statment. And hope this is all chat bann and stupid things will gone and lol wil use voice chat like csgo cuz it would imporve a lot in the gameplay.
Mada (EUW)
: Asking for reports is toxic and useless. The number of reports does not matter, it's a yes/no thing. => not benificial Your team already saw that you connected late. You will be even later if you then waste time chatting about it => not benificial Usually I write "gl hf" "gg wp" If the enemy gives me an opening, I might add something that might tilt them like "ty leash" after we stole something from them.
toxic and useless..ok..just hope they gonna get voice communcation soon..
Mada (EUW)
: I copied out the text that seems useless to me UnKnowGuy: %%% UnKnowGuy: i can fb UnKnowGuy: but it write UnKnowGuy: no ineternet UnKnowGuy: reconnect UnKnowGuy: ... UnKnowGuy: runing UnKnowGuy: idk what u want from me UnKnowGuy: see that dmg ? UnKnowGuy: why do u even pick singed ? UnKnowGuy: and why u fight with it UnKnowGuy: its late game UnKnowGuy: cuz if riot server wouldnt be bugged UnKnowGuy: ok i just gonna mute UnKnowGuy: all lane loseing UnKnowGuy: y UnKnowGuy: ? UnKnowGuy: why do die UnKnowGuy: 2 times UnKnowGuy: in 8 min UnKnowGuy: if u lose def UnKnowGuy: its better then 0/2/0 UnKnowGuy: just rep top and mid UnKnowGuy: feed and flame me UnKnowGuy: they dying 3 times in 8 min then expect me to help them UnKnowGuy: good UnKnowGuy: after they overfeed them UnKnowGuy: why cant they just def ? UnKnowGuy: ok ff it UnKnowGuy: singed troll UnKnowGuy: b at the fountain UnKnowGuy: just report this boosted kids troll flame feed... UnKnowGuy: these UnKnowGuy: its always UnKnowGuy: i should be there at 8 min UnKnowGuy: cuz its logical UnKnowGuy: if jungle dont come u must die 3 times in 8 min UnKnowGuy: let them end it UnKnowGuy: for ? UnKnowGuy: what did i flamed ? UnKnowGuy: :( UnKnowGuy: jsut a sad game UnKnowGuy: so jinx ? what did i flame ? UnKnowGuy: yep UnKnowGuy: tell me UnKnowGuy: what wrong i said UnKnowGuy: and no surrend UnKnowGuy: dreamgame UnKnowGuy: just surrend but no... can u all mid finish and we can go and play a real game ? UnKnowGuy: gg Game 2 UnKnowGuy: omg UnKnowGuy: this lagg UnKnowGuy: coudl even féash UnKnowGuy: gj UnKnowGuy: wtf UnKnowGuy: thisú UnKnowGuy: omg UnKnowGuy: i jsut sopped UnKnowGuy: yeha UnKnowGuy: 5 min UnKnowGuy: totally lost lane UnKnowGuy: ? UnKnowGuy: not ping UnKnowGuy: langg UnKnowGuy: compute UnKnowGuy: suk UnKnowGuy: not net UnKnowGuy: u can check em any time :) UnKnowGuy: i jsut get some awesome gank by our adn enemy jng thats all :) UnKnowGuy: y UnKnowGuy: not rly UnKnowGuy: u can see back .) UnKnowGuy: :) UnKnowGuy: open it UnKnowGuy: then go and win witohut me UnKnowGuy: u gonna be dia for sure :) UnKnowGuy: watch this :) UnKnowGuy: learn about why this is a team game UnKnowGuy: yep yep UnKnowGuy: surr UnKnowGuy: it UnKnowGuy: let me paly with real guys UnKnowGuy: u can play witohut me UnKnowGuy: and i dont need stupid kids like u UnKnowGuy: y UnKnowGuy: thats all UnKnowGuy: u soo pro UnKnowGuy: surrend UnKnowGuy: and go dia UnKnowGuy: :) UnKnowGuy: dude UnKnowGuy: u can UnKnowGuy: watch back :) UnKnowGuy: any time :) UnKnowGuy: then UnKnowGuy: stay base UnKnowGuy: maximum UnKnowGuy: 2 and half min UnKnowGuy: u gonna get reported UnKnowGuy: anyway UnKnowGuy: flame UnKnowGuy: y UnKnowGuy: for ? UnKnowGuy: so ? UnKnowGuy: i got 0 help and all of them falming me UnKnowGuy: constantly UnKnowGuy: yep that is flame UnKnowGuy: thanks UnKnowGuy: jsut hate it when all they do is flame while dont get why this is an 5v5 game UnKnowGuy: you said i am uselees noob feeder UnKnowGuy: and boosted UnKnowGuy: you gonna get reported anyway UnKnowGuy: i will UnKnowGuy: its bad cuz ppl liek u dont undertsnad a teamgame but only flame UnKnowGuy: yes UnKnowGuy: i guess UnKnowGuy: gg
so typing that my client bugged an i could recconet late its useless ? or ask to repot those whoes flame me?okey man whatever then what did you usually write ?
Mada (EUW)
: Well, it's a lot of text that does not contribute to the game at all. I would have reported you, too.
yeah i asked them to report them and after they constantly flamed me i said 1 curse phrae and then let it. And wich is not contribute to the game ?
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Βuky (EUNE)
: [EUNE] 2 Platinum II guys looking for a ranked 5v5 team
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